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control, revenge, non-consensual story including pantyhose, FF, MF, MMF, etc.

Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 10 - Kelly And Donna Play
by DW Lust

What has happened in the last month:

Claire enjoyed the sex too much and no longer could focus on anything. So one
day she just up and left, without a word.

Brenda's vacation, a very pleasurable one, ended last weekend and she went
back to France. Brenda had an adventurous last month. Her cunt, mouth and ass
were used over and over again by Brandon, her tongue was constantly in Val's
box and her mother's, for the short while she was down, and she was often
sent on all nighters.

These included going to a gay men's bar and seeing how many she could tempt
to fuck her cunt and ass. (The answer, by the way, 32 in the ass and 12 in
her cunt. Five men even said they may not even be gay anymore.) Another was
going to a famous danceclub on the strip and seeing how many woman she could
eat out in one night. (This time it wasn't a lesbian bar. The answer, by the
way, is 65 woman. Only five said no. Brenda had her snatch eaten 7 times as
well and was fucked up the ass by a beer bottle.)

But, the most interesting night was when Val had sent Brenda to go and seduce
Nat. Brenda went over and after helping him close up the restaurant, she
simply went over to him, dropped to her knees and took out his cock. Before
Nat could say a word, Brenda had engulfed all six inches of Nat's tiny cock.
(Hardly a challenge for Brenda.) Before the night was over, Nat had cum
twice: once in her mouth and another time in her ass.

Lastly, Brenda's going away party was a blast as she was tied to the bed and
simply given a cum bath by all of Brandon's friends. She as not allowed to
shower till she got back to Paris. The last order Brenda was given was to
suck off every man on the plane back to Paris and eat out every woman.

Cindy only stayed for a week and was treated pretty good by Brandon and Val.
Never sent on any all nighters or anything like that. On her last night home,
Brandon brought over Steve, David and a couple other friends and they
continually double fucked her. The only restriction was that every load of
cum must be shot down her throat. Over 30 loads ended up sliding down Brandon
and Brenda's sexy mother. The last command she received from Val was that she
would forget everything that happened, but would love to suck cock and must
swallow one load of cum every night. In the morning, before she left, she
swallowed her son's cum one last time.

Brandon and Val seemed to be in love as Val had become Brandon's slave. Now
that Brenda and Cindy had left, they had began to just enjoy themselves for
awhile. Steve and David lived normal lives except that they always joined in
on the Walsh gang bangs.

Donna had become a sex crazed whore. All she thought about was sex and she
loved to be controlled. Every night she would go out with a different guy and
they would fuck all night. She loved to be dominated, told what to do, it was
the only way she could get off. She also loved being fucked from behind.
Kelly, who had slowly recovered and became her old self(kind of), was worried
about Donna.

Kelly had been ignored by Val for the last month and had began to recover.
She had recovered so much that she had began searching for a way to get
revenge on Valerie. She had broke into Brandon's house when they were out
one night and found a receipt for a 100,000 dollars. Kelly wrote down the
name and later phoned him. She was to meet with him at 3:00 today.

Kelly hadn't had sex for almost a month till last weekend when she finally
confronted Donna over her sexual problems. After a long discussion, Kelly
convinced Donna to stay home that Friday night. By nine clock Donna was crazy
and was begging Kelly to let her go. Donna said "Kelly, you were the one who
took my virginity. You were the one who raped me. You turned me into this.
Let me go. I need to be fucked. To be dominated."

After another hour of trying to convince Donna to control herself she
realized that the only way to keep Donna at home was to control Donna and
dominate her sexually. Something that really turned Kelly on. Plus, better
for her to dominate Donna, at least it was safe and Donna was her bestfriend.
Kelly simply said "Donna, go upstairs and put on something sexy."

Donna obeyed and came down a few minutes later dressed in a little school
girl's outfit. A plaid skirt, white see through blouse and her hair in
ponytails. "Do I look sexy Kelly. This is how Joey wanted me last night. To
seduce him as a innocent school girl and he the teacher. Will you be my
teacher Kelly?"

Kelly is horny by this and simply says "Wait here, I gotta go change." Kelly
leaves and changes into a more professional look. She grabs a long skirt,
beige stay ups, a red blouse and puts her hair up in a bun. She walks back
down the stairs and sees Donna on the couch masturbating. "Donna, bad girl,
what are you doing?"

Donna realizes this is a game and stops pleasuring herself and says "Sorry
Miss Taylor, I was just thinking of you."

Kelly walks over to her and says "And what exactly were you thinking about
Miss Martin?"

"I was thinking of ways to improve my grades, Miss Taylor" replies Donna

"Well your grades have slid lately Miss Martin."

"I know. I can't seem to stay focused on school."

"Why is that?"

"I can't stop thinking about being dominated by you Miss Taylor." says Donna

"How so Miss Martin," asks Kelly demurely.

"I want to please you sexually, be your sex slave teacher," says Donna.

"Get over here Donna," demands Kelly. Donna eagerly comes to Kelly. "What
part of me turned you on Donna?"

"Everything. I love your long legs, your tight ass, your perky breasts, your
sexy smile and your long blonde hair."

"Do you want me to put my hair down?" asks Kelly.

"Oh please," begs Donna in a childlike voice.

Kelly lets her hair fall to her shoulders and says "How do I look?"

"Beautiful Miss Taylor," replies Donna.

Kelly sits on the couch and says, "Donna lay down on my lap. You need to be
punished for thinking such naughty thoughts." Donna obeys without hesitation.
Kelly lifts up Donna's skirt and notices that Donna is pantiless. "Donna, no
panties. That is a violation of the rules." Kelly slaps Donna's ass. Donna
moans. "You like that don't you slut."

"Oh, punish me, I've been a bad girl," replies Donna. Smack. Smack. Smack.
Donna starts bucking her ass and she moves a hand to her pussy. Soon she is
rubbing her clit hard as Kelly continues to spank her pupil.

"Are you about to orgasm slave?"

"Yes mistress."

Kelly stops the spanking and then positions a finger at Donna's ass. "Does my
student like being ass fucked?"

"Hmm-mmmm," moans Donna, "Please fuck my ass teacher."

Kelly slowly slides her middle finger into Donna's tight ass. Soon the whole
finger is in Donna's ass as Donna begs "Oh yeah, fuck it fast." Kelly obliges
and soon is sliding her finger in and out of Donna's ass vigorously. Donna's
fingers slip into her pussy as she begins to finger herself. Moments later
Donna orgasms.

Kelly slips the finger out of Donna's bowels and demands "Whore, suck my
finger." Donna quickly obeys and starts sucking the finger that was just up
her ass. She treats it like a small cock as she engulfs the whole finger and
bobs up and down. Kelly is getting turned on by this and says "Do you want
to please your teacher?"

Donna simply takes the finger out of her mouth and begins going lower on
Kelly. She moves to Kelly's feet and kisses the heel of the shoe. Slowly she
slips the shoe off of Kelly's foot and begins massaging Kelly's nylon clad
foot. Donna kisses the sole of Kelly's foot and then slides her tongue from
the heel of the foot to the top of her toes. She then takes each of Kelly's
toes into her mouth, one by one. After what seems like an eternity to Kelly,
Donna slowly moves up her teacher's thigh. Kissing tenderly every part of
Kelly's leg. Donna undoes Kelly's long skirt and pushes it to the ground and
returns to her teacher's leg. Soon she is just inches away from Kelly's cunt
and Donna pushes her mouth hard against Kelly's panty covered cunt. Kelly
moans loudly. Donna says "Miss Taylor. Your panties are soaked. Did I make
you get that wet."

Kelly replies "Yes slut. You have pleased your teacher. Now take my panties
off." Donna obeys and slowly slides the panties off of Kelly.

When she gets them off, she puts them to her nose and says "Your panties
smell tasty." She drops the panties and dives back inbetween Kelly's legs.
She extends her tongue to Kelly's pussy, but doesn't touch it. Kelly slides
her ass down to get the tongue into her box, but Donna then drops to the
floor and begins work on Kelly's other foot.

After only a couple minutes of making love to Kelly's feet, Kelly screams
"That's enough. Time to go for an A. Lick my cunt." Donna quickly positions
herself at her mistresses' pussy and begins lapping away at Kelly's juices.
Kelly orgasms instantly and begins rubbing her cunt hard into Donna's face.
Donna positions a finger at Kelly's ass and says "You want your slutty
student to finger fuck your ass?"

"Two fingers bitch," is all Kelly can get out. Donna obeys and soon Kelly has
two firers deep in her bowels while Donna is still busy working on Kelly's
clit. After more orgasms then Kelly could count, Kelly says "Oh Donna that
was amazing. You really like to be submissive, don't you?"

"Ya Kelly, all I think about is being used, being treated as a whore, a slut,
a slave. I am ok for today now, but tomorrow I will need to be used again."

Kelly smiles, "Tell you what. For now on you will be my slave. Always. You
will not be allowed to fuck any other man or woman without my permission.
Your cunt is mine to use. Understand."

"Oh Kelly. Thank you. I love you so much," replies Donna as she gives Kelly a
big hug and then kisses her with passion. "I will make a good slut," she says
when Kelly finally breaks the kisses many minutes later.

"I know you will," says Kelly as Kelly pushes Donna's head back down.

That was Friday. Saturday the game was Donna was a nurse who had to seduce
her patient. Donna wore a white nurses' outfit, with a white bra, white
panties, white garter belt, white stockings and, of course, white shoes.
Kelly simply wore a nightie. Kelly was in bed pretending to be sleeping and
Donna had to seduce her. Donna began my sucking on Kelly's toes and slowly
moving up, always staying under the blanket. Kelly thinks she is dreaming
and doesn't wake up till she feels a tongue lapping at her juicy cunt. The
pleasure is too much and soon she is orgasming on the nurses tongue. Next
she feels a hard plastic cock slide into her cunt as the nurse fucks her
patient. Kelly wraps her legs around the mystery person as she orgasms on
the cock. Donna then gets up and simply sits on Kelly's face. Donna rides
Kelly's tongue, orgasming continually.

Sunday was a unique one. Donna was a woman trying to become a nun, but is
infatuated with the church's sexy accountant. Donna stares at Kelly and
begins masturbating under her black, lifeless, dress. Soon she is moaning
so loud in her room, that there is a knock on the door. Kelly comes in
asking if Donna is ok. Donna tries to cover up, but Kelly sees that Donna
has four fingers in her pussy. Kelly comes over and simply replaces Donna's
fingers with her tongue. Kelly soon has a finger in both Donna's cunt and
ass and is double penetrating her. Donna cums all over Kelly's hand and
realizes that she does love God, but she could not give up sex. She throws
Kelly on the floor and dives into her box...

On Monday, Donna played a secretary who pleases her male boss all day. It
began as Kelly (dressed in a suit) dictated a memo to Donna. (Dressed in a
tight white mini skirt, beige nylons, a tight red blouse and red high heels.)
Half way through the dictating Kelly says "Are you ready for another form of
dick-tation." Kelly undoes her pants and reveals a strap on cock. Donna gets
on her knees and starts sucking the ten inch cock. She takes all of it down
her throat. "Good girl, now lift up that skirt and bend over the desk, Miss
Martin." demands the male Kelly. Donna quickly obeys revealing she is wearing
no panties and that her stockings are held up by a garter. Kelly slides up
behind her secretary and slides her cock into her cunt. After ten strokes she
pulls out and says "Your cunt is to loose, I better use your ass instead."
Kelly withdraws her cock and without any hesitation plunges into Donna's ass.
"Oh your ass is much tighter, Miss Martin."

On Tuesday, Donna played a sorority pledge-to-be who had to please the
sorority president. It included being tied to the bed, where she was fucked
in the cunt, the ass, forced to eat the president's cunt and lick Kelly's
anal entrance. She became a member.

On Wednesday, Donna played the friend of a grieving widow, Kelly, who helps
her friend get over the grief of losing her husband. Kelly is dressed in
sweats and a sweatshirt when Donna comes over. Donna is dressed
conservatively and tries cheering her up. They talk for a while. Kelly begins
to cry and Donna gives her a big hug. Donna holds her tight for a while and
then slowly moves her lips to Kelly's and they kiss. Donna continues kissing
Kelly, slowly moving down her neck. She lifts off Kelly's sweatshirt and
begins pleasuring Kelly's breasts. Soon Donna has Kelly naked and is making
her friend forget the loss of her husband.

Last night Donna played a woman trying to get a job at a new law firm. Donna
dressed in a business blazer and skirt, grey, with beige nylons. Kelly, the
interviewer, was dressed in a one piece sundress and black nylons. After
twenty minutes of questions about the job, Kelly asks Donna if she had a
boyfriend. Donna said no and Kelly further inquired about Donna's sex life.
Donna didn't like the questioning, but wanted the job and answered all the
questions. She had slept with three men, two woman in high school, never
tried anal sex and loved oral sex. Kelly then simply got onto the table and
spread her legs and said "Do you want the job?" Donna didn't answer as she
simply got up, moved to the table and began licking. Donna got the job.

Tonight was the one week anniversary of their new life and they planned to
celebrate with a repeat of Friday's teacher/student meeting.

Kelly looked at the clock 2:30, she grabbed her purse, gave Donna a long
french-kiss goodbye and headed out the door.

By 7:00, Kelly had spent 150,000, all she had, to purchase the mind drug and
give a potion that would take away the power of Val, forever. Kelly smiled as
she contemplated her revenge. Kelly would get Brandon back and turn Val into
a bigger whore than she already is. Kelly looked at the clock, oh good, play
time. She walked into the room and their was Donna (dressed in a cheerleading
outfit (white skirt and a white sweatshirt), beige pantyhose (crotchless),
white socks and white shoes} fucking her ass with a large dildo. Kelly,
dressed in a lime green dress, green garterhose and matching three inch
pumps, says "Young lady, what the hell do you think you are doing?"

Donna covers up and the special romantic night is under way. "Oh hi Miss
Taylor, I'm sorry."

"What do you got to say for yourself," demands Kelly as she walks over to her

"I-I just finished with practise and was horny watching the boys practice."

"That toy was in your ass Miss Martin," says a shocked Kelly.

"My daddy taught me that ass fucking was fun," replied the embarrassed

"Your father Mayor Martin?"


"He fucks your ass?"

"Him and all his friends."

Kelly acts shocked. "I better report this right away," says Kelly as she
begins walking to the phone.

Donna gets up and runs to Kelly "No, please Miss Taylor don't. I would get in
so much trouble. Isn't there any way I could change your mind?" Donna places
her hand on Kelly's hip.

Kelly moves away "Young lady, how dare you."

Donna starts playing the aggressor as she says "Miss Taylor, I know you are
single, don't I turn you on? Don't I make you wet?" Donna places a hand under
Kelly's dress and feels her teacher's panties. "Miss Taylor, your panties are

"Don't Miss Martin, you shouldn't be doing this." But her resistance is weaker

"You want to see my tits don't you Miss Taylor? You want your sexy student to
eat your wet pussy?" says Donna as she rubs Kelly's pussy through the panties.


"All you have to do is say the words Miss Taylor and I will let you see my


Donna takes off her sweatshirt and reveals she is braless. "Do you like my
tits Miss Taylor? I bet your are bigger?" Donna grabs Kelly's tits through
her dress.

"Do you want to see my pussy Miss Taylor. MY tight, young, juicy, teenager
pussy. The one that most of the football team, your young studly students,
has pounded. If you eat my pussy you will be able to taste my daddies cum.
He fucked me this morning and shot his cum deep in his daughter's pussy."

Kelly falls to her knees and moves towards Donna's pussy. "Miss Taylor, are
you trying to eat your student's pussy."


"No pussy juice till you say it."

"I-Can I taste your pussy Miss Martin?"

Donna grabs her teacher's head and pushes it into her sexy cunt. "Eat my cunt
Miss Taylor. Suck the juices of your student. Finger fuck my cunt." After an
intense orgasm, Donna gets up and pushes her teacher to the floor. "Miss
Taylor, beg me to eat your cunt."

Kelly is dying to have her pussy munched as she begged "Oh Miss Taylor, eat
your teacher's cunt, make me cum." Donna dives in and soon her face is
covered with Kelly's juices.

Donna reaches for the dildo and places it at her teacher's anal entrance.
"Miss Taylor ever been fucked in the ass?"

"N-n-no," replies a now scared Miss Taylor.

"Good, I get to break your ass in then," says Donna as she starts to push the
cock into Kelly's ass.

"No, don't----oh don't stop. That feels amazing," screams Kelly as she
orgasms from the double pleasure of having her ass fucked while Donna worked
her clit over. After a couple more orgasms, Kelly pulls Donna up and kisses
her passionately. "That was amazing Donna."

"I love you mistress," replied Donna as she went back down and started
working on Kelly's breasts.


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