8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter: Part 1 - Shower Sex (Mf,inc)
by Tankman ([email protected])

Paul Hennesey was enjoying being home so much lately as Mrs. Hennesey, Cate,
seemed to always work the long 12 hour nurse's shift at the hospital. His
sports writer job was however more difficult since only working part of the
week at the office. He also enjoyed spending more time with his kids, Rory,
Kerry, and Bridget. Rory was just so funny and at 13, he was always stirring
up trouble with his older sisters. Kerry, 15 years old and beautiful full
red head and short, petite body. Bridget, 16 years old, going on 21 who
never failed to show as much of her luscious body as possible.

Paul was having some difficulty though, with Bridget prancing around, often
in the tightest low-cut pants along with a little tiny string thong panty on
under her pants. The sides, just strings were clearly visable as they rode
her hips as she wore her low-rider jeans. Paul's cock started stirring as
he imagined every inch of her under those clothes and what that little thong
panty was covering. Paul, although being Bridget's daddy, was sure that most
men in the world, let alone every teenage boy in the world would love to fuck
this little petite sweet sixteen girl. Daydreaming, he got very aroused, and
with the home empty, he decided to shower and work off this hard-on that the
thoughts of his daughter had brought on.

As the hot water pulsed on his body, Paul struggled and started dreaming
about how Bridget would feel getting fucked by him. How her little teen
pussy would taste as he pushed his tongue deep inside her hairless 16 year
old pussy. His erection was rock-solid as he began stroking with his soapy
hand. His eyes closed as he dreamed... and then he thought he heard someone
enter the bathroom... Well a dream was coming true for Paul as his sweet
daughter arrived home early and wanted to see her daddy.

"Daddy is that you?" Bridget gently asked.

"Yes honey...but I'm showering sweetie," Paul cried out as he tried to
quickly cover his big hard dick.

"Daddy, my tennis practice got over early and I was hoping to shower and
watch a movie." Bridget replied.

She was horny from the practice, her coach is a young recent college tennis
player and she was having trouble focusing all morning at practice. Bridget
was also very curious about what she saw her daddy doing through the thin
shower curtain. It had been years ago that she and her younger sis and
brother shared a bath with mom or dad.

"I'll be out is a sec, honey," Paul shouted.

"Please don't hurry daddy, I'm fine," Bridget called back, as she quickly
slipped off her tennis shorts and sport-bra. She LOVED her body... tall at
5'7" and petite 34B chest with full wide ass-hips. She loved the attention
she got at the Mall and at school, even from some of the teachers. She had
developed a strong crush on her young tennis coach and it seemed that
practices only got her more and more curious and horny. Never having sex
before... other than petting and kissing... she WANTED her dad. She wanted
to be taught by his gentle hands and soft voice and knowing that he loved
her, that just made her want to learn from her daddy how to become sexual.

Bridget gently slipped into the shower with her dad. Paul was shocked and
covered his erection with both hands. But Paul didn't realize that his
little girl wasn't little anymore. "Daddy, can we shower together, like we
used to when I was real little?" Bridget pleaded.

Paul remember back when he held his little 5 year old Bridget in his arms
under the shower to wash her before bedtime. Paul was quickly awakened from
that thought as his 16 year old Bridget stepped into the shower with him.
She had grown up... her trim sexy body, her little pussy slit, covered with
the faintest of blonde hair, almost bald. Her full ass cheeks with the
perfect strait ass crack with just the hint of darkness around her butthole.
Bridget reached out and held her daddy's waist, reached up and softly kissed
his lips.

"But...but honey... what?... We can't shower together now... You're a growing
girl now.." Paul, shaken, but still trying to control this awkward scene.

Bridget's little hand reached down further to gently squeeze his cock. Paul
responded by growing even more pulsing hard in her hand. She LOVED the size,
the length, the heat, and the hardness of her dad's dick. She had not been
with a man before, only another teenage boy her age. The fooling around was
clumsy and new, and okay, but she needed more.

Paul nervously meet his young daughter's advances and as he returned the kiss
and held her, he reached for her teen body and pulled her naked body to his,
both enjoying the hot shower water flowing over them. Paul pulled away only
to suck her little titties, the tiny dark nipples hardened as he gently
sucked them each.. kissing his way from one to the other. Moving back to her
lips as she gently stroking his hard and thick 8 inch dick. She stroked it
gently, pulled away and got on her knees.

Bridget had only tasted a teen boy's smaller cock on an occasion or two and
she was not real confident of doing it right. "How do you want my mouth
daddy?" Bridget sexily asked her dad.

"Oh sweetie, lick along the side, open your lovely lips and take it in deep
and hard," Paul replied.

Bridget did as instructed, she has an incredibly long tongue and she used it
expertly as she ran the tip along the underside of Paul's cock. "Like this
daddy?" Bridget asked again.

Paul moaned his reply as she opened her little teen mouth and pushed hard on
his length. Taking 4 or 5 inches deep and gagging, Bridget eased back a
little. "Sorry daddy, am I doing okay?"

"YES love.. yes sweetheart," was Paul's pleading answer.

Bridget tried again... briefly stopping at 5 inches, fighting back the
impulse to gag as his thick cock pushed against her tonsils... she pushed
more... slowly able to only go another inch before slipping it out... and
then one more time deep. With Bridget's sweet and sexy young face, her
lips stretched around his dick... Paul pleaded, "oh enough... enough
honey... I can't stand it.. you're going to make daddy cum and I don't
know if you would like it sweetie," Paul begged.

Bridget knew that she wanted her dad to cum though and didn't move.. she
only sucked him deeper...harder. "mmmmm, let me daddy, please.." was her
only response as she sucked for one purpose, to eat her daddy's sweet cum.

He gently held the back of his daughter's head and just gave in. Paul
fucked his little girls wet mouth as the hot water washed over them. He
lasted only a minute more and warned her, "Daddy's cumming honey... drink
my cum sweetheart," Paul said.

And then he came, he screamed out loud as his balls tightened up and exploded
through his hard cock into Bridgets hot teen mouth. He couldn't keep quiet
as he groaned out every shot of cum. His legs weakening as he held the wall
of the shower to balance. Bridget got her second mouth of cum in her 16 year
life. Her first time was with a boy that she liked at school, but NOTHING
like her daddy. She loved hearing him cum, she loved feeling each shot fill
her little mouth and she began drinking it in. Only a small amount slipped
from her lips as she released her daddy's cock.

"Oh my god!!" Paul moans as he looks down and sees Bridget's pussy lips
exposed sees no hair at all covering her babysoft pussy. Her pussy is as
perfect as her young titties. Paul gets on his knees this time and dives
in with kisses along her thighs. "mmmmm" is all he says as Bridget pleads,
"Daddy, please.. please taste me, taste my little pussy for the first

Hot water still flowing over their bodies, Paul slowly brought his kisses
to her pussy lips as he whiffed in her sweet fresh smell. "Mmmm, sweetie,
you smell so fresh and wet, want daddy to taste?" Paul gently asked.

Bridget screamed "YES, please taste me, don't tease me anymore daddy, eat
me.. fuck my with your tongue... suck my pussy!"

As she lifts one leg to purch on the soapdish, her little bare pussy lips
open for Paul's tongue. Paul took a long slow lick all the way from the
bottom of her cunt up over the hood covering her hardening clit. "Oh god
daddy, oh god please please!" was all Bridget could say as her daddy
started pushing his long thick tongue into her little hole. Her pussy
squeezed his tongue as he pushed in as deep as he could reach.

"Oh honey, your pussy is incredible, sweet, hot, wet and tight... I can't
stop now, hold on sweetie, I don't want you to fall," was Paul's response.
He started fucking his little girl with his tongue, using it as a cock to
fuck her with... pausing only at times to suck her clit as it began
hardening and coming out of it's hood. She couldn't hold back as she froze
and yelped when daddy sucked her clit. Bridget's pussy was flowing now and
her juices ran down over her little puckered asshole. Paul couldn't resist
in licking her asshole and teasing it.

"OH GODDDDDD!" was all Bridget could scream as Paul went back to tongue
fucking her pussy.

"Cum for me sweetie... cum for me Bridget... please cum on my tongue," Paul
begged as he pushed his tongue in deep as his nose bumped against her clit...

"Daddy... daddy... I'm cumming.,. oh god I'm cumming...", Bridget screamed
out as she came all over Paul's face.. her pulsing pussy squeezing his tongue
as he kept it buried deep inside her little hole. She grabbed her dad's head
of hair and held him deep inside her sweet thighs.

As Bridget's oral orgasm subsided, Paul stood back up and soaped off his
little girl. He wanted more as his cock had hardened up after his first
cum. Eating his daughter Bridget's pussy was just too much for him as well.
Paul instructed her to face the showerhead and noticed her delicious ass,
perfectly shaped, trim and full. Her pussy even with his cock.

"Sweetheart, do you want daddy to fuck you?" Paul gently whispered into her

"OH YES daddy, please, please be my first," Bridget encouraged him.

"Hold your ass open for daddy," instructs Paul and she pulls her ass cheeks
open allowing her pussy lips to spread for him. Paul warns her, "Bridget
honey, this might hurt, but I won't go very fast and tell me if you want me
to stop," as he pushes just the head into her pussy.

"Oh daddy, I am okay, I want you to fuck me and I don't care if it hurts at
first... I trust you," Bridget softly replies.

Bridget's daddy pushes his dick deeper... hitting her hymen gently. "Sweetie,
hold on for just a second," Paul instructs his little daughter. Bridget
grits her teeth and grips the shower rails as her daddy pushes fast and firm
through her virgin pussy.

"OH god... OHHHHH... fuck... fuck daddy... it hurts but it feels good too...
fuck me now daddy... fuck me hard..." Bridget begs.

Paul grabs tight on her hips and starts slowly pushing deep and then slowly
pulling out just to the point where his cock-head is at her lips... "Take my
cock honey... fuck daddy with your little pussy... fuck me good sweetie,"
Paul pleads.

Bridget's little pussy is even tighter than he dreamed. He pushes firmly
each time to go as deep as he can. "God... oh god... daddy... you're cock is
bigger than I ever dreamed... your filling me up... your fucking filling me
up daddy," was Bridget's response.

The pain was all gone and was replaced with this full fat cock filling her
each stroke. Bridget's cursing just made Paul harder. That innocent little
tramp talk is always a turn on. For 10 minutes Paul fucked his daughter good
and hard.

As he looked down... he watched Bridgets tight pussy lips almost sucking his
cock with each stroke. Her sweet asshole... begging to be touched... Paul
rubbed her clit from underneath and lubed his fingers. Then he brought his
index finger up to her asshole and circled it.

"Oh daddy... what are you doing daddy?" Bridget pleaded as she moved her
hand down to rub her clit... her clit now hard and sticking out of it's

"Just going to tease you more Bridget... trust me sweetie," Paul assured her
as he eased his index finger into her anus.., pushing through her rectum and
then finger fucking her ass. "Feel that sweetie... feel my cock in your
pussy and my finger fucking your tight ass?" Paul teased her. "Your mom
loves it when I fuck her like this," Paul explained. He could feel his cock
with his finger through the thin membrane seperating Bridget's pussy and ass.
And better, SHE could feel both.

"Ohhhhhohhhhh OHHHH daddy... oh god daddy... you're gonna make me cum
again... Ohh daddy... make me cum... fuck me... fuck my butt... fuck my
pussy..." Bridget moaned.

Paul knew that this would do it ... that she would cum harder than she ever
came before... and he fucked her hard till she did... Bridget screamed..
screamed hard and long as her pussy... her ass... and her entire body
orgasmed. He had to cum too. Her cunt was pulling his dick... stroking it
as she came on him. Without a word... Paul pulled his big thick dick out of
his little girl's pussy... and eased... JUST the head of his dick... he eased
it into her asshole... THAT was it... with just his cock head in her butt
hole, he started pumping his cum... so much cum that some squeezed out of
her butt hole as he held his dick-head inside.

Restraining the temptation, the instinct, to bury his cock deep... he held
back and just pumped his cum into her butt. And Bridget felt it... felt it
through her butthole. She felt that hot flood of sperm filling her.

Paul gently popped free from her butt. As his cum squeezed out and was
flushed away by the shower water, her asshole puckered and tightened back to
it's normal shape. "OOOhhhhh Bridget... god Bridget... I haven't fucked like
that... felt like that since I was a young man. Oh honey... I had no idea
you could feel so delicious," Paul said.

Bridget had completely surrendered to her dad and loved it all. Never had
she felt so a part of him, loved by him, and cared by him. She felt loved...
she felt sexy... she felt older... more mature... more ready to grow up. "I
love you, and I want to fuck you again," Bridget cried to her daddy, Paul.

"Oh sweetheart, we will.. we will do all sorts of things together," Paul
expressed. "Our little secret for now... but oh I do love you sweet one,"
her daddy went on.

The End


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