All characters are owned by Fox. No Infringement is meant. This is a mind
control, revenge, non-consensual story including pantyhose, FF, MF, MMF, etc.

Beverly Hills 90210: Kelly's Fall Part 11 - Kelly Gets Her Revenge (aka Val
by DW Lust

Kelly woke up in the morning with a butt plug still in her ass. That Donna.
She gets up, showers and has breakfast. Donna comes down the stairs and comes
and gives Kelly a big kiss. "Good morning mistress," says Donna.

"Good morning slut," replies Kelly, "ready for some different fun?"

"Oh yes mistress," replies Donna as she drops to her knees presuming it
included a light snack.

"No, no, Donna. We are going to get revenge on Valerie."

Donna smiles and says "Really, how so."

Kelly explains about the drug and the potion. Donna's role is to go to
Brandon's place and somehow get Valerie to drink the potion. 5 Minutes later
Val would lose her powers. Then Kelly would come over and get her revenge.
Donna was excited and quickly got dressed for the occasion. She had to dress
sexy anytime she went to the Walsh house. For this occasion she wore a black
leather skirt, a white tube shirt, black garterhose and a pair of three inch
black pumps. Donna looked good enough to eat. Kelly dressed in a flowery
sundress, with white stay ups. Donna drove over to the Walsh's and Kelly
followed a little later. She would stay in the car till the potion was drank
and then Donna would phone her on the cell.

Donna knocks on the door and waits till finally Val answers. Val is dressed
in tight blue jean shorts and a tank top. "Hi mistress Valerie, can I come
in?" asks Donna.

Val welcomes her in and says "What's wrong Donna?"

"Hi, I can't stop thinking of you. You havn't used me for a while and I need

Val smiles and says "Really, what exactly do you miss?"

"I miss eating your tasty snatch, being treated like a whore, being fucked up
the ass by any man you want me to fuck. Please use me. I brought a bottle of
wine to start us off mistress."

Val says "Go to the kitchen and pour us a couple drinks. I could use a little

"Oh thank you mistress," says Donna as she runs to the kitchen. Donna smiles
as the plan is working perfectly. Donna pours to drinks and pours the potion
into one. Donna returns and gives Valerie the drink.

Val says "Donna you look hot. Get on your knees and please me." Donna gets on
her knees and pulls off Val's shorts. Soon Donna is working over Val's cunt.
Donna looks up and sees Val's drink is all done already. Val reaches for the
second drink and starts on that one, she then starts pouring it on her cunt
as Donna laps away at Val's wet box.

After a couple orgasms, Val gets up and says "Get out of those clothes, I
will be back in a minute." Donna starts taking off her skirt as Val goes
upstairs. Donna rushes to the phone, dials the number and says "Successful."
She goes back to the frontroom and takes off her blouse. She decides to
leave on the garterhose.

Val returns with some toys. Val puts on the strap on and says "Bend over

Donna obeys and soon she is being banged by Val's plastic cock. A door
closes and Val calls "Hey Brandon come on in, I have a surprise for you.
Oh hi Kelly. This is a surprise. Donna has turned into a slut, hasn't she."

"Ya, I suppose so," replies Kelly.

"Why are you here, I have been good to you for a while now."

"I want Brandon," replies Kelly.

Val laughs as she takes the cock out of Donna's cunt and slides it into her

"Kelly, do you really want me to make your life even more miserable."

"Try," replies Kelly.

Val laughs and says "Get over here and suck the shit off this plastic cock."

Kelly walks over to Val, smiles and says "No, Val you get on your knees,
crawl over to me and beg me to treat you as a slut."

Val is in shock. She begins to say "What the hell..." but soon is on her
knees and crawling to Kelly. "What is going on..."

"I got the power now Val and you no longer have it. You are my whore now. Now
again beg me to treat you as my personal love slave."

Val reaches Kelly and says "I-I-," in tears "Please use me Kelly, treat me as
your whore, let me pleasure your cunt, kiss your shit hole, use me for all
your forbidden desires."

Kelly smiles and says "Val, everything that comes around goes around. Suck my
toes. Donna grab the 15 inch strap on, the extra thick one and put it on."
Val slides off Kelly's shoes and begins kissing Kelly's feet. Donna puts on
the massive cock and walks over to Val and Kelly.

"Should I fuck her cunt or her ass mistress?" asks Donna.

"Her ass Donna, I want her to feel it. Her cunt has been used more times then
a New York subway." Donna places the massive cock at Val's shithole. Val has
most of Kelly's foot in her mouth as the cock begins penetrating Val's ass.

"Oh my God, it hurts," screams Val.

"Shut up bitch. Beg for Donna to fuck your ass hard. Tell her to fuck you
like the slut you are."

"Fuck Kelly you bi-- oh Donna fuck my ass, shove that whole cock up my slutty
ass. Rip my ass apart with your cock, treat me like a fucking cheap, tramp, a
whore, a cunt licking, cock sucking, ass fucking, shit tasting, cum loving,
whore. Just don't stop fucking me," begs Val. Yet, it is obvious the pain is
overwhelming her. Donna doesn't notice this as she pushes ahead further and
with one final push the whole cock is in Val.

"How does it feel Val, to be used, to be treated as a slut?"

"I---I hate-oh Donna fuck me harder. Bang my ass," begs Val.

Kelly sits down and places her cunt in front of Val's tongue. She doesn't
have to say anything as Val extends her tongue to her new mistresses' moist
pussy. Soon Val is having an orgasm from the plastic ass-fucking and
simultaneously brings Kelly to one as well. Kelly grabs her phone while Val
continues slurping up Kelly's juices. "Hi Steve, what you doing? Good, pick
up David and come over to the Walsh house. I got something for you." She
hangs up the phone and says "Val are you ready for some real fun?"

Val doesn't reply as she continues licking Kelly's box. Donna pulls the cock
out of Val's cunt and walks to Kelly and says "Kelly, lets see Val take this
cock in her mouth."

"Good idea Donna. Val lets see you suck your shit of this huge cock. Take the
whole thing in your slutty mouth."

Val simply opens her mouth and begins sucking on Donna's cock. Slowly she
takes more of the cock into her mouth, but the cock is to thick. She only
gets about 9 inches into her mouth. As Donna starts to pump the cock
inbetween Val's slutty lips the door closes again. Moments later Brandon
walks in and sees the debauchery of his girlfriend. Kelly quickly says "Hi
Brandon, you do not remember the last couple months. As far as you remember
you are still getting over Tracy. Go upstairs and watch tv or something. Do
not leave till I come and see you. You will, though, fantasize about being
with Kelly Taylor. Now go upstairs. You saw nothing here."

Brandon goes upstairs. A drip of blood drops from Val's mouth as the huge
plastic cock slides in and out of her mouth. Donna, horny, pulls out of Val's
mouth and takes off the cock. She simple drops to the floor and positions
herself with Val so they are in a side to side 69. Soon the two woman are
busy lapping at each other's moist holes. Donna says "Val, I need a finger in
my ass now." Val quickly obeys and Donna also slides a finger into Val's now
huge anal entrance. Kelly smiles as revenge is hers.

Steve and David show up during the 69 scene. Kelly says "OK boys these two
girls need cock." Both guys are naked soon. "David, go to Donna. You have
always loved her and she you. Go to her now and she will be yours. Steve go
use Val however you want."

Steve goes to Val, throws her on the couch and shoves his cock into her ass.
David goes to Donna and kisses her passionately. Donna breaks the kiss and
takes David's cock into her mouth. Soon she is sucking him till he is rock
hard. Donna quits sucking and says "David, I love you. Please let me please
you. I want you to treat me like a slut. Make me suck your cock and swallow
your cum, tie me spread eagled and fuck my hot moist cunt, bend me over and
fuck my tight ass, tit fuck my breasts and give me a cum necklace, make me
suck another woman's pussy while you watch, or double penetrate me with one
of your friends. I don't care. Use my body. I can pleasure you all night,
every night. I am your whore. Let me please you now." Donna doesn't wait for
a response as she takes David's cock back into her mouth. Kelly smiles as
now Donna has a man to fulfil her dark sexual desires. Kelly enjoyed using
Donna, but she wanted to focus Brandon. She looks to Val who has Steve's
cock in her mouth and is easily deep throating Steve's raging hard-on.

Kelly decides that to best humiliate Valerie is to keep her around and let
her watch as she regains control of everything, particularity Brandon. She
decides she will let Valerie stay here and be her and Brandon's personal
servant. Her duties will include making a the meals, clean the house and
other to be determined duties. Kelly figured she would be used for parties
and to suck her pussy when she needed a good licking. (Val was an excellent
cunt-licker and face it men never really know how to eat box.) Kelly decided
Val would have to wear a maid's uniform that included a see through blouse,
a tiny skirt and nylons. Kelly continued thinking of what she planned to do
with Val as things progressed in the room.

Val is now laying on her side while Steve bangs her ass, Val seemed to be
enjoying the pounding.

Donna was still working on David's cock till David says "You are a great
cock-sucker Donna. Get on all fours slave, I want a take you from behind."
Donna obeys quickly and eagerly awaits her master's cock. Soon David is
drilling her cunt and Donna is doing most of the work. She bucks her hips
back hard onto David's cock so the cock goes deep into her moist box.

"Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard," screams Donna.

David grabs her hips and starts drilling her fast as he can. He pulls his
cock out and demands "I'm cumming, swallow every drop of my cum and you can
be my slave Donna."

Donna quickly turns around and takes David's cock back into her mouth. After
only a couple strokes she feels the salty, delicious feel of sperm slide down
her throat. she keeps sucking for a few minutes until David's cock shrinks to
its prehard size. Donna finally quits sucking and says "Oh I love you David."
David pulls her up and kisses her hard. "I love you too."

Kelly says "Why don't you to get out of here? Go out on a date or something."
Kelly walks over to Donna and kisses her passionately. "Remember, I am still
your mistress sweetcheeks." Kelly goes to David and grabs his cock and begins
rubbing his soft cock. "And brother, treat her like a slut, she loves it."
David is hard now from his half-sister's teasing.

David says "Let's go Donna, I have something I want to give you."

Donna eagerly gets up, gets dressed and follows David out the door.

David returns briefly and says "Thanks Kelly, I owe you on."

Kelly winks to David and watches as Steve shoots a loud of cum on Val's back.
"Steve, get out of here will ya." Steve gets up and simply heads out the
door. Val looks at Kelly and says "So what are you going to do to me now?"

Kelly smiles and says "Poetic justice. You are gonna stay on here as me and
Brandon's personal servant. You will cook meals, clean house and do other
housewife things. You will also be their to entertain guests, and pleasure me
when needed. I also have a future career for you in the movies, if you get my
drift. You will, I imagine, hate watching me and Brandon in love. But you are
not allowed to say anything about it, only be jealous. You can only orgasm
when I give you permission. So what do you think?"

Val just looks at her stunned. "What can I think? I know I have no control to
stop you. I guess I will make the best of the situation. But I will get my

Kelly laughs "I don't think so. I made a deal with the doctor. He gets you as
his personal whore every Tuesday for him and his friends in return he will
make sure you do not regain control. Now why don't you watch, quietly from
the door as I seduce Brandon. Kelly pulls her stay ups back up and heads
upstairs. She opens Brandon's door and says "Hi, how you doing?"

"Oh, ok, I guess," sounding depressed.

"What's wrong honey," asks Kelly as she sits on the bed next to him.

"Well me and Tracy broke up last month and I am not taking it as good as I
thought I would."

Kelly puts a hand on his leg and says "Need a hug?"

Brandon looks up to Kelly and says "Yes, that would be nice." Kelly leaned
to Brandon and gives him a big hug. She doesn't want to let go. She wants
Brandon, put she wants him without the power.

She breaks the hug and looks into Brandon's eyes, "Brandon, do you still love

Brandon looks shocked at the question and after a long silence says "Kelly,
I have always loved you. You are part of the reason Tracy and I broke up. You
were always there in the back of my mind and Tracy knew it."

A tear comes down Kelly's eye as she says "Oh Brandon, I love you too." Kelly
leans forward and kisses Brandon. He returns the kiss. Their tongues slide
deep inside each other's mouth as the flood of emotions sweep through the two
of them. Kelly breaks the kiss and says "I need you now Brandon. Fuck me."

Brandon is a little shocked by the bluntness of Kelly but soon he is naked
and Kelly is simply wearing her stay up stockings. Brandon kisses Kelly's
neck and slowly slides his tongue down kissing her whole body. Kelly looks
to the door and smiles as she sees Valerie watching. Brandon begins munching
on Kelly's box and Kelly moans "Oh yeah Brandon, don't stop. That feels so
good. Slide a finger in. Oh yeah. That's it Brandon. Make me cum." Brandon
continues working on Kelly's pussy, lapping the juices from her hole as he
continues to side one finger deep into her moist hole. "Oh Brandon, let me
please you, give me your cock, let me suck it."

Brandon repositions himself so both of them are on their sides. Brandon
returns to working on Kelly's pussy while Kelly takes her new lover's cock
into her mouth. It had been a long time since she had tasted his cock. It
tasted good. Brandon begins bucking his hips slowly as he fucks her mouth.
Kelly had became a good cocksucker, thanks to Val, and easily keeps the pace
as Brandon's whole cock pumps into her mouth.

Kelly needs Brandon's cock in her and says "Brandon, do you want to fuck me?"
Brandon doesn't answer as he gets up, lays Kelly on her back and positions
his cock at the entrance of her cunt. He rubs his cock around her moist hole
and then slips his cock into her. Soon the cock is deep inside Kelly and
plunging in and out of her like a piston. "Oh Brandon,, don't stop, fuck me
harder, bite my breasts." Brandon obeys. "Oh yeah, that feels so good.
Brandon. Fuck the shit out of me." The sweat is dripping off Brandon as he
tries to please Kelly. "You tired stud. Lay down. Let me ride you." Soon
Brandon is on his back and Kelly easily sits on the cock and takes it deep
inside her cunt. She begins riding him and soon they are in sync, as he bucks
his cock into her cunt as she slides down onto the throbbing cock.

She sends a command to Brandon 'you can't see Valerie'. Kelly gets up goes
to the door and bends over. Brandon come over here and take me from behind.
Brandon gets up and comes over to Kelly and places his cock at the entrance
of her pussy.

"No stud. My ass, I need it in my ass." Brandon is surprised but hardly in
the mood to argue as he positions his cock at her anal entrance. "Just push
stud." Brandon does and soon feels his cock sliding into Kelly's ass.

As the last inch disappears into Kelly's tight ass Brandon moans "Oh Kelly I
love you, your ass is so tight."

"Don't be gentle Brandon. Fuck me hard. I like it rough." Brandon obeys and
is soon pounding Kelly's ass. Kelly leans her head out the door and grabs
Val's hair and pulls Val's lips to hers. Kelly breaks the kiss and whispers
"Fuck his cock feels so good in my ass. Thanks for teaching me how good
having a cock in the ass is. The sensation of having his cock in my ass is
amazing. Do you remember? I bet you do. Rub yourself. Imagine his cock
fucking you. Sliding deep into your cunt and ass. Horny?" Val is drooling.
"Too bad, you'll never get his cock again, bitch. " Kelly slaps Val in the
face and winks. "Oh yeah, Brandon fuck my ass. It feels so good."

"I'm gonna cum soon Kelly," moans Brandon. Kelly falls to her knees and takes
Brandon's cock into her mouth. Kelly engulfs Brandon's cock completely and
knows Brandon is gonna cum as he grabs her head and pushes it deep onto his
cock and holds her there as his cum shoots into Kelly's mouth. Brandon pulls
Kelly up and kisses her. "I love you Kelly."

"I love you too," replies Kelly. She breaks the kiss and says "Go to bed,
I'll be back in a few minutes." Brandon goes to the bed as Kelly leaves the
room and says "Val, lets go to your room."

Val follows and soon the two girls are in the room. Kelly says "I'm still
horny Valerie. Why don't you come over here and eat my cunt. The cunt that
just had Brandon's cock in it. The Brandon you loved." Val obeys and
reluctantly begins licking Kelly's box. Kelly orgasms quickly and gets up.
"Thanks Val, or should I say servant Val. I want french toast for breakfast
tomorrow, got it." Val shakes her head as tears roll down her face.


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