8 Simple Rules:
Spring-time Fun Part 3 - Dream A Little Dream Of Sis (mFf-mast)
by Crazed Pixie

That night Bridget lay in bed, dressed in red satin pyjamas, with very short
shorts. Her mind was full of thoughts of the afternoon's events and a smile
played across her face as she thought of the pleasure that had followed the
fortunately brief period of pain. She felt herself becoming wet as she
thought of her boyfriend's slow thrusts as she'd twisted beneath him their
bodies becoming soaked with sweat. As her hand crept towards her moist blonde
curls she listened carefully for her sister's breathing, making sure that the
younger girl was asleep.

Confident that Kerry was deeply in dreamland she ventured a finger towards
her fleshy clit, gently rubbing it. It felt good. Not as good as being fucked
by Kyle, but still far from boring. She squeezed it between her thumb and
finger, trying to work out which actions felt best. The slim blonde settled
on circling it with her middle finger, occasionally rubbing it firmly from
bottom to top. She was becoming wetter with each passing second and was
thoroughly enjoying herself.

Bridget squeezed her breasts through the thin material of her top until her
nipples pressed firmly against the material. Thinking again about the
afternoon, the details whizzed through her mind as her breathing quickened
and she started rubbing herself hard, her hand moving faster. She came hard,
low moans filling the room as she thought of Kyle's face as he'd poured his
seed into her. Closing her eyes and still gently rubbing her soaked pussy she
drifted off to sleep.

Kerry lay with her eyes closed, shocked at what she'd heard her sister doing
so close to her. At least she had the manners to wait until she was alone
before playing with her pussy. Curiously though, as well as being shocked she
was pretty aroused, juice oozing from between her legs.

"I'm sick." she murmured, unconsciously echoing Rory's words from earlier
that day. But sick or not she was highly turned on and needed to masturbate
more than she ever had before. She slid her hands down to her pussy for the
second time that day and slowly pushed first one finger then two inside her
tight snatch.

Using her other hand she began to rub her clit furiously, trying her hardest
to be quiet in fear of waking her sister. She was so turned on that within
minutes her cunt began to spasm around her fingers as her body jerked on her
bed, her nipples hardening at the moment of her release and the urge to
scream almost irresistible. Her body relaxed but she still didn't feel
satisfied, she closed her eyes and let her mind wander as her hand returned
to her crotch.

Thoughts of Bridget entered her mind. "Eeew, I really am sick." she frowned
slightly before shaking her head gently, "As long as I come I don't really
care what I have to think of. Just never thought a girl would turn me on.
Especially not my own sister."

She thought of Bridget, dressed as she was right now, the red satin skimming
her curves as she danced. Her hands clasped around a tall silver pole, she
bent over, the shorts stretched over her butt, which peaked out slightly from
under the hem. She gyrated, running her hands over her body, a look or
ecstatic pleasure spread across her face as she rubbed her crotch against the
cold metal, the material dampening as her pussy tingled with the pleasure she
was giving herself.

Kerry smiled at the thought of her sister dancing for her, teasing her, by
slowly undoing the buttons of her pyjama top before turning and letting the
item drop to the floor, refusing to let Kerry see her firm tits. Her hands
beginning to work harder at bringing herself to orgasm the redhead thought
of her sister turning around, her hands covering her nipples, a hungry look
on her eyes before walking over to her and moving her hands away to pull
Kerry into her chest, where her tongue would seek out the dark pink nipples
and suck them incestuously. And then, oh god and then...

Kerry moaned quietly as her third orgasm of the day ran through her body, her
pulse speeding up as her skin shone with a thin layer of sweat. She smiled
weakly as she snuggled into her bed. "Now I know what to think about tomorrow

* * *

Cate Hennessy lay alone in bed. The bed that she used to share with Paul but
now belonged to her alone. She felt a tear rolling down her cheek as she
thought of the happy times they had spent in this very room. Laughing at a
shared joke, smiling lovingly at each other, talking about the plans they had
for the future, making love...

Cate felt herself becoming wet as she thought about her husband easing
himself between her thighs, as with the skill that came from years of sex
with a loved one, he brought them both to a simultaneous, glorious climax.
She felt a now familiar itch growing at the top of her thighs, and itch that
had made it's appearance known so very much since spring had began and her
body had yearned for climactic release day after day.

She reached for the bedside cabinet and brought out the item that had kept
her sane over the past few months in her loneliest moments. Holding a six and
a half inch pale pink dildo in her hand she also brought out the tube of
lubricant that had lain beside it, hidden from prying eyes.

Eager to start her ritual of self-fucking she squeezed some of the cool gel
onto her pussy, using her fingers to make sure she had enough to ease the
entry of the substitute penis into her. The dildo was custom-made, a replica
of Paul's cock that he had cheekily had made for her for one of their
anniversaries. They'd used it often in some of their more adventurous
sessions, pushing it into her tight asshole whilst her soul mate fucked her
cunt hard. Sometimes she'd even used it on Paul.

Gently pushing her favourite souvenir of the man she'd spent so much of her
life with into her still tight cunt a small moan passed her lips. Damn, she
thought, I really have to keep quiet so the kids don't hear me. She pushed
the rubber dick into her up to its balls, twisting it slightly to get maximum

A tortured expression crossed her face as she pulled her dildo from herself
before driving it back in fast and hard. For a few minutes she stuck to
slower strokes, rubbing her clit with her free hand as she worked the cock
into her cunt. But her need was great and she could only be satisfied with
hard fucking. Not that the artificial cock truly satisfied her. What she
really needed was a good man on top of her, or under her. Or behind her.
She needed flesh and blood in her bed and in her pussy.

Thinking of what it would be like to be intimate with another man her
breathing sped up until she was panting loudly, with moans pouring from her
lips every second.

* * *

Rory couldn't believe his ears, that morning he'd witnessed Kerry's
masturbatory act and now he could hear his mom moaning with pleasure? Was
his whole family horny as toads? Typical really, he was stuck in a house
full of randy women and he couldn't touch any of them. Well he could still
touch himself and he didn't think that thinking of his mom was too much
worse than thinking of his busty redheaded sister.

He grabbed his hard cock and starting wanking as he pressed his ear to the
wall, eavesdropping on his mother's pleasure as thoughts of fucking her ass
leapt into his mind. He knew his mother had a pretty good body for her age
and her tits were definitely better than most of the girls in his class at
school who weren't yet fully developed.

In his mind he slapped his mothers ass as his cock disappeared into her tight
little anus and she begged him to fuck her harder.

* * *

Cate forgot about keeping quiet as she found her release, a loud
indescribable noise filling the room as she finally peaked, rubbing her clit
so hard she was almost making it bleed. Her face flushed deep red as she
realised she'd lost control and she pulled the duvet over her head as she
hoped desperately for her children not to have heard her orgasm.

* * *

Rory came by his own hand for the second time that day, as his cum splashing
onto his sheets as he bit into his lip, a drop of blood running down his chin
and his mothers moans filling his ears. A self-satisfied smile crossed his
face as he fell asleep to dream of making his mom and sisters line up in
front of him waiting to be fucked.

* * *

And in their room the two sisters slept on, hearing the moans in their dreams
which were filled with lewd acts as their sweet slits moistened, filling the
bedroom with the scent of highly turned on girls.


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