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Beverly Hills 90210 - Peach Pit After Dark Part 3 (m+/fffff,ncon)
by Roger T Pipe ([email protected])

A humiliated Kelly Taylor got to her feet, Val's' cum still dripping from her
chin, and stood defiantly. "OK, I did my chore. I made this fucking bitch
cum, now let us go."

The room got silent as the gang members looked to their leader. The girls
silently prayed that it was indeed over.

Rocco stood, rubbing his chin and said. "Well, I didn't say I would let you
go, but since you did such a good job licking her cunt, I'll give the boss
lady one last chance to save her friends." He turned to Val, who was still
panting after her earth shattering climax. "What do you say boss lady? You
gonna open that safe, or do the boys here show your friends what partying is
all about?"

Val looked out across her club. The pleading eyes of her five friends looked
up at her. She had a clear choice, open the safe and loose her money, or let
these men brutalize the other girls. The choice was clear. "I can't open
it." She said, her eyes dropping to the floor.

Rocco was shocked to hear a huge cheer come up from his gang. Apparently
the loss of all the money they had planned to steal did not upset them too
greatly. Thinking quickly, he grabbed one of the black, circular tables
from the center of the club and flipped it upside down. "Bring them here."
He screamed.

The five girls tried to scatter and run, but there were too many bodies
blocking their way, and soon all five were rounded up and held tightly. Each
girl was forced to her knees and handcuffed to the legs of the table. As
they struggled, the men watched their young bodies writhe and squirm.

"All right boys, it's time for all these whores to give some head. Line up
for your favorite slut and face fuck away." Rocco announced with a wicked

In a flash, the thirty or so men scrambled to find the mouth they most wanted
to fuck. Not surprisingly, most of the men flocked the beauty queen Kelly
and the bottle gobbling Claire. Seeing a forming line, many of the men then
flocked to the huge titted virgin Donna and the pretty little brunette bitch
Brenda. The stragglers seemed to gravitate reluctantly toward Andrea and her
sagging, milk laden breasts.

The well trained thugs did not attack right away, instead they waited for
their leader to give the signal. Strolling close and waving his gun at the
girls, Rocco growled at them. "Now, its time to get down to some fun. If any
of you bitches bite, or even try to fight whatever the boys want, I will
shoot each one of you in the head. Understood?"

The girls were scared silent. These were serious men and to fight meant
ertain death. Only Donna, who had never so much as touched a bare penis,
even thought twice before reluctantly holding still. From his stool next to
Val, Rocco smiled. They looked at the sight. All five girls were on their
knees, hands cuffed behind them. Each had a cock shoved in her mouth and was
being face fucked furiously.

Leaning close, Rocco whispered to Val, "All right sweetie. I'm sick of your
shit. My boys are going to rape your bitch freinds until they get tired no
matter what. Since you don't seem to care about that very much, let me make
you a different offer." He held the gun to her forehead. "Tell me the
combination of the safe now, or I'll splatter your brains all over the walls
and fuck the empty hole in your skull."

Val looked into Rocco's eyes and shivered at the ice cold glare she saw. "If
I tell you now, will you stop that?" She motioned towards the circle of men
mouth raping her freinds.

"Not unless you beg me to." Rocco whispered. He had a feeling he knew what
she wanted.

Val swallowed hard. "I won't beg. I will give you the first two numbers now
and the third one when they are finished." She replied.

Rocco had to fight back the laughter. "Deal."

The brunette whispered something into Rocco's ear. He smiled at Val and
noticed the gleam in her eyes. There was something evil underneath her outer
facade that he found ultimately attractive. She was actually going to hold
the final number in the combination until her freinds were all raped.

"All right." He said. "We'll just watch for a bit."

Val was already watching intently. The circle of young women who had so
often ignored and excluded Val were not being sexually abused, all because
she had ordered it. She wanted nothing more than to dance circles around the
snotty bitches as they had their mouths stuffed with gang members cocks.

The scene was dizzying. There was Andrea, the smartest, most mouthy girl in
Beverly Hills, with her lips stretched around some stranger's prick. Her
usual uppity remarks were absent on this occasion, as the young man's balls
slapped against her chin. The overly excited youth was desperately plunging
his prick into this high class piece of ass. His body quaked and for the
first time since ending her affair with the handsome young doctor, Andrea
felt sperm shoot across her tongue. Trying to follow her first instinct,
Andrea started to turn her head away from the strong tasting fluid, but the
climaxing man held her head firmly in place as his balls emptied onto her
gagging mouth. With no other choice, Andrea was forced to what she had
always refused to do for her husband, swallow a thick wad of cum. Val noted
with a smile the look of sheer terror in her eyes as Andrea spied the line of
men waving their pricks at the big titted brunette.

Beside her, Brenda Walsh was being force fed a cock. She was less opposed to
sucking strange dick than her married friend, but the rough treatment she was
receiving was worse than even her paying customers in the UK had doled out.
The somewhat overweight man was pumping his cock deep into the young girl's
throat while he held her in place by the hair. He had never experienced such
a young and pretty thing in his life and the warm, wet mouth felt better than
any pussy he had fucked. As he neared the moment of truth, the man was
struck by a wicked desire to see this bitch wearing signs of his conquest. He
yanked back hard on Brenda's head, his cock springing free from her lips just
as he exploded. Jets of pearly white cream spurted up onto Brenda Walsh's
face, splashing against her cheeks and immediately forcing her eyes shut.
The man grunted as he stroked his cock faster in his callused hand, milking
every last drop onto her face. "Look at me slut." He grunted. Brenda
slowly opened her eyes. Smiling down at her, the man smeared his sticky cum
all over her face with his cock head. He traced a line of sperm around her
lips like some obscene milky lipstick. Before stepping aside, he had covered
Brenda Walsh's face with spunk.

Next to Brenda, Claire was making quick work of the line of men who stood
before her. As Brenda was being plastered with cum, Claire felt the third
cock in less than ten minutes pierce her lips. The young girl was beginning
to loose herself in her fantasies of rape and humiliation. She was hard at
work sucking off the man in front of her. It had been a long time since
Claire had sucked off more than one man at a time and despite her fear and
revulsion, part of her could not deny the thrills which shot through her
pussy each time a jet of hot cum shot across her tongue. The Chancellor's
daughter swallowed up the sticky fluid as quickly as she could, in hopes
that she could get them all off quickly and end the torment and the
devastating excitement it brought her. As the third load gushed into her
mouth, Claire felt much of the salty fluid lead out around her lips and run
down her face. As fast as the cum dripping cock was removed, a fresh one
took its place.

Donna meanwhile was crying so hard she could barely breathe around the thick,
dark cock a young Mexican gang member was pushing into her face. At her
first taste of cock, the busty blonde virgin had begun weeping. This break
in the action only seemed to provoke the gang members. The one she was
sucking had grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back. "I'll
give you something to cry about." He snarled as he fucked her open mouth
with great intensity. Following his lead, two of the other gang members began
to pinch and squeeze her oversized silicone filled breasts. The pain only
added to her humiliation and made Donna sob all the harder, however, now,
with a cock in her mouth, she was unable to do anything but wail against her
flesh gag. This extra action was all it took and the man began to shake
uncontrollably as he unloaded his seed into her virgin mouth. As he withdrew
his shrinking prick, Donna coughed and spat out the offending liquid, letting
it drip down onto her swollen and abused tits. Before she could even spit
out the last of his cum, another man stood before her, anxious for his turn.

The fifth girl in the circle was the hardest at work. Kelly Taylor, her
covergirl face still wet with Val's liquid orgasm, was servicing two of the
gang members at once. The two gigantic men had fought briefly over who would
get her first, but had decided that there was room enough for two. Now the
young model had one black and one white cock in her mouth at once. The two
bigger than average size organs streched her soft lips obscenely beyond their
limit, forcing her jaw open painfully. With so much meat in her mouth, all
Kelly could do was kneel there, mouth forced open, and drool all over
herself. As the men increased their strokes in her face, they seemed to be
dueling each other for who could cut her deepest with his words.

"You like this don't you slut?" Asked the white youth.

"Can't get enough cock, can you whore?" Echoed his freind.

"She needs that smart mouth washed out with cum."

"I think she has a real thing for black cock."

"Any cock will do. She just loves it."

"Look at that pretty face, all streched out."

"Not gonna do much modeling with your lips all torn open sweetie."

"I think Miss Covergirl here needs a sperm facial."

Tears fell down Kelly's face as her two assailants verbally humiliated her as
they double fucked her mouth.

"Ohhhh," Groaned the black man. "I'll paint her face, you fill her mouth."
He pulled his long, black pole from her mouth and slapped the fat head
against her cheek. His freind pumped his cock in deeper to Kelly's throat.
Both men neared climax at the same time, grunting and pumping their fuck
sticks rapidly.

The first blast of semen shot to the back of Kelly's throat, causing her to
choke and cough as he continued to pump his seed onto her tongue. Seeing her
mouth open up, the young black man aimed his cock and fired his first jet of
cum right into the small opening beside his friend's cock. The double spray
of jizz quickly filled her mouth and ran down Kelly's chin. Satisfied with
the mouthful of cum they had given her, both men targeted her face for the
final spurts of their cum. In a matter of seconds, Kelly's eyes were spermed
shut and literally every square inch of her face coated with thick cum. Her
tear and cum streaked face was on display momentarily before the next pair
brandishing hardening cocks stepped forward and stuffed her mouth again.

From her vantage point, on the barstool, Val sat, shifting in her seat,
watching the debauchery. Her pussy juice flowed freely onto the seat. Rocco
had moved his hand up her thigh. This hot bitch was holding the combination
to her safe in trade for his gang raping her friends. That was sick even
beyond what Rocco usually found attractive. With his strong hands, he guided
Val up off her barstool and stood her between his legs, facing away from him.
She gave little resistance as he rubbed her ass through her short skirt. The
gun in her ribs reminded Val that Rocco was still in charge. He lifted her
skirt up over her plump, round ass and found her hot pussy with his fingers.
She gasped softly as he began to fuck her sopping cunt with two fingers,
driving her insane with desire as she watched the continued oral assaults.

When each gang member had shot at least one load onto the face of his choice,
they took the order from Rocco to turn things up a notch. "Let's see just
how much these whores can take." He bellowed.

All the while, as Val watched gang members after gang member orally rape her
friends, Rocco finger fucked her soaked pussy to climax. She bit her lip to
hide her moans of pleasure at seeing their pain and suffering.

Now, as Rocco barked at his men to drag the girls to their feet, he slipped
his slick fingers into Val's ass. She groaned at the invasion, but shoved
her hips back against him, stringing for more of the pleasure he was giving
her. Although Val's ass had never been fucked, she had always enjoyed a
finger or two there while she fucked. Now, watching the girls dragged over
to the bar, Val could not help but cum all over Rocco's invading hand.

Unceremoniously, Rocco yanked his fingers from Val's tight asshole and
dripping pussy and handed her over to two of his henchmen. He began to pace
in front of the girls, all lined up at the bar. "So sluts," He began.
"Did you enjoy round one of our little game?"

The girls trembled in fear as Rocco walked slowly down the row until he
stood at the end, directly in front of Andrea. "Well mom." He teased. "You
didn't look like much of a cock sucker, and I'll bet after squeezing out the
little pup, that cunt of yours is all stretched out something fierce. Not
much of a prize." He turned toward his gang. "Billy, you and your crew
haven't done shit lately. You guys can fuck mama here." He took Andrea by
the arm, ignoring her tears of shame and shoved her into a small group of
the men. The immediately lifted her off the floor and set her on one of the
tables. Andrea kicked and struggled for a few seconds until she saw Rocco
raise his gun to Donna's head. There was no point in fighting. She was
going to be fucked by these men until they were finished with her. All
Andrea could do was close her eyes and try to ignore the groping hands and
cruel remarks of the 'losers' who ended up with her instead of one of the
prettier Beverly Hills girls.

Rocco next stopped in front of Brenda, who even now, with cum dripping from
her chin, had a snotty look on her face and scowled at Rocco as he approached
her. "PJ" He said. "You and your crew take little miss bitch here. I
don't think she has been properly put in her place yet."

Brenda was determined that she would not give these scum the satisfaction of
seeing her struggle. She walked over to a nearby table, not once looking at
them. The glare never left her pretty face as they shoved her on her back
and began fishing their growing cocks out of their jeans. Half of these men
were black, and fucking a black man was something that Brenda Walsh had never
even considered doing. More than that, each of these men, black and white
alike, had thick, long cocks, as big as any she had ever seen None of the
men she had sucked off earlier had been nearly this big. The idea of fucking
so many huge cocks frightened Brenda. "There are so many of them." She
thought to herself, mesmerized by the monster boners. Her spell was broken
as the men shoved her onto her back. Two of them knelt on the table one
either side of her head and began slapping her face with their cocks. The
others grabbed her long, thin legs and lifted them high into the air as one
of the young black men stroked his hard cock at Brenda's tight opening.
Before she could protest, Brenda found her mouth gagged with another big

Brenda Walsh's moans were stifled by a mouthful of hard cock, but to the
others, there was no mistaking her shock and shame at being filled with
nearly a foot of black cock. Even untouched, Val could feel her cunt spasm
gently in a small orgasm. What she would have given for a video camera so
she could capture this glorious moment and relive it again and again.

Rocco took Kelly and Claire by their wrists and dragged them towards two
empty tables. "The rest of you split up and work these bitches over." He

The remaining gang members split up at tables with either Claire or Kelly,
groping at the young women and holding them down while the fought over who
would go first.

"That leaves just you Princess." Rocco said to Donna. "I don't want to
throw you to the wolves like your friends there. They might just rip a
sweet little virgin like you in two." He ran his finger tip along Donna's
chin. "You can thank your friend here for my mercy." He said. "She begged
me not to let them gang bang your cherry away."

Donna looked at Val and broke down into tears. After all the terrible things
they had said and done to her, Val had saved her from the gang rape which was
sure to be her fate. Such an act of kindness was beyond her comprehension.
"Thank you Val." She sobbed. "Oh thank you."

"Now for the true test of friendship." Continued Rocco, catching both girl's

"What do you mean?" Asked Donna, her eyes wide with fear.

"She saved you from a table party." He replied "But now I'm going to give
her a choice." Rocco paused for a moment, assuring that he had the full
attention of both girls. "Either you party me little one, or the boss lady
here joins my friends on the tables for a great big gang bang with every one
of them."

"No." both girls whispered simultaneously. Donna began to tear up again.
Val scowled at Rocco. How dare he do this to her? She didn't give a shit
about Donna's stupid virginity, but now Rocco was making her a part of this.
How was she going to explain it away?

"Well? Which is it gonna be boss lady?" He snarled. "Do I deflower your
friend or do we get to watch you party with a few dozen of my closest

Donna's eyes met Val's She had stopped crying and looked as calmly as
possible at her friend. She so desperately wanted to keep her virginity, but
Donna could not bear the thought of Val having to be abused by a group of
these men. It was too much guilt for her conscience. Still, she hesitated,
silently hoping that Val might volunteer to save her innocence.

In stark contrast to Donna, Val's mind was made up instantly. No way in Hell
she was going to let any of these scum touch her. If it was to come down to
her or Donna, then fuck the little virgin. Survival of the fittest had
always suited Val just fine.

Before she had to utter those words, Donna bowed her head. "Take me." She
whispered. "Val has done enough to try to save me." With a tear in her big
blue eyes, Donna looked up at Rocco. "Just please be gentle with me."

Val had to fight back the laughter as she watched Rocco smile at the busty
blonde virgin. She almost had to blow her innocent cover. "Donna." She
whispered. "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Replied the girl. "It's the only way. I owe you that much."

"Well then." Growled Rocco. "Let's get to it sweet lips."

Wiping her eyes, Donna tried to smile at Val. She mouthed the words, "Don't
worry." To the brunette. It was all Val could do to keep from exploding
with laughter.

Turning her head away to hide a smile, Val could see the others being put
through the paces by Rocco's gang. She shivered a bit at the thought that it
could have been her own fate. "But it isn't" Val thought to herself, a huge
smile crossing her face and a tingle coming from between her legs.

Val could see Andrea, still on her back on the round black table. One of the
gang members stood between her thick thighs and pounded away on her pussy.
Two others held her arms tightly over her head, pinning her down. Still two
more were playing with her heavy, milk laden breasts, squeezing every last
drop from her abused mammies. The last of the thugs knelt beside her head and
was filling Andrea's mouth with his cock, which had just finished fucking her
cunt. Andrea was busy following his orders to lick his cum and her own jizz
from his prick. Never could she have imagined doing such a thing, but now,
the multi pronged attack by these men on her whole body was too much. Andrea
felt her clit begin to hum in spite of herself. Her shame began to melt away
as she could feel her first orgasm with a partner since before the pregnancy
sweep over her body. To hide her grunts of pleasure, Andrea sucked harder on
the cock that still tasted of her own cunt. As the two men working her
breasts both began to suck them dry at once, Andrea felt the second man flood
her insides with his cum. No longer caring that his seed was splashing
against her exposed womb, Andrea began to spasm wildly, thrashing on the
table beneath her attackers. Lost in her overwhelming climax, Andrea forgot
for a moment that she was being held down. When the man pulled his shrinking
cock from her still orgasming pussy, she felt a desperate loss of cock.
Andrea cried out around a mouthful of cock. "No, please. Fuck me. Fuck me
someone. Now!" As the words left her throat, Andrea felt the humiliation of
her cries. She was begging these men, these animals to fuck her. These men
who raped her had made her feel like her loving husband never could.

Opening her eyes just a peek, Andrea could see one of the young men leering
at her. "That's right slut. I'm going to fuck you next, but only if you beg
me again." She could feel the fat head of his cock rest against her aching
clit. Knowing that she had lost, Andrea closed her eyes and followed his
orders. "Please fuck me." She begged. "Please fuck my nasty cunt." In the
back of her mind, Andrea played that if one of the six thugs impregnated her,
that it was one of the two Hispanics, and not the white or black assailants.
That would be just too difficult to explain to her husband.

Not five feet from where Andrea was lost in a multi-orgasmic stupor, Clair
Arnold had her hands and other orifices full with her own gang bang. The
chancellor's daughter had been bent over the table at her waist, her arms
pulled tightly to either side, forcing her face down against the cold, black
marble. In this position, her head rested just at the opposite edge of the
small table, making her the perfect height to be both fucked in the cunt from
behind, and the mouth from the front.

That is exactly what was happening now, as one man pounded away on Clair from
behind her, watching the way his solid eight inches of man meant slid into
her incredibly tight young cunt. Another man, who had already been sucked
off earlier by this stunning young thing, was root deep into her throat and
nearing another climax. Claire's mind was buzzing with her elaborate
fantasies of rape and capture. These were not common street thugs, raping a
coed, but rather, they were invading soldiers, here to lay claim to the
daughter of their enemy. This somehow made it not so bad as she felt herself
cumming on her attackers cock. "If only he weren't such an asshole." Clair
thought as she gulped down yet another load of sperm. "I'd date This guy
just for his long cock."

While Clair may have been enjoying a big cock in her, Brenda clearly was not.
Sensing a defiance in the spunky brunette, Rocco had correctly assessed the
need for an attitude adjustment. He had teamed Brenda up with the six gang
members with the reputations for being the most well endowed. As a result,
poor little Brenda Walsh found herself surrounded by three black, two white
and one Hispanic gang member, all with at least ten inches of hard cock ready
and waiting to invade her every orifice.

Although not lacking in sexual experience, and in spite of some portent for
size, Brenda was overwhelmed by the sheer mass of what was being shoved
inside of her nice, tight pussy. She lay on her back, long, thin legs draped
up over the broad shoulders of a tall, black man. The youth, who would have
been a class mate of Brenda's had he been blessed with her good fortune, was
instead working out plenty of pent up anger on the prone white bitch beneath
him. He could tell by the way she had sucked some the other's cocks earlier,
that she was little more than a cheap whore, but still she had gasped at the
sight of his foot long salami.

Her freshly fucked cunt had been opened up a little by one of his buddies,
but still she had bucked wildly in protest as she felt the swollen head of
his cock press past her pussy lips. By the time he had worked the first ten
inches of his member inside of Brenda, she had given up her thrashing and
squealed in pain as he hit her cervix. Pausing just long enough to see the
fear and wonderment in her eyes, the young man had rammed home the final two
inches, bringing a pained yelp from the sexy brunette.

One of the others, not as thrilled with her wild screaming as his friends,
decided to shut her mouth as best he could. Kneeling over her body, the
young man sat on Brenda's chest, crushing her small tits beneath his body.
This kept her from squirming too much as the assault on her cunt by the
massive cock continued. It also put him in perfect position to slap her
chin with his heavy cock.

The nine inch fuck meat popped noisily against Brenda's skin. Smiling down
at her, the young man mocked the prone coed. "Guess all you needed was a
good fucking and some dick slapping eh slut?" Instead of answering, all she
could do was groan loudly as her pussy was continuously filled beyond its
capacity. Seeing the opportunity, the youth slid forward on Brenda's chest
and slipped the head of his big cock between her parted lips. Unable to
fight, all she could do was let him fuck her face with the same relentless
drive as his friend used on her abused pussy. Soon, two more of his buddies
had gathered around Brenda's head and were dick slapping her face as well.

Knowing that she was beyond any further pain he could inflict, the young
black man between her thighs set his sights on his own orgasm, pumping harder
and faster than ever known. As the man fucking Brenda's mouth suddenly began
to shake atop her body, she knew that he was about to flood her with his cum.
With her mouth now filling with semen, Brenda could feel her other attacker's
cock throbbing deep within her cunt. She tried in vain to squirm her way
away from his cock, hoping he would pull out rather than shoot his load so
deep into her unprotected womb, but it was no use. As she opened her mouth
to scream out, Brenda felt the cum drip out around the cock. Such a
delightfully wicked sight only fueled the other attackers to also shoot their
loads onto her face, plastering Brenda's eyes shut with their juices. In her
state, she was unable to see the final two members move in, each one with a
cock bigger than the one that had just split her open.

Cum was dripping down Val's leg as she watched Brenda's struggles. Unseen by
the others, the had been hard at work fingering her clit at the sight of the
others gang fucking. So lost in her lust was Val, that she did not notice
Donna, who seemed to be busy sucking Rocco's cock, peering around his body,
shocked at what she saw. It distracted her just long enough to piss Rocco
off. He scowled down at the blonde, who was doing a credible job sucking on
his 11 inch, monstrously thick prick. "You better hope you fuck better than
you suck, sister, or else I'll have to just throw you down and drill that ass
of yours." He growled. "Now get on your feet."


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