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8 Simple Rules: Having Fun With The Family 2 (Mmff, inc)
by Neenah

By the time they got back to their vacation villa Rory's rod was as hard as rock. Rigid and stiff in his Bermuda shorts, the ten-inch schlong pushed at the material making a lump at his front. It wasn't a surprise that it had quickly recovered from being in his sister's tight slit; he was young with the stamina of a fit fourteen-year-old and his arm was round sexy, slutty Bridget. She smelt of the beach and sex and an rosy perfume she'd sprayed on earlier. Her boobs threatened to bounce out of her teeny-tiny bikini top as they had done earlier. Rory's hand was on her ass, squeezing at her firm butt-cheeks through her hot pants. They paused as the door to the villa, waiting for their sister and Dad to catch up.

The other couple were a few yards behind Paul Hennessy leaning over his daughter their arms wrapped round each other as they made out passionately, the sounds of their slurping tongues and lips audible to Rory and Bridget. If anything the sight of his sixteen year old sister, barely dressed and in the middle of passionate make-out made Rory even harder. He wasn't complaining about fucking Bridge, but Kerry was also totally bangable. He could see that their Dad had undone the teen's bikini top and the only thing keeping it on her round tits was the crush of his body against it.

Bridget saw what her younger brother was looking at. She slid his arm from ass and moved round to face him, replacing her arms round his back and pulling him close to her. Rory's dick threatened to explode through his Bermudas as Bridget's mouth moved close to his and she breathed, "What shall we do whilst we're waiting for Dad to open the door?" She didn't wait for an answer before her mouth was on his. Rory began to return it passionately, one of his hands cupping her sexy butt, the other undoing her bikini top so that it fell to the floor and her naked boobies, nipples erect, pushed out. The two of them pushed against each other, their hands sliding up and down each others bodies and Bridget's naked boobies bouncing and touching Rory as she kissed down.

They were still making out as Paul and Kerry finished and walked hand in hand to the door. Paul unlocked it and ushered Kerry in, his hand resting on her ass and her bikini, which he had picked up, in the same hand as his keys. After a few moments Rory and Bridget followed them in, Rory kicking in the bikini so that he wouldn't have to bend down and break his embrace with his sister. He continued to make out with as he shut the door behind him and saw that his Dad and Kerry had resumed their kissing as well. Bridget's hand moved to rub at Rory's massive manhood, sliding her finger and palms over the large lump. Rory's tongue tickled at her harder, his lips moving against hers. The blonde moved her head back and looked down at his covered schlong, a smile crossing her face, "You want me to fix that for you?"

Rory nodded eagerly as his sister moved to her knees. Her hands reached out and pulled down his shorts. His large meaty prong burst free. Bridget's tongue began to roll up and down it as she sensuously licked the oversized member. Beside him Paul stood as Kerry pulled down his short and joined her sister in prepping the Hennessy men's schlongs with their tongues. The two teens were experienced cock suckers and neither jumped into action straight away, both licked and tantalised the humongous dicks. Their tongues moved from tip of the penis to the balls and back again, wrapping and twisting round the pulsating muscles, so that they were moist with saliva.

"Oh that's good," groaned Paul.

"Very good," added Rory as Bridget's flexible tongue tickled under this balls.

"That's my pair of cock suckers," said Paul proudly.

Rory just gave a grunt as Bridget's mouth slid over his cock and down the shaft. He shivered as her plump lips pursed down over his throbbing schlong and moved back and forth. From the corner of his eye he could see his Dad's face contorting in pleasure as Kerry's equally skilled mouth enveloped his chunky cock and began to suck. The two teen girls moved gently, their lips rubbing over the huge pricks and their tongues following and teasing. The two male Hennessys gasped and shook with enjoyment, resting their hands lightly on the shoulders of the bobbing girls. "Suck my dick," moaned Rory, "Suck my dick."

"Care Bear, that's the way, that's a good cock sucker, suck my cock like a good girl," his Dad moaned next to him, squeezing at Kerry's shoulders as the redhead moved her mouth back and forth over his dick.

The two teenage girls began to suck quicker. Their heads shot forward and slammed back as they sucked up and down the shafts. They took more of the prick in them, sucking hard as they did. The two Hennessy men quivered as the girl's mouth quickly brought them to near orgasm. Paul shot first, pulling out his schlong just in time and grunting as he coated Kerry's pretty face in his slime. She giggled as it dripped down from her nose and over her naked titties. Her tongue went out over her lips, "Salty..." she giggled.

They looked at Bridget still sucking hard at Rory. He was trying to hold on as long as possible and enjoy the feel of the soft lips speeding up and down his schlong. But it was a loosing battle and he knew it. He could feel the coming orgasm rushing up and he gasped as he let go, the massive member blowing his goo into Bridget's waiting mouth. She swallowed it greedily, taking as much the salty cum down into her stomach as she could manage and letting the rest dribble out of her mouth and over her lips. And even that was not wasted as once Rory's dick was out she was licking round and cleaning away the overspill with her tongue.

Rory and Paul collapsed on the couch, their legs turned to jelly by the intense orgasms they had had. The two girls got up from their knees and dropped beside them. Paul looked at his watch and grinned, "Time for bed?"

The others nodded, but Rory had an idea looking at his sisters, "Good idea Dad, but do you want to swap? I'll take Kerry into the girl's room and you can Bridget."

The two girls nodded enthusiastically so Paul grinned and put his arm round Bridget, "I think that's a good idea."

* * *

Paul woke up with his blonde daughter, Bridget, next to him. She was naked. So was he. He felt his schlong harden as she moved against him, her soft blond hair brushing over his chest and her smooth skin rubbing against his more hairy flesh. He smiled as he remembered last night. It had been the first sex he'd had since his wife had died and it had been magical; better than he ever thought possible. Bridget had been as tight as her sister, equally toned and firm as he pounded down on her and also energetic, squealing and moving with delightful rhythm as his large schlong had hit her clit.

"Morning Daddy," Bridget opened her eyes and yawned, before giving a stretch, her supple body sliding against her Dad's as it strained.

"Morning Bridge," said Paul. He rolled her onto her back and rolled on top of her. She gave a giggle, as his hand moved down and pried apart her legs, not that it need any effort on his part as she swung them open . "I'm hard," he said. His middle finger pushed into her pussy hole, working back and forth for a few moments until he could feel her juice secreting from the wall. He pulled it out and wiped the finger over her mouth, "And you're wet."

"Oh yes, Daddy, fuck me," giggled Bridget as her Dad's massive member entered her. She groaned and tensed as he pushed down in, knocking off the covers as her legs moved round his back, "Fuck me good."

His hands rested on the mattress either side of Bridget as he back to press up and down, his buttocks heaving up and his cock ramming down. Beneath him Bridget gasped in pleasure, her heels drumming at the bottom of his spine and her hands gripping onto the top of his back as if she feared that without a tight hold he would fall off. Her bosoms bounced and jiggled as her body shuddered under his hard pounding, her blonde hair flicked around her forehead as she threw her head back and squealed, "Oh, oh, oh."

Paul thrust harder, pushing his prick in all the way to his balls. He loved the way Bridget's teenage hole gripped his schlong like it was in a vice, forcing him to slam hard to get it all the way in, even with her juice helping. It hit hard within her, making her clit shudder and sending pleasure waves through her.

She moaned again, "Oh, oh, oh, oh." Her cries were loud and passionate.

He pounded down, his belly slapping hard against her firm stomach and his oversized schlong ramming her clit. Bridget was screaming, her blonde hair spread out over the bed, sweat making her slick and slippery. Paul's schlong went deep and he knew he was going to cum soon. He pounded down and then closed his eyes and gasped as the pleasure blew him. His cum gushed out, shooting down into his daughter and filling her tight little cunt. He dropped off, his hard cock covered with his and her cum, "Bridget, that was great."

"I loved it as well Daddy," moaned Bridget, "You are so big."

* * *

The four of them spent the day sunbathing at the beach. Plenty of other sun worshippers gave the two teenage Hennessy girls admiring glances, but only Paul and Rory knew, as they watched the two sisters frolicking in the surf, exactly how bangable the two teens were. The two male Hennessys kept the two sisters topped with sun lotion, sometimes spending an extra amount of time spreading it on the teen's butts or in secretly sliding a lotion covered finger into spots where the giggling girls had no danger of sun-burn. After the sun went down they had a quick shower and change and then went to a burger joint and got something to eat, before heading back to their vacation place.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" Paul asked as they all entered the villa

Kerry and Bridget looked towards each other and then back at their brother and Dad, "Fuck!" they replied in unison, smiling as they said it.

Paul looked at his son who nodded enthusiastically before saying, "I'm okay with that. How do you want to go - swap again or we could flick a coin?"

Bridget shook her head smiling, "You know with all those stupid rules that Daddy used to put on me and Kerry about dating and seeing boys, well it put a kink in our sex lives and neither of us has ever had a threesome."

"And you want one now?" Paul could see which way his daughter's mind was going and he liked it.

Bridget said, "I want one of your cocks in my pussy, whilst I suck the other one."

"And then," her sister added, "I want to do the same."

"I think we can manage to satisfy that" said Paul as his cock hardened with anticipation.

"Yes," agreed the boy.

The girls led them into one of the bedrooms. There was no pause before Bridget was pulling her T-shirt over her head and undoing her bra. Her titties were as firm and sexy as before and the men's dicks hardened further as they too undressed. The blonde teen kicked off her flip-flops and pulled down her small pair of hotpants. She wasn't wearing anything underneath, her puffy pussy lips bare and inviting. Paul and Rory quickly got undressed as well, their large dicks hard at the thought of dipping them in the gorgeous eighteen year old blonde. And Kerry was getting naked as well slipping out of her top and panties so that she was as naked as her sister. She sat on the bed as Bridget got on beside her. The blonde looked at her Dad and brother and said, "How do you want me?"

"If you get on your hands and knees," said Paul, "Rory can fuck your sweet cunt from behind whilst you blow me off."

"That works for me," nodded Rory in agreement.

"And me," giggled Bridget as she got into the suggested position.

Within moments Paul and Rory had taken either end, plunging their huge schlongs into her mouth and slit. Rory was gripping her waist as he slammed in and out of her tight wet slit, his massive member ramming deep into her and banging against her clit, making her cum with pleasure. She would have been screaming and moaning except that her Dad's cock filled her mouth, her head bobbed up and down along it as she gave him a super BJ, sucking hard at his prick and taking it deep in her mouth. The two male Hennessys grunted as her wet holes enveloped their massive dicks, promising pleasure. On the bed beside them Kerry ran two fingers over her cunt, rubbing it in excitement as she watched the three other Hennessys frenzied coupling.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," grunted Rory in enjoyment as he pounded hard into his sister's soaked pussy. His hard thrusts pushed her further forward onto his Dad's dick and Paul gasped again as his teen daughter's mouth slid far down his cock so that she was almost swallowing his massive member.

"Fucking, fuck, fuck," Paul knew he was close to cumming and didn't want to cum in Bridget's mouth so he withdrew his schlong. A few strokes with his hand and it was spurting cum all over the sexy blonde teen's face. She shrieked with pleasure as the white goo hit her, trying to lick it off before the continued poundings from behind bounced the sticky strands off. Paul lay back next to Kerry as he watched Rory continue to plough Bridget. He grinned in encouragement, "Stick it her, boy, fuck her deep."

Rory was sweating, it was running down him as he continued to pound his sister hard. He was panting in exertion as his huge schlong slammed into her hole. With her mouth now free Bridget was able to cry out, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, I want that prick deep, ram me, Rory, fuck me like a skank."

Rory thrust forward, his man muscle crashing into his sister's clit, making her scream and gasp. Suddenly he gave a grunt of "fuck" and his body straightened as he pumped his cum into her greedily awaiting pussy. He pulled out and dropped to the bed, as the goo leaked from Bridget's slit and down her thighs. She remained in place for a few moments, letting the warm liquid ooze about before she moved to sit next to a lying Paul.

Kerry looked at her sister, "Could you help bring Dad back to attention I'll work on Rory?" The redhead crawled over to her brother and leant over him, on her hands and knees, licking at his cock. It was coated with the salty taste of his cum and the warm, sweet taste of her sister's cunt juice. Her tongue moved over the large flaccid cock, swiftly bringing it hard again and she moved round and round it, licking away the cum and making it clean as she waited for her Daddy to be ready.

"Oh that's good," moaned Paul, though it wasn't clear whether he was talking about the bobbing pink slit of Kerry easily visible as she licked up and down her brother in front of him or his other daughter's hand on his cock stroking the it and making it harden. It didn't matter, as in either case his schlong was soon solid and he could feel it throb with excitement as Bridget worked her hand up and down.

"I think that's enough Bridge," said Paul, kissing her at the same time as he pushed her hand off his member, "It's time to bang Care Bear now."

Kerry heard that and her tongue moved quicker up her brother's rod in excitement. She continued to lick for a few moments as her Dad moved behind her and positioned his hands on her waist. She briefly paused from her licking as her Dad's monstrous manmeat eased into her tight, but wet, cunt, "Yes, Daddy, fuck your Care Bear good, fuck me with your huge dick."

At first Paul was slow, allowing Kerry to get reused to his schlong and enjoying the ways her tight, teenage walls gripped at it like a vice. But he soon began to move faster and harder, pushing the full length of his big prick into the hole, the massive member making slurping noises as it slammed into the wet flesh. Kerry gasped and then remembering her brother leant down and took his humongous male muscle in her mouth. It felt so good, the way her clit was flaring with bliss with every thrust and the taste of her brother in her mouth as she sucked, the sound of her Dad's grunts and the slap of his body against her, the squelch as his prick rammed into her pussy. He was pounding her hard and deep and she was doing the same to Rory sucking his schlong deep into her mouth and giving him a BJ and a half. The boy gasped and bucked, "I'm going to cum."

Kerry ignored the warning, letting him cum in her mouth. He exploded his cock, spurting the goo into her mouth. She could swallow some, but not all. She tried to keep it in her mouth, but some trickled out as she pulled her head back from her brother's cock. Rory didn't seem to mind, just lying back and gasping as Kerry swallowed and dripped his seed. Paul's dong continued to move in, "That's a girl, Care Bear," he said and pounded her harder.

"Oh yes, Daddy, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. I want your cock Daddy, fuck your little Care Bear good," squeaked Kerry as her Dad slammed her. Her body quivered as he hit her clit, the small bud bouncing and sending orgasm after orgasm into her. She screamed again, "Oh, ooh, oooh" as the orgasms became more intense and made her cum violently.

"Oh yes, Care Bear, oh yes, I am cumming," said Paul and shot his load into his daughter's soaked slit. She stiffened and gave a moan of pleasure as his warm seed flushed into her hole, spurting far up the hole and oozing back down.

Paul pulled out and fell back onto the bed, "That was fun," he said.

His children all nodded in agreement.


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