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Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 9 - Cindy's Homecumming
by DW Lust

"Finally," says Val as Brenda walks into the house at around 2:30 in the

"Hi mistress," replies Brenda.

"How was your night?"

"A lot of fun actually," replies Brenda.

Brenda's nylons are ripped at the knees, a sign she was one them a lot. "How
many woman did you pleasure?"

"I lost count. Probably over a hundred."

"Tell me about the first one," inquires Valerie.

"Well, I walked in, had a couple drinks and headed to the bathroom. To my
surprise no one was in the can. So I played with my hair and waited for a
girl to come in. Seconds later a tall redhead, walked inn. She was dressed
to tease. A red skirt, long tanned legs, and a white see-through blouse.
She was hot. She came to the mirror as well and I said 'Hi, you need some
release.' I thought she would be surprised by such an upfront approach, but
instead she simply pulled up onto the counter, lifted up her skirt and said
'You better be good'.

I simply dove into her snatch and began licking. She tasted good. Oh, did I
mention she had chosen to not wear any underwear. I could tell she was close
to any orgasm as she pulled my head hard into her cunt. I slid a finger into
her gaping hole and she orgasmed almost instantly. I moved my head up and
turned to see three girls watching me devour the redheads's pussy. I smiled
nervously at them as the rather plump, brunette said 'I'm next'. She slipped
off her jeans and panties and struggled to get on the table and spread her
legs with a little difficulty.

I placed my tongue at her cunt and began licking. She didn't taste so good.
I felt a hand slide my skirt up and soon a finger was fucking my ass. It
surprised me a bit, but it felt great. The rest of the night was one big
blur. I would eat a pussy, look up briefly to check out the next dyke and
then I would suck her pussy till she came. It was awesome. The redhead even
came back for seconds. During this time I even had about 20 woman eat from
my box. It was a blast.

Although, it wasn't really a challenge. Asking a dyke if she wants to get
eaten is like asking a man if she wants to be fucked. A real challenge would
be to go to a normal bar and she how many twats I could eat from."

Val laughs "Ya, I guess that is a game we can play sometime. But right now
why don't we had one to the cunts you have sucked so far tonight. Get over
here and fuck my cunt with your tongue." Brenda slips off her dress and drops
down on her knees and begins pleasing her mistress. Brenda continues lapping
at Val's box as she slides a finger into her mistresses' ass. A door slams
and Brandon appears.

Brandon says "Is my sister doing a good job Val?"

"Hmm," replies Val.

Brandon drops his pants and slips behind his sister. "Hey sis, do you want my

Brenda quits licking Val's cunt to say "Hmmm, brother please pound me. I need
your cock."

Brandon doesn't wait for Brenda to finish as he ploughs his cock into his
sister's gaping hole. A door slams as Val screams "That's it slut, eat my

Seconds later a scream is heard. Val looks up to see Cindy Walsh, Brandon and
Brenda's mother, watching the threesome. Val realizes she has to think fast.
She sends a command to Cindy that she is turned on by the scene that is in
front of her eyes, that she wants to have sex with both of her children and
that she wants to obey everything that Val says. Brandon quits fucking his
sister and gets up and turns to his mother, erection standing tall, and says
"Sorry mom, I can explain, well actually I."

Brenda tries to cover herself and is speechless. Val sends a command for
Cindy that she is craving cock, that she wants to suck her son's cock now.
Val watches as Cindy walks over to her son, drops to her knees and takes
her son's cock into her mouth.

Brandon says "Mom, what are you doing?" Cindy doesn't answer as she engulfs
Brandon's cock deep into her mouth. "Mom, that feels so good." Brenda watches
the scene in shock.

Val says "Brenda get back to eating me." Brenda hesitates briefly, in awe of
the scene before her eyes, but follows her mistresses' demand and returns to
eating Val's box. Val sends more commands to Cindy. 'You want to be fucked by
Brandon and remember you will do anything that Val tells you to.'

Val says to Cindy "How does your son's cock taste?"

Cindy looks up at Val speechless.

"Have you ever thought about your son fucking your tight twat?"

"No I,"

"Answer my questions honestly. Your daughter sure can eat a mean pussy. Now,
have you ever thought of having Brandon's thick, long prick in your neglected

"Well, not till now. But, right now my pussy is on fire thinking of having
Brandon's cock in me."

"Brandon, why don't you help your mother get out of her clothes." Brandon
helps her mother unbutton her blouse and then unclips her old-fashioned bra.
"Cindy your tits are in pretty good shape. Did you breastfeed Brandon?"

"Yes," replies Cindy.

"Brandon, why don't you suck mommies nipples." Brandon eagerly takes his
mother's nipples in his mouth. He bites on them tenderly as Cindy moans from
the delicate teasing of her son. "Brenda, go over and help Brandon get your
mother's clothe off." Brenda slowly goes over as she watches her brother suck
on her mother's tits. Brenda pulls down her mom's slacks and struggles to get
them off her. Then she slides down her mother's pantyhose and then her
panties. "Why don't you three relocate upstairs to the master bedroom?" The
three obey instantly and head upstairs. Val follows, on the way there she
grabs a videocamera thinking 'This would make a good video.'

On the bed the three had started without Val. Cindy was on her back, her
daughter was inbetween her legs and Brandon had again placed his cock in his
mother's mouth. 'Cindy was a pretty good cocksucker' thought Val. Val presses
record on the machine. Val sends a command to Cindy to talk dirty and
incestuous to her children.

Moments later she quits sucking Brandon and says "Son, go fuck your sister.
Daughter you are pleasing mommy, yes, suck mommies clit, let me cum all over
my daughter's slutty face." Brandon gets behind Brendon and slides his cock
into her cunt. Brenda moans with pleasure from the penetration. "That's it
son, fuck your sister. Fuck your sister hard as she eats her mommies pussy.
That's it Bren, I'm cumming, your making mommy cum. Ok, son, get over here
and fuck your mom, stick your hard cock in your mommies pussy." Brandon
slides out of Brenda's cunt and Brenda moves out of the way and Brandon
places his cock at Cindy's entrance. Brandon rubs his cock around his
mother's cunt and Cindy screams "Please son, don't tease me, just fuck me,
fuck your mother, don't you want to?"

Brandon smiles and says "Do you really want me to fuck you?"

"Yes please, I can't wait any longer, I need your cock in me, fuck your
mother. Cum inside me." Brandon plunges into his mother. Cindy says "Brenda,
get over here and straddle your mother's face. Let me eat my daughter's cunt.
Let your mother bring you to a climax." Brenda straddles her mother's face
and Cindy extends her tongue to her daughter's cunt. Val can't believe how
slutty Cindy has become. She needed this. She probably hadn't been fucked
forever. Jim was kind of a loser. Val begin fingering herself as she watched
the incestuous scene continue at a feverish pace.

Brandon who was now really getting into the action says "Mom, have you ever
been fucked in the ass?"

"No son, but I bet you can change that. Brenda lick my asshole, get it ready
for your brother to fuck my ass." Brenda obeys and begins licking her
mother's ass and takes a finger and rubs her mother's juices at Cindy's anal

Brandon pushes Brenda out of the way and replaces Brenda's tongue with his
cock. Not showing any restraint, he pushes his cock into his mother's ass.
"Oh Brandon, it hurts."

"Shut up mother, you slut. I am going to fuck your ass long and hard. Now
beg, beg for your son to fuck your tight shithole."

Cindy looked shocked by her son's harsh words but did not disobey as she
begged "Oh Brandon, fuck your mother's ass, take my anal virginity, shove
your huge slong all the way up your mother's bowels. Cum in your mommie's
ass. Oh my Godddd" Brandon pushes his cock deeper into his mother's tight
ass and Brenda again places her cunt at her mother's mouth. Cindy dives in
and continues to pleasure her daughter. "Hmm, Brenda, you have a delicious
pussy. Oh Brandon, that feels so good, don't stop fucking your mother's
ass." Brandon starts to fuck Cindy violently as he pounds her hard, so
hard that her face is pushed deep into her daughter's pussy.

"I'm cumming mom, I'm cumming in your cheap, slutty, whore ass," screams
Brandon. Moments later Brandon shoots a load of cumin his mother's ass and
after sliding out of his mother's just raped ass, Brenda quickly crawls
over and begins licking her brother's cum out of her mother's ass. 'Wow,
what a sight' thinks Val. Val continues taping till Brenda is finished
sucking out as much sperm as she can from her mother's ass and then does
a close up of Cindy. Her face is dripping of her daughter's juices. Val
sends a command to Cindy "Tell the camera who you are and how big a slut
you are."

Cindy smiles into the camera and says "Hi, my name is Cindy Walsh. I am a
slut. I love to suck my son's cock." She grabs Brandon's cock and takes it
into her mouth. She swallows it whole and sucks him furiously for about 30
seconds. "I also love to eat my daughter's pussy." She throws Brenda on the
bed and dives into her daughter's pussy. After about 30 seconds, she quits
and says "Fuck my daughter has one delicious pussy. Like mother, like
daughter I guess. I also love to feel my son's dick fucking the hole it
once came out of." She pushes Brendon onto the bed, straddles him and starts
riding his thick shaft. While she continues riding her son she says "Nothing
feels better than fucking my son. Having your son's huge cock deep in your
pussy is the greatest feeling any mother can have." She quits fucking her
son and says, it is also a great to have your pussy eaten by your daughter.
Brenda get over here and suck my clit."

Brenda crawls between her mother's legs and begins pleasuring her mother. "Oh
yeah, my daughter is an excellent cuntlicker. She can bring me to orgasm in
no time at, oh-oh-oh-ahhhhhh-all. Another pleasure every mother must try is
getting their ass fucked by their son. I only wish I had another son so I
could be double penetrated by two cocks." Cindy gets on her knees and Brandon
slides behind her and quickly shoves his cock back into his mother's ass. "Oh
ya son, fuck your mother's ass. You see these are all great pleasures that
every mother should have. Oh ya Brandon, keep fucking your mother's ass. A
slut, a whore, a tramp, a son-fucking, daughter licking bitch is what I am.
I love my daughter and my son. I love to let them use my body for their
pleasure and I love to watch them together. Brandon go fuck your sister."
Brandon quits fucking his mom and places his cock in his sister's ass.
"That's it son, fuck your sister's ass, cum in her shithole, do as your mommy
says. So in conclusion, what else can I say? There was a day in the past
where life sucked. My only orgasm came from my hand and sex was a once a year
event. But now, I have two lovers who love me: my son and my daughter. Now
life is perfect, I have what all mothers should have a son with a thick cock
that can pleasure any of my three holes and a daughter who has a delicious
pussy and a masterful tongue. My name is Cindy Walsh and I love to fuck."

Val presses stop on the camcorder and says "Cindy, get over here and eat me
out." Cindy crawls over and dives into Val's box. On the bed, Brandon is
still deep inside her sister's shithole. Val orgasms three times and pulls
Cindy up to her lips and kisses her. After a passionate kiss Val asks "Out
of curiosity, why are you here anyways?"

"Jim and I separated and I came here to tell the kids the news. I caught Jim
fucking his secretary last week."

"Well, you can stay here as long as you want, you slut."

Cindy replies "Thank you," and starts kissing Val's tits.

"Holy shit you are a fucking tramp, you can't get enough can you?"

"It's been a while since I have had a decent orgasm and thanks to you I have
had several tonight. I am here to serve you and my children. I want to be
used as a slut, whore, tramp, slave. Let me please you more."

"You will have many chances to please me, but now I'm tired. Why don't you go
join your children, they still have some energy."

"Thank you mistress," replies Cindy as she goes to the bed and moves right
beside her daughter and says "My ass needs fucking too, son." Brandon takes
his cock out of his sister's ass and quickly penetrates his mothers.

Val watches and notices that Brenda's ass is still up in the air. Val grabs
a huge black dildo and walks over to Brenda and in one motion shoves it deep
in her ass. "Here Brenda fuck yourself." Brenda grabs the dildo and begins
fucking her ass with the huge toy. Beside her, Brandon continues to pound
his mother's ass hard. Val heads out the door and says "When your done
Brandon, come to bed, you still havn't fucked your girlfriend."

"Sure thing Val," replies Brandon, "but I may be awhile, my mother is quite
the slut, she can't get enough of her son's cock." Brandon slides his cock
out of his mother's ass.

"Son, get back to work right now. Fuck your mother, fuck your mother's ass."


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