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control, revenge, non-consensual story including pantyhose, FF, MF, MMF, etc.

Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 5 - Kelly Final Submission (The Orgy)
by DW Lust

Donna wakes up and looks at the clock. 'Holy shit 4:30. I better get up and
get ready for the party tonight.' She gets up and looks at herself in the
mirror. 'Man I look hot But, tonight I can look even better.' With that Donna
slips off her nylons and jumps shower.

* * *

Claire wakes up and realizes it is already 10 to 5. 'Wow, how the hell did
I end up back in bed.?' Claire gets up and looks in the mirror. She looks
at her tits, which were the largest of all her friends, 'ah, my greatest
assets'. Tonight I am going to show these things off, as she goes into the
closest and grabs her newest outfit.

* * *

Val could not wait for tonight. She had decided that not only would Kelly be
totally humiliated, she would make tonight an all out fuckfest. Valerie
decided tonight she would dress in red. A good metaphor, trouble. She grabbed
her garter and slid it on her naked creamy hips. She then grabbed a pair of
red, silk, sandlefoot stockings and slid them up her smooth legs. She loved
nylons. They had to be sandlefoot though. Her belief was toes were sexy,
especially when wrapped in a pair of stockings. She even decided to wear
panties and a bra, both red, so that not to look like such a slut to Brandon.
She then slid on a red dress that came down to just barely cover the fact
that she was wearing stockings. She knew she looked hot, but more-so, very
sexy. Val looked at the clock, 6:00PM, one hour to go she thought as she
flipped on the tv and pressed play on the vcr.

* * *

Kelly just returned from the mall when Claire and Donna were finishing
supper. To Kelly's surprise neither mentioned anything about the earlier
activities and both said they could not wait for tonight's party. Kelly
figured that Val had turned them into sex slaves as well. Kelly went
upstairs and opened the shopping bag. Inside was tonight's outfit. First
she decided to go in black. She, as instructed, did not have any underwear.
Instead she had bought a full bodystocking that covered her whole body
from shoulder to toe. She figured this would please her mistress as she
new that Val was into nylons. The catch to the outfit was the bodysuit was
crotchless and therefore anybody had easy access to her cunt. She decided
that besides the bodysuit all she was going to wear was a denim skirt,
which she figured would not be on long. Kelly thought to herself, 'I can't
believe I am thinking like this. I am dressing lika a slut and enjoying
it. I am getting dressed to please Valerie. Worse yet, I can't wait. Fuck,
I am turning into a cheap whore who will do anything for an orgasm. I am
Val's slave.' Kelly looks in the mirror at her final outfit. 'Wow, this
says fuck me. My nipple are showing. I look so hot. Anybody who looks at
me while want a piece. My mistress will be pleased.'

* * *

Donna had decided to wear all white. She loved nurses outfits and decided she
would look like one, sort of. She slipped on a pair of white panties and a
push up bra that made her average tits look fabulous. She then slid on a pair
of white stay ups and then slid a one piece white sundress on top of her
darkly tanned body. 'Hmmm, I look good enough to eat' she thinks to herself.

* * *

Claire grabs a pair of black panties from the bed, looks at them and then
decides to go without. She then grabs her leather garter and puts it on. She
then slips on a pair of black stockings. She then grabs her leather skirt and
slides it on. It is extremely tight on her. She then slips on a white blouse
that if somewhat see-through.

* * *

All three girls ended up downstairs at about the same time. All three looked
at each other and complemented how good each looked. Kelly said she would
drive and they headed to the party.

* * *

Val slips the tape into the vcr and walks into the kitchen. "Hey birthday
boy" she says as she walks up to Brandon and gives him a big hug and a kiss
on the cheek.

"Thanks Val. You are a little overdressed arn't you?"

"No, I thought I should look good for you on your birthday," she replies. She
goes to the fridge and grabs a coke.

Brandon follows her ass and thinks to himself 'She looks good.'

The doorbell rings and Val says "I'll get it birthday boy." Val leaves the
kitchen and goes to the door. "Hey Steve, how are you?"

"Good and your looking hot you vixen. Gonna get lucky later or what."

"We'll just have to wait and see," replies Val with a sinister smile on her

"Where's Brandon?"

"Kitchen. Grab yourself a beer."

Steve lifts the bag up and says "Oh no, tonight we drink the hard stuff. I am
going to get Brandon so shit face he won't know who he is anymore."

Steve goes into the kitchen and Val looks out the window to see Kelly's car
pulling into the driveway. The girls get out and even Val is shocked by the

Val looks at Donna and thinks 'Pure white, ya whatever.' She looks at Kelly
and laughs as she realizes that Kelly is wearing a nylon bodystocking over
her chest. 'Holy shit. I may have to sneak her into my bedroom for a

Val opens the door just as Claire is about to ring the bell. "Hi ladies. You
girls are looking rather hot."

Claire smiles, Donna blushes and Kelly just stares at her as the three walk
into the house. Val walks over to Kelly and whispers into her ear "You outdid
yourself slave." Kelly smiles as she realizes she has pleased her mistress
and made her horny. A couple minutes later David shows up and the party is
about to get under way.

The next couple hours went by quickly as Steve and David got Brandon
shit-faced. Finally Val suggests that they gang go and watch one of the
movies that they had rented. The gang slide into the livingroom and sit
down. Val sends commands to the gang. 'Ok, after seeing the video you will
get extremely horny and you will want to have sex. Donna you will be
submissive. Claire you will be in control. Dave and Steve you too will be
the studs. Brandon you will be disgusted. Kelly you have to go to the
bathroom now.' Val watches as Kelly excuses herself and goes up the stairs.
Val says "The tapes already in the machine just press play guys." Val
smiles and then heads up the stairs as well.

Val knocks on the bathroom door and says "Kelly, open up."

Kelly opens the door and lets in her mistress. Val says "Did you dress like
that for me?"

Kelly looks down, a little embarrassed, and replies "Yes, I did mistress

Val looks at her slave and smiles to see that Kelly's nipples are rock hard
through her bodysuit. "You are horny. Does it make you horny to be a slave?"

Kelly, head still down, replies "Yes."

Val asks "How so?"

Kelly is speechless, finally she replies "I don't know. I just am so horny
know I feel I am going to burst. I get turned on knowing I turned you on.
Will you lick me mistress?"

Val, horny as hell, says "Get on the sink slut." Kelly quickly hops on the
sink and lifts up her skirt. "Hmmm, god girl, crotchless" says Val as she
quickly slides her tongue into Kelly's sloppy hole. Kelly orgasms quickly
and after a couple minutes Val gets up and says "Time to go back downstairs.
When you get down there you will do anything that anybody tells you to, ok."

Kelly smiles and replies "Yes mistress," and gets of the sink, slides her
skirt back over her gorgeous legs and follows Val out the door. As she walks
into the livingroom and then hears her own voice say "Oh please Steve, fuck
my ass with your long thick cock. Bury your dick deep inside my waiting
shithole." Kelly stands there in shock watching the video as Steve and David
double penetrate her.

The gang looks at Kelly. Brandon glares at her as he gets up and walks out
the front door. Donna stares at the video in shock, but realizes she is
getting turned on. Dave and Steve say nothing waiting to get shit from their

Claire gets up and walks towards Kelly "You bitch Kelly. You fucked my
boyfriend, you were suppose to be Now get on your knees
and prepare to eat my cunt bitch."

Kelly, quickly gets on her knees and prepares for further instructions. Dave
and Steve begin to get horny and Dave walks over to Donna. Steve watches as
his girlfriend gets ready to lez out with Kelly.

Donna watches in amazement as Kelly follows the orders. 'What a slut,' she
thinks to herself. Donna feels a hand on her ass and turns to see David
slowly sliding her white dress up her thighs. "David don't...don't stop" she
moans as she begins to be taken by the power of lust Val has sent in. Steve,
not wanting to be left out in the action, walks up behind Kelly and lifts up
her skirt.

Claire looks at her boyfriend and says "Go ahead fuck the tramp." Steve
follows her orders and slides his cock into Kelly's waiting hole. Kelly moans
quietly from between Claire's thighs. "Keep eating me slut," demands Claire
as she pushes Kelly's head keeper into her sex.

David slides Donna's panties down and slides them off her legs. He smiles as
he looks at her long, thin, nylon covered legs. "Donna, tonight I am going to
fuck you."

Donna moans by the simple words and turns around to unbutton David's pants.
She slides them down his legs and puts her hand into his underpants. "David,
your hard. Do you want me to suck it?"

"Yes, Donna, please suck my cock." Donna opens her mouth and slowly takes
David's cock into her mouth. Dave moans and begins to pump his cock faster
into her mouth. In a moment, David begins to use Donna's mouth as a fuckpiece
and is fucking it fast. Donna gags at first, but then begins to enjoy the
pleasure of David's cock.

After about a third orgasm, Claire pushes Kelly's head away and demands
"Steve get your cock over here and fuck me." Steve slides his cock out of
Kelly and quickly positions himself at his girlfriends hole. Claire wraps
her legs around Steve and pulls him into her waiting hole.

Kelly, feeling left out, goes over to Dave and Donna and begins to lick
Donna's cunt while she sucks off David. Donna looks behind to see Kelly's
head between her legs. Dave grabs Donna's head and places his cock back
into Donna's mouth.

"Keep sucking me," demands David.

Valerie amused by the events, finally heads out and sees Brandon sitting on
the steps. She goes up to him and sits behind him. She places her arm around
him and says "How ya doing birthday boy?"

Brandon looks at Val and simply says "How the fuck could she do that. How
could they all do that?"

Val, pretending to be compassionate, replies "I don't know Brandon. I always
said Kelly was trouble."

Brandon doesn't say anything and Val grabs Brandon's hand and holds it
tightly. After a couple minutes of silence Val lets go of Brandon's hand and
it falls onto her nylon covered leg.

David, deciding it was time to get laid, slides his cock out of Donna's mouth
and tells her to get on her back. Donna quickly responds and spreads her legs
waiting for David's cock. David places his cock at Donna's just eaten cunt
and in one stroke shoves his whole cock into his girlfriends cunt. Kelly
straddles Donna's face and lowers her cunt onto Donna's mouth. Donna licks
Kelly's pussy as she moans with pleasure from the fucking David is giving

"Fuck me harder Steve," screams Claire as she bucks her pussy back onto Steve
to get Steve's whole cock deep into her cunt.

Brandon's hand slides up Val's leg a bit as he leans over and kisses Val.
"Brandon you are drunk. Let me help you upstairs," says Val playing innocent.
Val helps get Brandon to stand up and takes him inside. What is going on
inside is exactly what Val expected. Brandon's mouth dropped and he tried to
say something, but nothing came out. Val says "This is sick Brandon, let me
help you upstairs."

Brandon and Val begin upstairs when Claire yells "Hey Brandon why don't you
come over here so I can give you your birthday fuck." Brandon stumbles up the
stairs and makes it to his bedroom. Val looks downstairs to watch the orgy in
full swing, smiles and goes into Brandon's room.

"Steve I need it in the ass now," screams Claire as Steve quickly follows the
order and slips his cock out of one hole and into another. "Oh ya, put it all
the way in. Fuck my shithole stud."

David on the brink of cumming, pulls out and shoots a load of hot sperm all
over Donna's pure white outfit. Kelly quickly dives into Donna's cunt and
begins eating Donna's just fucked cunt.

* * *

Val helps Brandon out of his clothes and then places him into bed. Brandon
tries to grab Val, but she pulls away. "Brandon, I find you attractive and I
have loved you for years, but I do not want to be a rebound girl," teases Val
as she leans over to give Brandon a good look at her uncovered breasts.

"Val I want you now, I always have," slurs Brandon.

Val sits on the bed and stretches out her long nylon covered legs. Brandon
stares at Val's legs and feet. Brandon gets up and begins kissing Valerie's
legs and moves down to her feet. Val moans silently as she smiles thinking
'This is working just perfect.' Brandon gets to Val's nylon covered toes and
begins massaging them. Val moans again as she loves the attention that are
feet are getting. Brandon then moves his mouth and begins sucking on her toes
through her sheer silk stockings. Val moans loudly and Brandon looks up and
gives his usual smile. He continues to suck on her toes while Val begins to
squeeze her breasts through her dress.

* * *

"I'm cumming," screams Steve as he pulls out and begins shooting his cum onto
Claire's sweaty back.

Claire moans and yells "Kelly get over here and clean off my back." Kelly
reluctantly leaves Donna's pussy and walks over to Claire and begins to lick
the sperm off Claire's back and ass. Steve slides two fingers into Kelly's
pussy and begins fucking her with them.

Dave walks over to Steve and says "Mind if I fuck Claire?"

Steve laughs and says "Only if I get a piece of Donna."

"All yours Steve," replies David as he grabs Kelly's head and shoves his
prick in her mouth "Get me hard bitch."

Claire gets up and crawls over to Donna who is still laying on the floor and
masturbating herself. Claire says "Need a little help Donna?"

Donna moans and opens her legs wider so Claire can slide in. Claire dives in
and begins eating Donna's cunt.

Steve walks over and watches his girlfriend eat Donna's cunt in amazement.

Claire seeing Steve watching says "You like watching your girlfriend with
another woman?"

"Oh ya," replies Steve.

"Come here and join sweet thing. Donna, suck Steve's cock."

Steve moves in and puts his cock in front of Donna's face. Donna takes
Steve's cock and slowly slides it into her mouth. Claire smiles and dives
back into Donna's juicy hole.

* * *

Val is extremely horny and uses all her will power not to get Brandon to fuck
her there. Brandon begins kissing the soles of her feet and slowly moves his
way up her legs kissing every part of her body tenderly. 'Man he is so
sweet,' Val thinks to herself. Brandon continues up her legs till he reaches
her pussy. Without a word he slides Val's panties off and begins to gently
suck on Val's pussy. 'Hmmm' Val thinks to herself 'he eats pussy like a
woman, so tender."

* * *

After David gets hard, he pulls his cock out of Kelly's mouth and walks over
to Claire. He squats down behind her and shoves his cock into Claire's cunt.
This pushes Claire's face deeper into Donna's cunt which leads to Donna also
picking up the pace of Donna's sucking on Steve's tool.

At this moment someone knocks on the door, but nobody hears it. After a
second unheard knock the door opens and Tracy, Brandon's just dumped
girlfriend, enters. Her mouth drops open as she sees the orgy that is
currently taking place in her ex-boyfriend's livingroom. She scans the
room to see Kelly on the floor, by herself, watching the scene. 'Good,
Brandon is not involved right now' she thinks to herself.

"Kelly, where the hell is Brandon?" she asks in a rather bitter voice.

Kelly looks up, a little shocked, and replies "I don't know?"

Claire looks up and sees Tracy and says "Hi Tracy, why don't you join us?"

"No, no, where is Brandon," Tracy demands.

"He was pretty tanked, he went upstairs with Valerie about 15 minutes ago,"
replies Claire as she goes back to eating Donna's pussy.

* * *

Brandon was sucking on Val's cunt when the door opened and Tracy broke in.
Val jumped a bit, as did Brandon and Val had to think quick. She sent a
command to Brandon to continue eating her pussy and then focused on Tracy.

"What the fuck is going on here," Tracy demands as she walks towards the bed.
Brandon goes back to eating Val's pussy.

Val looks at Tracy and says "Dressed to please hey Tracy."

"Fuck you, you slut."

"Hey, hey calm down. He is no longer your boyfriend and I know you were
cheating on Brandon with Claire."

"How did you know that?"

"Does it matter. From what I hear you are a pretty good little cunt eater."

Tracy blushes as she tries to find the words to say. Tracy looks to see that
Brandon is still eating Val's cunt. Val sends a message to Tracy 'You are
horny. You want to go downstairs and join the orgy. Fuck and suck whoever you

Tracy looks a little stunned for a second and begins to turn to leave.
"Tracy, I'll take a raincheck on the cunt licking." Tracy keeps walking and
leaves the room. Val sends another message to Brandon to forget that Tracy
was ever here.' Brandon quit eating Val's pussy and helped slide Val's dress
off and began to suck on her breasts one by one.

* * *

Tracy went downstairs and watched the scene. She looks at Kelly and thinks
to herself 'I always wanted to have her.' With that she unzips her skirt and
slides off her panties. She unbuttons her blouse and unhooks her bra. She
walks over to Kelly and says "69 girl." With that she gets on the floor and
the two girls position themselves on there sides and begin to eat each
other's cunts.

Steve pulls his cock out of Donna's lips and says "Donna come over here and
sit on my cock," as he lays down on the floor and waits for Donna. Donna gets
up and walks over to Steve and slowly straddles his cock. Slowly she slides
down on Steve's waiting prick until Steve's whole cock is deep inside her.
Slowly she begins to move up and down awkwardly.

Claire, watching Donna ride Steve, decides she too wants to be on top and she
pushes David to the floor and, quick as a cat, she engulfs David's cock into
her cunt.

* * *

Upstairs, Val and Brandon had replaced positions and Val was sucking his
cock. She was sucking it slowly, licking the shaft and then swallowing
Brandon's cock in full. Brandon moans and begin to slowly move his hips to
the motion of Val's mouth. Val takes this as a sign and began to suck it
faster. Just as Brandon is about to cum, she quits sucking his cock and
begins to kiss his chest, teasing him.

* * *

Kelly is eating Tracy savagely and slides a finger into Tracy's ass. Tracy
yelps and returns the favour by shoving a finger into Kelly's ass. Soon both
girls are fucking each other's ass with their fingers.

Steve pulls Donna close to him and then gets her on her hands and knees. He
helps Donna get out of her white dress and rubs his cock all over her pussy.
Then he rubs the juices onto Donna's ass and slowly begins to penetrate
Donna's shithole. Donna screams with pain as Steve's cock slowly rips into
her ass.

After a couple minutes Donna's pain begins to go away and the pleasure sweeps
through her body. She begins to buck her ass back onto Steve's cock and Steve
has to grab Donna's nylon covered legs to keep himself in position.

* * *

Claire continues to ride David's cock, but now she decides to ride his cock
with her ass. She grabs Dave's cock and positions it at her asshole. She then
sits on David's cock and begins fucking her ass with Dave's cock.

Seconds into Claire's ass, David realizes that he is going to come and shoots
his wad deep into Claire's ass.

* * *

Brandon grabs Valerie and pulls her to him and says "Val, sit on my cock."

Val, being the submissive one, follows the order and sits on Brandon's cock.
Brandon moans and Val begins riding his cock faster and uses her well used
cunt to please Brandon. She tightens her cunt all around Brandon's dick to
give him the uttermost pleasure. "Oh yeah Val, you have a tight cunt, not
like those other chicks I dated. Kelly was wrong about you. She is the slut."
Val smiles as she continues riding him.

* * *

Claire calls "Kelly get over here and suck David's cum from my ass. Tracy
come here I want to taste that gorgeous pussy." Both girls crawl over with
Kelly going behind her and begins to suck the cum from Claire's ass, while
Tracy opens her legs wide for Claire to eat.

Donna screams as she reaches another orgasm and collapses to the floor. Steve
also close to an orgasm pulls out and says "Donna open wide," as he begins to
cum all over Donna's face and mouth. Donna then crawls over to the girls to
join in on the lesbo action. She slides underneath Kelly and begins eating
her pussy.

* * *

Brandon flips Val over onto her back and continues to fuck her fast and hard,
while sucking on Val's tits. Val rubs her nylon legs up and down Brandon's
back and ass, which leads to Brandon shoving his cock deeper in her cunt. Val
orgasms for the umpteenth time just as Brandon says "I'm cumming..." as he
pulls out and shoots his load all over her large breasts.

Brandon collapses on the bed from exhaustion and stares at Valerie. "Val,
that was the best sex I ever had."

"Me too birthday boy," replies Valerie as she kisses Brandon passionately. A
couple minutes later Brandon crashes and Val decides to take a peak
downstairs. She walks downstairs to see the guys on the sofa and all four
girls on the floor in a lesbian chain. "Guys, the girls fuck you too hard?"

"Oh ya. I am exhausted," replies David.

"Me too," replies Steve as he stares at Val's uncovered tits.

Val smiles as she notices both guys are looking at her body. "Think you two
can get it up for a little double penetration?"

Dave and Steve look at each other and shake their heads. Val comes up and
sits inbetween the two guys. She begins sucking David's cock, while she also
begins giving Steve a hand job. After about 30 seconds she takes Steve's cock
into her mouth and continues this routine for a few minutes. When both men
are rock hard she says "Dave fuck my cunt, Steve my ass." With that both men
positioned themselves appropriately and began double fucking Val. "Oh yeah
boys, fuck me," Val screams as she quickly orgasms on David's cunt.

Both guys continue fucking her as the foursome of lesbians slowly comes to an
end. Donna continues to rub herself as she watches Val get double fucked.
'That looks like fun.'

Claire demands "Kelly eat me out. I want to orgasm while I watch this." Kelly
quickly gets between Claire's legs and starts sucking Claire's clit.

Tracy, who still hadn't been fucked crawls over and places her cunt in front
of Val's face. "Val, eat my cunt."

Val dives in and begins sucking on Tracy's pussy as she gets pounded from
behind. "Hmmm, Tracy, Claire was telling the truth, you do taste delicious."
After five minutes in this position, Steve pulls out of Val's ass and says
"Tracy get on the floor, you need to be fucked."

Tracy, dying for a cock, jumps onto the floor and pulls Steve on top of her.
"Fuck me you stallion." Steve quickly enters her eager cunt and begins
fucking her with excessive speed.

David screams "I'm coming..." as he pulls out of Val's cunt and shoots cum
all over Kelly's ass. Donna, seeing the cum, gets up from the floor and
quickly goes over to Valerie and licks the cum from her ass.

Val, still horny, says "Don't stop there Donna, suck my cunt." Donna smiles
and dives into Val's just fucked cunt and begins licking away.

Steve doesn't last long in Tracy's tight cunt as he pulls out and says "Here
ya go bitch taste my cum" as he shoves his cock into Tracy's mouth and shoots
a wad of sperm down her throat.

After a quick orgasm from Donna's cuntlicking, Val gets up and says
"Everybody sit down." Everybody follows the demand. "Ok, here is how things
are going to be. Kelly will be a submissive slave to anybody here who wants
to use her whenever they want. You may share her with yourselves or other
friends. I don't care. She will do anything any of you say. Tracy, you will
forget this day took place, you no longer want Brandon, you are a
full-fledged lesbian now. Everybody here will forget that I am your mistress
and will not remember that I was here today. Yet, you will always do anything
I say. Now get dressed and go home, except Kelly." All the others left and
Val says "Kelly, you will be a slave to Steve, Donna, Dave, Claire and
myself. You will also follow any demand that any other male or female asks.
You will always want sex and will do anything for it. Understand slave

"Yes mistress," replies Kelly.

"OK Kelly, you may go home," says Valerie as Kelly finishes getting dressed
and leaves.

Val smiles as she realizes her plan had worked perfectly. Brandon is mine,
Kelly is out of the picture, and she had a hot selling porno ready for sale
as soon as she edited out the last part where she was involved. 'Life is
good' Val thinks to herself as she goes back upstairs. She goes into
Brandon's room, turns off the lights and slips under the covers with Brandon.

* * *

Next morning. Claire wakes up horny remembering last night. She gets up, goes
into Kelly's room and crawls in bed with her. Kelly wakes up when a wet
tongue hits her cunt.

* * *

Donna wakes up masturbating herself and reflecting on the fact that she was
no longer a virgin. 'Why did I wait so long. Sex is great.' She grabs the
phone and calls David "David, get your ass over here I need to be fucked."
She hangs up the phone and begins to finger both her ass and her cunt.

* * *

Brandon wakes up and realizes that Val is next to him. Slowly he remember
last night. 'The video with Kelly fucking Steve and David, the orgy
downstairs and lastly the great sex with Val. She was so tender, so sweet
and yet a great fuck.' He stares at Val's uncovered tits 'Man those are a
great pair of tits.' He then looks down her body to her legs, still covered
in stockings, 'And she has a great pair of gams.' Brandon, waking up horny,
decides to wake up Val with a bang. He places his cock at the entrance of
her cunt and begins rubbing her pussy. Slowly the juices begin to flow and
Brandon slowly squeezes his cock into Valerie.

Valerie moans and slowly realizes what is happening. She opens her eyes and
sees Brandon fucking her passionately. She smiles and says "Oh Brandon, fuck
me, fuck my cunt with your massive cock."

"Oh yeah Val, your cunt is so tight. I have never fucked anybody who is that
tight. It feels so good."

After a fe minutes of being fucked by Brandon's huge cock, Val says "Do you
want to fuck my ass?"

Brandon looks a little surprised. "I have never fucked anybody in the ass

"Me neither Brandon, but I would like you to be the first," she lies. Val
gets up onto her hands and knees and lifts her ass up in the air for
Brandon's viewing. "It is all there if you want Brandon. Please, fuck my

Brandon slowly moves his cock to Val's ass and after a little hesitation Val
pushes back onto Brandon's cock. In a couple seconds Brandon's cock is deep
in Val's bowels and Val moans with pleasure. "Brandon, tell me what to do, I
will do anything you say. Please use me. I am your slut, fuck me."

Brandon is a little taken aback my Val's words, but is amazed by the feeling
of Val's ass, 'it is so tight' he thinks to himself. "Buck your hips Val,
ride my cock."

Val, eager to please, begins to pump up and down on Brandon's cock. "Oh yeah
master, Your cock feels so good in my ass."

Brandon is a little caught off guard by the term master and after a couple
seconds replies "Your ass is so tight. Come make your master cum." Valerie
begins to really ride Brandon's cock and Brandon has to grab her legs to stay
afloat. Brandon realizing he is close to coming says "Take my cock in your
mouth and swallow my sperm."

Val quickly turns around and takes Brandon's cock in her mouth and begins
sucking hit fast until he cums deep in her mouth. Val keeps sucking Brandon's
cock until it shrinks down to its pre-sex size. Brandon smiles and says "Wow
Val, that was amazing. You really turned me on."

"I meant it Brandon. I will do anything you say, anything. I am your slave. I
want you to use me whenever you want to. I love your huge cock and want it in
me whenever you want to fuck my cunt, my mouth or my ass. I am your whore,
ready and willing to please you. I love you and want to sacrifice my body to
you. Brandon smiles and says "This is gonna be a great relationship. Let's go
take a shower."


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