Beverly Hills 90210: Bed Rest (f/f)
by The Reverend

Kelly Taylor quietly made her way up the stairs of the Walsh house and risked
a peek inside Valerie's bedroom. The bed was unmade, the curtains drawn. But
Valerie was nowhere to be found.


Kelly started to worry. From what Brandon had told her, Valerie was at
death's door. She'd tried to explain to him that no one had died from the flu
since the Middle Ages, but Brandon would hear none of it. Kelly knew Valerie
was like a sister to him, and though she personally despised the woman's very
existence she tried to indulge Brandon's brotherly instincts.

But how she'd allowed herself to get talked into this was a mystery. One
minute she and Brandon were having a cup of coffee on campus and the next
minute she was promising him that she'd stop by they house and check on
Valerie. Kelly replayed the conversation in her mind and it still didn't
make sense.

He just knows which buttons to press, she decided.

Kelly crossed the bedroom and gently rapped on the bathroom door. "Valerie?"

"I'll be out in a minute," Val replied.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

Kelly shrugged, casually rearranging the various items on top of Valerie's
dresser. The temptation to sneak a peek inside her dresser drawers was just
too much for her to resist. Kelly opened the top drawer and found nothing of
consequence... some hand written notes, bottles of hairspray. The next drawer
was much more revealing. Folded neatly inside was an assortment of racy
lingerie, frilly black bras and crotchless panties.

Nice, Kelly thought.

Kelly heard the click of the bathroom door and quickly closed the drawer.
Feeling childish and embarrassed, she turned around to find Valerie standing
in the bathroom doorway completely nude. Kelly hoped she didn't gasp. Val's
body was perfect ... absolutely perfect. Her ample breasts were firm and
inviting, jutting forward as if to make a statement of defiance against
gravity. Her curvaceous hips were properly formed and in direct proportion to
the rest of her flawless body. The patch of hair between her legs was neatly
trimmed into a perfect triangle. Looking at her was like looking at a
airbrushed photo from a men's magazine, only Val was the genuine article.
Kelly knew she was staring at her for much too long, only Valerie didn't seem
to mind.

"Hi, Kel," Valerie said. She sauntered over to the bed, her hips swinging
ever so slightly. Everything about her radiated sex. Her voice... her lips...
her smile. Whether it was intentional or second nature was difficult to tell.
It was probably a little of both. She climbed into bed, pulling the covers
just over her breasts. "What's up?"

Kelly started to speak and then stopped. She felt confused, disoriented...
but she didn't know why. Surely the sight of Valerie's naked body wasn't
enough to render her speechless. Or was it? Kelly tried to push the thought
away... far away. "Uh, Brandon told me you weren't feeling well and he asked
me to stop by and check up on you."

"How thoughtful of him," Valerie said. "You must have been doing cartwheels
when you heard the news."

Kelly sighed tiredly. "Valerie... I don't want to fight with you today. We
don't like each other... that's an established fact. Now let's move past it,
okay? You're not feeling well and I'm the only one here to take care of you.

"Truce," Val smiled. "But only because I'm too sickly to be my bitchiest."

"Good enough," Kelly laughed. She sat down on the edge of the bed, putting a
motherly hand to Valerie's forehead. "My God... you're burning up. I should
take your temperature."

"Do you want me to roll over?" Val smirked.

Kelly shot her a look. "I don't think so."

"Spoil sport," Val said.

Kelly shook her head. "Are you hungry? Would you like me to fix you something
to eat?"

"Maybe later," Val said. "Actually..." She stopped, and for the first time
Kelly saw honest emotion in the other woman's face. "This is going to sound
so stupid, but actually I'd like it if you would just sit with me for a

Kelly knew she couldn't have hidden her surprise even if she'd wanted to.
"You really are sick."

"It's the fever talking, " Valerie said.

Kelly laughed. "Or maybe you're just going crazy from being cooped up in here
for so long."

"I think maybe that's it," Valerie said. "I have all this pent up energy and
I don't know what to do with it." She reached up and placed her hand on
Kelly's cheek. Kelly was obviously surprised by the gesture, but she didn't
pull away. Taking that as a sign of encouragement, Val leaned over and kissed
her... tentatively at first, but then with increasing fervor. Kelly responded
almost immediately, opening her mouth wide in acceptance, allowing the other
woman's tongue into her mouth and teasing it with her own.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kelly finally managed to pull herself
away. "Valerie... what are we doing?"

Valerie smiled. "I think that's pretty obvious."

"I'm in love with Brandon," Kelly said, more to herself than to Valerie.

"I know," Val said. "I also saw the way you were looking at me when I came
out of the bathroom. It excited you. You can't deny that."

"No, I can't," Kelly replied softly.

"Good," Val said. "I have to admit... right now I find you very attractive.
We may never get another chance at this. Tomorrow I'll feel better, and we'll
probably go back to hating each other."

That brought a smile to Kelly's lips. "You are incorrigible."

"And you are very beautiful," Val said. She pulled Kelly close and kissed
her, once again devouring the other woman's lips with a hunger that was
almost overpowering.

Kelly couldn't believe this was happening. She hated Valerie Malone. Everyone
knew that; it wasn't like either of them had tried to mask their feelings.
Yet the feel of the other woman's lips against hers filled Kelly with such
uncontrollable lust that nothing else mattered. She needed to be close to
her. She needed to feel Valerie's naked flesh against her own.

In one fluid motion, Kelly stripped off her blouse. Her bra went next, and
she allowed Val a moment to admire her shapely breasts before shedding the
rest of her clothes.

Valerie threw open the covers and welcomed a very naked Kelly Taylor into her
bed. Kelly barely had time to get comfortable before Val was on top of her.
Their lips met again, this time with a new sense of urgency and purpose.

Val began the long trip down Kelly's body by planting wet, sloppy kisses on
her chin, on her neck, on her shoulder. She moved her hand up Kelly's side
and cupped it around her breast, gently massaging the generous mound of flesh
as her mouth and tongue moved closer. She eased the tip of her tongue across
Kelly's erect nipple then devoured her breast completely, suckling her bosom
like a new born baby.

"Ohhh...." Kelly sighed.

Val continued to lavish Kelly's breasts with oral attention, moving from one
to the other. From the way Kelly fidgeted on the bed, Valerie knew exactly
what she wanted. She continued to make her way down Kelly's body, kissing her
flat belly, tonguing her navel, moving closer and closer until she had her
face practically buried in Kelly's crotch.

"Mmm...." Valerie purred. "A natural blond." She let her fingers graze the
thick patch of blond pubic hair, toying with it as if discovering a furry new
pet. "Do you want me to fuck you, Kelly?"

"Yes," Kelly whispered.

"Yes, what?"

Valerie smiled, the same smile that Kelly had found so infuriating for so
long. Kelly knew her lust for Valerie was handing a small victory to a woman
that she'd considered a nemesis for more than two years. But she didn't care.
If she didn't have that woman's tongue inside her soon she was certain she
would explode.

"Yes,... I want you to fuck me," Kelly said.

"Beg," Valerie said.

Kelly stared at her, a surge of anger filling her mind. How dare she! But
then Kelly saw the twinkle in Valerie's eyes and knew that it was just a
game... not her usual manipulate-to-get-what-I-want game but a bedroom game.
And she was getting off on it. Kelly smiled, more than willing to play along,
realizing that she was getting off on it, too.

"Fuck me, Valerie, " Kelly pleaded. "Please. I want you to fuck me. Please,
Valerie. Please fuck me!"

"All right, Kelly," Val said. She immediately buried her face between Kelly's
legs, losing herself in the blond woman's musky scent.

"Oh God..." Kelly gasped. She enjoyed nothing more than having her pussy
eaten. Some guys didn't like going down on a woman; something about the
mysteries of the female's sexual epicenter intimidated them. It was one
thing to stick their cock in it; that gave them a sense of power. But mouth
to pussy contact was just too daunting for their timid little hearts. Brandon
was certainly more adventurous than most of the other men she'd been to bed
with, but his attempts at cunnilingus left much to be desired. When it came
to oral sex, he approached her cunt like a sculptor approaching a block of
marble with a chainsaw. No artistry. No finesse. Just broad hit-or-miss

But Valerie knew exactly what she was doing. She was the Michelangelo of
licking clit. Her agile tongue expertly and eagerly explored every nook and
cranny of the wetness between Kelly's legs, sending the blond haired woman
into a frenzy.

"Valerie," Kelly whimpered. Hearing the name mewed from her own trembling
lips shocked and delighted Kelly to no end. Normally she spat the name like
an obscenity. Now the name was synonymous with the best head she'd ever
received. Her mind reeled. Every jab of Valerie's tongue sent an electric
charge through her body. She could feel the orgasm stirring deep inside her,
a dull ache slowly bubbling to the surface.

Valerie quickened her pace, rolling Kelly's enlarged clit in her mouth as
she gently slid a finger into her partner's dripping wet pussy. Kelly bucked
against Valerie's ministrations, her hips uncontrollably lifting off the bed.
Valerie inserted another finger... then another, fucking Kelly with three
fingers while her tongue lapped up the juices that were flowing like a river
from Kelly's pussy.

"Oh God!" Kelly squealed. Her muscles tensed as her body rocked with the most
powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She usually had to fake it with
Brandon, although once she'd almost had something close to an orgasm with
him. But that puny experience was nothing compared to the mind blowing gusher
she was having now. She felt light headed, the world was spinning around her,
and Valerie kept sucking her clit until Kelly thought she would leap right
out of her skin.

"Oh, God, Valerie," Kelly gasped, struggling to breathe. "That was...

Val smiled hungrily. "Think you can give as good as you can get?"

"I can give it the old college try," Kelly said.

Valerie swung around, thrusting her ass into Kelly's face. Kelly wasted no
time before going to work, eager for her first taste of another woman. She
wasn't at all disappointed. Valerie's sex had a strong, powerful flavor and
Kelly just couldn't get enough of it. She gobbled it up like it was the last
meal on Earth.

"Oh yeah..." Valerie panted. "You're a fucking natural."

Given the impressive demonstration Valerie had just given, Kelly took that
as a tremendous compliment. She certainly wasn't going to let her mentor
down. She parted the swollen red pussy lips with her fingers and drove her
tongue deep inside, eliciting a loud moan from the woman above her.

Before long Kelly's face and fingers were covered in Valerie's juices, and
she wasn't about to let them go to waste. Using the cum as a lubricant, Kelly
gently eased a finger into Valerie's puckering anus.

"That's it, Kelly," Valerie hissed. "Finger fuck my asshole!"

Kelly was more than happy to oblige, building up a steady rhythm as she
worked her finger in and out of the other woman's rectum, greasing Val's
asshole with her own lovely juices.

"Ohhhhhh," Kelly groaned as Valerie set about to ease the aching between
her legs. Her pussy was still raw from the last working over, but Valerie's
prodding tongue was soothing and gentle. Soon they were working in unison,
grunting and jabbing and licking and moaning as one joined being. Kelly could
feel Valerie's muscles tightening just as her own orgasm was beginning to
spill over. The sensation was overwhelming. Her flesh crawled. Her mind
screamed out. She was aware of everything and nothing, knowing only that
she'd never felt anything like this before as she came again and again and

Kelly and Valerie held each other afterwards, wrapped up in each other's
arms, both so exhausted that it was a long time before either had the
strength to speak.

"I guess you're feeling better," Kelly said.

Valerie laughed. "Yeah. That was just what the doctor ordered."

Kelly put her hand on Valerie's forehead. "Ooohh... but you're still so hot.
That isn't good. You should probably stay in bed and get plenty of rest."

"I'll stay in bed," Valerie smiled. "But I don't think I'll be getting much

"Not if I can help it," Kelly grinned.


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