8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter: Part 1 - Innocent
by Jaycee Leverett ([email protected])

Kerry sat on the edge of her bed with a book in her lap and watched her
sister start to get ready on the other side of the room. God, how she envied
Bridget: tall, slender, sexual and not a bit afraid of showing it off.

The blonde was standing in front of their mirror in just her skimpy, lacey
underwear holding different outfits to her body, trying to make up her mind
about what went with what shoes but still went with her hair.

Kerry stared at her sister and the way her buttocks stood proudly through her
thong panties. Herself? Kerry was never the kind of girl to wear that kind of
lingerie. Cotton was the only thing she ever wore, and evan that was usually
white. There were a few times that she went for the pastel colors, times when
she wanted to feel "special". Never sexy, always "special".

"Kerry?" Bridget asked, turning around to face the redhead on the bed.

Kerry's eyes immediately shot back down to thw book in her lap, afraid that
her sister may have actually noticed that she had been watching her. "Yeah?"

"Which outfit do you think is cuter?" the blonde asked, holding up the
hangers. "The blue dress or the lace-up top with the hip-huggers?"

"Depends, where ya goin?"

"Samantha's for a party."

Kerry studied her choices for a second, picturing her big sister's body in
each set of clothing. The dress would really show off her legs, but the to
and pants would show more skin. Whatever she chose, she knew Bridget would
look beautiful.

"Come on," Bridget whined. "Which do you think?'

Kerry stopped chewing on her red hair and gave each outfit one last look
before answering simply, "Hip-huggers."

She didn't even say thank you. Bridget just threw the dress back on her bed
and started to get dressed.

And her sister watched, hypnotized. Kerry's green eyes were glued to the way
the denim had to stretch it's way up her sister's legs and over her hips just
to keep her body as shapely as if it were naked. She watched Bridget pull the
top tight across her breasts, and tying it closed low enough to still allow
some flesh to spill over.

Bridget looked at Kerry and shrugged her shoulders as she flung her long
blonde hair back. "Well, how do I look?"

The redhead barely had time to mutter the word "Great", before her sister
took off down the stairs.

Kerry scolded herself at her choice of words: "Great". Bridget always looked
"Great". Why couldn't she be more like that?

She pushed herself off her bed and shut the door before turning around and
looking at her own body in the mirror. At first, she looked at herself
through her clothes, seeing the way her simple jeans and t-shirt covered the
curves underneath. Kerry looked at herself from every angle she could manage,
some while holding her hair up before finally starting to strip, first her
shirt and then sliding down the zip on her jeans and letting them fall to the
floor until she stood there, staring at herself in her underwear.

White panties and matching bra again today. What was the point in feeling
"special" when her sister could prance around the way she did in thongs and

It wasn't that the redhead wasn't beautiful, she knew she was. A year younger
than her big sis and already she had rounder hips and bigger breasts.

Kerry held her breasts in her hands, feeling their weight. She didn't get it.
Why did everyone instantly fall all over Bridget? Blondes who dressed like
her were everywhere you looked in Los Angeles.

She gave up trying to figure it out. Kerry unhooked her bra and let it join
the other clothes on the floor and changed for bed.

* * *

Kerry wasn't sure if it was the storm, the cold or the noise in the room but
something woke her up. When her eyes adjusted to the dark, she was able to
make out Bridget in her pajamas hanging all over some guy who had apparently
climbed through their window.

Bridget kissed him, whoever he was, roughly while his hands started to peel
her top off her body, letting her small but perfect breasts fall into his
hands as he threw the shirt to the floor.

Kerry suddenly felt her own hands tracing the hem of her pajama bottoms just
below her navel when she watched Bridget suddenly throw her head back gasping
as the man started to kiss her chest, gently biting and pulling on her
nipples with his teeth.

Kerry's crotch was starting to swell from the sight. Her white panties
suddenly seemed too small when she started to imagine that the stranger was
doing those things to her instead of her sister. It was her breasts, her
nipples the man was nibbling on.

Her hand had started it's way beneath the cloth of her pants and rested over
the crotch of her underwear, her fingers starting to push agaist herself as
she watched her sister untie the string on her pajama bottoms with a little
giggle. The loose cotton pants fell to the floor with a quiet whissssp as
Bridget stepped out of them, pushing the man's head down until his lips were
level with her tiny underwear.

There was a dew starting to collect through Kerry's panties. She could feel
her own wetness starting to seep through and onto her fingers. Even through
her sheets and clothing, she could smell her own arousal, and the scent
seemed to grow stronger the more she touched herself.

Through half-opened eyes, she watched her sister. Bridget was holding the
man's head between he legs as he continued to nibble on her body through her
panties. She was gasping over and over as her stomach started to shudder and
the man's hands started to stray beneath the straps that rested on the
blonde's hips and held her underwear together. Very slowly, he started to
roll the thin garment down Bridget's thighs, stopping briefly to pull the
soaking crotch from between her legs where it was starting to stick.

Her sister was completely naked now, standing therin the dark in all her
splender. "Hurry," Bridget panted, "on the bed."

The man pushed her backward and onto her matress and she landed with a sharp
"Unh!". Almost instantly, he was beside her, kissing her roughly again.

Kerry could still watch the two of the perfectly. Bridget was rolling him
onto his back and straddling his hips while her hands brazenly went for his
zipper, reacing inside to stroke the man's no doubt already hard member.

The redhead had never seen anything so sexual. Kerry's fingers snake their
way through the leg of her white panties and buried themselves in the nest
of red curls hidden there. God, she was so wet!

Bridget had the man's rod out of his pants and was aiming at her opening
when Kerry looked back at the two of them. The blonde pushed the head of his
member through her netherlips before slamming her body hard to the man's
waist. His hands gripped her hips and started the pace for their actions.
While he moved her up and down, Bridget gently rocked her body back and

Even in the dark, Kerry could see the way the man was stretching her sister
open. Every time Bridget moved up, she could see the way her lips surrounded
his member. Kerry's hands slipped inside her own body at the sight of the
two of them. Her drenched fingers started to match the couple pace and she
ground her palm into her patch of curls.

She was coming. Every inch of her body was shuddering. All of a sudden, Kerry
let out a loud "Ugh!".

Quickly, she covered her mouth with her hand to hide the fact that she had
screamed. She could smell herself on her fingers, but all she cared about was
whether or not Bridget had heard her.

It was hard to tell if she had or not. Bridget was still pumping away at the
thing inside of her, moaning each time she had the chance to grind her body
against the mystery man.

Kerry couldn't watch anymore. Instead, she rolled over to face the wall,
covering her ears and did her best to go to sleep.

* * *

Kerry was eating her frosted flakes at the island in the kitche when her
sister came down the next morning. "Hey," she muttered barely, looking up.

"Hey," Bridget answered sleepily as she sat down and rested her head on the
tile of the counter.

Kerry threw her bowl in the sink and was on her way back upstairs when her
sister finally spoke again. "You saw me last night, didn't you?"

"N-no, I didn't," the redhead tried to lie.

"Yes, you did," Bridget said, cahsing after her sister. "I heard you last

Kerry was lying on her bed when her sister finally caught up with her.
Bridget sat down beside and looked at the way Kerry was staring at the
ceiling. "You did see me last night," Bridget said, this time a little more
calmly. "I heard you."

"I'm surprised, I wouldn't have thought that you could have heard anything
the way you were moaning."

The blonde smiled at her sister's attempt at humor, but didn't say anything.

"Who was he?" Kerry asked.

"Just some guy I met at Samantha's."

"And you had sex with him that fast?"



"Kerry, it was just sex. It was just about having fun!"

The redhead looked at her sister questioningly.

"Kerry," her sister continued, "havn't you ever had such an orgasm that you
wanted to spend the rest of your life trying to hold onto that rush?"

"No," Kerry answered honestly.

"Really?" Bridget asked shocked.

Kerry answered with just a shake of her head.

"Well," her sister replied, "he's coming back tonight, and I'm going to show
you what I'm talking about."

* * *

Kerry spent the rest of the day walking around in a virtual sleepwalk. She
just couldn't keep all the thoughts in her head straight. What exactly did
Bridget mean when she told her that she would "show her exactly what she was
talking about"? She had said that the man from last night was coming over
again, did she expect her to have sex with him?

She was still awake when she heard something hitting the glass of their
window. Bridget immediately rushed over and motioned for someone to come up.

Whoever he was, he was in their room in a flash. Bridget gave him a quick
kiss on the cheek. His hand went to the stomach that was bare between her
top and pants, but Bridget pushed it away. Instead, she leaned close and
whispered into his ear, "I have a surprise for you." Then she grabbed him by
the wrist and led him over to where Kerry stood.

"This is Kerry," Bridget introduced her, "And you are going to do exactly
what I say if you want to see me again."

The blonde sat down and turned on a small lamp to have just enough light to
cast shadows and see the two people in front of her. "Kevin," Bridget
started, "Move behind her."

So, the mystery man's name was Kevin, thought Kerry. Not that it mattered,
she couldn't even see him anymore. He had moved behind her just as soon as
Bridget had told him to.

"Put your arms around her waist and slip your hands into her pants."

Kerry didn't have a chance to object to what her sister had said. Kevin's
hands slipped into the front of her pajama bottoms and then shocked her when
they went ahead and slid into her panties. Just that presence was enough for
her netherlips to start to moisten, but it was nothing compared to when his
fingers tangled in her pubic curls and then went further south to grip her
thighs just below her sacred spot.

Bridget giggled to herself as she watched the movement through the cloth of
her sister's pants. Kerry's breath was already starting to quicken. "What do
you think so far, Kerry?"

The redhead was about to answer, but Kevin's hands chose that moment to start
to palm her hidden lips. All she was able to do was let out a quick moan and

"Kiss her neck, Kevin."

Kerry would have jumped if she could when she suddenly felt Kevin's breath
moving through her red hair and carresing the skin of her cheek. His mouth
met her neck with just the slightest of pressure before moving to another
spot on her throat and then another, and another.

His fingers were drenched inside her panties as he was moving them up and
down along her slit while the other gently pressed against her clit. "Nnh,"
she moaned, opening her eyes to see her sister watching with a smile on her
face and two fingers playing with the strap of her top.

"Now Kevin," Bridget instructed, "Take off her shirt."

He pulled his hands from her panties to do as he was told. The wine her body
had produced started to rub off his fingers and onto Kerry's heated flesh as
he gently gripped the hem of her shirt and then trailed up her body as he
lifted the garment to leave her naked from the waiste up as he dropped it to
the floor.

Something in her wanted him to look at her breasts, see if he would
appreciate them the way he appreciated her sister's. But Kevin was still
behind her. The only one who could see her chest was Bridget.

Kerry let out a shallow moan when Kevin's hands came around to palm both her
breasts. Gently, he let his fingers start to softly mold the sensitive mounds
of flesh. "Unh, unh, UNH!" Kerry moaned as he started to pinch her erect
nipples and her back started to arch against him on its own.

One hand left her breast, but soon she felt it again, snaking it's way
through her legs from behind to start to palm he crotch through her clothes.

"Now for some real fun," Bridget giggled. "Kevin, take off her pants but
leave her panties."

His hands met at her waiste again, one tugging the little tie apart, the
other catching the cloth over her underwear as it started to slack. Kevin
balled the material in his fist, letting the cloth stretch over Kerry's butt
so that he could have a quick look at the sight befor letting the pants fall
to the floor.

Instantly, Kerry's hands went to hide the wet patch at the front of her
panties from her sister. Bridget slapped her hands away and let Kevin get
back to what he was doing. Two of his fingers slid through the elastin in
the legs of her panties and slowly traced their way from back to front until
reaching the curls on her body. They dove further in, searching for the
moist lips of the redhead's sex and then, plunged in.

"Unh!" Kerry moaned loudly and arched her back again as Kevin's hands started
to set a rhythm. In and out, in and out. She started to grind her body
against his fingers as her stomach started shuddring again.

'So, this is what Bridget was talking about,' Kerry thought to herself as she
felt her body explode all over Kevin's hand.

She hated him when he removed his fingers. Kerry watched as he pulled them
back through the legs of her underwear and brought them to his lips where he
was still breathing into her hair. She heard him suck her juices from his
fingers with a soft "Mmmm," and it was enough to make her come again.

Kerry looked over to where her sister sat, watching them and giving Kevin his
orders. The blonde had her hand down her pajama bottoms, and through the
movement of the cloth, Kerry could see that her sister was roughly rubbing
her clit at the sight of the two of them.

The redhead wauted for her sister to tell the man behind her what to do next,
but it was obvious that she was too busy. Bridget's short gasps were more
than enough to give it away.

But that was okay, Kevin knew what to do. The man behind her had sunk to his
knees and started to bite her ass through the cotton of her panties. His
hands traced their way around her hips to grab the hem of her underwear below
the navel.

She was coming again. Kerry's vulva was releasing another gush of cream with
Kevin's kisses. By now, her body was aching to have anything stuffed inside.

So, she took over Bridget's role in the whole scene. Kerry started to use her
own voice. "Kevin, take off my panties."

He did it slowly, making sure she was able to feel her last scrap of clothing
being taken away.

Even with her panties gone, Kevin stayed in his position, but instead of
focusing on her ass, he started to lick the lips between her legs. Kerry
could feel her whole body trying to draw in his tounge, but all he seemed
to care about was the taste of the come dripping out of her.

She thought he would never have her, thought that he would never give her
what she was craving.

Then Kerry felt him stand up and heard him lowering his zipper. Kevin put his
hand on her shoulder and then she felt his rod between her legs. In one swift
move, he plunged into her. She was so moist that Kerry didn't even feel her
hymen tear away.

"Unh, unh, UNH!" Kerry moaned with each thrust. She never would have though
it was possible, but already she was having another orgasm. Her entire body
was shuddering with her climax.

When she was finally able to open her eyes, Kerry saw that Bridget must have
been enjoying this almost as much as she was. The blonde had pushed her pants
and underwear down until it stretched between her knees, and two fingers
inside her own body. With every thrust, her palm ground into her clit.
Bridget's screams even seemed louder than Kerry's own.

Her orgasms seemed to last forever. Kerry's body was still shaking when he
pulled out of her and left through the same window he had came in.

The redhead gathered her clothes and collapsed into bed without even
bothering to dress. Kerry watched as Bridget pulled up her own pants and
went to turn off the lamp.

"So Kerry," Bridget asked as she tucked herself in, "do you see what I'm
talking about now?"

Her only answer was the smile on her full lips and a whispered "Yes". The
last thing she heard before she dozed off to sleep was Bridget sayin, "We're
going to have to start doing things more often together."


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