8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter: Daddy's Girls Part 2 (Mff,inc)
by Tankman ([email protected])

Kerry Hennesy, 15 years old was no longer a virgin by technicality, since
last time with Bridget, her sister shoved a vibrator right through her
cherry. Bridget knew that it was time for daddy to fill little Kerry's pussy
this time. Bridget Hennesy, 16 year old, having fucked her daddy several
times now and knowing how delicious his cum was and how huge he 8 inch dick
felt shoving through her pussy and ass, she just knew that Kerry was ready
for more, ready for dad. She knew Kerry would love it all, the taste, the
feel, her daddy's arms around her, his kisses and his touch. She didn't want
Kerry to experience some horny teenage boy who just wanted to get into her
pants and get his dick fucked, but a loving and experienced man, her dad,
Paul Hennesy.

Bridget had lovingly taught her kid sister the pleasure of oral sex, but
wanted Kerry to know how it feels to have a cock pushing into her. She didn't
want to share Paul, her dad, just yet, but she loved her sister and wanted
her to enjoy sex the right way. Bridget decided to ask Kerry if she would be
willing and Kerry jumped at the chance. Kerry's face lit up and her eyes
widened as Bridget described how it felt to get fucked by her daddy and Kerry
was ready, although nervous, she was ready and willing.

Bridget slipped into the hallway bathroom where her dad was getting ready
for bed. She slipped up behind him, pressed her sweet titties up against his
back, only covered by her sleepware, a cute little teddy that she liked to
wear. Paul, still surprised by his daughter's agressive need for his touch,
looked into her eyes and reached around behind him and grabbed her firm toned
asscheek. Pulling her closer to him, Bridget reaches down into his boxers and
grabs his semi-hard cock. She want's to turn him around and suck him off
right then and there, but she knew her mom and brother would surely catch
them and it would all end. She held back and just stroked him while pressing
her body to his back. She then whispered into her daddy's ear, "Daddy, Kerry
is ready for you tonight."

"Are you sure?" Paul asked.

"Oh yes, daddy, she is ready for you and she wants you tonight and I want to
share her with you," Bridget confidently replied. "Tonight, at midnight, come
to our bedroom after mom goes to sleep. We will wait for you, PLEASE come
then daddy, please?" Bridget pleaded.

"Okay sweetie, your mom is sound asleep and snoring away by that time, I'll
be there," Paul responded.

Bridget reluctantly released her dad's big thick cock and returned to her
and Kerry's bedroom.

Reaching the bedroom, Bridget saw that Kerry was finished in their bathroom
and had slipped into bed, her pillows propped up as she anxiously waited for
her sister to return with the plan.

"Bridget, did he agree?" Kerry asked.

"Yes, he sure did. You don't know this about daddy, but he has been dreaming
of both of our bodies. He told me that at your last dance recital, when you
were wearing that tight black leotard, so tight that he could see the outline
of your nipples and the slit between your legs, he wanted to see you naked
and had trouble sleeping for weeks," Bridget encouraged her. "Don't wear
anything to bed and daddy will come for us at midnight."

Kerry was showered and she was afraid, but she was indeed ready for more.
She remembered the most incredible orgasm of her life during the last fuck
and lick session with Bridget, and daddy's cock would feel even better.
Kerry was indeed ready.

* * *

Kerry wanted Bridget to be close when their dad came in so she slipped
into bed with her and they talked and talked and touched until about 11:30
before they both drifted to sleep. Paul decided to stay awake and read
until midnight to make sure that Kate was indeed sound asleep.

At midnight, he slipped out of the bedroom and tip-toed to the girl's room.
Paul checked on Rory and saw that he was safely tucked in and sleeping like
he did when he was a very small boy. All clear as Paul slipped into the
girl's bedroom as quiet as possible. Noticing the girls were both asleep,
but in bed and nude under the sheet. Paul gently kissed Bridget's cheek and
whispered for her. Bridget quickly woke-up and greeted her father with a
kiss on his lips. Gently, Bridget stirred Kerry awake also with a kiss on
her cheek. Kerry slowly woke with a smile when she saw both her sister and
her father.

"Kerrbear (as her father often called her), are you sure you want this? If
you say no, then we stop and NOTHING changes. I love you more than anything
and wouldn't want to hurt you," Paul gently explained.

Kerry's response was silent, nervous, but sure. She replied with a gentle
kiss and a gentle nod, yes.

Very few words were spoken from this moment on, no one wanted to wake the
rest of the family (this time). Bridget was thinking about Kerry's lips and
her mouth. She got creamy every time she remembered how good her little
sister had licked her till she came. Bridget and Kerry both rolled to their
backs and opened their legs to show Paul their young teen pussies. Paul was
in heaven as with seeing Bridget's bald fleshy pussy and for the first time,
his little girl Kerry's sweet pussy. Kerry had the softest red pubic hair
covering her pussy, not too much as he could clearly see her pussy lips and
the wetness inside. Her titties were much bigger than Bridgets. Paul dove
into Kerry's pussy first with his tongue gently slipping up and down the
length of her little teen pussy. She arched her back when he hit her clit,
still covered by it's protective hood, but also pretty hard and sensitive.
Bridget watched her daddy licking Kerry and started fingering her own
pussy. She leaned up and over Kerry's tits and gently sucked one, then the
other. Feeling her sister's nipples harden in her mouth. Sucking her sweet
young tits while finger-fucking her own wet cunt.

Paul lifted Kerry's young body and manuevered her so that she was on her
hands and knees. Bridget took the opportunity to slip up to her pillow and
spread her legs and open pussy in front of Kerry's mouth. She wanted her
kid sister to lick her off as her daddy fucked her for the first time.

"Taste me sissy, like you did last week, make me cum real good!" Bridget
begged. Kerry instantly responded as she leaned her face into Bridget's
bald fat pussy. "Ooohhh yes sweetie, lick my pussy... and get ready for
dad," Bridget whispered. Kerry followed her sister's words and did as she
was told.

"Daddy... please please... I am ready... I want your big cock... please,"
Kerry paused her pussy munching to gently ask.

"Okay honey, hold still sweetie...I don't want to hurt you Kerrbear,"
instructs Paul very softly and she reached back and pulls her ass cheeks
open allowing her pussy lips to spread for him. Paul cautiously and quietly
warns her, "Honey, this might hurt, but I won't go very fast and tell me if
you want me to stop, and we MUST be quiet so don't scream out," as he pushes
slowly into her pussy. Entering his little girl's pussy for the first time,
Paul pushes his dick deeper and deeper... squeezing into her tiny cunt. He
pushed but still couldn't yet get all of his 8 inch cock into her. Kerry
stops licking her sister's pussy and looks straight into Bridget's eyes.
Her mouth open wide but no sound, yet, as her daddy pushes deeper, pulling
out a little and then again very deep. He could feel his full balls pressing
against her pussy. He finally got all the way in. Now, time to fuck her her
little pussy fast and firm, and he did just that.

"OH god... OHHHHH... fuck... fuck daddy... it doesn't hurt, but it feels
HUGE... fuck me now daddy... fuck me hard..." Kerry quietly pleads.

Paul grabs tight on her gentle hips and starts slowly pushing deep and then
slowly pulling out just to the point where his cock-head is at her lips.
"Oh sweet.. OH MY GOD sweet... your little pussy is so tight... and so hot,
you're unbelievable... your fucking burning my cock. oh sweetie, fuck daddy
with your little pussy... fuck me good sweetie," Paul softly pleads. Kerry's
little pussy is even tighter than Bridget's which he will NEVER forget. He
pushed firmly each time to go as deep as he could.

"God... oh god... daddy... you're cock is splitting me open... your fucking
splitting me open daddy," was Kerry's only response. Kerry returned to
Bridget's pussy and within a minute, she came all over her daddy's big dick.
Bridget followed with grabbing her little sister's head and holding her so
she could cum too. Kerry's tounge lapping away at Bridget's hard fat clit.
Bridget's cursing just made Paul harder and he fucked his little girl good.
He wanted her to feel every inch of his big thick dick. She did, she felt it
filling her little body. Kerry came once already and he reached under and
rubbed her clit, hard and stilling out like a little cock.. and she came on
him again. For 5 minutes, but felt like forever, Paul fucked his youngest
daughter. Kerry loved it all, "Ohhhhhohhhhh OHHHH daddy... oh god daddy...
you're gonna make me cum again... Ohh daddy... make me cum... fuck me...
fuck my pussy, fuck my whole body..." Kerry quietly moaned.

Paul knew that this would do it... that she would cum harder than she did
before... and he fucked her hard till she did.. Kerry buried her mouth into
Bridget's cunt and came hard and long as her pussy... her entire body
orgasmed. He had to cum too. Her cunt was pulling his dick... stroking it
as she came on him. Without a word... Paul pushed his big thick dick deep
into his little girls pussy... THAT did it... with his entire cock in her
vise-like little cunt, he started pumping his cum... so much cum that some
squeezed out of her pussy as he held his dick inside. Restraining the
overwhelming instinct to scream out, his body just shook violently as he
pumped inside Kerry... roughly grabbing her shoulders as he pushed all the
way in, keeping his dick buried... And Bridget felt it too... felt her
sister get fucked and filled. She felt that Kerry's body, and her tongue...
begin to relax and give up. Slowly... very slowly and quietly, they each
started to feel total exhaustion and they all relaxed. There bodies
completely satisfied.

Paul fell forward with his little girl, keeping his still throbbing cock
inside her dripping pussy. As his cum squeezed out her little pussy tightened
and his softening dick slipped out her her. "OOOhhhhh god girls. Kerry, you
are so beautiful and Bridget, thank you for letting me love you both even
more than ever. Oh sweet Kerrbear, are you okay? I loved tasting you, fucking
you, you are both so beautiful and loving," Paul said.

Bridget wrapped her arms around her sister and her dad and loved it all. "Oh
daddy, I can't believe all of this... you're incredible and I can't imagine
every feeling this loved by anyone else," Kerry replied as her eyes teared up
a little. She was always the sensitive one while Bridget was the tough one.

"Oh girls, I hate to, but I gotta get back to my bedroom before your mom or
brother find us all laying naked and covered with cum. I wish we could all
sleep together in this bed and wake up for more in the morning. Maybe we will
someday soon, but for now, we gotta keep this between us.. I am sure though,
we will do all sorts of things together," Paul encouraged his girls.

Paul slipped quietly back into bed with Kate, looking deeply at her gentle
face and slipped up close to her, his arm over her sleeping body, and closed
his eyes to dream, to dream about what more might happen in this loving

The End for now...


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