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8 Simple Rules: Rules For Dating Your Teenage Son Part 2 (Fm,inc,anal)
by Neenah

It was amazing what could change over a few weeks Cate Hennessy thought. Then she was a widowed, single Mom who was getting less bedroom action than the Pope. Now, with the active encouragement of her two daughters, she was banging her new boyfriend regularly, making almost nightly booty calls for his cock. The fact that the new boyfriend was her fourteen year old son, Rory, and the booty call was knocking on his bedroom door and asking through it whether he wanted a fuck before bed didn't make it any less amazing.

She was lying in his single bed, her hands behind her head and the covers down to her midriff where he had dumped his cum load after their fucking. It was rapidly drying into her skin as her pussy, disappointingly, was loosing the tingles it had had as he had pounded his ten-inch schlong into her. She turned her head and looked at the photos on Rory's bedside cabinet. The one of Paul had gone one day, as if Rory didn't want to be reminded of his dead Dad whilst cunt-stabbing his Mom. In it's place had come two others, both of Cate, though the weren't pictures of her they'd have had before they began fucking. The first was one they'd taken one Saturday in the park, a cheeky quick snap of Cate's skirt deliberately riding up her thighs to show her panty free pussy. The second was even more intimate, it was a picture of Cate looking up into the camera who face and tits covered with her son's cum after she'd just blown him. Certainly things had changed she mused, as she turned her head.

Rory was sitting on his swivel chair, leaning back against the rest a resting his elbows on the desk. So far that was so normal, what wasn't normal (at least before a few weeks ago) was that he was naked, his flaccid, but still large, cock dangling between his legs. He grinned, "Are you going to stay the night?"

She smiled as she looked at him, thinking about how the rules between them had changed. They'd set rules that when they were out on dates they were out on dates and not Mom, though on their first date she had tried to set herself rules that it wasn't even a real date; that hadn't lasted the night and she'd ended up blowing him. The rules had quickly expanded so that she could come to Rory's room after a date and that would still count as part of the date. At first the rule had to be it was after a date, but quickly it had often become a date in itself and Cate came into his room most nights. At first she rarely stayed and was always out before he was awake, but more and more she found herself sleeping, snuggled into him on the tiny bed, and only leaving as he awoke. The rules moved.

And now she was wanting to move them again.

"Are we serious?" she asked him, there was a touch of nervousness in her voice because whilst she was sure of the answer there was also a lurching worry in her stomach that she could be wrong.

Rory laughed, "I'm cumming on your titties and tummy and face every night, so yes, we're serious."

"We're not going too fast. I'm not going fast am I?" she asked.

"Fast, yes, too fast no," he grinned.

"Good," she said, "These last few weeks with you... under you, they've been the best fun I've ever had." She paused and smiled at him, "I want to take it further."

"How?" asked Rory.

"I want to move in with you, into this bedroom, become a proper couple. We would be dating all the time, not just when we're out or in this room, but over dinner, when we're in the lounge; we might need to keep it quiet from some people, but I've spoken to the girls and they're really up for it. They think I need a new man and they think you're the one. So what about it?"

"You'd move into my room as my girlfriend? You'd be my lover at breakfast, not my Mom and we could, say watch, porn together in the living room as a couple and you wouldn't tell me off?"

"I might blow you off," smiled Cate, sitting up and letting her son see her massive tits.

"I'd be the man of the house then, with your pussy on demand?" he grinned.

It wasn't a hard bargain he was driving. Cate licked her lips sexually and reaching to her boobs bounced them up in her hands, "Whenever and wherever you want," she purred.

Rory stood up, his ten inch schlong as erect as a scaffold. It twitched as he walked over to the bed, he pulled away the quilt covering Cate exposing her naked body and her shaven slit. He took his hard member in his hand and stroked it as he climbed onto the bed and onto her, "Let me think about it."

"Take all the time you want, the longer the better," giggled Cate as she lay back. Her legs spread to allow her son entry and her hands reached round the back of him, taking hold of the back of his neck and bringing him down. She gave a moan as his huge rod pushed into her wet cunt, working up and down and taking it. He was moving slow at first, in no hurry, just teasing as his prick slid in and out slowly and not too deep. She looked into his handsome face, so boyish youthful and sexy, the face she wanted to wake up to every morning, "Fuck me, Rory fuck my cunt," she moaned and spread her legs wider, one foot pushing at the wall, the other draped over the side of the bed, "Fuck me."

"Good girl, take my dick," said Rory, "Enjoy my huge meat."

He moved a bit faster, pushing his manhood further into her sex and skilfully hitting her G-spot. Cate moaned and gasped as his member stimulated her spot, making her flush with orgasmic glee. Her hands were clawing at his back, "Yes Rory, love me, love me with that huge wang. Fuck my mature pussy, fuck it with your huge hammer."

Rory was pounding deeper now. Cate could see the sweat on his brow, the lust for her in his eyes, the curl of his lip as he enjoyed her body. She was bouncing under him, her large melons jumping up and down and her feet shaking over the bedside and banging against the wall. Her back was bending as she thrust up to meet him, falling back down as he pummelled her, "Fuck me Rory," she cried, "I want that massive meat in my cunt."

She felt the joy of the orgasms rushing through her, making her go red and burn hot. Rory pumped down and his face twisted and turned as he pumped his seed into her, "Yes," he grunted, "yes."

* * *

"So you going to make any changes?" asked Bridget she was helping her Mom move into Rory's room, "Add a more feminine touch?" she looked specifically at the poster of a big busted model in a bikini as she did so.

Her Mom shook her head, "It's Rory's room; I'm the one moving in and I don't want to make any changes." She looked at the poster and smiled, "Beside when he's fucking with me with his huge prick it's good to know I'm the one getting it not the competition."

Her daughter laughed and pressed down at her brother's bed, "It looks like this will be getting plenty of action then Mom."

"I think so," giggled Cate.

"You're good with moving in with Rory and not having him move into your room?" asked Bridget, she twisted her hair and gave a look of concern.

"Yes," smiled Cate and she was. She had thought about suggesting to Rory they moved into the Master Bedroom, but had decided against it. Moving from the room she had shared with her husband would be a fresh start and she wasn't sure Rory would want to be in the bed that his Dad used to have. Plus she liked Rory's room; it was small and cosy and reminded her what it was like to be a young lover snuggled up in a tiny apartment, which was all very romantic.

"Where do you want to put these?" in came Kerry carrying a box. She smiled as she reached inside and then held up a piece of sexy nightwear.

Cate pointed to a drawer, "Rory's made some space for my things, second drawer up for nightwear."

Bridget was also looking in the box; she pulled out a tiny piece of material, "Are these some sexy new thongs?"

"Yes," her Mom replied, "Do you think Rory will like them?"

"I'm sure he'll examine them intimately in the few seconds before he rips them off and plunges into your pussy," Bridget smiled.

"And what's this?" asked Kerry holding up a dildo, "I don't think you'll need this anymore unless you are keeping it for sentimental value."

Cate laughed, "Well we were such close friends for such a time I don't want to just junk my big boy. Anyway sometimes Rory likes to watch me jack myself off with a toy," she pointed to a photo on Rory's desk next to the computer. It was off a naked Cate sitting on her son's bed with her legs spread and a look of concentration on her face as she dildoed her cunt.

The two girls tittered and carried on emptying their Mom's boxes and cases, putting her clothes away. As they got to the bottom of one of the cases Bridget pulled out a jar, "Anal lube," she giggled, "You slut, Mom, I didn't know my little brother was porking your butt."

Her Mom took the container, flushing slightly as her daughters grinned with knowing smiles. Cate turned it to show them the top and that it was still sealed, "He's not, not yet anyway. But he's been giving some hints he wants to try backdoor and I'm thinking about it."

"Thinking about it enough to get yourself some lube," grinned Bridget.

Cate slid the lube jar under some sweaters where Rory wouldn't look, "You've heard about being prepared," she said, "It's just in case. I'm still not sure; it's a long time since I've done anal, since before your Dad and the guy I did it with was a lot tinier than Rory; having ten inches of him up me is no small matter..." the girls laughed at her pun. Cate shrugged, "Don't tell him I've got it, I might never go anal and he'd just be waiting for something that never comes."

"You'll tell us if you do?" asked Kerry.

"Yes, Mom, you know we like to be told everything," added her sister.

"I will do," said Cate, "Now speaking of me and Rory, he's going to be back soon and I want to get ready and show him what he can expect now we're living together."

"Okay Mom," the girls chorused, "We can take a hint."

They trooped out of Rory's bedroom leaving Cate alone in her new bedroom. She switched on some music, a CD she knew Rory liked and which she didn't think was as bad as much of things he listened to. Then she got undressed, folding her top and pants and putting them on the chair so she could get into them later and putting her panties, bra and socks on top of them. She pushed her shoes under the bed. Then she opened the drawer and took out the new nightdress she'd bought. It was very short and sexy, going down to just under her belly button and held up by some tiny straps. When she put it on you'd could see her large nipples through the thin blue material, shimmering under the light. She put a couple of touches of an expensive perfume on and took a look at herself in the mirror. She smiled, she looked great and she was sure Rory would think so as well.

She took the dildo and lay on the bed, facing the door, rubbing her pussy with the toy - not hard enough to come near to getting her off, but enough to keep her horny and wet. She carried on like that for a few moments as she heard Rory come in downstairs, say something to his sisters and then clump up the stairs. He opened the door and stepped in, "Hello Rory," said Cate, she took the dildo from her pussy and sucked the wet tip as if it was a lollipop, "I'm here."

Rory grinned and took off his jacket, "You moved in all right? There's enough space?"

"Yes," giggled Cate, "More than enough for the two of us to get cuddly and snuggly." She put the dildo down and got down on her knees in front of Rory, "Let me help with that," she said and undid her belt. Next she unpopped the buttons on his pants and slid the zip down. Her hands reached up to the waistband and she pulled the pants down as he took off his T-shirt. He stepped out of the pants and his large cock twitched beneath his boxers. "That look's nice and tasty," said Cate as she eased the ten inch schlong out.

"I think you'll enjoy it," said Rory. He groaned in excitement as Cate opened her mouth and slid it over his prick. Her head moved slowly back and forth as she sucked him down, her lips moving over his huge member, rolling back and forth. He took hold off her shoulders and began to gently move with her, letting her mouth do its job. Down she went, pushing her lips down his schlong and feeling it press into her mouth, up again, her head going backwards and leaving his massive meat covered in her slimy saliva, glittering under the light. Up and down she went, up and down, Rory moving with her and gasping in pleasure as his Mom sucked him hard, "You suck great cock."

"I can fuck great as well," said Cate, pulling her mouth back from the cock. She moved over to the bed, lying her front half down on it and kneeling against it, wiggling her butt and then spreading her legs. She moved a hand down between her thighs and opened her slit, exposing the pink, "You want to see? You want to stick your massive dick in my wet cunt and fuck me raw?"

"Fuck, yeah," said Rory. He moved behind his Mom and guided his huge wang down into her pussy hole. Cate moaned in pleasure as his cock worked in and out of her hole, the lubricated dick pushing deeply into her and rubbing over her clit. Rory's hands grabbed her waist, squeezing it tightly as he began to pound, "Fuck, yeah, you've the sweetest pussy ever. I love fucking your twat, I love fucking it hard."

"Yes, baby, that's good, stuff your big boy in my pussy," cried out Cate. Her body bucked as Rory hammered into her, her large titties bouncing inside her nightdress and rubbing against the thin material, her nipples becoming hard and sticking out. He slapped against her as he pounded his huge dick down her. Cate cried out in pleasure, rocking to his thrusts. "Oh, oh, oh," she cried out as she orgasmed, "Oh, oh, oh, fuck me baby. I want you to fuck me hard."

"Fuck, yeah, fuck yeah," gasped Rory, "You feel so good, so fucking good."

He banged harder. His naked body pounded against her, his hands pushing her nightdress further up her waist so the bottom of her back was naked. Cate squealed again as another orgasm hit her, "Oh, oh, oh, fuck me harder, fuck me deep, oh, oh, oh."

She could feel herself sweating as she bounced back and forth energetically, the bed moving beneath her and squeaking. Rory was grunting in exertion as he gave her his full ten inches again and again, slamming down fast and vigorously and really making her cum and cum again with gleeful abandon. "Fuck, yeah, fuck, yeah," he groaned. He slammed his schlong down her his, his groans getting higher-pitched and louder, "Fuck, yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!"

Rory tensed and blew his load into the waiting pussy, swamping his Mom's hole with his gooey seed. Cate cried out in pleasure as the warm liquid filled her, warm and sweetly comfortable. She dropped her head face down on the bed and let the cum trickle down her hole, "oh baby, that was great," she murmured, "You were great."

"You were as well," said Rory lying on his back on the floor.

"We are going to fuck so much," said Cate.

Rory nodded in agreement.

* * *

It was light when Cate woke up. Normally the print on the wall opposite was off some fruit in a bowl; now it was off some semi-naked busty blonde model draped over a bike. But then normally she woke up alone in a double-bed, today and for the days in the future she was waking with her sexy son snuggled next to her, his naked body thigh twisted round hers his smooth pecs, just growing from child to man, pushed against her back and his dick, large even if limp, touching her butt cheeks. Cate lay there happily, watching the digits on Rory's clock click over until the time she had to get up to prepare breakfast. She wasn't sure how many times his large schlong had pounded her pussy or how many times her luscious lips has descended on his cock, but it was lots; moving in with Rory looked like it was going to have its advantages.

Beside her Rory stirred and moved onto his back. She looked at the clock and licked her lips; she had time to give Rory a proper wake-up on their first official morning off living together. He gave a sleepy moan as Cate pulled back the covers and slid down, not yet aware what she was doing. Cate went down to his cock, and started to lick it. The covers were over her so she couldn't see what her son's sleepy face looked like, but she could see the reaction that his schlong was having. Within seconds it had moved from being limp and curled between his legs to hard and straight up, quivering as her tongue moved round the shaft. She continued to lick, coating the member in her saliva from the purple head to the smooth balls, her tongue exploring and cleaning it all. Through the covers she could hear Rory grunt in pleasure, "That's good, that's the way." He was awake enough for the proper wake-up call.

She opened her mouth and moved her lips down his cock. She began to move her head vigorously, sucking and slurping at the huge member. She could feel the covers moving with her, bobbing round her head like she was a ghost in one of the old cartoons. Rory groaned and she could feel his body reacting, tensing in pleasure as her mouth went down. The fourteen year old gasped, "Oh my God, suck my dick, suck it good you sexy thing."

Cate was moving as fast as she could desperate to get him off as quickly and powerfully as she could. It soon paid off, Rory gasped, "I'm cumming" and shot his load into her mouth. It filled her mouth with its saltiness. She swallowed as Rory pumped more and then swallowed some more, the velvety goo sliding down her throat easily. But there was so much she couldn't swallow it all and some dripped and dribbled between the cracks of her lips, coating her chin in a white goo. She licked her lips and chin as she pushed back the covers so she could see Rory, "Morning honey," she cooed.

"Morning," grinned Rory, "I could get used to that."

"You liked your wake-up call?" giggled Cate.

"Much better than an alarm clock," replied her son.

Cate pushed back the covers and got out of bed, "I better get dressed and make breakfast. I'll see you in a few minutes lover."

"In five," grinned Rory as he watched his Mom pull on her panties and get a fresh bra out of the drawer.

* * *

It was a Friday night, a couple of weeks after Cate had moved in with her son. The girls were out at a party and Rory and Cate were making use of the privacy to make out on the couch in the main room. To help put them in the mood (though they didn't need much help) Cate had slid one of Rory's porns into the DVD player and as they made out on the couch a young cheerleader with big boobies was getting fucked on the screen.

Rory's mouth pressed hard at Cate's, his lips moving against hers as his tongue pressed into her, pushing down at her tongue and swinging round as he explored her mouth. One hand was rubbing at her waist through her sweater, the other was up under the sweater and under the bra, squeezing at her huge melons and making them wobble as he juggled at them. Cate was kissing back, her lips moving to match Rory and her tongue trying to intertwine with his. One of her hands was rubbing at the wrist of his arm massaging her waist, the other was rubbing at the big mound of his dick beneath the denims, enjoying the feel of it squirming under the material and threatening to burst through the zip. Out of the corner of her eye Cate saw on the screen the busty blonde moved onto her front as her boyfriend pushed his dick into her ass. She felt her own libido rising even higher than it had been. She was ready.

Cate moved her head back and looked at Rory, "You know that thing we talked about?"

"Er?" Rory looked at her as if he didn't.

"Anal sex; you sticking your prick in my butt," explained Cate.

Rory grinned broadly, "Sure, yeah," he grinned.

"Do you still want to do it? Bang me up my butthole?" asked Cate.

"Do bears shit in woods?" asked Rory, "I do."

"I want to do it as well then," said Cate. It had been years since she'd done it, not since her early twenties, and that was with a weenie dicked boyfriend, not her hugely hung son. The thought of his massive dick up her shitter made her nervous and she knew it would stretch her pooper like it wasn't designed to be stretched. But she also knew that allowing him to use that hole was a sign of their intimacy and that he would enjoy it; and she loved it when he enjoyed her. She stood up and lowered her hand to her son, he took it and got up. Cate smiled and looked at him, directly into his eyes, seeing the lust for her in them, "Let's go upstairs and you can fuck me in the ass."

They quickly went to the room, shutting the door behind them and stripping off their clothes. Cate looked at Rory's large cock as he dropped his boxers; it was ten inches of hard as iron muscle and without some preparation it would tear her asshole like a mincer. She smiled at him, "Just a minute big boy, let me get ready."

"Yeah," said Rory.

Cate walked over to the desk drawer and opened it. Besides Rory's pens and pads for school there were her dildos. She took out a small narrow one and got onto the bed, pulling her legs up to her shoulder and lying on her back. She took one of her cheeks in a hand and pulled it apart from the other. Then with her dildo in her spare hand she began to ease it into her back hole. It made her eyes water at first, it was a little sore, but not too much, but it was very uncomfortable. The only thing that kept her at it was Rory standing opposite her, looking at her in anticipation as he stroked his hard schlong expectantly. She bit her lip and continued, pushing the toy deeper and slowly working open her asshole. Gradually it became less uncomfortable as the hole got used to the dildo and she worked it for a few more moments, opening the top. The dildo was too small to go far, but at least it would mean the cock could enter her ass. She pulled the dildo out and smiled, "Just one more thing and I'm ready."

"Take your time," said Rory, though his teeth were almost gritting with impatience.

Cate got up, he'd enjoy the next bit of the preparation, she thought and walked over to the drawers. She slid her hand under the pile of sweaters and pulled out her jar of anal lube. She took off the plastic wrapping and screwed off the top, "This should help that big dick go into my ass a bit easier," she smiled and scooping a huge dollop out got her knees in front of Rory, "Now let lube you up."

Cate could feel her son shuddering, his cock pulsating as the blood pumped through it hard as she worked the lube in with her hands and fingers. She massaged the gel in gently, making every inch of his schlong oiled and lubricated. Then she scooped out more and carried on, there was no point in stinting, she thought, she wanted to make Rory good and slippery for when his huge member invaded her ass. A third dollop followed and then a fourth, making Rory's huge member glitter under the bedroom light, the gel shining and glittering. Cate looked at it and smiled, it was ready and, she felt a tingle of excitement, so was she.

She got up and walked back to the bed, getting onto it and onto her knees and hands. She pointed her ass at her son and said, "Come over here and ram my shithole open. I want you to fuck my ass."

"Fuck yes," said Rory and got on the bed behind her. His hands moved to her cheeks and he roughly pulled them open before starting to push his lubed up cock into her pooper. The dildo was a lot thinner than his schlong and so despite her toying off the hole it was a hard fit, Rory really having to push and grunting with effort as he forced his huge manhood down her tight chute. Cate's eyes watered and she gasped in pain through gritted teeth. Rory was gripping her waist tightly as he rocked back and forth, gradually pushing his dick deeper into her shitter and expanding her walls. He moved back and pushed down, going a little deeper, grunting out, "You're so tight."

Cate knew she was tight; she could feel that. Rory moved back a little and then pushed forward working his prick half an inch further in. Again and again he did it, gradually loosening her ass and getting deeper access into the anal chute. As he did so Cate's ass became less uncomfortable as it got used to the big invader and soon she began to start to enjoy it, as Rory's cock filled a hole long since untouched by dick. Rory was moving faster and harder now and Cate felt her G-spot being stimulated from behind as Rory pounded at the thin wall separating her ass and cunt. Cate groaned as she felt her orgasmic glee rapidly overtake any pain and discomfort. Rory moved harder, slapping his schlong deep into her anal chute and filling her with his meat. "Yeah, yeah, this is fucking great, your ass is so fucking tight, this is fucking great."

"Oh, oh, oh," screamed Cate, "Fuck my ass, baby. I want you to bang my butthole. I want you to fuck my ass like it's yours, just fuck it, fuck it hard and deep."

Rory was moving harder and harder, his balls slapping onto Cate's cheeks as he fed her the full length of his meat. She screamed louder, her naked body quaking as he rammed her from behind, "Fuck, Rory, fuck my ass open, fuck it open and make me burst with your big prong. Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me anally like I'm here to be fucked."

Rory grunted in reply and continued to pound her pooper. Cate screamed in pleasure as the orgasms piled up, making her inside pop and heave. Rory moved faster and harder, making Cate cum again and again, until... "I am cumming," said Rory. Cate felt his warm seed spurting over her lower back and butt-cheeks as Rory pulled out and shot his load over her. The Mom waited until he had finished pumping his manhood before dropping down. Rory fell on his back beside her, "That was something. I can see why guys love anal, you were so tight."

"And I can see why women do, you were so big in my tight asshole you made me cum like mad. I was the best ever..." she smiled at her son and lover, "We need to do that more often."

Rory grinned, "Yeah, give me a moment to recover."

Cate looked down at her son's limp cock. She knew from experience it would quickly recover and be ready from action, she also knew from experience it would be even quicker if she helped him along. She smiled and licked her lips, "I can help," she purred.

"Be my guest," said Rory.

He lay back relaxing as his Mom's tongue moved round and round his dong and balls licking the schlong back into stiffness. It quickly hardened with her teasing touch and she slid her lips over the engorged member slowly working her head up and down, sucking at the bitter, salty tang of his dick. She slid up and down cleaning his cock and preparing it again for her shithole. Once she was sure it would remain hard she brought her head back up and licked her lips, "I want you to fuck my ass again."

"Yeah," said Rory and rolled her over onto her front.

He moved on top of her, his hands either side of her and his naked boy/man chest on top of her equally naked back. "I'm going to fuck you now," he murmured sexily into her ear, "I am going to fuck your butt so good, good and hard it'll be like all your birthdays at once. I'm going to fuck it until you are screaming, I am going to fuck it until we're both raw."

"Oh yes," Cate moaned, "I want you dick down my shit-tube, I want you to bang it open and make me cum."

With her hole already open from the last time it was much easier for Rory to guide his huge meat into it and he quickly moved into a vigorous and powerful rhythm, sliding his schlong up and down the anal passage. Cate cried out in excited pleasure as her G-spot again was stimulated from behind, her pussy was soon soaking even if was untouched as Rory's dong hit her clit through the thin anal walls. Cate's body writhed, messing up the bedding and making it crumple round her. She lifted her head and squealed, "Go on, baby, I want your big dick. That's it, baby, go harder."

"Yeah, that's good, that's tight, you're so fucking tight, it's like banging a vice," Rory pumped up and down, grinding his Mom into the bed and filling her shithole with his member. The Mom cried and screamed in pleasure as she came again and again, her body becoming so hot that she was dripping as much sweat from just lying there as Rory was with all his effort. He was moving fast and hard, slamming down deep into her anal passage. "Fuck, this is good, you are so fucking hot, I love banging your ass."

Rory continued shoving down, thrusting his large cock in Cate. Ramming her into orgasms. "Oh, oh, oh," Cate came hard again and again.

"Fuck, yeah," gasped Rory. He came down once more and then raised himself up as he cum blew from his dick into Cate's hole. Another groan and another spurt, filling her ass with his sticky seed. He pulled out and onto his back, his dick rapidly shrinking. Cate just lay there, letting his seed bubble out of her back hole and across her cheeks; it was a warm and enjoyable sensation.

* * *

The girls were already up by the time Cate came down for breakfast. Bridget was sitting at the table eating some cereal, her sister washing up a bowl -, "How was your night alone with Rory? Did you get some quality time without us around?"

Cate ignored the question for a moment, "How was the party? What time did you get in?" she pulled down a bowl from a top shelf, wincing slightly as the muscles in her butt stretched.

"It was cool, about midnight," replied Kerry smiling and sitting down.

Cate hadn't heard them come in, but then she had other things on her mind at the time, or more precisely something big in her butt. She was still a bit sore from the madly, passionate anal sex that she and Rory had had multiple times the night before. But the orgasms had been so good that she was more than happy with her anal aching. She filled her bowl with cereal, added some milk and poured herself a juice before sitting down at the table, trying not to put any pressure on her sore hole. She smiled up at her daughters and said, "Rory and I did anal for the first time last night."

Her daughters gasped in excitement and brought their chairs nearer so they could have a mother daughter chat, "What was it like?" asked Kerry. "Did you enjoy?" asked Bridget.

Cate took a sip of juice and smiled, "It was great. I'm going to go out on a limb and say best banging ever."

"So what was he like?" asked Kerry excitedly.

"Ten inches," laughed Cate, holding her hands apart to show her daughters what that looked like, "Seriously, he was a complete stud. After I lubed him up he gave me a massive pounding, it was like being fucked by a jackhammer. He really knows how to use his dong, he went deep and fast and oh, so hard. I was cumming all the time, and not tiny orgasms, but super great big ones."

"That sounds great, Mom," gushed Bridget excitedly.

"It was," agreed her Mom, "It was good that once Rory had come once I sucked him until he was hard and then we did it again. My ass is still stretched."

"So you'll be doing anal with him again?" asked Kerry.

Her Mom nodded, "I think we'll be doing it lots."


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