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Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 6 - Brenda Cums For A Visit Part 1
by DW Lust

The last month had been great for Val. She had her man, Brandon, and had
completely humiliated Kelly. Over the last month she had not used her power
as her and Brandon became a hot item, then a phone call came.

"Hello," says Valerie as she answers the phone.

"Hi Kelly, how are you?" said a female voice on the other end of the phone.

"This isn't Kelly, who's this?"

"Oh it's Brandon's sister."

"Oh, hi Brenda? It's Val, what's up?"

"A little of this, a little of that. How about you?"

"Well, me and Brandon are a couple now."

"Really? What happened between him and Kelly?"

"Long story, but let's just say that Kelly has changed."

"Hmmm, anyways is Brandon around?"

"No, he went to play ball with the guys."

"Well anyways, I will be in town this weekend. What is everybody up to?"

"Probably having a party for you."

"Sounds good to me. I gotta go, my flight should get into town at around 5:30
on Friday. Could you get Brando to pick me up?"

"Sure thing. See ya on Friday sweetie." Val hung up the phone and thought of
the possibilities. This could be fun.

* * *

"Suck my cunt you bitch," screamed Claire as she pushed Kelly's tongue deeper
into her cunt, "you sure love to eat cunt don't ya slut."

"Yes mistress Claire," mumbled Kelly while sucking on Claire's clit.

The phone rings and Claire answers the phone while Kelly brings her to an
orgasm, "Hellllllllllllllo."

"Hi Claire, it's Val, I see your using your slut."

"Hm-hmmm, Hi mistress, she is quite handy to have around. You have trained
her well. Thank you for letting me use the whore."

"Your welcome slave. Anyways, guess who is in town on Friday?"

"I don't know," replies Claire as she pushes Kelly away from her well licked

"Brenda, you know, Brandon's sister."

"Oh yeah."

"Anyways, I thought it would be good to give her a party, a very special

"Hmmm mistress. What is the plan?"

"Well I thought I would pick her up and bring her home. We would have a
normal party for her and then perhaps something just a little bit different."

"I hope I am involved in this mistress."

"Of course slut, you will get to have some fun. Make sure you, Kelly and
Donna are there by 5:30 and as usual dress to please."

"Hmmmm, I can't wait."

* * *

Friday rolled along and Valerie had mentally convinced Brandon that
everything that was going to happen Friday was normal and something he

Val picked Brenda up at the airport and was stunned by her beauty. She had
lost some weight, but her tits her still gorgeous, and her smile was one that
could make a straight woman cream her jeans.

On the drive home Val sends some messages to Brenda including you get turned
on by woman, you find Val sexy, you want to dress sexy for the party, you
want Brandon.

Brenda looks a little confused as all the suggestions pop into her head.
Brenda asks "Why you all dressed up?"

"Oh, Brandon likes me to dress too please, I mean he likes me to look good."
Val is dressed in a white, tight sun dress with beige nylons. Val sends a
message to Brenda that she too wants to dress to please.

After a long silence Brenda says "Maybe we could stop off somewhere so I
could pick up something."

"Why?" toys Valerie.

"Um, I just want to look good."

Valerie pulls into Frederickson's and Brenda jumps out quickly, excited to
get something sexy. Valerie follows her in and looks around the store. There
is one saleswoman in sight and two customers. The saleswoman is probably
30ish, red hair, green eyes, long legs and a seemingly large set of tits. She
is wearing a white blouse and a long black skirt. The two customers seem to
be mother and daughter as they look quite alike. The older woman looks to be
in your 40's. She is a bit overweight, blonde hair, blue eyes and large tits.
She is wearing a red sweater and black slacks. Her daughter is beautiful,
maybe 20, blonde hair and blues eyes, like her mother, perfectly thin, with
amble breasts and long legs. She is looking at lingerie and is currently
wearing a black bra, black stockings and panties. Val smiles and thinks to
herself this could be fun. Val sends a command to the saleswoman to close the
shop up, since it was almost closing time anyway. Val sent commands to the
two customers telling them they are extremely horny, would do anything to cum
and are intrigued by incest and lesbian sex. Val sends another command to the
saleswoman similar to the two customers. Val watches as the younger girl
looks at herself in the mirror and her right hand slides down to her panties.
Her mother says "Kim, what are you doing?"

Kim moves her hand away startled and replies "Oh,I just looked so hot I
couldn't help myself." Val sends a command to the mother that her soul
objective is to eat her daughter's pussy.

The mother starts walking towards her daughter, slowly, somewhat in a daze,
and says "You do look sexy Kim."

"Thanks mother," blushes Kim as she looks into the mirror and takes a look at

Val sends a command to the daughter telling her you need your mother to eat
your pussy, you know it is wrong, but you can't help it. The mother puts her
hand on her daughter's breast and says "Your breasts look so good in this

The daughter moans slightly and says "Hmmm, mom what are you doing?"

The mother replies "Honey, you look so good, good enough to eat." The mother
drops to her knees and begins to slide her daughter's panties to the floor.
"Mother," moans the daughter trying to protest, "we are in a store."

Val sends a command to both to forget that anything is wrong with having sex
in a store. Val also sends a command for the salesperson to come and watch.

The mother extends her tongue to her daughter's cunt and begins licking. The
daughter begins to protest, but the pleasure overwhelms her and she is
quickly moaning in delight. Kim begs "Hmm, mom suck my cunt, eat her
daughter's box. Stick a finger in. Finger fuck your daughter." Her mother
eagerly complies to the command and slides her index finger deep into her
daughter's twat.

Val looks at Brenda who is watching in complete shock. Val says "Turned on?"

Brenda looks at Val and replies "I've never seen anything like it."

"Does it turn you on?"

"Ya it does," replies Brenda who returns to watching the mother on her knees
eating her daughter's pussy.

"Have you ever did it with a woman?"

"No, have you?" replies Brenda a little disgusted.

"Oh ya, I have fucked Donna, Kelly, Claire, just to name a few."

Brenda is completely stunned as she replies "Really?"

"Oh yeah, all three of those girls love to eat pussy." Val sends a command to
Brenda that she wants to eat pussy. She wants to be controlled.

Brenda was still glued to the two girls and licked her lips as she watched
the daughter grab her mother's head and shove it into her moist love box. Val
sends a command for the daughter to return the favour to her mother. She
sends another command to the saleswoman to go grab the biggest dildo she had
and fuck herself with it.

Val watched as the saleswoman went to the wall and pulled down a 5 inch wide
and 12 inch long dildo. She took it out of the box, spread her legs and
shoved the whole thing into her. Val was envious. She looked over to see the
mother on the floor now, with her daughter's head eating the hole that she
once came out of. The mother screams "That's it baby, suck your mother's
cunt, eat your mom, make her cum."

Val needed to have an orgasm. Val lifts up her skirt and reveals she has no
underwear on. "Brenda, come over here and eat my pussy."

Brenda looks at Val oddly, but gets up and walks over to Valerie. "Do you
want to eat my pussy?"

"Hmmm, very much," replies Brenda as she drops to her knees and quickly dives
into Val's cunt.

"Oh ya Brenda, that's it. Eat my box like all your friends did. How does it
feel to be a lesbian slave."

"Good mistress," replies Brenda obediently as she continues to work on Val's

"Would you like to eat out your friends tonight when you get home, slave?"

"Anything you say mistress. I am yours to use."

"How about having your brother fuck your virgin ass?"

"Oh, I would love to have Brandon rape my ass with his cock if it would
please my mistress."

Val grabs Brenda's head and shoves it deep into her cunt. She watches the
saleswoman cum all over that huge dildo. The saleswoman then rips off her
blouse and unhooks her bra to reveal a pair of perfect tits. The saleswoman
begins to play with her breasts as she continues to fuck herself with that
massive cock. Val smiles as she watches the mother orgasm all over her
daughter's face.

Val sends a command to the mother and daughter to get dressed. They would not
forget this event happened and would be sexually active with each other
forever. Val asks "Kim, do you have any siblings?"

Kim replies "Yes, three sisters and a brother."

Val questions while orgasming from Brenda's tongue "How old are they?"

"Sarah is 23, Kara is 19, Tommy is 18 and Tabitha turns 16 tomorrow."

"Ok, tomorrow you will give her a birthday she will never forget. You must
seduce her. Over the next month you must seduce the others, including your
father. Your mother will help. Your only desire is to please members in your
family. You may leave."

Kim moans as she thinks of the opportunities. Val gets their address and
number for future use. "Brenda, go grab a crotchless body stocking, white."

Brenda follows the order as Val calls to the salesperson "Shove that cock in
your ass." To Val's surprise the cock easily makes its way into the
saleswoman's ass. 'She's been fucked there before' thinks Val.

Brenda returns with the outfit. "Go put in on and meet me in the car." Brenda
begins putting it on as Val grabs a couple toys and leaves a last command
with the saleswoman: You will get dressed in ten minutes and close up. You
will then go home. You will for the rest of the night ask every third person
you see to fuck you. Have fun.

Val leaves with a smile on her face and excited to get home to Brandon.
Brenda gets to the car a minute later dressed only in the body stocking and
a skirt.

"You look hot slut."

"Thank you mistress," replies Brenda.

"You ready to seduce your brother and eat out all your friends."

"Yes mistress," replies Brenda.

Val gives Brenda a vibrator and says "Here, keep yourself busy on the way

Brenda grabs the toy and nonchalantly shoves it in her box.

Val smiles as she ponders the joys of the night ahead.


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