8 Simple Rules: Spring-time Fun Part 4 - Caught (mf,f-mast,oral)
by Crazed Pixie

The next morning Kerry woke up to an empty house. Her mom was at work, Rory
was playing video games over at his friend's house and Bridget was as usual
for a Saturday morning at the mall with her gaggle of underlings. As thoughts
of her sister entered her head a smile crossed her lips. Closing her eyes
once more she remembered her sister's quiet moans from the previous night.

Opening her eyes again she decided against masturbating and went for a shower
instead. Entering the bathroom quickly slipped out of her still damp pyjama
bottoms and threw her vest on the floor beside them.

Stepping under the spray she adjusted it so that it was just chilly enough
for her nipples to harden. She brought her hands up to her chest and squeezed
her gorgeous breasts, sending shivers of arousal through her spine.

"Mmmm." She moaned quietly, watching her reflection in the mirror opposite.
She decided to put on a show for herself and pouring shower gel into her
hands began rubbing the lavender scented liquid over her pale skin. She paid
special attention to her breasts and ass, gently sliding a finger into her
puckered little anus and wriggling it around as her smile widened.

Still watching her reflection she began to imagine what it would be like to
have Bridget in the shower with her. She hadn't bathed with her sister since
they were small children and back then she hadn't thought of her sister as
anything other than a person whose head she could aim the soap at. But now it
would be different, they were older now; both of them perfectly formed young
women. They would help each other bathe, their soapy hands caressing each
other's body as the water beat gently down upon them washing the suds away.
She would press her wet form against Bridget as her smooth skin slipped
easily against her older sisters firm, proud body. Sighing gently she
imagined drizzling shower gel over Bridget's curves and rubbing her breasts
against the blondes whilst a look of rapture spread across both of their

Her hand dropping to stroke her pussy lips, Kerry sighed again. It would be
so much fun to caress Bridget, turning her on before sliding to her knees and
pressing her faces to the wet curls at the top of her sisters thighs. She
would make Bridget enjoy every firm lick as she slowly pushed her fingers
inside the older girl. And when Bridget came she would pull Kerry's face
harder into her as the redhead sucked every drop of juice from her sister's
tasty cunt.

Without realising it Kerry had begun to finger herself hard, her thumb
rubbing her clit as two fingers twisted inside her. Still thinking about
eating Bridget's pussy she felt an orgasm begin to rise through her body
and began working harder to reach it.

The doorbell went.

Kerry cursed as the distraction caused her approaching orgasm to fade before
she reached it.

"I'm coming" she shouted down the stairs, fully aware of the irony that
accompanied her call.

Quickly dressing she ran downstairs to answer the door. Kerry opened the door
to her sister's boyfriend, a cold expression covering her usually lovely
face. "Bridget's not here." she let the statement hang in the air between him
before moving to close the door on Kyle's tanned face.

Kyle, realising he was about to come face to face with the door knocker,
slipped his foot in the doorway, "Well is it ok if I come in and wait for

"'Spose." Kerry walked away from the door, heading for the kitchen area.

"Oooookay then." Kyle wasn't surprised by the frosty reception from his
girlfriend's younger sister and instead concentrated on watching her ass
wiggle sexily as she moved away from him. Wait a minute, he thought,
he was watching her bare ass wiggle, she must have been in such a rush to
answer the door that she'd forgotten to wear panties, and she was wearing
one of Bridget's skirts, which didn't quite cover Kerry's curvier ass. He
felt his cock harden as he stared at her butt, wishing he could grab it
and leave hickies all over the creamy-white skin.

Feeling his gaze, Kerry slowly turned round, staring him in the eyes, "What?"

"Huh, erm, nothing."

"Oh" Kerry turned back around, opening the fridge and bending to get some
milk from the bottom drawer.

Kyle's cock threatened to burst though his pants as he stared at her spread
cheeks, her pussy lips visible past them.

She half turned, still bent over, "Do you want anything?"

His cock twitched and thought that he very much did want something but that
probably wasn't what she had in mind?

"Got any root beer?" he asked not so innocently, he knew that the Hennessy's
kept the root beer at the back of the bottom fridge drawer.

Kerry bent further down, rooting around for the last can of root beer. Kyle
couldn't take his eyes away from the exquisite view in front of him, he'd
admired the way that his girlfriend's pussy looked, but the red curls between
her younger sisters legs were the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He decided
to risk a minimum of a slap and opened his mouth to tell her that she was far
from fully dressed, but as she walked towards him with the ice cold can he
noticed that the chilly air from the fridge had caused her nipples to become
erect and they strained darkly though her thin lilac t-shirt. Damn, not only
was she not wearing panties, but she also wasn't wearing a bra. His mouth
opened slightly as she held the can out to him.

"Kyle, are you ok?"

"Huh, oh yeah, erm yeah, sure..."

"Alright then, do you mind watching Charmed? It's just I never miss an
episode and it's starting soon."

"Huh, no, of course not..." He sat on the couch, dumbly holding the soft
drink as he watched her bend to switch the television on. Damn he would love
to make love to her more than anything right now.

She sat beside him, flicking through the channels until she found the right
one and he stared at her, wondering how he could never have noticed how
stunning she was.



"I'm not quite sure how to say this, but you're erm, that is you're not,

"Kyle, either for a coherent sentence or shut up."

"You're not wearing any panties!" Kyle blurted out as a shocked expression
appeared on the redheads face.

Kerry looked down at crotch, her face reddening instantly, "Oh fuck!"


"What? Oh my god! You noticed this before?" Kerry paused, remembering that
Kyle hated root beer, "That's why you asked for root beer? You pervert!"

In one swift movement she grabbed the still cold can and emptied it's
contents over the bulge in his jeans. Kyle jumped to his feet, "Holy fuck!
What the hell did you do that for?"

Kerry jumped up beside him, "Why the hell do you think I did it? You've been
perving on me since you got here, you, you pervert!"

"So, it's not much different from you staring at my ass every time I'm over

"It's totally different! Your ass is always in jeans..."

Kerry turned even brighter, her cheeks threatening to match her curls.

"Exactly, you do watch me. And today I guess I got my own back."

"Not really." Kerry muttered under her breath.

"Huh? Waddya mean not really?"

Kerry's thoughts turned seriously horny as she looked up at her sister's
boyfriend, "Well I think you've actually gone a bit further than getting your
own back. Now I'm owed something."


"You've seen me without underwear..."

"Oh? Oh!"

The redhead smiled, "That's right Kyle, I think you should drop your pants
and let me see your cock." She licked her lips as she said the word 'cock'
with relish. "And then we might be about even."

Kyle was beginning to think he'd gotten the wrong sister, who would have
thought that Kerry could be so horny?

"Need a little help", she asked as he hesitated.

Before he had time to reply she had her hands on his zip, slowly undoing his
jeans as she lightly pressed her palms onto his erection. He didn't need much
more encouragement than that, he pulled away from her and stepped out of his
jeans, before grinning at her as he slowly pulled his black boxers down. She
gasped as his seven inches of hard flesh sprang free, pointing towards her
looking delicious. Still grinning Kyle reached for his boxers once more,
threatening to pull them up.

Kerry stopped his hands with her own, "You know, I think we're still not
even. I mean, it was very unfair of me to spill soda on your crotch." Her
tongue edged to the corner of her mouth as she spoke, "I think the least I
can do is help you get cleaned up."

"You mean you want to wash my jeans?" Kyle's face grew puzzled.

"No, I mean this." She dropped to her knees and quickly covered the purplish
head of his cock with her mouth.

"Oh. Ohhhhh." His eyes half-closed as he let himself enjoy the attention she
was giving him.

Flicking her tongue along the underside of his shaft she took hold of his
testicles with her right hand. Squeezing them gently she sucked his cock
further into her mouth, enjoying the taste of his skin as he moved his hands
down to run them through her hair, gently pulling her closer to him as he
moaned quietly.

She lifted her mouth from his cock, causing him to moan disappointedly until
she fastened her lips around his balls, sucking on them and licking them as
she grasped his cock and began to move her hands up and down along it.
Caressing her curls he supposed he should feel bad, after all it was his
girlfriend's younger sister who was doing this to him, but God it felt so
good he didn't want it to stop.

Returning her mouth to Kyle's penis Kerry decided that she was actually quite
glad that he had interrupted he pleasure that morning. She thought, rather
evilly, that it gave her fantastic satisfaction to give head to Bridget's
boyfriend. Bridget who always got whatever she wanted. Bridget who would flip
if she ever found out about this. Not that she'd ever find out, Kerry valued
her life after all, but any time Bridget got on her nerves Kerry could just
think about this and she would be instantly cheered.

Licking up the drop of cum that had appeared at the tip of his cock the
redhead began to fondle Kyle's balls again, her head bobbing back and forth
as she began to suck harder. Kyle's moans grew louder, his hips shifting
forward to push more of himself into her mouth as he felt pleasure rising up
inside his groin.

As he began to come, spurting fluid down her throat, the door clicked. Kyle
was too far gone to hear it and continued moaning as he gently fucked Kerry's
mouth. Kerry had heard the door though, and pulled away, cum splashing
against her cheek as she looked up to see her cousin CJ standing behind Kyle.

"Oh my God..."

Wondering what Kerry was looking at Kyle glanced behind him to stare straight
into CJ's shocked face. It took a moment for this fact to sink in and he did
a double take before realising they'd been caught. "Fuck!"

He quickly pulled his jeans on, grabbing his boxers and shoving them in his
pocket and running for the door.

CJ stood speechless as Kerry began attempting and explanation.

"It's not what it looks like..."

"Oh really? The you might want to wipe your face." He pointed at the splashes
running down her skin.

Kerry lifted her hand to her face, pulling it away dripping slightly with
Kyle's cum. "Oh my God CJ, you cannot tell Bridget about this. Or Mom. Or
anybody. Oh my God. Please CJ, they'd all disown me if they found out. Oh
God." Kerry's eyes filled with tears as she thought of what her future could
be like.

"Hey relax cuz. Enough of the family dislikes me without adding you to the
list." His face grew thoughtful. "I promise I won't tell."

"Oh God CJ, thank you so much. I can't tell you how grateful I am." She flung
her arms around him. "It was just a one-off. A stupid, stupid mistake and
it'll never happen again, and I'm so glad that you won't tell anybody."

Wrapping his arms around her CJ's voice dropped to a whisper, "Of course my
silence doesn't come for free." He moved his hands to her peachy butt, his
hands trembling slightly as he squeezed her flesh.

Kerry looked up, shocked and disgusted as she tried to squirm out of her
cousin's arms. "What do you mean?"

A slight smile crossed CJ's face. "Well I've got a pretty good idea of what
would have happened next if I hadn't walked in" He pulled her closer to him,
reaching under her ass to slide a finger gently between her pussy lips. "Why
Kerry, you're so very, very wet."

"CJ, get off of me!" Struggling harder Kerry began to cry slightly.

"I'm afraid if I let go of you I might be forced to tell your mom and Bridget
what I saw today, after all, as your elder it would be my duty."

"You wouldn't! CJ, you promised!"

"Ah well, yes I did, but like all favours, this one has a condition. You have
to do with me what you woulda done with Kyle. After all, it would be a shame
to let your juicy, tight pussy go to waste. It wouldn't be fair for you at
all if you got all worked up and didn't get to have a cock inside you."
Again he pulled her close to him, letting her feel how hard he was.

"CJ, that's disgusting, you're my cousin."

"So? And anyway, I haven't gotten laid for two yea...a long time. And when
I'm horny I do all sorts of crazy things. Like forget promises and tell my
aunt and that I saw her youngest daughter sucking her oldest daughter's
boyfriends cock."

"Please...there has to be something else you want..."

"Well, maybe..." CJ stroked his finger along her moist flesh, before jamming
it inside her. He smiled as she gasped, dropping her head onto his shoulder.
"But then again, I can't be bothered to change my mind, especially not when
I've thought of an idea that's so mutually pleasurable."

Kerry looked up at him, shuddering as he twisted his fingers inside her
cunt. "Ok then, if that's what it takes. I guess there's a lesson in this

"You mean thou shalt not perform fellatio on thy sister's boyfriend? I
suppose that could be it, then again I suppose you're going to get a couple
more lessons when we head up to your bedroom."

Her face burned with embarrassment as he removed her arms from her. She
headed for the stairs, pausing at the bottom to look back at him. "Let's get
this over with then."

As she walked up the stairs, he paused before following her, looking at her
ass wiggling under her skirt.

"Oh no, " he murmured too quietly for her to hear, "I'm going to take my time
with this one."


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