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8 Simple Rules: Having Fun With The Family Part 4 (Mmff,inc,anal)
by Neenah

As the programme credits rolled Bridget Hennessy was nuzzling into Paul Hennessy, whilst her sister Kerry was pushed up against Rory, kissing and licking at his throat. They hadn't been there all through the programme, when it had started Bridget had been cuddled against Rory and Kerry with Paul - they had swapped during the commercials. Both teenagers were wearing tight tops and even tighter pants that clung to their sexy bodies, their hard, firm titties struggling against the tops as the teenagers rubbed them against their Dad and brother. Even as they kissed and hugged at the Paul and Rory's throats and cheeks and ears the two young women's hands were lower down, rubbing at their massive pricks through the pants, their hands moving over the huge lumps of meat and threatening to undo the zips that kept the pythons in place.

It had been two weeks since the Hennessys had come back from the vacation that had changed their lives. All four of them secretly had feared that it was just the sun, surf and sand that had led them to their sescapades and that once they returned to their normal lives the others would want to forget everything and going back to being a normal family again. They were all delighted to find that none of them wanted to return to that and they all wanted to continue having sex, all the time (or at least most of it). Since they'd got back they'd carried on Paul and Rory alternating between swapping between blonde haired Bridget and red haired Kerry and sharing them.

Paul gave a fake yawn and stretched, "Time for bed," he grinned, though it was early.

"I think so," agreed Rory, who knew that early bedtimes didn't mean going to sleep early, but did mean lots of banging of his sisters' holes.

"Yes," giggled Kerry. She slipped away from her brother and reached for the remote to switch of the television, before eyeing her sister.

Bridget gave the lobe of her Dad's ear another tickle with her tongue before unhooking herself from him and catching her sister's look. She beamed broadly, "Yes," she said in agreement with her siblings and then said, "But why don't you and Rory go upstairs Daddy and wait for us in your room, Kerr and me will be up in ten minutes we just need to do some things."

The two male Hennessys looked at each other and nodded, smiling; they weren't sure why the girls wanted to come up separate from their lovers, but both guessed it meant they were in for a treat. "Suits us fine," said Paul, "See you in ten."

Ten minutes later he and Rory were in Paul's bedroom; which with the double-bed was the room used most often for fucking, though sometimes they also used the single twin beds in the girls room. They were sitting on the edge of the bed, both naked and stroking their ten inchers, keeping the massive members hard and erect as they talked about the girls and which one they would prefer fucking tonight (neither minded, both were damn sexy and bangable) and in which hole (both Rory and Paul loved the tightness of the Hennessy girls' assholes, but their pussies were also fine and tight and both girls gave the greatest ever bjs) and how many times (with luck they'd get it so many times they'd get to savour butt, cunt and mouth).

Their conversation was interrupted by Kerry calling through the door, "Are you ready for us?"

"We're always ready for you, Care Bear," Paul called back and ran his hand up his hard meat in anticipation.

The swung open. If Paul and Rory's pricks hadn't already been fully erect Bridget and Kerry would have made them so. Both girls were wearing high-heels and nothing else apart from suspender belts. But it wasn't the attire, alluring though it was, that made the male muscles almost pop with lust, but because the girls didn't enter the room straight away, but remained framed in the door their bodies pressed against each other and their lips pressed at each others mouths. They made out for a few moments as Paul and Rory's hands slid up their members, entranced by the scene. After a few moments the teen girls broke apart from each other and, swinging their hips, walked into the room to stand a few feet in front of their lovers.

Bridget smiled, showing her white teeth, "We thought we'd give you a show to put you in the mood."

"We don't need anything to put us in the mood to fuck your hot bodies," said Paul, "but we enjoyed it didn't we Rory."

His son nodded, "It was cool watching you lez it up."

The two girls laughed, "We're not lesbians we still love massive dicks in us," said Kerry, her eyes dropping to the two rock hard members in the male Hennessys' hands.

"And it's not finished yet," said Bridget, "That was just the intro."

She turned back to her sister and as the two males watched began to slither up and down her like she was a pole dancer and Kerry was a pole. She moved up and down, rubbing her lovely boobs over Kerry, sliding round and round the redhead. Kerry stretched up, standing still, her sexy lascivious lips moving slowly as she gave air moans. Her sister's tongue slid over her flesh, licking at her naked body as she moved round and round, over her boobs and slot round to her pooper, pushing between the cheeks and teasing the butt-hole, before going up the teen's spine. As she moved higher Bridget moved from a crouch to stand, her hands shifting round her sister's sides and onto her bosom, holding the firm pair of tits beneath her hands as her face emerged above Kerry's shoulders.

"Fuck, that is so sexy," said Rory as Kerry and Bridget swung round to face each other again. His Dad nodded in agreement as the redhead and blondes' mouths connected again, Bridget leaning down and pushing against her sister, making Kerry lean back as well so that she was being held by her sister. Bridget's hands squeezed at her sister's butt as they kissed, fondling the cheeks. Rory and Paul looked on lustfully, stroking their cocks, but not too hard for fear they'd cum too early.

The two teens stopped making out, but this time it was Kerry who slithered down her sister's body to crouch with her face inches from the top of Bridget's thighs. Her face moved closer to Bridget's slit and her tongue slid out and touched the lips. Paul and Rory's pricks trembled as they were stroked and Kerry turned back to face them, "Don't you think Bridget has a pretty pussy?"

"I've always thought so," said Paul.

"Me too," agreed Rory, "It's the joint most bangable cunny in the room."

Kerry giggled, "A girl knows how to treat another girl's sexhole."

The two males Hennessys watched in excitement as Kerry's head returned to her sister's hole and she began to lick. Bridget moaned and groaned, her blonde hair waving over her shoulders and down her front, as Kerry's tongue darted in and out of her teenage hole. "Oh, oh, oh," she moaned in pleasure.

The two teens shifted position so that Bridget was lying on the floor with Kerry on top of her, their mouths opposite the cunts. They started to lick each other, pushing and thrusting their tongues into the holes in front of them. The sounds of their moans and cries punctuated the sounds of slurps and pussy loving. The two teens quivered and quaked between each other's legs, enjoying the pussy feast. Paul and Rory looked on, their cocks hard, as they enjoyed the sexy show the two girls were putting on.

Kerry lifted her head from her sister's sweet cunt and looked at her Dad and brother; she was smiling. "I think it's time you joined in."

The two guys nodded enthusiastically, "Hell, yeah," they said.

The two young Hennessy women disentangled themselves and went over to their lovers. The pricks of Paul and Rory were erect and hard and the long schlongs were ready for action. Kerry positioned herself in front of her Dad, and Bridget moved in front of her younger brother. For a few moments the four of them just stayed still, drinking in the sight of the big dicks and smooth cunts and firm, teenie bosom. Bridget was the one to break the silence, "Let's get those big ones in our tight little pussies."

She got over her brother's lap and taking her pussy between her fingers lowered herself onto his waiting prong. His big dick pushed at her hole, so big and meaty she had to raise and lower herself several times to get it all in and she could slide her cunny all the way down to his balls. Beside her Kerry moaned in ecstasy as she lowered herself down her Dad's massive member, the teen pushing her head back as she gasped so that her red hair was spilling down her back.

Once they were in position the two teens wrapped their hands round the back of their lovers so that were well balanced and secure. Then they began to work it, sliding up the schlongs and then pounding down the hard member, so that they bounced on their lovers. Rory and Paul helped them, they grabbed the girls' sides to help the girls go faster and harder and thrusted up so that the full length of their members were penetrating the teenage twats and hammering the clits.

"Ooooooh, ooooooohhh," the squeals of pleasure were passionate, "Fuck me with your big dick. Give me your hard cock. I want that massive member to spear me good."

"Oh fuck, that's it you slut, move faster, go deeper, take my huge dick in your cunt, ride me hard."

The girls bounced up and down, their hair spinning and their breasts jiggling as they moved. Then the girls leaned sideways, still continuing to bang up and down, but getting closer that they could stick out their tongues and slide them at the other and tease. The girls were moving up and down so fast and hard that they would only connect for seconds, but that was good enough for Paul and Rory, they thrust up harder, "Go on, kiss her, slip her some tongue, that's so hot."

The humongous members slapped at the teen's G-spots, so that between their tonguing the two Hennessy girls were shrieking with pleasure. Their bodies convoluted and twisted as the ecstasy poured through them, "ooooohhh, oooohhh, yes, I want it all, give me your full big dick."

Up went the huge schlongs of the males, down went the wet sexy pussies of the females. Paul's face froze, "I'm cumming," he grunted.

"In me," cried Kerry. She was on the pill so it didn't matter and Paul ejaculated his sperm into her tight pussy, blasting shot after shot of his goo into her so that she was filled with his spunk and it dripped out of her as she got off him and rolled onto the bed.

"I'm going to cum too," said Rory, seconds later, between clenched teeth.

"In me," cried his sister. Rory's cock jerked and he blew his load into Bridget, blowing it into her cunt and coating the walls and insides with it. He fell back as Bridget climbed off him, her leaking pussy dribbling white goo over her pussy lips.

Rory fell back onto the bed, a smile over his face, "Damn hot Bridge," he said.

"You as well Care Bear, that was one hell of a ride," said his Dad. They both turned so that they could see the girls lying in the middle of the bed. Bridget and Kerry were not, as their boyfriends had supposed, lying and recovering. Instead they were just reassuming the sixty-nine position and cleaning the cum out of each other's wet and sticky slots.

"Mhmm, yummy," giggled Bridget as she licked out a mixture of her sister's juice and her Dad's spunk from Kerry's slit.

"Very..." smiled Kerry back as her head moved up to her sister's pussy and let a trickle of Rory's sperm land on her tongue and then slide down her throat.

Watching the girls get it on soon made Paul and Rory start to harden, as had been intended by the two teen girls. They carried on licking and washing out each other's cunts, whilst casting sexy little glances at the men between licks. Paul and Rory's dicks rose until they were rock like and were quivering with excitement at the sex show in front of them. Finally Bridge lifted her head from Kerry and looked at her Dad and brother, "You want to join us?"

"And fuck us in our poopers," added Kerry, as her sister hadn't been specific enough.

"Yes," grinned Paul and Rory nodded as he got up.

"Well lube yourselves up and come on in," grinned Kerry.

Paul walked over to the top drawer and pulled out a tube of lube. He squirted a generous amount on his hand and tossed the tube to Rory, before applying it to his dick. Rory was doing the same, rubbing the gel all over his dick until it was as slippery as a water slide. Then both men got onto the bed. The girls had continued to lick each other's cunts. They stopped as Paul and Rory got on the bed, Paul behind Bridget, Rory behind her sister. They didn't move too far and were left so that Bridget's pussy and ass were sitting over her sister's face an whilst Rory had to lift Kerry so her butt was off the bed and resting on his thighs as he sat on his knees, it also meant her cunt was inches away from her sister's lips.

"Oooohhh," both girls moaned as Paul and Rory penetrated their poopers with their middle fingers to prepare the girls for the bigger and thicker meat, "Oooohh," they moaned deeper and louder as the two males pushed their fingers in and out of the shitters, stretching the anal walls and rubbing at them teasingly with the tips of their fingers. The girls' bodies stretched and tensed in pleasure, their wet pussies just inches away from each other's face. "Oooooh," they moaned a final time as the fingers were pulled out, the knuckles pressing at their walls as they retreated. Two nice little budholes stared out, open and ready to be filled.

They weren't empty long as Paul and Rory took their cocks and fed them into the waiting backholes. Kerry and Bridget groaned and quivered in ecstasy as the two massive meatpoles entered their shitters, "Oooooh, yes, give it me all. I want your hard prick in my tiny little asshole," they moaned.

The guys forced their schlongs down the passage, even with the anal fingering they were so tight that without the lube they wouldn't have gone in and even with that it was still tight. But Paul and Rory didn't mind, the tightness of the two assholes felt great on their dicks, like they were being squeezed and massaged. They rocked forward, plunging their schlongs deeper into the two teen assholes and making the Kerry and Bridget scream out loud, "Fuck my shitter hard. Give me your big dick. Ohhh, oh, that feels so good."

Rory and Paul slammed harder, their big dicks cramming the holes, going in up to their balls. They moved faster and faster, pounding the young women into orgasmic ecstasy. Kerry and Bridget gasped and bounced, their naked bodies sliding over each other, covered with sweat. Each of them had a great view of her brother or Dad's massive member pounding into her sister's asshole, the humongous sticks of meat stretching the asshole round them. It looked so good, but the one in their ass felt even better. The two teens cried out, "Oooh, fuck me harder, ooooh, fill my shithole with your big, hard, pole."

"Yeah, take it, take it in your tight ass, take my big fucking meat in your pooper," Rory and Paul grunted back and thrust hard.

"Fucking hell, I'm cumming again," said Paul. He pulled the dick out of Bridget's ass and gave it a few more strokes. The cum shot out, spraying over the teen's cheeks, dripping down the cheeks and onto her sister's face and into her red hair. Bridget groaned and fell forward to nestle her chin over her sister's pussy, within tongue licking reach of her brother's cock as it pounded into her sister.

Kerry licked at some of her Dad's cum which was had dripped within tongue length and then cried out in pleasure as Rory's prick presented her with another orgasm. Her younger brother thrust into her hole a few more times and then grunted, "Damn, here I cum."

He jerked his cock out of Kerry's butt and directed it like a hose at Bridget's face. The blonde grinned happily as she was blasted with an explosive spurt of cum, then another and another as Rory emptied his load over her pretty face. The cum trickled down from her nose and lips to land on her sister's cunt. Bridget lay down and licked a little off.

"Did you like our show?" grinned Kerry from between her sister's legs.

"It was great," her Dad and brother agreed smiling.

"We should do it for you again," giggled Bridget, "because it's so much fun to put on for me and Kerr as well."


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