8 Simple Rules: The Sister's Boy (mf)
by MCheesie ([email protected])

Bridget and Kerry Hennessy are talking in there bedroom.

"I am going to really miss, Dad, Bridg," says Kerry.

"Yeah, I know, so will I," replies Bridget.

"What are we going to do?"

"We will be alright. Dad will be looking down on us."

"How do you know that? Yeah, he was a good person, but he never went to
church or anything like that. He didn't believe in God."

"And you do"? replies Bridget.

"No, not exactly. But I have been reading in a book that people have to
believe in God and go to Church and be like Jesus to go to heaven."

"What have you been reading, The Bible".

"No, just some book I found in the Library."

"Don't believe in all that crap," says Bridget, "Everyone knows that you will
get into heaven, if you are do Good."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Oh everyone knows."

"Well I don't."

Kerry gets up and storms out the room.

"Bloody Kerry," mumbles Bridget.

Bridget shrugs and continues to file her nails.

* * *

Kerry and (her secret Boyfriend, Bridget's ex) Kyle are sitting on the bed

"How are you since your father died?" asks Kyle.

"I was really sad at first, but I am ok now," replies Kerry.

"That's Good," replied Kyle. "You know, if you ever need to talk...I am

"Thanks, Kyle."

They suddenly look into each others eyes, they both lean into each other and
start to passionately kiss.

After they have been kissing for a minute or two, Kyle reaches out and grabs
Kerry's right breast and kneads it through her top.

Kerry stops kissing him, "What are you doing?"

"I am just touching you, is that ok?"

"Yeah, I suppose," Kerry replies.

They start kissing again and then Kyle starts to feel her breast again. After
a while Kyle takes his hand away from her breast and puts both his hands on
her face, as they continue to kiss. Kerry suddenly stops again.

"Why did you stop?" she asks.

"I thought you might have had enough of that," says Kyle.

"No, not at all. I liked it."

"Oh, ok," says Kyle.

They are just about to start kissing again when Kyle pulls back.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I was just wondering if I could see them".

"See what?"

"" mumbles Kyle pointing nervously at her breasts.

"Oh, you want to see my breasts."

"Yeah, um, only if you want to show me."

"Um, yeah, ok, I suppose."

Kerry stands up and with her back to Kyle removes her t-shirt.

When she turns around, Kyle has his penis out and is slowly stroking it.

"Oh, my God. What are you doing?"

"I just wanted to play with myself as I watched you take your top off, is
that ok. I won't do it, if you're not comfortable with it," says Kyle taking
his hand away.

"No, keep doing it. I was just shocked to see you doing that. I am actually
curious of how guys do it."

"Ok," says Kyle starting to stroke himself again.

Kerry turns her back from Kyle again, reaches behind herself and undoes her
bra. She turns around and, while watching Kyle stroke his penis, removes her

"Oh my gosh, they are beautiful."


"Yeah, serious."

"Can I try doing that to you?"

"You want to masturbate me?"

"Yeah, can I?"

"Sure, I won't say no to that."

Kerry walks over to Kyle and kneels in front of his penis. Kyle takes his
hand away from it and Kerry starts to stroke it very slowly. After a while
of this, Kyle stands up and helps Kerry up. He starts to passionately kiss
her again and leads her over to the bed. He lies Kerry down on the bed and
he lies over her. He slowly starts to suck on her breast.

Kerry puts her head back, closes her eyes and opens her mouth. While doing
this Kyle slowly unzips her jeans and pulls them down along with her
knickers. Kerry lifts her hips without thinking. While still sucking on her
breasts, Kyle guides his penis into her vagina. As Kerry has never had sex
before, she is tight. As he starts to enter her, her eyes shoot open and
she frowns.

"Kyle...What are yo.., oh oh oh...deeper, oh my gosh that's good, oh..."

Kyle starts to move back and forth. Suddenly the bedroom door flings open
and Bridget walks in.

"What the heck is going on here?"

Kyle and Kerry look up as Bridget runs out, slamming the door behind her.

* * *

Bridget has her case on the bed that has clothes in it. She is getting
undressed and is removing her last item of clothing - her knickers - when
the door opens. Kyle walks in looking at the floor and closes the door
behind him.

"Kerry, everything would be alr..." he turns around.

"Kyle, what are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, I thought Kerry was in here," says Kyle.

"No she's not. I assume she's out looking for me, after I caught you two at
it," says Bridget trying to cover herself up.

"Oh, ok. You don't have to cover yourself up. I have seen it all before."

"Yeah and know you have seen my sister too. I knew something was going on
between you two. Ever since that time you 'accidentally' kissed her," says

Kyle walks up to Bridget and takes away the towel she is trying to cover
herself up with.

"I always loved you the most. You have the sweetest little tight pussy."

He suddenly starts to kiss her. She raised her eyebrows and frowns, then
after a while gets into it. She flips him onto the bed and straddles him.

Kerry opens the front door and walks in. She walks up the stairs. Opens the
bedroom door. Bridget is lowing and rising herself on top of Kyle. Kyle is
deep inside her.

"I hate you, Bridget," Kerry yells, "You always have to get the cute guys."

Kerry runs out the door slamming it behind her...

* * *

Cate Hennessy (the mum) walks in with bags of shopping. Puts the bags on the
bench and notices a note on the bench. She picks it up and reads...

Dear Mum

I have decided to move out. When you would be reading this,
I will be on a plane to Australia to live with a pen pal of
mine. I won't be returning ever.

Sorry. Love you heaps



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