8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter: Part 2 - Beach
by Jaycee Leverett ([email protected])

What is it about the rain that seems to calm you down and make you restless
all at the same time? Bridget was sitting next to the window with it open
just enough to let a few drops blow in from outside. Already the legs of her
jeans had little damp patches from where the rain had collected.

"Kerry," Bridget whined to the redhead sitting on the bed behind her. "I'm

"So what do you want me to do about it?'

"Entertain me."

Kerry rolled her eyes at her sister. "And how am I suppossed to do that?"

Bridget hopped on the bed next to her sister and laid her head on Kerry's
shoulder. "Want to go to the beach?"

"It's raining!"


Kerry went back to painting her toes with the tiny brush that came with the
polish. She had to admit that the blonde annoyed her at times.

"So, did you enjoy Kevin the other night?"

Leave it to Bridget to completely change the subject in the blink of an eye.
"He was great," Kerry answeed with a nod of her head.

"You want to try something else?" the blonde asked with a mischievious grin.

She only had to think about it for a second. After the other night with
Kevin, Kerry had been waiting for the chance to have more fun in her life.
She actually wanted to be more like her sister, God help her. "What did you
have in mind?"

Bridget practically lept from the bed and ran over to her dresser. The
blonde dug through the top drawer until finally throwing her sister a heap
of purple lace, and then turning around to search her closet. Hanger after
hanger, Bridget pushed clothes aside until at last she found what she was
looking for: a tiny violet dress which she tossed over to join the other
garments next to Kerry. "Hurry up and change!"

Kerry looked at the lace Bridget had thrown over first. It was underwear!
and some of the sexiest she had ever seen. The redhead wanted to try new
things, but maybe this was too much. She still had a tendency to be more
conservative, and she doubted that no matter what, she would ever lose it.

She looked over at Bridget to start to protest, but her sister was already
changing. The blonde was slipping a tight fitting tennis dress with a flaring
short skirt over her pale blue lace panties after throwing the matchin bra in
her laundry pile.

Kerry decided not to argue. Maybe Bridget knew what she was doing. She picked
up the clothes and went into the bathroom to change.

As she slipped into her sister's lingerie, she noticed something. Lace, no
matter how intricate the design or intimate the color, is not made to
support. The cups were already too small for her, she having bigger breast
than Bridget, and her flesh was spilling over the lace, amplifying her
already impressive cleavage.

The panties were even smaller, barely covering her, but at least they had a
full back instead of being a thong. Kerry had to admit, though, that the way
her red curls appeared through the pattern was very exciting. She couldn't
help but model for herself, looking at the way she looked in the dark color
with her pale skin.

When Kerry finally managed to squeeze into the tight dress picked out for
her, she was stunned! She was a knockout! As soon as people saw her dressed
in such a tight dress with a skirt that barely cleared her panties by a few
inches, men and women would both be staring. Most would even be having
thoughts about how she tasted running through their minds. If only they knew
what was beneath!

Bridget tapped on the outside of the door. "Kerry? You ready to go yet?"

The redhead wouldn't have thought it possible, but it seemed to her like the
few drops of rain that managed to land on her between the house and the car
managed to shrink the dress even more. "Where are we going?" she asked,
buckling up.

"It's a surprise."

The "surprise" was three hours away and by the time that they arrived, it
was dark. A neon light was flashing in hot pink letters, "AMATURE NIGHT" and
then Kerry realised where they were. "We're going to a strip club?!"

"Relax, they know me here."

"I'm not even going to ask how."

As soon as they stepped out of the vehicle, Kerry realised she wasn't the
only one dressed the way she was. It seemed like every woman here had on
tight tops and indecent skirts. One woman was actually just in her
boyfriend's dress shirt and a pair of bright pink panties. And this was
only the parking lot!

Bridget led the way around back to where a bouncer was witing by the door.
Bridget simply blew the big man a kiss and smiled as she walked right past
him, pulling Kerry by the wrist behind her.

She pulled her into a room where women were walking around in various stages
of undress. A few were coming off the stages, some in just their undewear
and some in even less. Kerry couldn't help but look around at all of them.
"Are all these girls here for amature night?" Kerry whispered to Bridget.

"I guess so. I mean, I only recognize a few of them."

"You only rec--, how long have you been doing this?!"

"Just every so often. I'm very popular."

"I'll bet. You dson't expect me to do this, do you?"

"Not unless you want to. I just thought you might want to watch me."

Kerry didn't have a chance to respond. A second later, a man with a clip
board cm through the curtain saying, "Bridget, you're up next on the center

The blonde turned to her little sister and giggled. "Okay, wish me luck!"

The announcer came over the loudspeaker as Bridget skipped away. Kerry
thought it would have been funny the way Bridget's loose tennis skirt kept
flapping up enough for people to see the pale blue of her panties, except
that that was what was expected in a place like this and people were about
to get to see a whole lot more.

"Gentlemen," the announcer called, "Our next performer is far from being a
stranger to our stage! In fact, she is one of our most requested dancers,
though we never know when she will show up. Please welcome, Beach!"

Leave it to Bridget to use her father's nickname for her as her stripper

The music started with two drumbeats before the actual song started. Bridget
threw open the curtain just as the lyrics started and Kerry realised what
song was playing: "I wanna be bad" by Willa Ford. Perfect for Bridget.

She started simple, strolling to the front of the stage and the pole with a
sway in her hips and one hand on her waist. She continued to sway, though
sinking and bringing her fingers up to brush them through her long blonde
hair. Every eye in the place was glued to her as she started to stand back
up only to bend at the hips and flip the back of her short skirt up and
down, teasing the people at her back. Stood up up straight before starting
to take a few steps backward, beckoning the crowd with a "come here" motion
of her finger.

Even Kerry was hypnatized. Now her sister was sitting on the stone of the
stage, crossing and uncrossing her outstretched leg. Bridget threw back her
head and smiled at all the cheering just for her.

She reached behind her neck with one hand, releasing the catch that held up
the straps of her top before quickly catching the material that hid her
breasts. A few of the men graoned, complaining that they weren't getting to
see anything when they thought they were about to, but most were too
engrossed in the show to make any kind of noise.

Bridget stood and skipped to the front of the stage, still clutching the
cloth to her chest. With her free hand, she pulled herself into a spin around
the pole, only to leap off and land on her knees. The blonde let go of the
material and the crowd cheered as her perfect breats came into view.

Kerry could feel her lacey panties starting to dampen at the sultry movements
of her sister. Bridget was so free!

By now, Bridget was pulling the dress over her head and throwing it away
behind her. The club was filled with all kinds of shouts as Bridget revealed
the pale blue lace of her panties. The blonde ran her hands down her
practically naked body, lingering on her breasts long enough to give them a
quick squeeze, then continued south wher both her hands tightly cupped her
sex. Bridget bit her lower lip at the sensation.

The song broke into the last chorus before the end. Bridget, in one swift
motion, dropped again to sit on the stage and pushed her panties down her
long legs before throwing one knee over the other and leaning back on her

When the song ended, Kerry couldn't believe the cheers for her sister.
Everyone in the place was chanting, "Beach! Beach! Beach!"

Bridget started picking up her clothes, in no hurry to put them back on. She
knew everyone wouyld be staring at her ass and watching that little mound of
flesh and thin blonde curls appear between her thighs every time she bent
over to pick up whatever cash had been thrown to her. She was just about to
go backstage to find Kerry when the man with the clipboard came up to her

Kerry watched from behind the curtain as the man whispered something into
her sister's ear. Just as the man walked away, Bridget noticed the redhead
peeking at her. All the blonde did was give a little smile and wave before
skipping off, still naked.

Where was she going?

It seemed like forever before Kerry found Bridget. Finally she saw her,
sitting on a guy's lap in a back booth.

Quickly, Kerry ducked into an empty booth where she could still see the pair.
At first it seemed as if they were just talking.

Then Bridget moved across to the seat facing the man. She left one foot on
the floor, and the other, she lifted to rest on the cushion beside her.

As soon as her legs were spread, the man knelt between them. He looked up at
Bridget, almost as if asking her permission for something. Bridget grabbed
him by the hair and pulled him into her curls. Right away, her head fell
back and a loud "Unh!" filled the air. The blonde lifted her hips away from
the leather of the booth and started grinding her body into the stranger's
face. Her breathing became shallow pants and she pulled his face harder into
her crotch.

Finally, gripping the man's hair, Bridget pushed him away. Even from her
seat, Kerry could see her sister's juices glistening on the man's face.

As the man stood up to kiss her, Bridget's hands went for the zip and snap
on the man's slacks. In a flash, her hand was inside handling his member and
grinning at the way she could taste herself on her lips.

Kerry loved what she was watching. The finger's of her left hand had slid
beneath her short skirt and pushed aside the crotch of her panties. While
her hree hand was massaging her breast through her dress, the other two
fingers were pressing hard into her body and her hips were grinding against
her palm.

Kerry was coming to all the sounds of her sister's moans and sharp gasps.
Slowly, she rolled over to get a better look at Bridget and all the things
she was doing. The redhead ended up on her stomach with her hand crushed
beneath her body, but never stopping her fingers' pumping.

When she looked back, the only thing that was holding Bridget up was her
arms braced against the back of the booth and the man inside of her. Even
her legs were hanging limply along the stranger's thighs. Somehow, she was
still managing to grind her hips into his and grunting.

By now, Kerry's cream was running out of her body and over her arm. She
could feel her breath panting in time with her sister. "Unh, unh! UNH!"

Bridget managed to work one of her legs up to the shoulder level of the man
and push him away. As soon as the man slid out of her, the blonde fell back
to the booth. "Thanks for the ride, " was all she said as she finally
started to replace her panties and tennis dress. When the man handed her a
wad of bills, Bridget placed them with the others in her underwear.

Bridget started to leave, but when she walked by her sister, she stopped.

In a flash, Kerry pulled her hand from her underwear and tried to pull down
her skirt until she realised that she never even had to raise it to reach
her panties. "What?"

"I saw what you were doing!" Bridget said. "Did you really think I was that

"Actions speak louder than words."

They walked back to the car together, and once inside, Bridget reached under
her skirt to hand her sister all the money she had made.

"What's this?" Kerry asked.

"Well, we're gonna need gas to get back home. You pay, I'll pump."

Kerry started laughing. "What's so funny?" Bridget asked.

"I figured you had pumped enough for one night!"


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