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8 Simple Rules: Having Fun With The Family (Mmff, inc)
by Neenah

Paul Hennessy felt the massive schlong harden against his pants, the lump pushing the slacks upwards. Beside him his fourteen-year-old son, Rory, was having a similar reaction, his huge prick noticeably up and making his denims rise like a small hill. It wasn't a surprise, his eighteen-year-old eldest daughter Bridget had just come down the stairs and she was wearing the skimpiest two-piece bikini imaginable. It was so small that her bosoms were almost overflowing, the top of the pinky-brown rings of the areola visible above the material and the stubs of the nipples themselves sticking out against the top. The thong just about covered her slit, but left it clear that Bridget was a brazilian fan, hair wise and the back of the thong slid between her cheeks, keeping the butts themselves bare.

Paul had barely had time to look at his eldest daughter before his second one, sixteen year old Kerry, sometimes nicknamed Care Bear by her doting Dad, came down the stairs. Surprisingly she was wearing a bikini equally as revealing as her older sister, she gave a small blush as she realised how little she was wearing, her skin momentarily almost the same shade as her curls. Like her sister her boobs were popping out, the top halves showing above the bikini and her pussy was hairless, though a slight red rash suggested that she had only been shaved a few moments ago.

The blonde teen grabbed her sister and almost yanked her so that she was standing in front of their Dad and brother. She struck a pose, so sexy that Paul's prick threatened to break though his zip, "What do you think of our new bikinis? We bought them for the vacation."

The bulge in his pants showed exactly what Paul thought, but he couldn't say that. It was the family's first vacation since his wife Cate had suddenly passed away near a year ago. At first Paul had thought he'd never recover, but time had passed and the tragedy had brought him closer to his girls and the boy, much more relaxed about things than before his widowhood had told him that you never knew what tomorrow might bring. Over the last few months he'd even began to think about women sexually again, something in his mourning chastity he'd never have thought possible. And his two beautiful daughters were amongst those he found himself thinking about. But he couldn't say that he thought the bikini's were wonderful and the girls within were becoming, in his mind, increasingly fuckable, instead he said, "I like them. They're very" he struggled for the right word and finally came up with, "good for the beach."

"We're going to go to the beach," said Bridget.

"Right," said Paul. He stood up and turned to Rory, "Shall we put on our shorts and join them?" Rory nodded and Paul turned back to his daughters, "We'll join you in a few minutes."

* * *

"I told you they'd like them," said Bridget as she and Kerry laid out their towels. It had been her who had picked out the bikinis as they did their shopping for the vacation and talked her shyer sister into not only wearing it, but making sure she wore it in the most seductive way possible, which meant half way off her boobs and with her slot shaved. The two teen sisters were getting lots of admiring looks from men on the beach, but both Bridget and Kerry knew that they were referring, not to a random beach-boy, but to their Dad and brother.

Kerry nodded in agreement as she got down on her towel and pulled some suntan oil out of her beach-bag, "But I told you they were big." It was hard to dispute as both Hennessy girls had seen the unmistakable rises in the male Hennessy's pants. But Kerry had an advantage in that she had accidentally walked in as Rory had got out of the shower. She had quickly backed out of the shower room, but not before she'd got a good look at her brother's ten incher. She had, that night as they got ready for bed, mentioned the size of her brother - that had led to a night of whispered conversation between the two teens about whether it was like father, like son and then how much both girls fantasised about a huge schlong, not the six inchers they had in drunken fumblings so far. That in turn led to them confiding in each other, as sisters are wont to do, that sometimes their nightly masturbation sessions were over fantasises about the big dicks filling their holes belonged to their Dad and brother. Both then took turns to masturbate and describe their depraved fantasises with the Hennessy men, something they'd being doing ever since. It had been Bridget's suggestion to buy the bikinis and see where it led.

At the moment it seemed to be leading to Paul and Rory coming towards them in bermuda shorts. Paul's chest was tubby and his hair too seventies, Rory was gangly and his hair too eighties - neither could have been called stylish or manly. Except that both girls eyes weren't at the less than six-pack stomachs, but at the slight, but discernible movement under their shorts, like there were two pythons hiding under the covers ready to uncoil and strike out. From the lumps they had seen earlier both Kerry and Bridget understood why their Dad and brother were wearing loose shorts and not tight fitting trunks. "Hi," said Paul, "I said we'd join you."

Bridget rolled onto her front, "Could you put some lotion on me Daddy?" she said in her most appealing voice.

Kerry quickly followed her older sister's lead, trying not to sound too excited as her Dad's hands moved up and down her back. After a few moments he stopped, much to Kerry's disappointment.

A young man came past and gave out a flyer, "Barbie on the beach, tonight," he said and was gone.

"Can we go?" asked Bridget "All of us."

"They'll be beer," said Paul. Then he nodded, "but why not. It'll be fun."

* * *

It had been a fun night and they'd all had a few beers, even the under-aged Rory and Kerry had sneaked a couple. And the food had been good, if overcooked; the music, if not to Paul's taste, had been popular with his children, the moon and murmur of the surf had added to the atmosphere. And Kerry and Bridget looked ravishing. The bikini bottoms had gone, to be replaced by hotpants, but so tight and tiny were the shorts and so obvious from the camel-toes that neither Hennessy girl was wearing anything underneath, the change was mainly cosmetic. And whilst the bikini tops had also been changed, their replacement bikini tops were scarcely more conservative and both Kerry and Bridget had almost popped out a few times as they'd danced. A few young men had shown an interest, leaving Paul jealous and longing to intervene. But he didn't need to as both the teens had quickly made it clear to their admirers they weren't interested.

And now the four of them were walking back to their villa along the deserted beach, Paul walking beside Kerry, Bridget and Rory a few paces behind them.

Kerry gave a small shiver, even though the evening wasn't cold it wasn't surprising given how little the redhead was wearing. Paul pulled off his cardigan and put it round Kerry's shoulders, it was something he had used to do when he was dating hot girls in high school and college and the memories of the hot sessions which had followed made his cock tense beneath his pants. Without even realising it he found he had slid his arm round his daughter's waist, his fingers resting on her naked flesh.

It was what Kerry had been waiting for, her and Bridget's plan was coming to fruition and now it just needed to be closed. She slid round so that she was standing in front of him, twisting in a way that his hand had continued round her body, caressing her flesh as it moved from one waist to another. Paul stopped walking as she stood in front of him; her hands moved up to round the back of his neck, pulling him towards her. She smiled, her most trampy, sexy smile, "Daddy..." she purred, "I want you to kiss me Daddy..."

"Care Bear," said Paul, his cock was pushing so hard into his pants that it hurt. He wanted her so much. He looked at her adorable face, her red curls framing it and then down at her tits threatening to pop put. He nodded, "Yes, if you want." He moved down his mouth open and met his daughter.

Behind him Bridget and Rory had stopped, looking as their Dad and sister made out passionately. Rory's prick was throbbing as he watched. He'd recently had sex with a girl at school and had enjoyed it, but whilst the girl had been cute she wasn't a patch on either Kerry or Bridge, who were much more bangable and who he had been fantasising about for as long as he had been thinking about sex. He couldn't blame his Dad for taking a bite at Kerry and it was a big turn on watching as their mouths moved and their hands stroked each other, but he also couldn't help but feel jealous. His view was suddenly interrupted as Bridget moved from beside him to stand in front of him, between him and the others. He gave a frown, "Bridge..." he complained.

His older sister smiled and shook her head to silence him. One finger moved to his lips to shush him, whilst her other hand slid round the back of his neck, her fingers playing delicately on his neck, "Want to make out?" she said, her voice oozing lust.

"Yes," said Rory, his voice suddenly gruff as his vocal chords threatened to seize up. "Yes," he said again to make sure Bridget had understood. He would have said it a third time but his elder sister's mouth had moved down and was on his. Her lips were soft, the press of them on his was hard; Rory kissed back, enjoying the touch of her tongue as it moved over his, twisting and turning together. In his pants his cock had stirred and it pressed through the material to rub against Bridget's thigh. She didn't seem to mind, just kissing him harder and running her hands down his back. He moved his own hands from his sides and onto hers, rubbing and caressing her sides from the top of her hotpants to the string of her bikini. His cock got harder, pushing through his own shorts and digging deep at Bridget's leg.

"Let me see about that big schlong of yours," said Bridget, the blonde momentarily breaking away from her brother's mouth. She reached down and undid his shorts, pushing them down far enough to slide her hand in and pull out the ten-inch prick. She began to gently rub it between her middle finger and thumb as her mouth returned to Rory's lips. It was at that moment Rory knew they were going to bang, not that moment, but soon. He resumed the kissing with passion, sliding his tongue over Bridget's and dominating her mouth. His hands moved up to behind Bridget's back, searching for the string of the bikini. He found it and with one tug the piece of material was off, falling to the ground between them. "That's right," Bridget broke the kiss long enough to say the words and then they were back together, her naked tits pushing into him as her spare hand started to undo his shirt.

Paul pulled his mouth from Kerry's, getting his breath back. Just a few feet away a topless Bridget was undressing her brother one-handed as the other stroked his cock. Kerry saw what he was looking at and smiled, her own hand reaching down to touch Paul's pants. His cock pushed out hard and erect, straining to break free. Kerry took a look at Rory's and then back to her Dad's lump, "Like father like son," she purred. Her own hands went to the back of her neck and she undid the bikini. It fell to the ground.

"Like mother, like daughter," replied Paul, remembering the firmness of his wife's boobies before age and three children. He slid his hands over the hard and firm tits, squeezing them. Kerry gave a small moan. She began to lower herself down onto the sand. Paul followed her and began to lick and kiss the titties, his tongue surging over her nipples, making the teats stiffen, like his cock. He reached down and undid his pants with one hand, pulling them down so his cock was out and rubbing against his daughter's thigh as he suckled first one teat and then its twin. Kerry didn't complain as his hard member rubbed against her. Instead she just gave another moan and bent her back in pleasure. Paul knew they would soon be fucking and it made him even stiffer, his hand moved to undo Kerry's hotpants sliding his hand just under the waistband and over her naked flesh.

There was a giggle from Bridget and Paul turned his head for a moment just in time to see his blonde daughter stepping out of her own shorts. He watched as she kicked off her flip-flops and returned to making out with Rory as he began to pull his own shorts further down. "More Daddy," moaned Kerry and Paul moved his mouth back to suck at her gorgeous titties.

Rory stepped out of his pants, his prick long and hard jutted out like a flagpole. Bridget could feel her own pussy was slick with lust. She ran her hand over her brother's massive schlong, feeling it throb beneath her fingers as they stroked over the fleshy and pumping veins. Her brother's hands were on her ass, squeezing at her firm cheeks, as her mouth was on his again. They kissed hard for a few moments, Rory's prick seeming to expand in her hands and her slit getting so wet that she could feel the juice dripping down her hole. She moved her lips from Rory, "Fuck me," she said, "fuck me please."

"Yes," said Rory. He followed her down onto the sand, her legs spreading open wide. Above and beside them their Dad and sister were groping and rubbing each other, ignoring Rory and Bridget as they lay down together. Rory began to kiss and lick Bridget's sexy tits as he took his dick and started to guide himself in.

Bridget moaned and gripped his back as his huge member slowly pushed into her cunt. She wasn't a virgin, but his was the biggest cock she'd ever had, it stretch her, it filled her, it pleasured her. Her nails dug into his back and her body rose up to meet him, "Oh, Rory, good Rory, fill my tight little pussy with your man-meat."

Rory pushed down and in, his massive member ramming at her special spot. He levered himself up and then down again, pushing hard at her clit. Bridget gasped in pleasure, the joy filling her as much as his dick. She groaned again as he came down faster and harder, his hard dick pushing deep into her and his balls bouncing against her body. She squealed and gasped, "Oh Rory, Rory, Rory, I want your big cock, Rory, give me your big cock."

"Fuck you, sis," grinned her little brother and being as good as his word slammed down hard. Bridget could feel the little grains of sand scraping against her skin, still warm after the heat of the day. The silver moon shone down on them, illuminating a making out Paul and Kerry, like silhouettes against a lamp. Above her Rory powered down again and again, stabbing her pussy with his thick, meaty prong. He grinned again as he pushed himself up, "You are so fucking tight, it's like banging a virgin."

"I'm not, " gasped Bridget, "a virgin." And to show him she brought her legs up and round his back and used them to guide and control his deep thrusts, her body shaking under the banging it was getting. She looked up at her brother's face, contorted and twisted as he used all his energy to pound her, "Oh fill my tight non-virgin cunt."

Beside her, from the corner of her eye she could see Kerry lying down on the sand. The redhead lay on her back and lifted her legs up as she pulled her hotpants off and dropped them to the floor. Above her Paul was pulling down his slacks and boxers together. He stepped out of them and look at the bundle of sexiness lying on the sand in front of them, he could see his son fucking his other daughter beside them, but it was Kerry's sweet, hair-free cunt he was looking at, the silver shine of the moon making the juice on its lips shimmer. His cock, free from any constraint, was so hard it almost hurt. He moved down, "I am going to screw you so hard you're going to faint."

"Oh please Daddy, feed me your massive cock," moaned Kerry. She gave another moan, this time of pure pleasure as her Dad's meaty member entered her, pushing aside her walls and plunging deep into her wet cunt.

Paul's hands rested each side of her, the sand biting into the palm like little gnats' bites. He didn't mind, Kerry was teenage tight, not a virgin, but not loosened by childbirth and generous helpings of huge schlong. Paul began to thrust into the cunt, using all his strength to push aside the resistance of her cunt walls and slam his prick ball deep into her front hole. Her juice and his strength combined together to help the cock ram deep and hard. He grunted and moved faster and faster making her bounce beneath her poundings. Her hands were on his back, scraping at him, as he could hear her heels drumming against the sand. He could see her face's expressions constantly changing shape as each of his sharp thrusts sent pleasure waves through her. "Good girl Care Bear, squeeze Daddy's cock with that sweet cunt. Oh, good Care Bear, fuck Daddy."

Her titties bounced as her body shook. Her head swung back, the red hair spraying out across the sand as she cried in excitement. Beside them Bridget's back bent and she screamed like a banshee as she came like she had never come before, "Oooooooohhhh!" Rory's dick continued to pound it, hitting the clit and making the orgasm ever longer and more intense. Bridget's legs were still wrapped around him and her hands were clutching his back, but they were as much to hang on her to stud brother as they were to control his thrusts, which now were hard and deeper than she'd ever been taken. Again the orgasm hit her and the blonde screamed again, "Oooooohhh! Rory, my stud, dick my cunt, fill it, fill it all up."

"Yes, yes," said Rory in reply he pounded down, his body slamming against hers and his schlong slapping down her sweaty, cummy slit. Suddenly he gave a gasp and stopped moving, his back straightening. Bridget had a second to drop her legs from his lower back and spread herself wider before his warm, sticky cum shot into her in burst after burst. Rory rolled off her, with a grunt of "yes, fuck, yes."

He settled his head on her boobie and they lay on the beach watching their Dad pound their sister. Kerry was obviously enjoying Paul's big dick, screaming and bouncing as he hammered in, his ball sack slapping hard against her as the full length of his manhood went down her hole. "Good Care Bear," he grunted, "enjoy Daddy's dick, enjoy Daddy's big, fat, meat-pole."

Beneath him he could feel Kerry shudder as she came, her body rising and falling in time with his thrusts. Her pussy was wet and slick, her cum oiling his schlong as it sped down and up. Up and down he pressed, filling her tight little cunt with man-meat, stretching her teen pussy with a real man's big dick. She appreciated it and screamed in pleasure as he whacked her clit. Paul continued to use all his skill and experience to send her a flood of orgasms. He could feel himself coming nearer to cumming, the pre-pleasure feeling shooting through him. He knew the next few thrusts would do it and he could feel the muscles in his legs and back tense in preparation. Kerry's head shot back, "Ooooohhh Daddy!"

His cum blasted into her cunt, filling it with his white gooey seed. He pulled out his cock and some of the spunk followed it, trickling from her hole like it was overfilled. For a few moments he lay beside her on the ground, her head nestled in chest as beside them Rory and Bridget lay nakedly entwined. After a few moments Paul got up and walked over to pick up his pants. He said, "That was fun."

"Yes," agreed Rory as he too stood up, "I enjoyed it."

"Me too," said Kerry and Bridget in unison. They struggled to their feet and hunted round the sand for their bikini tops and hotpants. It took the four of them, in the dark, a few minutes to find their clothes and get dressed again. Then they headed back to their vacation villa, the boys arms round the girl's waists.


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