All characters are owned by Fox. No Infringement is meant. This is a mind
control, revenge, non-consensual story including pantyhose, FF, MF, MMF, etc.

Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 2 - Kelly's Double Penetration
by DW Lust

Val woke up and picked up the phone. First she phoned Kelly and said "You can
not hang up till I tell you to. Good morning Kelly."

Kelly who was awaken by the phone call, realizes that last nights events were
not a dream and says, "Shit, what did you do to me?"

"That doesn't matter anymore," replies Val.

"Fuck off," screams Kelly as she tries to hang up the phone and realizes she

"Hold on slave. Now apologize to your mistress."


"Come on slut, you can do better than that."

"Sorry, mistress Valerie."

"Good girl. Now, you are to be at Steve's place at 7 o'clock. You will dress
like a slut. No bra or panties are allowed. Wear a dress with matching garter
and stockings. You will not care that Steve and David have girlfriends, you
will want them to fuck you. You will do anything that Steve and David tell
you. Following their orders will turn you on even more. Your slutty cunt will
get wetter with every command, understand!"

"Yes mistress Valerie."

"Good, now before I go I want you to masturbate yourself to an orgasm."

'Fuck will she ever stop,' thinks Kelly as she begins rubbing her cunt.
"Hmmm, hmmm, yes," moans Kelly as she brings herself to a quick orgasm.

"Good slave. You may hang up now."

Valerie hangs up the phone and gets dressed. Next David's place.

* * *

Val gets to David's place and rings the doorbell. David answers the door and
says "Hey Val, what's up?"

Val replies "I just needed to talk to you about this weekends band."

"Sure come on in," says David.

Val walks in, sees Steve, and says "Oh hey Steve how are ya?"

"Good Val, you?"

"Can't complain," replies Val. Val sends a message to Steve to be home at
7:00 tonight. A similar message was sent to David to be at Steve's before
7:00. "Are band backed out."

"Shit, maybe we can get the Bare Naked Ladies again."

"Sure, see what you can do." They continued frivolous chit chat for a while
as Val sent messages to the two men. 'When you see Kelly you will both forget
you have girlfriends, you will find your very attractive and will want to
fuck her. You will treat her like a slut. She will be your slave and you will
be her masters. have fun.' After the commands are placed Val heads out the
door and heads to a electronics store. At the electronics store Val purchases
a elaborate video system so she could tape tonight's events.

* * *

At 7:00, on the button, Kelly knocked on Steve's door. Kelly dressed as she
was told. A nice blue sun dress, with beige stockings and a matching garter.
She knew she looked hot. 'How am I going to explain why I am here, and worst
yet here dressed like a cheap two dollar whore?'

Steve opened the door and said "Hi Kelly, what a surprise. What are you doing

Kelly walks in and asks "Is David here?"

Steve looks at Kelly and thinks 'She is dressed rather sexy' and says, "Ya,
how did you know?"

"Oh, I saw his car outside," replies Kelly, "You got a drink for me Steve?"

"Sure, what is your pleasure?"

"Whatever, just make it a double."

David walks out from the washroom and says "Hey Kelly, why you all dolled

"Oh just wanted to look good," replies Kelly.

Val smiles as she watches from upstairs. Val sends a command to Kelly 'You
want to suck David's cock. Walk over and, without a word, get on your knees
and take his cock in your mouth.' Kelly begins walking towards David and when
she reaches him she gets on her knees and begins to unbutton his pants.

"Whoa Kelly, what are you doing," says a shocked David.

Kelly doesn't respond as she takes out his still small cock and takes it into
her mouth. David doesn't stop her as the earlier commands start to take
effect. David's cock begins to rise as Kelly's masterful mouth pleasures it.

At this moment Steve returns with a drink in his hand and says "Holy shit."

Val sends another message to Kelly 'Tell Steve to come on over and join you.
Tell him your cunt needs his cock. Be sexy.'

Kelly quits sucking Dave's now hard cock and turns to face Steve. "Hey stud,
why don't you come on over here and join us." As she says this she lifts her
dress up to her waist to reveal that she is not wearing any underwear.

Steve quickly begins to take off his clothe as Dave says "Hey bitch, get back
to work on my cock." Dave grabs Kelly's head and shoves it back onto his
pecker. Kelly takes Dave's cock back into her mouth and begins sucking it
with more passion.

Steve comes up behind Kelly and slides a finger into her eager hole. Kelly
easily takes the finger as she is extremely horny from taking the earlier
demands. Steve realizing he had wanted to fuck Kelly for years. He positions
his cock at the entrance of Kelly's cunt and says "OK Kelly, back onto my

Kelly follows the order and bucks her ass against Steve's cock and in one
quick motion takes Steve's whole cock into her tight pussy.

Steve demands "Keep fucking me Kelly." Kelly picks up the pace as she begins
to sway back and forth on both rock hard cocks.

Valerie smiles as she thinks to herself his is going to be one great video.
Valerie, getting horny from watching the sexual actions below, begins to
masturbate herself.

David, realizing he did not want to come yet, slides his cock out of Kelly's
mouth and says "Steve, it is my turn to fuck this tramp. Kelly take off that

Kelly follows the demand to show that she is indeed braless.

"Kelly you have gorgeous tits. Now come ride me," demands David.

David lays down and Kelly gets on top of david and begins to ride him. Steve
watches for a few minutes before deciding that he wanted a piece of the
action. He crawls behind Kelly and says "Beg me to fuck your ass Kelly."

Kelly horny as hell from the degrading humiliation she is currently going
through says "Oh please Steve, fuck my ass with your long, thick, hard fuck
stick. Bury your dick deep up my waiting shithole. Double fuck me cheap cunt
and ass." Steve didn't wait for her to finish the last sentence as he shoves
his cock into her asshole.

Kelly moans with pleasure as she gets double-fucked by two of her best
friends boyfriends. Tears come down from her eyes as she realizes she is
loving every minute of these two studs fucking her. She new it was wrong,
but she didn't care. She loved the feeling if being used by these two
studs. She loved the feel of two cocks in her body. She loved to please.
'Val was right. I am a slut.'

Steve screams, "I'm coming," as he pulls out of Kelly's ass and shoots his
load all over Kelly's tanned back.

David also close to cumming pushes Kelly onto her back and slides his cock up
to her tits. David says, "Kelly I want to fuck your tits."

As David slides his cock between Kelly's breasts, Kelly squeezes her breasts
together to help tightens the pleasure of David's cock. David begins to pump
his cock fast and after a couple minutes shoots his load on Kelly's breasts
and neck. David gets of Kelly and slides his cock into Kelly's mouth and
says, "Clean me slut." Kelly sucks David's cock for a couple minutes until
David pulls out. David looks at the clock and says "Oh shit, the ladies will
be here in another 15 minutes, Kelly get your slutty ass out of here and
don't you dare tell a sole."

Kelly gets up, slides her dress back onto her cum covered body and leaves.

Valerie smiles, stops the tape and heads out the door.

Kelly walks out of Steve's house still horny and completely humiliated, when
she looks up and sees that Valerie is sitting in her car. 'Ah shit, what
next.' Kelly walks to the car and says 'Havn't you done enough to me."

"oh no no. This is still just the beginning. I am going to make it so you
will never want to show your face here again. You still look horny. Are you?
Answer truthfully."

"Yes, I am," replies Kelly rather quickly.

Kelly notices that Valerie is beginning to lift up her dress as she says "Get
in the car and give me a quick lick slave." Kelly opens her door, gets
inside, closes the door and moves her head between her mistresses thighs. "Oh
yeah, you are beginning to become a good cunt licker. Say it. Tell me how
much you love the taste of my pussy."

Kelly who is getting turned on by her mistresses words says "Hmmm, oh
mistress your pussy tastes so good, I love to suck your juicy clit, please
let me please you."

"Good sluttttttt," screams Valerie as Kelly brings her to an orgasm. Valerie
lifts Kelly's head from her dripping cunt and says "you need an orgasm, don't
ya slave?"

"Yes, mistress Valerie."

"Here," says Valerie as she hands Kelly a cucumber, "Fuck yourself."

Kelly who is beginning to realize that she is indeed becoming a whore, grabs
the cucumber and quickly slides the cucumber into her dripping wet cunt.
Valerie smiles as she watches Kelly fuck herself with a vegetable. Kelly
brings herself to a much needed orgasm and says "You are turning me into a

"Yes I am," replies Val as she takes the cucumber and sucks her slaves juices
off the cucumber, "Hmmm tasty. Now for tomorrow's assignment."

"No, please no more. I will do anything you say. Just don't make me..."

"Shut up. Now here is what you are going to do. Tomorrow at 7:00, you and
Donna will be alone. You will get her drunk. You will become the mistress as
you get to treat her as your slave. You will not be able to have an orgasm
unless you tell her to do something sexual, although you will continually be
on the brink of orgasm until you do make a demand. You must fuck her at least
once in each hole. Understand. Also, you know get turned on my stocking feet
and by long nylon covered legs. Understand."

Kelly is crying as she realizes she is suppose to take Donna's virginity.
Kelly looks at Valerie's nylon covered legs and moves her left hand back to
her cunt as she says "Yes mistress Valerie."

"Good Kelly. See ya tomorrow."


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