Beverly Hills 90210: Only In My Dreams (F/F)
by KMB ([email protected])

Kelly Taylor was racked with conflicting emotions, confusion and desire being
the most prevalent of them. She was confused because of the uproar her life
had been in the last few months. First Brandon had moved away, then Dylan
had returned, then she had begun her relationship with Matt. Of course that
was all done with the second she found out he was married. Then she had
tried again to make a go of it with Dylan, but who knew how that was going to
work out?

But the most confusing part of her life was the desire she felt. Dylan had
always known best which buttons to press for her, both emotionally and
sexually, so it stood to reason that she1d be feeling desire for him. But
no, life couldn't be that simple for Kelly. The desire she felt wasn't for
Dylan, it wasn't for Matt, and it wasn't for her dear departed Brandon. The
desire Kelly felt was for Donna's cousin Gina.

Kelly had never felt this way about someone before, much less another woman,
but she just couldn't help it. She could do nothing but stare at the
brunette Goddess and wonder what it would be like to kiss her lips... To feel
her breasts and wonder if her nipples were as sensitive as Kelly knew her own
were... To taste her pussy and make her come.

Lately, Kelly had found herself masturbating constantly and Gina was always
the star of her fantasies. The mere mention of her name was enough to get
Kelly's pussy quivering. It was like Gina was a drug that had been injected
into Kelly's system, making the blonde crave her essence. For the first time
in a long time love was irrelevant to the equation, this was lust. Kelly
wanted, no needed, to fuck Gina. It was the only way to release the pent up
desire Kelly had been storing since the young woman had first arrived in
Beverly Hills.

But Kelly also had no reason to believe that Gina felt the same way. Hell,
first she had been all over Noah and then she moved onto Dylan. It was
obvious that Gina liked men. But on the other hand, so did Kelly. That
didn't necessarily mean she wasn't into woman as well.

Deep inside, though, Kelly knew she lacked the guts to do anything about this
situation. Sure she could approach Gina and tell her how she felt, but that
was a big risk. What if Gina rejected her? What if she went right to Donna
and told her what a pervo her best friend was? Kelly would never be able to
look any of her friends in the eyes again if this blew up. It was just too
risky to make a move. Her fantasies about Gina would have to remain just
that... fantasies.

And speaking of fantasies, Kelly noticed that her latest dreams of Gina had
sent her into the state of high arousal that she was rapidly getting used to.
She could feel the wetness from her pussy soaking her panties and she knew
that this was something she needed to attend to right away. Kelly had
learned that when your sex drive sent you a message, you'd better accept it.

Deciding that now was as good a time for a hot shower as any, Kelly began
stripping off her clothes. Her arousal had combined with the California heat
and caused her clothes to stick to her body. As she removed her tshirt and
shorts, it was like stripping off a second skin. Her bra and soaked panties
hit the floor and the nude form of Kelly Taylor entered her shower.

Almost as soon as the hot water was on and the steam was beginning to rise,
Kelly moved her fingers to her excited pussy. Her clit was already swollen
with desire and with a mere light touch past her lips, she produced a gasp.

"Gina..." Kelly moaned as she touched herself. She was finger fucking
herself with one hand while the other pawed at the tender flesh of her own
breasts. The pleasure began coursing through her body as juice spilled onto
her fingers. Feeling her knees begin to buckle, Kelly leaned back, using
the wall of the shower as support. The hot water flowed all over her body
as steam filled the room, but Kelly was lost in her fantasies. She
desperately wanted it to be Gina's fingers inside her pussy. Or, better yet,
her tongue. But for now this would have to do.

Moaning the name of her fantasy lover again, Kelly then let go and let her
imagination run free. She closed her eyes and dreamed.

The door of the shower suddenly opened and as Kelly turned around she saw
Gina standing before her. She was nude and gorgeous, just as Kelly knew
she'd be. Her breasts were perfect, just begging to be massaged, licked, or
sucked. Kelly couldn't help but stare downward at the small patch of dark
hair that lay over Gina's pussy.

"What are you doing here Gina?" Kelly asked, feigning surprise. Of course,
she knew what Gina was doing there, it was her fantasy!

"Giving you what you've wanted for so long," Gina replied in her sexy voice,
"I've seen the way you look at me. Christ I'd have to have been blind not
see. I feel the exact same way about you Kelly. I've wanted you from the
first second I saw you. When I was with Dylan all I could think of was how
much I wanted to fuck you."

"You are so beautiful," Kelly sighed in happiness as she let her eyes drink
in Gina's nude body.

"You're not half bad yourself," Gina stated as she closed the shower door and
moved toward Kelly, "I want you so much."

"Then take me," Kelly said with a smile as she drew Gina in and kissed her
passionately. The brunette's lips parted for Kelly1s tongue to enter and
soon they were lost in each other's embrace. Their breasts pushed against
one another as they kissed, the friction hardening their nipples. Gina moved
her hand down and squeezed Kelly's firm ass, drawing a moan out of the

Kelly wanted to savor every second out of this as she slowly moved her hands
over every inch of Gina's body. She wanted to touch every nook and lick
every corner of her, she was just that beautiful. Kelly lifted one of Gina's
beautiful breasts and attached her lips to the nipple, running her tongue
over the hardened tip and making Gina shake with desire.

"Oh yes Kelly," Gina moaned, "I need you. Please go on. Don't stop!"

Of course, Kelly had no intention of stopping and only wanted to go further.
But first she wanted to give some more TLC to Gina's tits. Kelly made sure
to go over every inch of the flesh, she wanted Gina crazy with desire by the
time she got to her pussy. Whatever portion of the breast Kelly wasn't
touching with her lips or tongue was being stroked by her hand. And when she
was through with one breast, she moved onto the other.

As this went on, Gina whimpered with desire, and Kelly finally took mercy on
her. She began a slow movement from her breasts to her dripping pussy,
leaving a trail of butterfly kisses as she moved downward. Finally she got
to her prize and without a bit of hesitation Kelly moved in for her first
taste of another woman.

Gina leaned up against the wall and thrust her hips forward, giving Kelly
better access to her sex. The blonde spread Gina's lips open and went right
for her clit, licking it like it were the sweetest tasting lollipop in the
world. With great delicacy Kelly made sure to hit the right spots, wanting
Gina to come almost more than she wanted her own orgasm.

Right away Kelly knew she loved the taste of pussy. Gina tasted so sweet,
like fresh picked fruit with cream. Kelly was instantly an addict of her
lover's juices and began to increase her efforts to get more out of her.
Gina was so wonderful that Kelly almost felt like she1d never be able to get

Even though this was Kelly's first time eating another woman out, she knew
where to go. It was really quite simple, what made her feel good would
undoubtably make Gina feel good. Kelly had masturbated enough to know where
to touch and as her tongue attacked those spots she felt Gina cry out from
the pleasure.

The brunette's hands moved to the back of Kelly's head and gently pressed
forward, coaxing the blonde to go further and faster. Not that Kelly needed
any coaxing, all she wanted was to lick Gina into a frenzy and have her come
all over her face.

Kelly slowly inserted two of her fingers into Gina1s pussy, making it a tight
fit along with her tongue. But Kelly didn't mind, she had enough room to get
at where she wanted. Her fingers captured Gina's clit and allowed her tongue
to bathe it hitting her most sensitive spot again and again. By now Gina was
dripping juice onto Kelly's face and the blonde was loving every second of
it. She never wanted to leave this shower, she just wanted to be with Gina
all the time and lick her and fuck her in every conceivable way. Everything
else in the world just disappeared and Kelly was completely focused on her

Suddenly Gina's body began to tense up and Kelly knew she was about to come.

"Lick my pussy Kelly, I'm so close!!!" Gina shouted, "Fuck my clit with your
tongue!!! God you don1t know how long I've been waiting for this!!! Eat my
hot pussy!!! Make me come all over your face!!"

This really got Kelly going, she loved being talked dirty to. She began
really licking Gina's clit and as she did the brunette's body began to shake
with the violent explosions of pleasure that accompanied orgasm.

"YES!!!! YES!!!! RIGHT THERE!!! LICK MEEEEEEE!!!!" Gina screamed before
she lost the ability to form sound into words from the pleasure Kelly was
bringing her. Instead she merely cried out in ecstasy before settling down
into a gentle mewing that reminded Kelly of a small kitten.

As this happened Kelly kept her face at Gina's pussy, licking up as much of
her juice as she could while touching her own dripping pussy. She let Gina
ride her face as each and every wave of her orgasm passed through.

Finally it was completed and a very satisfied Gina pulled Kelly up and kissed
her deeply once again. As their lips and tongues met, Kelly lost track of
time again as she felt herself floating on a cloud of desire for the woman
before her.

Kelly gasped as she felt Gina's hand cup her pussy and two of her fingers
enter her and begin massaging her clit.

"I think it's your turn now..." Gina lustfully sighed.

Kelly agreed wholeheartedly, but before anything else could happen, the
ringing phone rudely ripped the blonde from her fantasy. This one had been
even more intense than the previous ones, if that could be believed. Kelly
had lost count of how many times she'd gotten herself off, all from dreaming
about eating Gina out.

As she grabbed a towel and went to answer her phone, Kelly once again debated
the merits of making fantasy reality. It was getting harder and harder to
tell herself "no."


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