8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter: Part 3 Sister Sex - Part 2
by Tankman ([email protected]) (ff,inc)

As sisters sharing a bedroom, their new adventures in sex was getting even
better. A week of teasing one another, yet keeping their hands (and tongues)
off of one another was driving both young sisters crazy. They were always
fairly modest with one another before their lesbian-sex last week, but now,
being nude around one another was natural. Kerry Hennesy, 15 years old and
only licked by her sister. Although her dad, Paul and mom, Kate, finally
allowed her to date, she has only dated a few different boys and hasn't even
been touched other than hand-holding and a kiss on the cheek. Her cute curly
red hair, little-girl face, and short, petite body. Bridget Hennesy, 16 years
old, already knowing what a man's cum and cock taste and feel like, even
fucked by her dad, Paul Hennesy. Last week's new experience with her little
sis was too much for her. She LOVED being in charge and teaching her sister
how to feel like a woman. Yes, Bridget still loved guys, but she came so hard
with her little sis, Kerry, licking her bald pussy for the first time. She
wanted it again... and she wanted to show her kid sister how to get fucked by
a cock. She had plans and the time was about right for tonight after both get
home from school. Rory, their little brother had soccer practice after school
so they had an hour or two before the family got home.

Bridget had lovingly taught her kid sister the pleasure of oral sex, but
wanted Kerry to know how it feels to have a cock pushing into her. She didn't
want to share Paul, her dad, just yet. She knew all about vibrators and
dildos and figured out that would be perfect for Kerry. That way, Bridget
could still control the whole scene with Kerry and she knew that her sister
would enjoy it all. After her mind-bending orgasm that she got from her dad's
cock fucking her little pussy and then she exploded when he fingered her
asshole. Then, when he pulled out and pushed the head of his dick into her
butt, she froze and blew up in the most mind-numbing orgasm she never new
possible. Bridget knew that she her sis would blow just like she did.

Bridget slipped into the bedroom as Kerry was finishing her shower after
soccer practice.

"Bridget, you there?" Kerry asked.

"Yep, come on out, and do not get dressed just yet. I want to see if you want
to play again," Bridget confidently asked.

Kerry jumped from the shower with just the towel around her to soak up the
water. She was anxious and nervous, but she also was dripping down below from
teasing her pussy in the shower.

As Kerry walked into the bedroom from the bathroom, she saw Bridget already
in bed, legs spred wide, one hand was playing with her little 32A titties,
pinching her hard nipples, and the other hand with her fingers rubbing a long
line up and down her bald pussy, completely nude. Bridget was moaning and
dripping already... just seconds from cumming. Kerry slipped into bed with
Bridget and quickly lowered her mouth to her sisters lonely breast, taking
the nipple in with her tongue as Bridget screamed out her first orgasm of the

"Kerry, I can't tell you about a secret I have right now, but maybe I can
show you something new and I hope you like it." Bridget was thinking about
telling Kerry how their dad fucked her, but decided it was too soon. "I
bought some toys and I want to try them out on both of us. Want to?" Bridget

Kerry was nervous and very confused, although becoming aroused too. She
remembered how wonderful it was when her big sis taught her about oral sex
and how incredible an orgasm brought on by a gentle tounge felt. She wanted
it all again, but wasn't sure about any "toy". Sure, Kerry had heard about
dildo's and vibrators before as some of her friends whispered about theirs
in the locker room at school, but she wasn't sure for herself. She was
trusting her older sister though with sex so she was ready for more.

Bridget, recovered from her orgasm, instructed, "Kerry, lie back on the bed
and open your legs for me. Ooohhh yes sweetie, rub your little virgin pussy
for me... get it ready for my little friend."

Kerry followed her sister's words and did as she was told. "Bridg.. please be
careful, I haven't ever done anything like this before, I am still a virgin
and I heard about how much it hurts," Kerry whimpered.

"Relax, just relax," Bridget offered her some encouragement, "I lost my
cherry just a few weeks ago and it hurt very quickly... but ooohhhh god...
it feels so good getting fucked... it is just incredible," Bridget whispered
as she eased down Kerry's sweet naked body. She remembered how big her daddy
was and how his cock pushed through her hymen and filled her. Bridget was
dripping again just imagining it all over. Kerry's older sis kissed her way
down her 15 year old body, stopping to suck her big tits and hard nipples.

"OOOhhhhh god... Oohhh my god Bridget... I love your mouth on my tits," Kerry
cried out. She opened her legs and pulled them up, exposing her dripping cunt
lips to her big sis. Kerry nervously waited for Bridget's lead as her sister
quickly kissed down her flat tummy all the way to her open pussy... soft red
pubic hair covering the outer flesh... thick and meaty pink lips dripping for
her older sister's tongue. Kerry was not disappointed at all when Bridget
dove deep into her pussy with her tongue. "GGGOOODDDD... OHHH... FUCK... Oh
Fuck... ggeezzz Bridg... I want you again... fuck me... please lick me...
fuck me..." was all Kerry could moan out as her sister took control.

Bridget slipped her tongue up and down the length of Kerry's little pussy and
drank in her juices. "Oh god sis, your pussy is delicious... I can live off
of your pussy alone." Bridget relaxed her Kerry's nervousness with these
words. "First... let me try this little toy for you to get used to it."
Bridget eased a little 3 inch vibrator along her little sister's pussy lips
before gently pushing it inside. She could feel the tightness of Kerry's tiny
virgin cunt and knew that before long, it wouldn't be virgin anymore.

Kerry cried out, "Ooohhhh... uuggghhhhh... god I feel it... oh yes... I like
it... I feel it pushing in," as her 16 year old sister began fucking her with
this little 3 inch toy.

Then, Bridget turned it on... and Kerry went rigid and froze solid as her
sister began fucking her with this little vibrating toy cock. Bridget
returned to her sister's swelling clit as it pushed from it's protective
hood. That got Kerry bucking like a bronco on the bed and Bridget had to
hold her down as she fucked and licked her little sis. She knew it was
time for more.

Bridget positioned herself kneeling between Kerry's spread legs and grabbed
the bigger vibrator she had bought at Tasty's Adult shop. "Ready Kerry?...
relax and stay still for a second," she cautiously asked.

Kerry was ready... she looked deep into Bridget's eyes as her sister teased
her pussy with this 6 inch toy. Bridget didn't tease for long and pushed it
inside 2 or 3 inches... just pushing it to Kerry's thin hymen. She reached
down with her tongue and licked her clit before pushing hard and fast through
Kerry's cherry.

"Oh my god, oh god YES sissy, fuck me!!... it hurts... but it feels good
too... oh please please don't stop..." Kerry moaned as she bulged her eyes
and bit her lower lip gently. Kerry pulls her legs up to her chest and
watches her sister fuck her with this toy cock.

Bridget just can't resist her little sissy's pussy and gently sucks her clit
into her mouth... then just teases it. She lifts her mouth just enough to ask
"you like? you like to get fucked little sister?" Bridget teases.

"OOOHHHH YESSS, FUCK YES.. fuck me Bridget.. fuck me and make me cum all over
that toy dick," Kerry screamed.

Bridget started fucking Kerry with all 6 inches of vibrator and turned in on
with a twist. The buzzing was muffled by Kerry's incredibly tight cunt but it
did the trick. This brought Kerry off.

"oh god... OHHHHHH GOD!!! I'm cumming sissy... I'm cumming... please...
please make me cum... FUCKKK FUUCCKKKKK!!!" Kerry screamed.

Bridget knew exactly how to make her little sister cum.... she was taught by
her daddy. Bridget fucked her more with her tongue and then right as Kerry
exploded... she took her clit into her lips... pressed her tongue firmly
against her clit... and just held it... not stroking it, not fucking... just
pressing it in her mouth with her tongue. Kerry screamed out and grabbed her
sister's head... gripped her blonde hair and her body exploded off the bed...
freezing as spasms like she had NEVER experienced before... washed over her

It took a couple of minutes to calm down as the pulsing orgasm passed through
and subsided finally. Bridget's face was dripping with her little 15 year old
sister's cum as she eased the toy out of her cunt and rose and moved over her
sister's naked body, straddling Kerry's face with her pussy, handing her the
toy still wet with her own juices. Kerry knew what Bridget wanted and could
already see her older sister's pussy dripping... she could smell her sweet
wet pussy. Bridget then lowered her cunt to Kerry's lips and she grabbed the
headboard of her bed. "Kerry sweetie, I want you to eat my pussy and fuck me
with this vibrator, just like I did for you. I want you to make me cum all
over your face with this fucking vibrator buzzing away."

Kerry pushed her tongue straight up and and inside her sister's bare pussy
lips, turned on the vibrator and shoved it all inside. She quickly was
fucking her with that toy and sucking that hard clit as Bridget screamed
"YES, please taste me, please fuck me... fffuuuucccckkkk me Kerry... please
fuck me... suck my clit... make me cum hard... please fucking make me cum
hard. Oh god Kerry, oh god please please!" was all Bridget could say as her
little sister started pushing that vibrating toy cock deep inside and gently
sucked her big sister's clit. She absolutely lived Bridget's bald tight and
sweet cunt. She felt Bridget ride her face and that toy. Her pussy squeezed
the vibrator hard every time Kerry pushed it deep.

"Oh Bridg, your pussy is delicious, sweet, hot, wet and tight. Are you going
to cum for me?" Kerry asked.

"Yes sis.. but will you do something for me to make me cum hard?" Bridget
responded between gasps.

"Oh yes, ohhh yes..." Kerry eagerly replied pausing only long enough.

Bridget remembered how her daddy, Paul, took his big cock out of her pussy
and pushed the head into her butthole as he came... and Bridget wanted that
again as she remembered cumming on her dad's cock in her ass. "Put it in my
butt and fuck my ass." Bridget pleaded. Kerry pulled that 6 inch vibrating
toy out of Bridget's pussy, still covered with juices and put the tip to
Bridg's puckered asshole. "Push it in sis... please please push it in... I
need to cum now," Bridget guided.

With that, Kerry pushed it firmly and almost all the way inside, then started
fucking her big sis with her tongue, using it as a cock to fuck her with...
pausing only at times to suck her clit as it began hardening and coming out
of it's hood. "UUUGGGHHHH GODDDD DAMN... FUCK... FUCK IT'S BIG... please...
please fuck me with it... fuck my pussy with that hot tongue of your's
sweet," Bridget couldn't hold back as she froze and yelped when Kerry sucked
her clit. Bridget's pussy was flowing now and her juices ran down over her
little sister's face. "OH GODDDDDD!" was all Bridget could scream as Kerry
went back to tongue fucking her pussy. and toy fucking her ass.

"Cum for me... cum for me Bridget... please cum on my tongue," Kerry begged
as she pushed her tongue in deep as her nose bumped against her clit...

"I'm cumming... oh god I'm cumming... I'm ccccuummmmminggg", Bridget screamed
out as she came all over Kerry's face... her pulsing pussy squeezing her
tongue as she kept it buried deep inside her little hole.

As Bridget's full body orgasm slowly passed, Kerry eased the toy out or
her big sister's butt... she liked how her bunghole quickly puckered back
tight... Bridget collapsed on the bed... her body completely weak... but
VERY satisfied.

"OOOhhhhh sis.. god sis.. I haven't came like that EVER.. I love you and
have NEVER felt an orgasm like that ever...can we do this again?" Bridget

"Oh yes... I love you Bridg... and I love this new sister thing. I want to do
everything with you... but we can't let mom and dad ever know." Kerry begged.

"Yep... for now... we gotta be good," Bridget answered.

"I love you sissy," Kerry cried to her older sister.

"Oh Kerry... I will always love you," Bridget replied in a whisper.

This will continue...


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