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Subject: HypnoTV: 90210 (mc,ff)
Date: 1997/11/10

HypnoTV: 90210
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains
explicit descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave
now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does not work this way. If you
feel like trying this, seek help.

Val didn't even notice the work in front of her. All she
could think about was Brandon and Kelly. Val couldn't figure it
out. She was tall, with full breasts, short dark hair and a
gorgeous face. She had been living in the same house with Brandon
for a few years now. She was wore outfits much like her current
one, a black mini-dress with a dark shirt. So, why did Brandon
keep going out with Kelly and not her? She had tried everything
she could think of to break them up, all without success. She
wanted Brandon, bad. But as long as he was infatuated with that
blonde bimbo, she didn't have a chance.
Sighing, Val stood up from the table and decided to take a
walk. She was seated in the lower floor of the library, checking
research for a paper. School was a pain, but it did keep her
closer to Brandon. Val shook her head as she walked along the
aisles of the library. Not having had sex in two weeks did not
help her mood any. As she marched down the aisles, her hand
brushed against a book loosely and knocked it to the floor.
Val reached down to pick up the book. She took notice of its
title and paused. An idea slowly crawled into her head. Maybe,
just maybe, it could work. A smile growing on her face, Val
opened up the book and started to read it.

Donna collapsed onto the couch, moaning. She was somewhat
attractive with tits to die for. She had taken to dying her hair
brown, a serious change from its former blonde state. She was
clad in a red dress, fresh from a night of club-hopping. With
Claire out for the evening, she had the house to herself and
decided a good night's sleep was necessary for tomorrow.
A knock on her door interrupted her. Groaning, Donna stood
up and walked over, her feet aching with every step. Opening the
door, she saw Val standing there. "Hey," Val said. "Is Claire
"Nope," Donna replied, dragging herself back to the couch.
Val was glad, since Donna was the one she really wanted to see.
"I wish she was here," Donna continued. "I need a hell of a foot
Val almost squeaked in delight. This was better than she
hoped. "I'll give it a go. Can't promise an expert touch but it
should be enough."
After a moment's pause, Donna nodded. Val walked over to the
couch where Donna lay and sat down on the opposite end. As Donna
leaned back on the couch, Val pulled off her high heels and began
rubbing at Donna's feet. "God, that's it," Donna moaned. "Right
there. Do it right there."
"Take it easy," Val said. "Real easy. Just lay back, relax
and let your worries go away. Deep, slow breaths. Nice and easy.
Just relax and let me take care of you. Feel the pleasure I'm
giving you. Close your eyes and relax. Let everything go. Let
yourself be taken care of. Breath in and out. Nice and slow. Feel
me taking care of you. Feel me helping you. Feel me relaxing you.
So relaxed. You feel very, very relaxed and secure. You know I
can take care of you. You can trust me to help you. Relax you. So
relaxed. You feel so very, very relaxed now. My voice is relaxing
you. My fingers are relaxing you. You are feeling so very, very
relaxed now, you want to just let yourself go, just let yourself
fall deeper and deeper into relaxation."
Donna had slumped into the couch, eyes firmly shut. Her face
was relaxed and her breathing was deep and steady. Val slowly
moved herself higher up on the couch. She slowly lowered herself
onto Donna, letting her hands caress the shapely thighs. "Listen
to me, Donna," she said softly. "Feel my hands on you. Everywhere
they touch, they bring pleasure. You feel so relaxed and so sexy.
Very sexy. You're having secret thoughts, Donna. You're thinking
of lips on you and a woman touching you. Just lie back, relax and
let me give you pleasure."
Val pried Donna's legs apart, giving her a view of the red
panties underneath. Val hooked her fingers underneath and pulled
off the panties. She moved her face close to Donna's clit and let
her tongue drag over it. Donna moaned, turned on not only by
Val's kisses, but by the thoughts running through her mind. Val
continued to kiss Donna's clit and enjoyed listening to her
response. She lapped away the clit, running a hand down a thigh
as she did so. Donna's body arched as she came, her juices
running onto Val's face.
Val pushed Donna's panties back, securing them. She stood up
and wiped away the cum on her face. "Donna, listen to me very
carefully," she said. "In a moment, you will hear the door close.
When it does, you will drift into a nice, peaceful sleep. When
you wake up, you will not consciously remember anything that's
happened. You will not remember my being here. However, you will
remember that if you ever hear me say the words 'bleached beach,'
you will once again fall into this wonderful state of relaxation
and be open to everything I say. Do you understand?"
Donna whispered a "..yes.." Nodding, Val left, shutting the
door firmly behind her. She wiped away at the cum on her face,
grinning. Step one worked great. Now to push up the plan.

The next day, Val knew Donna was scheduled to meet Kelly at
the Walsh household. Brandon was out with his friends and his
parents were at work. Val could barely keep the grin off her face
as Donna arrived. This was going to be fun.
"Kelly here yet?" Donna asked as she stepped inside.
"No," Val replied. She and Donna stepped onto the patio. Val
waited until Donna had sat down before she said, "Bleached
beach." Donna's eyes shut and she sank into the chair. Val smiled
and leaned back in her own seat. "Donna, open your eyes but
remain fast asleep." Donna's eyes blearily opened.
Val locked her eyes on Donna. "Donna, you are feeling so
wonderful and relaxed right now. You remember how you felt last
night and you would love to experience that again, wouldn't you?"
"Yes.." Donna said, her voice trailing away.
Val stood up and pulled off her shirt. Donna's entranced
eyes widened as her breasts were revealed. Val pulled down her
jeans and underwear and stood nude before Donna. "You like seeing
me nude, don't you, Donna?" Val asked. "It gives you a thrill, a
rush to see me nude. You want to kiss me, Donna. You want to kiss
my nipples and my pussy. Don't you?"
After a moment's hesitation, Donna nodded. Val sat down on
her chair and motioned to herself. The mesmerized Donna crawled
on the ground towards her. "That's right, slave," Val said. "Come
here and pleasure me." She took Donna by the neck and pushed her
head against her breasts. Donna buried herself in between the
mounds, kissing the smooth curves. She placed her mouth over one
of Val's nipples and sucked on it. Val moaned in delight, her
body beginning to answer the pleasure it felt. She moved Donna
down to her pussy. "Do it," she grunted. "Do it now."
Donna lightly brushed her tongue over Val's pussy,
electrifying it. She soon began licking away at it in earnest.
Donna was a beginner but she soon improved. She jabbed her tongue
in and out of Val's clit, provoking a most pleasurable reaction
in Val. Grinning wildly, Val rocked herself back and forth on the
chair as if pushing her juices along. Donna's tongue had her
coming soon, exploding onto that pretty face.
Val paused for a moment, enjoying the ecstasy. She stood up
and redressed. She looked at Donna, still kneeling on the ground
in front of her. "Donna, listen very carefully. You will not
remember anything that has happened. However, you will remember a
few things...."

Kelly was glad to hear from Donna that Val had gone off to
the mall shortly after Donna's arrival. Sitting on the patio,
calmly chatting, the two friends were talking about their last
mall trip. "Oh, that reminds me," Donna said. "There's something
I wanted to show you." She reached into her purse and pulled out
a gold watch suspended on a chain. She held it up, the watch
hanging just before Kelly's eyes. "Nice," Kelly said.
"Yeah, it belongs to my dad. I kind of like it. He says you
really have to look at it, look at the scroll etched in there.
You kind of have to look closely at it. I always liked to look at
it. I like how it spins in the daylight and the light bounces off
of it. Just bounces off of it and into your eyes. Glimmers of
light shining off into your eyes. Flash after flash as you watch
it spin. It's so relaxing to watch it spin, to hear it tick. You
can hear the ticking. It's soothing, rhythmic. It relaxes you.
You hear the ticking and you watch the light flashing into your
eyes, flash, flash, tick, tick. And it all feels so relaxing. And
the light keeps flashing into your eyes and you blink at it and
you keep on blinking and blinking, flash, flash. And you feel so
relaxed now that it seems right to just close your eyes and
drift. Just close your eyes and relax completely."
Kelly's eyes closed, her head slumping onto her chest. Donna
gazed at her, confused as to what she had just done. "Bleached
beach," Val said as she came up behind her. Val looked at the two
hypnotized women and smiled. She placed the small video camera on
a chair as she knelt forward. "Donna, Kelly, you are both asleep
but you can hear me. Can't you?"
"Good. Listen to me. In a moment, I will snap my fingers and
you both will awaken. Neither of you will remember what has just
occurred. Neither of you will remember being hypnotized. When you
wake up, you will not hear me or see me. As far as you know, I'm
not here. Now, when you awaken, you will both feel an arousal in
yourselves. You will both feel incredibly horny and you will want
to release that. You will also feel a strong attraction to one
another, a very strong attraction. You will want to indulge that
attraction to its fullest. Do you understand?"
"..yes.." both girls replied. Val picked up the video
camera, trained it on them and snapped her fingers just before
Donna and Kelly both opened their eyes and went back to
talking as if nothing had happened. "Um, Kelly, I was wondering,"
Donna asked. "Did you and Brenda ever--you know?"
"No," Kelly said, shaking her head. She bit her lip. "I kind
of wanted to, though." She slid a hand onto Donna's leg.
"Well, you know, I've been getting these feelings lately and
I don't know what to do about them." Donna put her hand on
Kelly's, squeezing the fingers. "Feeling towards you."
"Maybe I can help that," Kelly said. She leaned forward and
brushed her lips against Donna's. After a few brief contacts,
they merged together, kissing with a passion. As they kissed,
Donna placed a hand on Kelly's chest, feeling her breasts under
the white shirt she wore. They broke off, Kelly pulling off her
shirt. The white bra underneath snapped off and Kelly sat
topless. Donna moved onto her and they kissed again as they sank
onto the couch, Donna on top. She broke off to move down Kelly's
body. She kissed the breasts, loving the taste of those luscious
mounds and the moan Kelly gave her. She continued to move down
Kelly's body, coming to her thighs. She almost ripped off Kelly's
pants and panties to expose the blonde clit. Burying her head in
her friend's pussy, Donna repeatedly kissed it, sticking her
tongue deep in Kelly's clit. Kelly rubbed a hand across her own
breasts as her friend ate her out. Her entire body arched in the
chair as she came, her juices flying onto Donna's face.
Her dark hair streaked with cum, Donna moved down the couch,
lying on her back. The nude Kelly jumped onto her friend, giving
her a long kiss. She undid the top of Donna's dress and buried
her head in between the breasts. She moved a hand down the dress
and to Donna's pussy, whose blonde hairs gave away her true
color. Kelly's finger slid in and out of Donna's lips as she
suckled one breast while tickling the other. Donna could hardly
believe this incredible feeling. She thought nothing could top
losing her virginity, but having Kelly play with her proved her
wrong. She moved her body, arching it as Kelly continued to
suckle her breast and finger her. She came onto Kelly's fingers,
Kelly's cry of joy muffled around the hard nipple.
As the two girls slowly pulled themselves into a 69
position, Val continued to videotape them. She would soon see
that Brandon would receive a copy of this tape along with several
other boys at school. Before long, Val would have her man and
Kelly would be too happy with a new lifestyle to care. Only in
Beverly Hills.


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