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8 Simple Rules: Spring-time Fun Part 1 (mf-mast,voy)
by Crazed Pixie

Kerry lay on her bed pretending to be asleep, waiting for her older sister,
Bridget, to leave the room they shared.

Turning onto her back as the door shut, the redhead sighed. She hated sharing
a room with her self-obsessed sister. She never seemed to get any privacy,
which made it so hard for her to get any relief from the hormones that were
driving her crazy. Closing her eyes she reached down into her pyjama bottoms,
stroking the curls that were a perfect match for the colour of the hair that
fell to her shoulders, a shiver running through her at the thrill of the
first touch of her most sensitive area.

She gently parted her lips to get to her small clit as her other hand found
it's way up her t-shirt to pinch her right nipple. Sighing again, this time
with pleasure, as she let her mind drift. She rubbed her clit with slow firm
strokes as thoughts of her sister's boyfriend entered her mind. Kerry didn't
think much of Kyle as a person, but geez he was hot.

As she felt her pussy becoming wetter she imagined him fucking her, his hard
cock stretching her cunt as their bodies moved faster and faster. Her left
hand moved away from her nipple to join her right at the centre of her
pleasure. She fingered herself gently as she rubbed her clit slightly faster,
her mind drifting onto the next part of her fantasy.

Her mind filled with thoughts of Kyle begging to go down on her as she stood
over him, laughing at how pitiful he looked as he knelt at her feet, before
grabbing his head and pushing it into her crotch where he would lick hungrily
at her clit, fingering her hard and fast as she began to come, pulling his
hair as she screamed and bucked against his face. Her body arched on her bed
as her pussy tightened around her fingers, her juices flowing freely and
waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She collapsed back onto the bed,
smiling as she relaxed, her eyes still closed.

Unfortunately though, she'd been too involved in her fun to notice that Rory
had walked into her room to tell her breakfast was ready. He stepped quickly
back onto the landing before she could realise he'd seen pretty much the
whole thing. Shaking himself out of his shock he realised his cock was harder
than it had ever been before. He dived into the bathroom so that nobody could
walk by and spot his huge erection.

"What's wrong with me?" he whispered to himself,

"She's my sister. My Sister! I can't possibly get this turned on just by
watching her get herself off!"

But he had gotten that turned on, and since he couldn't stop thinking of how
fast her hands had been moving inside her nightwear his cock wasn't going to
be getting softer any time soon. Not unless he did something about it...

As he unzipped his jeans he couldn't believe that he was going to wank after
watching his sister make herself come. "I'm sick." he frowned as he grasped
his cock and starting moving his hand up and down.

He tried to think of girls from school, dancing for him wearing tiny bikinis
over their young bodies, stripping for him and lining up to suck his cock,
desperate for him to come over their small breasts. But all he could think
about was Kerry, breathing heavily as her body twisted and she touched

"I suppose it's not too bad if I just think about it, it's not like I
actually want to fuck her or anything."

At that thought he moaned slightly, an image popped into his head, of
Kerry, naked, guiding his cock into her wet tight pussy, her eyes wide with
pleasure. Without realising he gripped his cock harder and began to move his
hand faster, he shook his head, trying to clear it of the image, but another
appeared in it's place, Kerry on her hands and knees, presenting her firm ass
to him as she rubbed her own nipples. After that it was Kerry licking his
balls and moaning softly, before slowly dragging her tongue along the shaft
of his cock. Then Kerry sat astride him, moving up and down on his cock as
she came again and again, screaming his name. Then Kerry begging him to lick
her clit and moaning loudly as he slid his tongue inside her.

As these incestuous thoughts filled his head he wanked his cock harder and
faster until the strongest orgasm he'd ever had took him over as he guided
his spurting penis so that he wouldn't get any cum on the carpet. He flushed
the toilet and quickly splashed cold water over his face, waiting for his
breathing to slow before leaving the bathroom. As he stepped outside the door
he walked straight into Kerry, who looked at him as if he'd crawled out of a

"What have you been doing in there dweeb? I've been waiting ages to get in."

"What? Erm, nothing. I wasn't doing anything!"

"Whatever. Just move outta my way."

He stood looking at the closed door, hoping he would be able to act normally
around his sister the next time he saw her. It was a one-off, he wouldn't
think that kinda stuff about her ever again. It was wrong.

"Kids," his mom shouted up the stairs, "how many times do I hafta tell you
that your breakfast is ready? Now hurry up and get down here, or you'll be
late for school."


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