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control, revenge, non-consensual story including pantyhose, FF, MF, MMF, etc.

Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 8 - Carly Joins The Action
by DW Lust

Val was getting bored. Sure Brandon was a great fuck and he now treated her
like his slave (she loved that). But she felt like she needed a new
challenge. She pondered who next? Then it hit her, Carly. Carly was a hot
piece that Steve was currently trying to woe. She had long legs, a tight ass
and perky tits. She new that her and Steve hadn't done the deed yet, and the
thought of corrupting her was appealing. So Val phones Steve and suggests
that he brings Carly over to visit this evening, also suggest to Carly to
dress for a special occasion. Val also decides she doesn't want anybody else
around so she goes upstairs to suggest mentally to Brandon to go out for the
evening. As Val walks into their room she sees Brenda's head bobbing up and
down on Brandon's cock.

"Come on slut, take my whole cock in my mouth," demands Brandon. Brandon sees
Valerie at the door and says "Grab the strap on slave, fuck my sister up the
ass." Val obeys and a minute later she is fucking Brenda's ass. While fucking
Brenda, Val sends a command to Brandon to go out for the evening and another
to Brenda to go to a lesbian bar, go to the bathroom and eat out every dyke
who wants her snatch sucked. Moments later Brandon shoots a load of cum in
his sister's cock sucking mouth and simultaneously Brenda orgasms from Val's
ass fucking. Val pulls the cock out of Brenda's ass and shoves the shit stick
in Brenda's mouth. Brandon laughs. Val takes off the toy and kisses Brandon.

Brandon says "I'm going out tonight, what you going to do."

"Oh, I don't know, watch tv maybe. I am kind of tired," replies Val.

Brandon gets up and starts to get dressed; Brenda continues to suck her shit
of the toy; Val smiles thinking of tonights new adventure.

* * *

Steve shows up at Val's place around 7 o'clock. He is dressed in a suit while
Carly is completely ravishing. She is dressed in a tight, red, one piece
dress, with black nylons and red three inch pumps. Valerie is dressed a
little more casual then usual. She is dressed in a blue jean shirt, a pair
of tight, tight jeans and beige nylons. Her plan is to make the stop seem

"Hi Steve, hey Carly, thanks for stopping by. Steve is a whiz at fixing
things and the stupid thermostat is stuck." Val sends Steve away to look at
the make believe problem. Val decides to find things out about Carly first.
She sends a message to Carly to answer all questions honestly and without

"Carly, why don't you take off those shoes and take a seat, Steve could be a
few minutes."

Carly slides off her pumps and begins walking to the couch, "Thanks, these
things are killers." Carly sits on the couch and crosses her legs. Val looks
at her feet and notices her toenails are painted red as well. 'Fuck she is a
hot piece of ass,' thinks Val.

"So where are you two lovers going tonight?"

"I'm not sure, he won't tell me. It is suppose to be a surprise."

"Wow, that's sweet."

"Well it has been tough, trying to spend time together, alone, you know with
me having a child and all."

"Ya, that must be tough. Have you guys had sex yet?" asks Val casually.

"No," replies Carly, looking a little surprised at the question.

"When was the last time you had sex with anybody?"

"Four years I guess," replies Carly, thinking this is none of her business.

"Are you going to let Steve fuck you tonight?"

"Maybe, I know Steve is hoping so, he has been extremely patient," replies
Carly, wondering why the hell she was telling Valerie this.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"No," replies Carly disgusted.

Val sends a message to Carly that she wants to be submissive, she wants to do
everything that Valerie tells her to, that she is extremely horny and that
she thinks Val is sexy. Val watches as Carly seems dazed as she tries to
process the mental suggestions. Moments later, Carly's cheeks get flushed and
she starts to look uncomfortable.

"What's wrong Carly?"

"I-I," replies Carly flustered.

"What are you thinking right now?"

"I am thinking of you," answers Carly, obviously embarrassed.

"What about me?" asks Val teasingly.

"I-uh-sexually-I am thinking how hot you are?"

"But I thought you didn't like woman."

"I don't, but I am so horny, I don't know why, but I need.."

"Need what?"

"I need to please you," screams Carly as she struggles to get the thoughts
out of her head.

Val stands up and walks over to Carly, "Why don't you help me get out of
these jeans?" Carly raises her hands to Val's pants and starts to unbutton
Val's jeans. Slowly Carly slides Val's jeans down her nylon covered legs,
stay ups, and seems surprised to see Val is not wearing any panties. Val
lifts up one leg so Carly can pull the pants off and then the other. "Do
you want to please me Carly?"


"Do you want to eat my pussy?"

"Yes," replies Carly excitingly as her hormones take control of her mind.

Val sits down on the couch and spreads her legs. Carly, already on her knees,
begins moving her head toward Val's cunt. Val says "No, no, girl. Don't you
want to pleasure me completely?"


"Then start from my feet and slowly move your way up. Also, I am your

"Yes mistress," replies Carly as she starts to lick the soles of Val's nylon
feet. Val moans as she watches Carly succumb to her powers. Carly begins
moving up Val's leg as Val unbuttons her shirt and slips it off. Not
surprisingly, no bra. Carly gets close to Val's moist hole as Val pulls Carly
up and pushes her against her large breasts. Carly opens her mouth and starts
sucking on Val's rock hard nipples.

After a couple minutes of that, Val pushes Carly down to her cunt and says
"Look slave, what do you think of my shaved box?"

"It is beautiful mistress," replies Carly as she begins to move her mouth to
Val's twat.

"Wait slave," demands Val. Carly stops and looks up to her mistress. "Beg
permission to pleasure your mistress, slave."

"Uh-please let me pleasure you mistress."

"Slave, do better than that, use words like cunt, fuck suck."

Carly licks her lips and says "Hmm, mistress, let me fuck you with my tongue,
suck your moist cunt till you cum all over your slaves slutty face."

"That's better slave, you have permission to eat me."

Carly dives in and begins lapping at Val's sloppy hole. Val squeezes her legs
against Carly's head and pulls her deeper in. Carly's cunt licking eventually
gets Val off. After a second orgasm, Val gets up and pushes Carly to the
floor. Val kisses Carly hard and slides her tongue into Carly's mouth. Carly
slips her tongue back into Val's mouth as Val begins to pull Carly's dress
off. The kiss is broken as Val slips the dress off Carly to reveal a pair of
white silk panties and a matching bra. Val starts kissing Carly's neck and
moves her way down. During this time Val also discards of Carly's bra. Val
moves her way down to Carly's love hole and begins to pull down Carly's black
pantyhose. As Val does this, she continues to kiss Carly's thigh. Val moves
down and sucks on Carly's toes, one by one. Carly begs "Mistress you are
turning me on so much, please let me cum."

"Tell me what you are and I will suck your pussy until you orgasm."

"I am your slave, a slut, a whore, a cunt licking dyke, who is only here to
please my mistress."

"Not bad bitch," replies Val as she moves up and begins to suck Carly's cunt.

"Oh yes mistress, that feels so good." Just before Carly is about to cum, Val
quits and gets up and leaves the room. Carly moans in disappointment as she
slides her hand down to her box and begins fingering herself.

Val returns with a thick, black dildo and Steve. "Slave, did I tell you could
fuck yourself?"

"No," replies Carly as she takes her finger out of her moist cunt, "but I
need to cum so bad."

"And you would have, but now you need to be punished. Get up and come and sit
on my lap. Steve get out of your clothes if you want to fuck this piece of

Carly gets up and sits on Val's lap, with her ass in the air. Steve begins to
get rid of his clothe. Val slaps Carly's ass five times and then slides two
fingers into her box. Carly moans. After five strokes, Val withdraws her
fingers and spanks Carly again. After ten more smacks, Val places a finger at
Carly's ass and says "Ever had anything in your ass, slave?"

"Just once mistress."

"When and by who?"

"When I was 16, my grade 11 teacher said the only way I was going to pass was
to do as he said. He took me back to his place and made me suck his cock and
then he fucked me in the ass."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Not at first, but after the pain went away, the pleasure was overwhelming."

"Why did you never do it with anybody else?"

"I thought it was extremely perverted and was embarrassed to tell a guy I
liked it in the ass."

Val slides a finger into her ass. Carly moans. "How does that feel slave?"

"Good mistress, please fuck my ass with your finger."

"Steve, get over here, fill your sluts mouth." Steve almost runs to Carly and
places his completely hard rod at Carly's lips. Carly takes Steve into her
mouth and engulfs his whole cock. Val begins to fuck Carly's ass hard with
her finger, but pulls out before Carly can orgasm. Carly wiggles her ass,
trying to push Val's finger back into her. Val grabs the big dildo and places
it at the entrance of Carly's ass. "Slut, do you want to get fucked in the
ass with this massive cock?"

Carly quits sucking Steve's cock to beg "Please fuck my ass mistress, plough
my shithole with that massive cock, use me as the cheap, fucking whore,
slave, tramp I am." Val obeys and slowly the huge plastic cock disappears
into Carly's ass.

"Oh my God, that cock is so bigggggg," screams Carly, just as Steve pushes
his cock back into Carly's mouth. Carly takes the whole cock in her ass and
then Val begins to fuck her ass furiously hard and fast. Steve, watching his
girlfriend get fucked in the ass, begins to fuck Carly's face hard and fast
as well. Steve doesn't last long and shoots a load of cum into Carly's mouth.
Carly swallows every drop and continues sucking her boyfriend's cock.

"Did that taste good slave?"

Steve takes his dick out of Carly's mouth as she replies 'Um, it was
delicious mistress."

Carly again on the brink of orgasm, Val pulls the cock out of her ass. "How
bad do you need to cum bitch?"

"I would do anything to cum mistress, please let me cum."

Val gets on her knees, her ass way up in the air and says "Cum here and lick
my asshole." Carly obeys immediately and starts kissing Val's ass. After a
couple minutes of this, Val turns around onto her back and demands "Bring me
to 3 orgasms in three minutes and you will be allowed to cum." Carly dives in
and starts eating Val's box. Val slides a finger into Val's gaping hole and
Val orgasms in under a minute. Carly continues lapping at Val's cunt, while
finger fucking her with two fingers, a third finger penetrates Val's box and
she cums for the second time at 2:12. Carly, realizing time is of the
essence, takes her other hand and in one motion slides a finger into Val's
ass, seconds later the third orgasm hits, with 10 seconds still left. "That
was extremely well done bitch. You are turning into a very good dyke. Steve
get over here and pound this tramp, she needs to cum."

Steve walks over to Carly, but he is still soft. Val gets on her knees and
takes Steve's cock into her mouth. Val's skilled mouth has Steve hard in
seconds and Val places Steve's cock at Carly's cunt entrance. As soon as
Carly feels the piece of meat at her entrance, she pushes back and takes
Steve's cock into her. Carly then begins bucking up and down on Steve's cock.
In seconds Carly screams as she reaches an orgasm that even Val is envious
of. After a few minutes of fucking, Steve pulls out and switches holes.

"Put that cock back in me stud," screams Carly.

He plunges into her ass with ease and Carly moans loudly. Val grabs the toy
and begins fucking herself as she watches the couple go at it. Val orgasms
quickly as she thinks, I spiced up their love life.

Moments later Steve pulls out of Carly's ass and Carly, sensing Steve is
about to cum, turns around quickly and takes his cock into her mouth. Seconds
later Steve shoots a second load of semen down his girlfriend's throat. After
swallowing the cum, Carly crawls over to Val, and even to Val's surprise,
places her head at Val's feet and says "Thank you mistress for letting your
whore cum. I love you mistress. Is there anyway I could serve you now. I
could eat you again, please."

Val laughs as she says "You are a good slut. No, that will be all today. For
now on you will always be eager and ready to do as I please."

"Of course mistress."

"Also, for now on you will always dress like a slut. You will follow every
command anybody gives you. Man, woman, anybody. Here is a shirt I got for
you. You will wear it at all times." Val hands her a shirt. The shirt says
'Your wish, is my command.'

"Thank you mistress," says Carly as she takes the shirt.

"Also, you will never wear pantyhose again. Remember, always wear stay ups or
stockings. That is what sluts wear. Only innocent, pure, woman wear pantyhose."

"Yes mistress."

"Good, now get dressed and go on the rest of your date. Suck Steve's cock
while he drives. Also, while at the restaurant, go under the table and suck
in off there as well. Lastly, make sure you let him fuck you to end off the

"Yes mistress," replies Carly. She looks around and says"Mistress, I don't
have any stay up nylons with me now."

"Good point slave," I'll be back in a moment." Val leaves and returns with a
pair of black stay ups. "Val takes them and slowly slides them onto Carly's
long slender legs. As the first stocking is pulled up, Val slowly teases her
slave by sliding a finger into her cunt and fucking her fast for 20 strokes.
She then takes her finger out and places it at Carly's lips. Carly eagerly
sucks her own juice off her mistresses finger. Val then puts the other
stocking on her slave's leg and this time slides a finger in her slave's ass.
This time she fucks her hard until her slave orgasms. Again she places the
finger at Carly's mouth. Carly again takes the finger and sucks it. Val then
kisses her slave and says "Now get out here kids, and have fun."

The two leave and Val smiles to herself as she corrupts yet another friend.
'Damn it,' thinks Val, 'I got myself horny again Brenda or Brandon better get
home soon.'


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