8 Simple Rules: Spring-time Fun Part 2 - Cherry Popping Bridget (mf)
by Crazed Pixie

Bridget walked into Kyle's bedroom, wiggling her butt knowing that he'd
appreciate the view from behind her. She'd told her parents she was going to
the mall after school with Becky and Laura, and she had planned to, but then
Becky had worn a lilac jacket to school, even though Bridget had warned her
she looked so much better in lavender and then Laura had worn some skanky
perfume that smelt of warmed spices when it was spring and warm spices was
so much more of an autumn scent and she totally should have spritzed with
some thing mildly citrus-like, and how could she possibly be seen with such
disaster-cases, and she'd been bitching to Kyle about how she totally
couldn't stay in that night because willingly staying at home was like social
suicide, only without the death and gore because blood and guts was so last
month. And he'd stood there with a confused look on his face before grinning
and saying, "Well babe, why don't you come by mine for a couple of hours?"

And she debated whether that would make her seem skank-like, but she decided
that since she'd been dating him for like 3 weeks now she should definitely
be able to have a great make-out session to tell her minions about, because
she was the queen bee and she totally thought that they'd be happy to have
her to be completely jealous of.

"So babe, what do you wanna do?" He stood next to her grinning dopily,

She sat on the bed and glanced coyly up at him, "Why don't you sit down here
and find out?"

He sat next to her and instantly planted his lips over hers, his tongue
trying to get past her lips.

She pulled away, "Kyle, I am totally not like that, I'm not one of those
skanky ho's who go all tonsil-hockey at the beck and call of the nearest hot
bloke," for a moment she looked thoughtful. "Well I am, only without the

She tossed her jacket onto a nearby chair and leaned back slightly, her
breasts straining at her white vest top, and her tight jeans perfectly
emphasising her curves. She smiled sweetly at Kyle as he looked at her
appreciatively, "Like what you see?"

"I'd like it a whole lot more if I could see a whole lot more." He grinned
at her.

"Kyle just kiss me you doofus."

He grinned again before pressing his lips against hers and kissing her
passionately, pushing her back until she was lying on his bed.

"I hope you're not getting any ideas mister because you only get to kiss me.
Which you should be grateful for because I'm totally hot."

For an answer he lay on top of her, kissing her again before she could
protest. He reached a hand underneath her to squeeze her ass and gently
pressed his crotch onto hers. When she didn't protest he moved his hand
upwards so that he could slide it into her jeans and was able to squeeze
her bare ass as she was wearing a thong. Which he'd already known, he'd
been staring at her ass for most of the day.

She began kissing him even more crazily, their tongues sliding along each
other's teeth. Since she seemed comfortable with how they were going he move
his other hand so that it was resting on her stomach, waiting again for a
reaction he slid it over her top until it was just below her left breast.
She ran her fingers through his hair and kept kissing him, so he took this
as a go sign and he pulled her top quickly so that the neckline was caught
below her bra.

"Kyle... I don't know... maybe we shouldn't."

He ignored her and began kissing her again whilst squeezing her ass harder
and undoing the front clasp of her bra. As her breasts tumbled free he moved
to gaze at them. He eased her top over her head and pulled her bra straps
over her shoulders and down her arms until she was lying topless on his bed.
He began kissing her again and caressed both her breasts, rubbing her nipples
until they were pointed proudly away from her. Then, still kissing her, he
reached a hand down to unzip her jeans.

She tried her hardest to relax as he slipped her jeans over her knees and
knelt between her firm golden thighs staring at her white slightly damp
thong. He bent his head to crotch, breathing in the scent of her pussy,
before moving the thong to one side and sliding a finger inside her.

"Oh my god, Kyle!"

"Relax babe. I'm going to make you feel real good." He pushed his finger
as far as it would go inside her and began moving it briskly in and out,
marvelling at the juices covering it. He moved her thong further to the
side before lowering his head again, this time to suck on her clit, sliding
a second finger inside her as she began to pant. He slowly worked his
fingers in and out of her extremely tight pussy, being careful to rub her
g-spot with each push. He licked her clit from top to bottom, savouring her
juices as he sped up.

Bridget's hips bucked upwards as he moved his fingers faster in her cunt, his
head moving from side to side as he licked across her clit before circling it
with his tongue and then taking it gently between his teeth, nipping it
slightly as he continued licking it. Bridget moaned on his bed, she was
getting wetter by the second and she brought her hands to her well-formed
breasts, squeezing them and pinching her own nipples as Kyle worked wonders
on her pussy and waves of pleasure began to rack her body as she began
moaning louder and louder, fucking his tongue which he'd moved inside her as
he rubbed his clit between his fingers. He could hardly swallow all the
juices that flowed freely from her as she came and he let some drip onto his

Once she calmed down he began licking her clit again, sucking it and
fingering it roughly as he reached to undo his jeans. He jumped up and
brought out his cock as the denim material fell to his ankles. He moved on
top of her and kissed the smooth skin of her neck, trailing his tongue up
to her ear where he nibbled gently on her ear lobe. He positioned his cock
at the entrance to her cunt and gently pushed a half-inch of it into her.
"I'm going to push this all in now babe. It'll probably hurt but then it'll
get real good."

"Better than your fingers?" she grinned up at him, softly caressing his ass
with one hand as she used her other hand to pull his face to hers so she
could whisper in his ear, "I'm ready now Kyle."

He pressed his lips to hers as with one quick thrust he buried himself in her
up to his balls. She screamed as he tore through her hymen with his thick
cock. He stayed still, softly kissing her warm mouth as tears ran slowly from
the corners of her eyes.

"Sssssssh babe. It's ok. It had to happen sooner or later. But if you want I
can stop for today?"

"Oh do you don't" She managed a small smile before pulling his head closer
to her own to kiss him passionately, her ands squeezing his ass tight as she
rocked her hips upwards to encourage him to continue. He pulled his cock
almost fully out of her before slowly pushing it back in. He was worried
about hurting her and the screwed up look of pain on her face didn't do much
to ease his fears.

"What're you waiting for? Keep going."

Even though it hurt her worse than she'd ever felt before she was determined
to get past the painful part and into the fun. Plus she was still a little
worried about the thought of going to prison.

He restarted his thrusting, slowly pushing his cock into her. God her cunt
was so tight. He was secretly very glad that she'd refused to let him stop;
it felt so good to fuck her. He kept going gently, carefully watching her
face for signs of increased pain.

Eventually it stopped hurting her. She was amazed. It had felt as though she
was going to be ripped open, but then it had gradually stopped hurting. And
hey, it actually felt kinda good. She bucked her hips upwards again, to
encourage him to go faster. He grinned down at her and pulled his cock out
so that only the head was left inside her. Then he swiftly pushed into her
so that their pubic hairs met. She squealed and for a second he panicked,
but then looking at the huge grin on her face he realised that she was
actually beginning to enjoy it. He repeated his action a few more times
before starting to fuck her cunt hard and fast.

It wasn't his first time, but he didn't think she knew that and he wasn't
going to tell her, and anyway, this felt so much better than his first time.
Or any of the random girls he'd screwed after that. Bridget was tighter and
firmer and god she was hot. For a moment Kerry's face flashed into his mind
and he wondered if the tightness ran in the family. Shaking off that thought
he kissed his girlfriend passionately as she wriggled beneath him, her
breathing speeding up as she moaned and squealed. God the girl was loud. But
hey at least she was enjoying it.

God she was enjoying it, she'd never felt anything like this before, when
she'd touched herself in the past her orgasms had been weak compared to what
she was feeling now, her body arched as she screamed, "Kyle, Kyle, KYLE!!!!!"

As her cunt tightened around his cock he fucked her harder than ever, the cum
speeding from his balls to empty within her as their bodies moved in time.

"So does that answer your question?" He murmured in her ear.

"Mmmm yes, that was sooooo much better than your fingers." She smiled sweetly
at him, leaning back on his pillow.

"Good to know."


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