Beverly Hills 90210: Brenda's Rape (m/f,inc,ncon)
by Anonymous

Home. Brenda, sixteen years old, was at home with her brother, Brandon, who
was slightly older. Their parents were out for a vacation, and would be back
in a few days. Brenda was in her room doing her homework when she heard
Brandon come into the house. As usual he ignored her and went directly into
his room. From time to time Brenda would be annoyed that Brandon treats her
like a little girl, as if she'd never grew up, but she's used to it so she
just continued with her chemistry homework.

An hour later she finished the homework for chemistry and decided to take a
break. It was kind of unusual for Brandon to be so quiet, no noise was
coming out of his room. Brenda decided to forget about it and continue with
her homework. She was about to begin her English homework when she noticed
that her dictionary was missing. "Damn it. He must have taken it without
telling me." She got up and walked out of her room, determined to go to his
room to get the dictionary. As it was her custom she opened the door without
knocking. She started walking in, saying, "Hey, Bran, did you..." She
stopped in mid-sentence and froze. Brandon was laying half-naked on his bed,
a pornographic magazine in one hand, and his cock in the other, jerking off.

Embarrassed, horny, angry, he panicked. He thought, "My younger sister, damn
it." He dropped the magazine and sat up on his bed. "Come over here for a
second, Bren. We need to talk."

Embarrassed and a little scared, Brenda stuttered, "No... I... I... I
am... am sorry. I... am... am... leaving." She started turning around and
stepping out of the room.

Confused and angry, Brandon shouts at her, "Brenda, stop! Get the fuck over
here now! We have to talk. I mean it!"

She froze in mid step. He had never acted like that before. She started
shivering slightly as she slowly turned around to face him. "What do you
want to talk about?"

Still confused and mad, and very horny, Brandon said, "Well, you're younger
than I am, so maybe you don't understand these urges. It's just... You have
to understand that... Guys get horny sometimes... and... Well, they have to
relief themselves... by whatever means possible. It's just a fact of life."
Rambling on, he suddenly realized that he wanted to grab Brenda and fuck her.
He had never thought of her in that way, that is until now, he has noticed
that Brenda has grown up, she is no longer the little girl. He is seeing her
as a mature woman. And her presence is making him even more aroused.
"Brenda, have you ever had sex before or touched yourself?"

"You... you don't have to explain anything. I'm leaving. I did not see
anything. Okay?" she started walking out of the room. "I am leaving. I'm
sorry I interrupted."

"Brenda, get back here!" Brandon yelled, as he got off his bed and stood up,
his hard cock hanging out of his boxers. "You don't understand." He
repeated as he caught up with her and grabbing her by her shoulders turned
her towards him, to face him, before she could get too far. "Bren, listen to
me. And answer my fucking question! Have you had sex before or have you
ever touched yourself?" He asked, unknowingly feeding his own horniness. He
forced her to look into his eyes.

"Let me go." she starts to panic as she sees the desire in his eyes. She
has never seen that look in his eyes before. "Okay. No, I never had sex
before. And, yes, I have touched myself. Are you satisfied? Now, let me
go! You are hurting me!"

"I see. So you don't know what it is like, do you? You would understand if
you knew what it was like." Brandon said, tightening his grip on her even

"I don't want to understand. Just let me go, and go back to whatever it was
that you were doing. Please, let me go." Brenda begged, frightened and

He could feel her trembling in his hands. "Bitch, you can't just walk away
from this. You know what it is like to be horny. You are a fucking teenager
for Christ's sake. And you can't tell me that my cock hanging out like this
doesn't make you horny."

"NO, it doesn't!" Brenda screamed, as she reached up trying to break free.

"Goddamnit, Brenda! Do I have to fucking spell it out for you?" Brandon
said firmly, while pulling her back into his room. He pushed her forcefully
onto his bed. "All women are whores. You can't tell me that you want it
any less than the next slut."

"Brandon, stop. I don't want it. Let me go." Brenda started crying, trying
to sit up. "I'm going to tell mom and dad if you don't let me go."

"Mom and dad are not here right now. And besides they won't believe you.
They know you are always lying. You little slut." He pushed her back down.

"I'm not a slut. Let me go. Don't do this. Damn you!"

Brandon was becoming angrier and more frustrated, but mainly he was hornier
than ever. He got on top of Brenda, pinning her down beneath him, and said
angrily to her face, "No, Cunt, damn YOU. You are the one who came in here.
You wouldn't have been watching me if you weren't a little slut."

Brenda tried to push him off, but he was stronger and heavier. "I wasn't
watching you. I didn't mean to come in here like that. How was I supposed
to know what you were doing? NOW, let me go!"

Seeing tears running down her cheeks, and feeling her body trembling under
him, Brandon could tell that his sister was afraid, and trying to reassure
her, he said, "Look, Brenda. It's okay. You haven't done anything wrong.
We're not doing anything wrong." And, as he said this, he kissed her gently
on the lips. His hands began moving down to her waist, to feel her. He
kissed her again, this time a little bit longer. Brenda continued to squirm
beneath him, but he's got her pinned down. His hand slowly migrated down,
sliding under the waistband of her shorts, to feel her pubic hair. But,
something is strange. Then Brandon had a realization, "You ARE a slut!
You're up here telling me 'NO, no, damn you!' And all the while you're wet
as a whore! You like this don't you? You really do want it."

"NO, please stop. This is wrong. It doesn't matter what either of us wants.
This isn't right. Mom and dad will be mad at both of us. Stop." Brenda
squirmed and twisted around trying to get away.

"What, are you embarrassed now? Embarrassed that your own brother, in a
violent frenzy, cock flying all over the place, can make you horny? Are you
ashamed? Well I don't give a fuck. You're horny, and you want be fucked
right now. And don't try and tell me otherwise." He kissed her harder on
the mouth, forcing his tongue into her mouth, his hands roaming and probing
over her young, innocent body. "Look, you little slut! Mom and dad are on
vacation, and they won't be home for a couple more days. The fact is that we
are both horny. So why don't you just give into your 'twisted' desires and
acknowledge them as your own. I don't think you have a choice." As he said
this, he started to undress her. His hands slid up her shirt, over her arms,
tossing the shirt onto the floor. "Come on, Brenda. Lighten up and enjoy
it. You might as well..."

Trying hard to control her instincts, Brenda tried not to respond her
brother's kisses and touch. Slowly she felt her own resolution breaking
down. She tries one last time. "Stop, before it is too late. Please,

"Arrgh, goddamnit Brenda! Don't give me that shit. You're not going to stop
this, no matter what you do. So you might as well just enjoy it." He
continued roaming her body with his hands. He began to unbutton her shorts,
forcefully sliding them off her body and onto the ground as she squirmed
beneath him. Once again, he probed around her crotch. "Gosh, Sis. You're
even wetter than I thought. This is really getting you off, isn't it? Well
don't worry. You many not know what is coming, but you are in for the ride
of your life. On the other hand if you are going to get violent every time
you get horny, Brandon laughed at his own attempt at joking. And his hand
continued to feel her crotch, engaging the wetness. Suddenly, in a mad burst
of strength, he ripped off her panties tearing them open down the middle.
Brenda's crotch was exposed now. He tossed the rag that was her panties to
the floor.

Brenda turned her raven head to the side as he ripped her panties off. She
knew that she couldn't stop him. She was sobbing quietly, hoping that this
was just a nightmare and that she'll wake up soon. She turned to look at him
again, her eyes full of tears, begging.

"Why would you want this to stop Brenda? You don't want this to stop or you
wouldn't be so fucking wet and horny. You can tell that I don't want this to
stop. My cock wants to pound you and make you squeal like the slut that you
are. So why should we stop? It's pointless to combat your desires."

Saying that, Brandon decided to give her some freedom. He embraced her
where she was, and flipped them over. Now, Brenda was on the top and Brandon
beneath her. "Let's test my theory. You are free to get away, if you want.
I know you are wet and you want it. You are free to resist or to indulge
your desires. So what is it going to be?"

Brenda could feel his hard cock against her crotch. She tried to push
herself up to get away, but her hands slipped on the blanket and she fell
back down right on top of him. She could feel his cock pressing harder on
her crotch.

"There you go. I was right." Brandon said, as he moved his hands around to
brace her ass as he positioned himself underneath her, ready for entry. As
he pushed her downward with his hands, his pelvis thrust upward and inserted
his cock into her tight virgin pussy. "You see? It wasn't so bad, was it?
Do you still want to go away? What does your body say?"

Brenda gasped in pain as she felt his cock enter her. She was still sobbing,
and she ignored his questions. Seeing her distress, Brandon moved his hands
from her ass up to her back, and undid her bra, tossing it aside, freeing her
breasts from their constraint. He slowly slid his cock out of her and pumped
it back into her with a slightly harder, firmer thrust. "There, that is
good, isn't it?

Brenda did not answer. She just looked at him, hating her brother for what
was happening.

Seeing her teary eyes, Brandon pushed her up so that she was straddling him,
free to ride him as her body dictated. He could see the conflict in her, her
instincts screamed for her to go on while her rational told her that she
shouldn't be with him, her brother. Brenda closed her eyes and said between
sobs, "I hate you. Why did you do this? It hurts."

Seeing and understanding her internal conflict, Brando decided to help her
resolve it. He got out of her, and grabbed her by the waist and pushed her
down, so that she was lying on her stomach. He placed two pillows under her
stomach, raising her ass. Then he got on top of her, straddling her legs,
and reinserted himself into her. He began to pump his hard cock in and out
of her, slowly building up the pace. Brenda was squealing and squirming
beneath him. But all he could do to comfort her was to lean down, kiss her
neck and whisper in her ear. "It's alright. Don't worry. Relax. Doesn't
this feel good?" Brenda's juices were getting all over his pubic hair and
balls, splattering all over the place every time he thrust deep inside her.

Brenda buried her face into the pillow on the bed as he picked up speed.
His scrotum swinging like a pendulum, colliding with her pubic hair. He
continued to thrust in and out of her, with more and more power, more
intensity, more fury. Slowly, Brenda's instinct began to win the battle
inside her, taking over her body. She was moaning and sobbing at the same
time. The pillow muffling her sounds. Continuing his sexual ferocity,
Brandon bent down covering her body with his, and whispered in her ear,
"Do you know what it is like to cum from a cock inside you? You are going
to like it, you little slut. You're going to love it. And you'll know
what it is like really soon."

He continued pumping in and out of her, harder and harder, her juices were
flying everywhere. He could feel them dripping down his thighs and making
her crotch glisten. He whispered again. "You are really enjoying this
aren't you? It is okay to moan. Take you face out of the pillow, don't
suffocate yourself. No one will hear you but me." Brandon started pounding
into her quicker as he felt himself nearing the edge. "Come on Brenda. I'm
going to cum soon. You are so nice and tight inside. Let's cum together.
Don't you like this? Huh? Talk to me!" Brenda just shook her head and
buried her face deeper into the pillow. She was mad and disgusted at herself
for enjoying this, for nearing the edge, and she wasn't going to let him hear
her moan.

Suddenly, in a mad, rhythmic, pumping fury, he began to enter orgasm. Brenda
felt it, as he collided into her with unmatched power and intensity. Soon,
she felt his warm cum inside her, five large squirts. This pushed Brenda
over the edge and she entered her own orgasm. The pillow muffled a little of
her screams, her muscles tensed. Then she felt Brandon collapsing on top of
her, panting, his cock slowly becoming flaccid. Brenda was still sobbing,
the pillow was covered with her tears and sweat.

Brenda stayed still for a few moments with Brandon on top of her. Then she
started squirming, trying to get him off her. He rolled to one side and
looked at her naked body. Then he grabbed her by her shoulder and forced her
to turn around to face him. "You see. I was right. I knew you'd like it."

"I hate you." Brenda responded. Then she pushed his hands away and got up
from the bed, running out of the room.

Brandon yelled after her, "Mom and dad won't be back for a couple of days.
I'll be here if you want it again." And he laughed as she ran into her room
and slammed the door shut.


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