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control, revenge, non-consensual story including pantyhose, FF, MF, MMF, etc.

Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 1 - Kelly Learns She Has A Mistress
by DW Lust

Valerie was eager to test her new bought skill. If it worked, it would well
be worth the 100,000 dollars that she had paid for it. She had met a man that
could implant a drug in her head that would give her an incredible power. A
power to control people's minds. Yes, it was a lot of money, but hey for
revenge it will be worth it. Valerie wanted to pay back that bitch Kelly
Taylor. Kelly had been her enemy ever since Valerie arrived in Beverly Hills
and is one of the reasons she had not been fucked by Brandon. She knew that
Brandon still loved Kelly and Kelly Brandon. Valerie figured that Kelly would
definately be her guinea pig as she tested her powers. The thoughts of what
she was going to do to Kelly was turning her on and she decided she needed to
test the experiment. She drove over to the Pit and got ready for a night to

* * *

The Pit was packed as the whole gang partied to the tunes of the rock band
the Barenaked Ladies. Kelly was there and drinking quite heavily. She was
single after her last break-up and desperately wanted a chance with Brandon,
but he still was dating Tracy. Valerie decided to send her first command to
Kelly. It was a simple command. 'Squeeze your breasts together." Valerie
watched as a couple seconds later Kelly put her hands on her breasts and
massaged them through her thin blue dress. Kelly thought to herself 'Why am
I touching my breasts.'

Valerie smiled as she realized the power worked. The next command sent was
for Kelly to go to Valerie's office. Kelly staggered through the crowd to
Val's office. She knew she had to go to Val's office, but couldn't remember
why. When she got to the office she knocked on the door and Valerie opened
it. "Come on in Kelly." Kelly walked through the door and tried to say
something, but nothing came out. Valerie sent Kelly her third demand. 'You
find Valerie sexy. You are extremely horny.' Valerie talked about the band
to Kelly as she watched Kelly stare at her.

Kelly watches Valerie walk around the office not listening to what Valerie
was really saying. 'Hmmm, I need a cock, I am sooooo horny." Val bends over
to pick something up from the ground revealing a great glimpse of Valerie's
great ass and the top of her stockings. 'Hmm, she is wearing stockings. Man
I am so drunk. Stop looking at her ass.' Val gets up and continues talking.

Valerie sends her next message. 'You will do anything that Valerie tells you
to do.' Valerie then says "Kelly do you find me attractive?"

Kelly looks at Val in disgust and says "No."

Kelly begins to turn around to leave when Valerie says "Stop Kelly." Kelly
stops, unwillingly. "You are my slave Kelly. Now take off your dress."

Kelly begins taking off her dress as she says "Fuck you Val. I'm not no

Val smiles as she looks at Kelly's gorgeous body. Her tits were extremely
large and she was wearing matching black panties and bra, with black
pantyhose. "Nice body Kelly."

Kelly begins saying "What do you mean" when she looks to see her dress laying
on the floor. 'Why did I take my dress off?'

"Take off your bra Kelly. Show me your tits."

Again Kelly replies "What are you some kind of sicko. Like I'm going to show
you my breasts." By the time she finishes saying this her bra too is on the

"Hmmm, those are a great pair of tits Kel."

Kelly looks to see that she is topless and says "What the fuck is going on
here. What have you done to me."

"I have turned you into my slave. You will do anything I ask you too."

"Fuck off. As if you have that kind of power."

"Masturbate yourself through your pantyhose Kelly."

"Fuck you Val," says Kelly as her hand moves down to her pussy as she tries
to resist. 'Fuck, why can't I control my body.' "Hmmm, hmmm," moans Kelly as
she quickly brings herself to an orgasm due to the fact that she is half cut.

"Yo-Yo-You bitch. How could you do this to me."

Val smiles and replies "You know why. I want Brandon, but he still loves you.

The only way to get him is to get rid of you. By the time I'm done with you,
you will be a complete whore who will do anything for a cock, or a good
cuntlicking. Now get on your knees and crawl to my feet." Kelly gets on her
knees and begins crawling towards her mistress. Valerie slides off her 3 inch
pumps and waits for Kelly.

"Please don't do this to me. I will do anything. Please." Valerie loves the
obvious predicament of Kelly. "Kiss my feet slave." Kelly tries to respond,
but instead begins kissing Valerie's toes through her beige stockings.
Valerie lifts her foot up and demands "Kiss the soles of my feet bitch."
Kelly quickly moves her mouth to the bottom of Valerie's foot and follows
her order. "Now slowly move up my legs and don't you dare miss a single inch
of my leg," demands Valerie as she flips her dress over her head to reveal
she is not wearing a bra or panties. Kelly has tears in her eyes as she
slowly moves her mouth up Valerie's long, strong legs. Val says "Now tell me
how much you want to eat me." Kelly replies "I want to eat your cunt."

Val responds "You can do better then that slut. Be seductive, convince me you
want to pleasure me. Use dirty words."

Kelly says in a demure, seductive voice "Please let me please your juicy
cunt, let me suck your cunt till you orgasm all over my slutty face. Why
can't I stop doing this?"

Valerie grabs Kelly's head and shoves it into her shaved pussy. "Now eat me
slut." Tears role down Kelly's face as she begins licking her mistresses
cunt. Valerie begins moving her hips up and down as she rubs her pussy all
over her slaves tongue. After a second orgasm Val pulls Kelly away from her
dripping pussy. "Are you wet slave?"Kelly looks at Valerie but doesn't
answer. "Answer me bitch are you wet."

"Y-y-y-yes I am," studders Kelly ashamingly. Val walks to her desk and grabs
a pair of scissors.

"For now on you will call me mistress. Also, what is up with those pantyhose.
For no on you will only wear stay ups or stockings, understand?"

"Yes," replies Kelly.

"Yes what whore."

"Yes, mistress Valerie."

"Good slave. Now spread your legs as wide as possible." Kelly slowly lays on
her back and spreads her legs wide open. Valerie walks between her legs and
begins cutting the pantyhose around Kelly's cunt. Valerie then says "Now beg
your mistress to eat your cunt."

Kelly begins crying again as she says "Please mistress Valerie eat me."

"You can do better then that bitch." demands Valerie as she rubs Kelly's
clit. Kelly is getting extremely horny from her mistresses hand and
reluctantly says "Hmmm, eat my cunt mistress, suck my hole, lick my moist
slut hole, eat my pussy, make me cum." Valerie dives in and begins licking
Kelly's cunt. Kelly moans with pleasure as she temporarily forgets her bad
situation. Valerie puts her left hand under the couch and pulls out a large

"Slave, do you want to get fucked."

Kelly, who was on the brink of orgasm from Val's expert tongue, replies,
"Please fuck me, I need it now."

"You are a slut Kelly arn't you. Behind that innocent cute interior is a
whore. A cheap fucking slut who will do anything to have her pussy rammed.
Now tell me slave what kind of whore are you."

Kelly who is completely under the spell of Valerie says "A cheap whore. A
slut. I love cock. I will do anything to have a cock in my slutty hole.
Please fuck me with that plastic cock. Fuck my slave cunt. I am your slave,
please use me." Valerie slides the whole dildo deep into Kelly's cunt and
fucks her fast, and then pulls it out.

Kelly moans and says "No, no put it back in, please"

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass slut."

"No, not there, put it in my pussy."

"Kelly, turn over and lift your great ass up for me."

Kelly Gets on her knees while pleading "Please not in the ass, please."

Valerie slips kelly's pantyhose down far enough and then puts three fingers
deep in Kelly's pussy. "Got to get your shit hole lubricated." Kelly moans as
the three fingers make her forget about the impending ass fucking. Valerie
slides her fingers out of Kelly's cunt and in one motion slides a finger up
Kelly's ass.

"Ahhh," screams Kelly as the pain makes her shutter.

Slowly the pain began to go away and a new pleasure emerges. A second finger
is added and soon Kelly is bucking her ass back onto Kelly's fingers. Kelly
removes her fingers and to even Val's surprise heard Kelly say "Please fuck
my ass with the dildo, take my anal virginity, fuck my shit hole hard. Call
me slut, whore, cunt, bitch, tramp. Fuck my tight asshole."

Val smiles as she puts the dildo at the entrance of Kelly's rosebud. Kelly
moves her ass back on the toy and slowly takes it in her ass. "Oh yes
mistress. The cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck me, deeper, deeper, ahhhhh,"
screams Kelly as Val fucks Kelly's ass hard and Kelly screams in pleasure
from an obvious orgasm.

Val slides the dildo out of Kelly and slides it into her own dripping pussy.
Kelly swept up from the moment begins sucking on her mistresses clit. After
bringing herself to another orgasm Val gets up and puts her dress back on.
Kelly lays there and slides two fingers into her still dripping wet cunt.

Val stares at her new slave. "Now slave Kelly. Thank me for taking you on as
my slave."

Kelly, slowly returning to her senses, says "Thank you mistress Valerie for
taking me in as a slave and treating me as the whore I am."

"Good girl. Now get dressed and go home. I will call you tomorrow for your
next instructions."

Kelly looked at her mistress and sobbed as she gets up, gets dressed and
walks out the door.

* * *

Kelly gets home and cries. While she is thinking about the nights events she
realizes that two of her fingers are in her pussy. 'I am still horny. I was
completely humiliated by that bitch Valerie and here I am finger fucking
myself. Why? Why did I say those things that I said? Why did I eat Val's
pussy and let her fuck me up the ass? And why did I enjoy it?'


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