8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughters: Part 4 - Daddy's Girl
by Tankman ([email protected]) (MF,inc)

Paul Hennesey was still nervous and preoccupied with how Bridget, his 16 year
old daughter, had gave her body to him just a few weeks ago. He loved Kate,
his wife so much and their sex life is always intense, but just not as often
as he wanted. Bridget had completely caught him off-gaurd when she slipped
into the shower with him and almost begged him to show her how to fuck, how
a man can please a woman and how she can respond. Nearly everytime he closed
his eyes, he imagined how incredibly beautiful his Bridget had grown and how
she screamed when she came. He remembered how her sweet teen pussy tasted and
how she grabbed his head when she came on his tongue. He remembered how her
little tiny virgin pussy squeezed his thick cock as that fucked. He will
NEVER, as long as he lives, forget how they both came when he pushed the head
of his cock into her butthole and filled her ass with a gallon of sperm. He
often woke with an erection which Kate was very excited about taking care of
with a morning blow-job or morning fuck. He was living in a dream world since
that moment with Bridget.

One dream, or so he thought, occured just the other morning. As he slowly
woke up late on Friday morning, the house was quiet and he called out to
Kate, no answer, then calling to his son, Rory, still nothing, "Girls?
Anyone home?" and still no answer.

He was still tired so he just drifted back to sleep to catch some much needed
rest after a hard day as a sports writer for the paper. Asleep, he remmebered
how Bridget sucked his cock for the first time. Like most dreams, everything
was even more intense and soon he grew this enormous erection, larger even
than his 8 inch cock, this erection appeared to be 10 or more. In his dream
he sees Bridget, his loving, sweet-sixteen daughter approaching and without a
word, opening her mouth and taking this enormous cock into her mouth. He
watched as his girl slipped down his dick with her little petite hands and
pushed her open mouth as deep as she could. "Oh god Bridget, oh god I love
you so much, I love how you make me crazy and suck daddy's cock," Paul heard
himself whisper in his sleep.

Bridget didn't say a word as she simply started fucking her dad's dick with
her mouth and her hands. He was huge and she struggled with only about half
of the 10 inches he appeared to have (in this dream of his). Her green eyes
never left his eyes as she sucked. "Oh honey... oh honey... please stop...
it feels so good that you're about to make daddy cum," Paul pleaded, "and I
just don't want to cum just yet sweetie."

Again, Bridget said nothing as her daddy, still laying on his back, pleaded
for her to stop. She did as she was told, again silent, and brought her naked
body over his. Her little chest, absolutely perfect titties, small, yet
perfect. Her perfectly athletic and trim body, long and lean. Her nearly bare
pussy, just a hint of blonde pubic hair slightly outlining her little pussy.
And her pussy lips, fleshy, soft pink, and wet. Paul's eyes drank in every
detail of his little girl and she in turn, seemed to worship that desire he
had for her.

"Oh my god Bridget, your body, it's perfect, it's just the most beautiful
body any man could imagine," Paul softly said to his daughter as she brought
her body over his.

He watched as she straddled his hard, huge cock, she reached down with one
hand and held it straight up, and then slowly lowered her dripping pussy over
it's head. Still not saying a single word, just staring into his eyes, as she
lowered her vise-like teenage pussy over his thick dick. She only took her
eyes off once as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, her long blonde
hair flying back and around as she shook her head as she lowered her body
down over every inch of his giant cock. He looked down as his enormous (dream
induced) erect cock slipped in his daughter's body.

"OH FUCK... FUCK.. OHHHHH... fuck.. fuck me sweetie," Paul moaned and begged.

Paul's hands are over his head and he just lets his Bridget fuck him, letting
her remain in control of him. He reaches down to grab her hips to guide her,
but she softly grabs his wrists and pushes them back over his head, pinning
them to his pillow. Her little titties forced to his face. He opens his mouth
and sucks her small hard nipple. He feels her press harder against his mouth
and feels her hips pulling her incredibly tight pussy up the length, and then
she starts fucking his entire cock. All of him, he feels her pussy swallow
his dick down to his balls as she rides him hard. Amazed, caught off guard by
his 16 year old daughter's power and her agressiveness, he gives in and lets
her fuck him. Each time she offers her titties to his mouth, he just sucks
them in. Her nipples are deliciously hard, long, and full. She still says
nothing as she fucks her daddy.

"Oh sweet, take daddy's cock... fuck daddy with your little pussy... fuck me
good sweetie," Paul pleads.

Bridget's little pussy is even tighter than it was the first time. Still,
Bridget doesn't reply, only fucks and she fucks good. This confidence only
makes Paul harder. The first time they fucked, he was in full control and
he was so careful to be gentle. This time however, Bridget was in full
control and Paul was just her fuck-toy, and she was playing hard with her
dad. Bridget seemed to know each time that she almost made her daddy cum,
as though she felt his cock swell up inside that tiny pussy of hers.

Bridget didn't speak, but she did moan. Paul felt her coming this time, he
heard her slowly, deeply moan. Paul knew that this would be it ... that she
would cum harder than she did the first time they fucked. He held out as
long as he could until Bridget screamed... screamed hard and long as her
pussy... and her entire body orgasmed. He watched her as she gave up and
came all over his hard dick.

"Bridget, oh honey... I'm gonna cum sweetie... you're making daddy cum...
ooohhhhh," Paul cried.

Quickly, Bridget lifted her tight little body off her dad and she descended
to his cock. She held it up straight... stroked it... and watched the first
shot of cum fly, almost spray, out of the head of his cock. She quietly
watched in amazement as a second shot squirted hard out of his cock and then
she opened her mouth to finish her daddy off. She drove his cock to her
throat and gently pumped all of his cum out of his cock. Paul thought he
had orgasmed forever and was screaming like a wild man as the final shots
finished, his cock still pulsing in his daughter Bridget's throat, she pulled
off. She kept her pink lips tightly over his cock and then lifted off his
dick. She looked deeply into his eyes and opened her mouth to show the gallon
of white sperm that she had "earned". She then wiped up the loose drops from
the corners of her mouth, closed her mouth, and swallowed. She proudly
openned her now empty mouth to prove that she had drank it all for him, (and
for herself too). It was her reward.

Paul watched his daughter, watched her do it all, "OOOhhhhh Bridget... god
Bridget... I haven't came like that, EVER... Oh honey... I had no idea...
sweetie... I love you..." Paul responded.

Just then, he heard Bridget, "Daddy, THAT was delicious, your cum, your cock,
especially after fucking me so good," Bridget replied. "Does my pussy really
taste that good?" Bridget questioned.

Paul realized, shocked, that it was not a dream at all. Paul realized that he
only thought he was dreaming, but it all happened. His daughter fucked him
like no woman ever had before and he thought he was only dreaming.

"Oh sweetheart, I thought I was dreaming all of this." Paul expressed.

Bridget slipped her naked body up along his, pulled the covers up and laughed
out loud. "No dad, silly, I sucked you, and then fucked you, and then I ate
your delicious cum. And I want to do it again, but this time, don't wake the

The End, for now. Hope you all enjoyed.


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