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8 Simple Rules: Rules For Dating Your Teenage Son Part 3 (mF, m+F, oral, incest, exhib)
by Neenah

Cate Hennessy stood in front of the mirror, frowning at her reflection. She was happy with the jeans, they gripped her ass and showed how firm, but round her butt was - better shaped that the butt of a woman in her forties had any right to be. But the top hadn't been working, "Too momsy," she said and pulled off the orange sweater she had been wearing and dropped it to the floor, leaving her standing in her jeans and bra. She frowned and turned to her son and lover, Rory, who was sitting on their bed watching her, "What do you think?"

"I like it," he gave a cocky grin as he looked at her boobs, just held in by the bra, "but if we're going out you better wear a top."

Cate smiled and gave them a small wiggle, "You know what I mean," she said, "What top should I go for?"

The fourteen year old grinned, "It's warm out, you should wear that lime green vest, you look cute in it."

Cate couldn't disagree, but, "You'll be able to see my bra straps."

"I've got a solution to that," Rory said and got up off the bed. He walked over to Cate and reached behind her to unclip the bra. He pulled the material away and let her big boobs swing free and easy. He grinned, "There... that'll do."

Cate couldn't help but smile back, she wiggled the naked tits at him, but she still had an objection, "But what will people think - they'll see I'm not wearing a bra."

"They'll think that I'm banging a real foxy cougar," said Rory and as there was no answer to that Cate got the vest out and put it on. It was tight over her boobs, making clear that they were big and that the only thing supporting them was the top. Sometimes the way it rubbed at her nipples made them stand out and make it even clearer that she wasn't wearing a bra. Rory nodded approvingly, and that was all that mattered. The teen stood up again, "You ready?"

"Yes," said Cate and slid her arm through his.

Downstairs Kerry was watching the television. She looked up as Cate entered. "Looking hot, Mom."

"Thanks Kerry," her Mom replied and then looked at her watch, "Where's your sister?"

As she spoke her daughter came down the stairs, if it was a sitcom the crowd would have hollered in appreciation. She was wearing a small skirt that barely covered her panties and a cropped top, which didn't cover her pierced belly-button and was so tight that you could see that like her Mom, she wasn't wearing a bra. She looked at her Mom and Rory, "That top looks sexy Mom, I like it."

"Are you ready?" asked Cate and reached for the car keys as her daughter nodded.

"Don't be too late," said Kerry in mock seriousness, "and watch out for strange boys."

"I will," said Bridget, she looked over at Rory his hand round her Mom's waist, "Too late for Mom."

Rory pulled a face at her and slid his hand down to squeeze Cate's ass. She gave a titter as he stroked it and said, "You know I don't see strange boys, I get mine at home."

The three of them went to the car, Cate getting into the driver's side and Rory the passenger. Bridget slid into the back. She leant forward as her Mom reversed, "So you'll remember your Rory's date and not my Mom?"

"That's the deal," agreed Cate.

"Even if I'm drinking beer, or smoking or getting hot and heavy with some guy," Bridget said.

Her Mom nodded her agreement. She didn't care about her daughter's slutty behaviour; she was not her husband and it would be hypocritical to tell Bridget off for sexual activity when she was getting banged regularly by Rory who was even younger than his sister. Besides Cate had other things on her mind. They were heading across town to a party hosted by two brothers whilst their parents were out of town. The younger brother was a friend of Rory and had invited him and others over to join in; Rory was the only one of the boys bringing a date - Cate. Luckily his older brother, a Senior, had more than made up for it and as well as footballers and cheerleaders had invited plenty of others, including lots of sexy sixteen and seventeen year olds such as Bridget.

It was the first time Cate had seen Rory's friends since she and her son had started banging and she was nervous, she wanted them to accept her as Rory's girlfriend and she was scared they'd find her too old or too boring or too Momsy.

It was easy to see the party, the house was lit up like a Christmas tree and teens were clustered around it, on the lawn and on the porch and leaning out the windows. Luckily it was on its own, its nearest neighbours barely visible in the dark and far enough away that the people living in them were barely disturbed by the sounds of music and partying. Cate pulled the car up by the kerb, even before she had the engine off Bridget was out and heading to her friends. Cate opened her door and stepped out, waiting for Rory. There were plenty of teens, drinking and partying, lit cigarettes, or other things, glowing brightly, but as she looked round she couldn't even see someone who looked like they were in their twenties never mind in their forties.

"Let's go in," Rory moved beside her and put his hand round her waist.

They entered the house. It was even wilder in here that outside, a guy chugging beer from a keg, another one already throwing up in a plot plant, one making out with his girlfriend against the wall, his hand well up her thigh, some more smoking something that did not smell like tobacco. In the middle of the room a group of girls were bouncing to the music, bopping away to the beat.

"Dude," it was Tom, a geeky looking redhead with glasses who was one of Rory's best friends. He held out his hand and Rory let go off his girlfriend to high five it. Barely had they slapped together when they were joined by the younger brother of the party host, Mikie, was tall and thin with long dark hair that his parents were always trying to get him to cut. It was better than the final friend who came over, Karl, - his blonde hair was in a bowl-cut and who was trying to grow a moustache, without success.

"Dude," Rory said back and high-fived his friends. He turned back to Cate and presented her, "Guys, this is my girlfriend, my Mom, Cate."

"Sweet," grinned Tom.

Mikie nodded, "Sure is."

"Why don't you grab us some beers?" Rory said to his Mom. Cate nodded, she was relaxed about giving her underage son alcohol, after all she reasoned, if he was old enough to stick his ten-inch schlong in her pooper he was old enough to drink. She turned away, but not too quickly to hear Karl say, with more than a touch of admiration, "You're nailing that?"

It took her ten minutes to get five beers, threading her way through intoxicated teens to the keg, waiting for two teenage girls to stop making out in front of it, to the delight of the audience, fill the beakers and wind her way back to Rory. He and his friends were sitting on one of the couches, watching the gyrating teen dancers in front of them. They were especially interested in two of them that had decided to remove their tops and were dancing wildly wearing nothing but their short skirts. She gave the fourteen year olds their beer and then squeezed in with her own between Rory and the armrest. Her son carried on talking to his buddies, but his arm casually went round her shoulder's marking out to any guys on the prowl that she was his. Cate liked that and felt herself relaxing into him, joining in the conversation gradually with his friends as they talked about computer games and girls and movies and more about girls and sport and even more on girls. All the time Rory's hand was on her back, stroking casually at the top of her spine and neck, sometimes twirling a finger into her hair. After a while Mikie left and came back a few minutes later with some more beers. He said that the two girls who had been making out by the beer keg earlier were still doing it, but now they were topless. The beers were left as Tom and Karl followed him back out to see the show, leaving Rory and Cate alone on the couch.

"Do you want to dance?" Cate asked, nodding towards the dancing teens. Since she last looked a few guys had joined the girls and a couple more girls had gone topless, including she was only semi-surprised to see, her daughter Bridget.

"Okay," grinned Rory. He got up and led his Mom onto the floor, "Hey Bridge."

"Hi Rory, Mom," giggled the tipsy blonde, "Having fun?"

"Yes," replied her Mom, though she wasn't sure Bridget heard as she danced away across the room to bounce her bosoms at a couple of appreciative footballers. Cate forgot about her and turned back to dance with Rory. They danced close and apart. They moved quickly and slowly, together and separately, until they came together her arms resting over his shoulders, his hands round her back. "You're so sexy," giggled Cate, "and I'm so hot. You want to make out."

"When have I ever not?" grinned her son. He moved his hands round her neck and pulled his taller lover down his mouth already open to receive her. As the other dancers milled around Rory's mouth moved against his Mom's, his lips opening and closing around hers and his tongue pressing in. She was doing the same, enjoying the warm wetness of his mouth and touch of his tongue. Her hands were on his lower back, keeping him close and his were on her butt, squeezing it through the denim of her jeans. They carried on, oblivious to all around them, who seemed equally oblivious to them as the only thing which separated them from loads of other kissing and cuddling couples were that Cate was older.

Rory moved his head back and wiped a trickle of saliva, his or hers, from his lips with his tongue. His hand moved to his Mom's top and he pulled it out of her jeans, "You look like you're hot, you could take it off."

"Oh?" Cate looked round the room. Since they'd started making out a lot more girls had removed their tops, to the delight of the footballers and other guys, now she was in a minority in being clothed.

"Okay," she smiled and lifted off her vest, revealing her large bosom. Whilst they weren't as firm as most of the girls, they were big and jiggly and Rory's look was appreciative, which was all that mattered. She held the vest in her hand, "Where shall I put it?"

"Just throw it somewhere," said Rory, "We'll find it later - or not."

Cate did as he suggested, throwing it haphazardly across the room. She barely had time to note where it landed before Rory's was dragging her down and entering her mouth with his tongue. It made her feel horny and excited as his tongue flicked into her and one of her hands moved down to stroke at his member. She could feel its hardness beneath his jeans and that made her even hornier and excited. They slurped even more passionately, no longer dancing, just making out with a desperate need.

"Let's find a room upstairs," said Rory. Cate nodded as he took her by the hand and led her from the dance floor and towards the stairs. There were a few teens on them, leaning against the wall as they drank and smoke. They flattened themselves against it as Rory led Cate up, a few grinning and nodding as they looked at the topless Milf and congratulated Rory on his luck.

The master bedroom was occupied. A naked Bridget and one of her friends were on their hands and knees as a couple of equally naked footballers banged them from behind. Around them a crowd were whooping encouragement, a couple of girls and their boyfriends (or at least boys they vaguely knew) already naked and ready to replace Bridget and her friend as soon as the footballers came. Cate stood watching for a moment, it was lucky she wasn't here as a Mom as otherwise she might have been shocked, but as Rory's girlfriend she was just enthralled and excited at seeing two couples banging in public.

Rory grinned as he looked at his sister, naked and sweaty, "Dang, she's hot."

"As hot as me?" asked Cate.

In answer Rory led her down the hall. The first room the door was closed and through it they could hear passionate screams. Rory led her to the next room, a black girl and her freckle faced boyfriend were just leaving, the boy adjusting his pants and the girl proudly swinging her large naked tits. Rory gave them a quick appreciative glance, Cate didn't mind - it just showed he was red blooded and she knew he was going to bang her not the girl - before he pushed open the door and entered the room they'd just vacated. It was a typical teenage boy's room, much like Rory's, though without the explicit photos of Cate sitting on the shelf next to the dinosaur models. The bedding was crumpled and stained with sweat and other liquids, showing the use it had that night. Cate didn't mind - she was so ready for a good fucking she'd have done it in a bear pit.

She closed the door as she kicked off her shoes and was starting to unbutton her jeans when Rory stopped her. "I want to do it with door open," he told her.

"So people can see us?" Cate asked. She didn't think she had anything against the idea.

"Yes," confirmed Rory, "So everyone can see I'm screwing the sexiest hottie here."

That made Cate smile and with such a compliment she couldn't have said no, "Okay," she giggled and opened the door again.

With her back to the door she couldn't see anyone looking at her as she continued unbuttoning her jeans. She could hear the reaction as she pulled them down to show she was just wearing a thong as from behind her she heard a rumble of appreciation. It got louder as she slid her thumbs under the elastic and pulled the thongs all the way down, bending over as she brought them down and giving her audience a nice view of her round butt. She straightened and waited for Rory to get out of his pants and pull off his shirt. He was quickly naked, his ten inch schlong sticking out. Cate was wet.

"I want to do it doggy style," said her son as he took her hand and guided her to the bed.

She got onto to her hands and knees. A crowd was gathering inside the room to watch Cate get fucked, beers in hands. She grinned broadly, stretching like a cougar in heat and raising her bottom seductively at her son. "Come and bang me, Rory, stick it to me."

Cate gave a groan as her son's large dong pushed into her hole. She was already wet with lust and her cunt wasn't tight like teens, but such was the size of his member it didn't go in easily. Cate didn't mind, she groaned and gasped in excitement as Rory grabbed her sides and worked himself in and out, grunting, "Yeah, yeah, God, fuck yeah."

Then he was in all the way, his balls slapping at her cunt outside as the thick meaty stick drove in hard. He rocked in and out, thrusting away, pushing his muscle at her clit. Cate squealed, "Oh, oh, oh, oh," as her son's hard member made her clit quiver and bounce. He was so good, so strong and vigorous, like a bull. She cried out more loudly, "Oh, oh, oh," as she felt the pleasure rise in her.

Rory rammed faster and harder, his skinny thighs smacking against her cheeks as his fingers gripped her like claws. In his schlong went, rushing down her wet hole and hammering at her bud. "Oh, oh, oh," Cate cried in pleasure, her body bending and buckling and her large titties jiggling.

"Go on." "Bang her good." "Give her one for us." "Screw her buddy." "Hammer that pussy." The crowd cheered and chanted, encouraging Rory and Cate to go harder and faster. Bridget was there, still naked, but holding her skirt in one hand as she whooped and cheered with the others. Cate tried to give her daughter a hello smile, but as she tried to shape her face Rory was hitting her clit and the smile became a gasp of pleasure.

He was moving harder, his thick stick of muscle slapping at her clit. Cate squealed as she came, her cunt exploding in bliss as the orgasm hit her. Behind her Rory grunted and swamped her pussy with his cum as he exploded into her, his gooey strands filling her pussy and dripping out as he withdrew.

"Shit yeah," he gasped and staggered off the bed, sweat soaking him.

Cate followed, feeling his cum run down her as she stood. She reached over and kissed him passionately, her naked sweaty body rubbing against her. It only lasted a few moments, but by the time they broke another couple were being cheered on the bed.

Rory looked at them "Fame is fleeting," he said with a smile and reached for his pants.

Cate looked for her thong and couldn't find it. It would have to stay here, she decided and pulled on her jeans, she could feel them dampening as they dug into her pussy.

"Let's grab a beer," said Rory once dressed.

"Yes," his Mom said, giggling as he took hold off her waist and guided the topless woman downstairs.

Rory grabbed a couple of beers from a newly opened cool box as they passed it and headed towards his friends Tom, Mikie and Karl were back on the couch, draining beers and watching the topless teens dancing to the beat in front of them. They looked up as Rory and Cate joined them, looking with longing at her large, swinging boobs. Rory didn't dampen their desire as he said, "Just been upstairs banging my date."

Cate nodded happily to confirm that was her and she'd enjoyed it as Karl said dude and held his hand up for a high five. Rory slapped it and then sat down, patting his knee for Cate to sit on. The Mom sat down on her son, leaning back against him as one of his hands moved up and began to stroke at her naked bosom. Rory and his buddies continued to talk and eye up the dancing teens, the others more than Rory, who had a naked breast in his hand and a semi-naked Mom on his lap. Sometimes he paused from talking to give a quick nuzzle of Cate's neck, so she didn't mind his glances at the topless dancers - his cock had entered her and it would be her holes it would enter in the future, looking did no harm.

Bridget came into the room drinking a beer. She had put her miniskirt back on, but was still topless. She saw her brother and his friends, "Hi Rory, Mom," she said, before wiggling her titties and purring, "Hi boys."

"Hey Bridge," Rory replied, "You look like you were enjoying yourself earlier with that guy"

"I was. There's nothing like big prick in your hole - right Mom?" the teen grinned and drank some more beer, some of it missing her mouth and trickling down over her firm tits.

Cate nodded, her hand sliding down to rub at her son's huge whopper under his pants. "Right Bridget," she agreed.

Bridget said, "They're doing a blow job orgy competitions in the other room. I'm just rounding up some volunteers to have a go with me." She gave a look at Rory's buds, who all looked very excited.

Cate asked, "What's a blow job orgy competition?" though she thought there might be a clue in the name.

It was Rory who answered, "There's two hotties and they each have four guys that they have to blow. The first to make all four cum over them is the winner." He squeezed one of her tits sexily, "You'd be good at it, I've experience of how good a bj you give."

Cate smiled in agreement, "You want to give it a go?" She'd already had sex in public and enjoyed it, blowing of four guys also sounded fun as long as one of them was Rory, "The two of us."

"You need four guys, so what about doing my buddies at the same time?" replied Rory, "Then they could see what I'm going on about when I say you give the best head in town."

"If they don't mind," said Cate, though unsurprisingly they were nodding enthusiastically.

"What about me?" whined Bridget.

Rory said, "There's still plenty of guys around. Just pick a few."

Cate stood up and put her half-finished beer down. Bridget was already starting to put the moves on a couple of likely guys and Cate was sure her beautiful blonde daughter would quickly find four willing men to be in her team. She took Rory's hand and followed him into the next room. There were three crowds, the largest one was the spectators, guys and girls shouting and cheering as they watched the two smaller ones. The smaller ones were two girls on their knees, each surrounded by four guys who the teens were sucking hard. As Cate came in one of the footballers came, exploding his goo over the cute girl with glasses in front of him. Even as he was still blowing his cum over her, she was moving onto the new cock and choking it down.

Rory led Cate over to a short haired cheerleader who was drinking a beer. "We're up for the orgy."

The girl nodded and smiled, "Name?"

"Cate Hennessy," said Rory.

"Okay," the girl said, "There's another couple of girls after this, but I'll call you."

Cate and Rory went over to stand against the wall, Rory's friends following. Cate felt herself getting even hornier as she watched the sucking in front of her and thought soon it would be her sucking off the guys. In front of her the girl with the glasses was exploded on by the fourth guy, his goo blasting over her face. The cheerleader ran forward to help her up, lifting her hand like she was a championship boxer, "Julie 'the cock gobbler' Morris'!" she shrieked, before turning round to the blonde girl on her knees still desperately sucking, "You've started so you can finish." The blonde girl carried on with her last dick, pulling her head back for an explosive finish.

They were followed by two more teens, the black girl who'd been in the bedroom before them and a small podgy redhead. The girls got down on their knees as the guys stood round them and dropped their pants. It was a close competition, but the chubby girl just clinched it, getting her fourth load blasted on her half a minute before the black girl's final guy came all over her.

The short haired cheerleader, who was acting as the compere jumped into the middle of the room, "Next up we've got Cate 'the slurper' Hennessy verses Bridget '' bj Queen' Hennessy." She paused as the crowd cheered and Cate took a step forward into the middle of the room, seeing her topless daughter also walking forward. The guys followed them both, but before they could cluster round the cheerleader stopped them, holding her hands out like a traffic policeman. She looked at Cate and Bridget as they stood in the middle of the room, "Same last names. Are you related?"

"Yes, she's my Mom," said Bridget, proudly.

"We have a first," called the cheerleader, "A Mommy daughter match. Will Mom's experience win out against daughter's enthusiasm? Let's have the guys in and let's see."

The crowd cheered some more as Rory and his buddies and Bridget's four surrounded the two female Hennessys. They undid their pants and dropped them down. Cate took a look at the four cocks surrounding her; she had known Rory's schlong was a large ten-incher, but she hadn't realised his friends were nearly as well endowed, with members measuring eight or nine inches. She licked her lips and waited impatiently as the cheerleader said, "Okay you know the rules, no biting, no scratching, mouths only. The first one to get all four of the dicks to cum is the winner."

Cate and Bridget nodded. The cheerleader stepped back, "Three, two, one, suck!"

Cate opened her mouth and took Rory first. He pushed his cock deep into her mouth and gripped the back of her head keeping her in place. The trick was, he'd told her as they watched, for the guy also to do the work, thrusting his cock deep in and getting a real deep throat to make him cum. A lot of the girls thought they had to do all the work themselves, but whilst that might been more pleasant for them than having a schlong deep in their throat it was also slower. Cate gagged and choked as her son face fucked her with vigour, his large schlong pounding at the back of her throat. Her eyes watered and streamed, her vision blurring as she fought back the reflex to gag. But Rory was right this was the faster way. It didn't take long until he was groaning and dragging his member out. The white goo blew from his eyelet in long silvery white strands, blasting over her face.

Cate turned to Mikie next. As she did so she glanced at Bridget; she must have known to go deep throat as well as the first guy had already cum on her, the goo dripping down from her face and she was taking the second. 'Game on' thought Cate and moved her head down Mikie's cock. The fourteen year old groaned as her mouth went down, warming his dick. She began to bob up and down hard, forcing herself as far down as she could, but she needed him to react. It took half a moment, as he seemed stunned at having his dick sucked, but then Rory shouted to him, "Face fuck her, buddy, don't just take it. Go for it." The teen gripped Cate's head and began to thrust into her, hard and swift strokes which bounced at the uvula at the back of her throat. It made her want to choke, but she forced herself to breath through the nose, choking would loose her time and every second counted.

"I'm cumming," groaned Mikie. He whipped out his dick and coated Cate with his semen, blasting it over her face and hair. She was already turning, as she did so hearing her daughter scream out, "Next!"

Tom was ready for her, driving his meat down her throat as soon as her lips opened. Her eyes blurred and watered and she shuddered as he began to thrust quickly, his large dick filling her mouth and slamming hard down her throat. His ass rocked back and forth, as he fucked her mouth. Rory and the others were shouting encouragement to her and their team mate. Cate moved her head to meet him, gulping at the dick as he thrust so that it went as far in as it could and her lips were against his balls. With such treatment Tom was soon ready and he gasped and jerked his cock out, holding it as it sprayed his sperm over her. Cate was already turning, so the explosions of cum laced her hair, dripping down in gooey clumps to her shoulder.

"It's neck and neck between Mom and daughter," called out the cheerleader. "Whoever gets their last guy to cum first is the winner."

Cate's mouth was already down Karl's member and he was driving back. The nine-inch schlong slammed down, over her tongue and ramming at the back of her throat. The Mom shuddered and choked as her saliva swamped her mouth. Karl grabbed the back of her head and thrust, ramming deep and hard into her. Cate's eyes blurred with water and all she was aware of was the dick ramming at her and the sound of dozens of people cheering and shouting as they watched. She moved her head in time with Karl, taking his cock so far into her throat that each time she gagged and choked, making his dick slimy with her spit. Then he was out and his cum was glazing and battering at her face. The cheerleader was beside her helping her up and shrieking "We have a winner, Cate 'the choker' Hennessy." She held the Mom's hand up and Cate grinned, celebrating her victory as the cum of her son and his friends dripped of her.

The party started to wind down soon after that. Cate and Bridget found some towels and wiped away the cum from their face and tits, agreeing that it had been a close match, but also a great way to end a fun evening. Despite searching they were unable to find their tops, though Rory did find her thong. They decided it was for the trash though as some one had use it to wipe up cum stains and it was sodden with semen. Without tops Cate drove topless home, with an equally topless Bridget falling asleep in the back seat.

Kerry was still up, watching television when they got home. She looked from the screen as her brother and semi-naked Mom and sister came in and smiled knowingly, "Have fun?"


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