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Beverly Hills 90210 - Peach Pit After Dark Part 4 (m+/fffff,ncon)
by Roger T Pipe ([email protected])

Hearing Rocco's voice, averted Val's attention back to the cherry popping
ceremony that was taking place a few feet down the bar from her. She quickly
hid her fingers behind her back as she watched, wide eyed as Rocco lifted
Donna effortlessly off the ground. The leader's cock was long, quite long,
but it was the miraculous thickness that had Val actually wishing she had
volunteered to take Donna's place.

He cupped her small ass in his hands and held her in mid air, her pouty
pussy lips an inch above his rock hard cock. "Look in my eyes little one."
He said. "I want to see you lose that cherry." Donna held on to Rocco's
neck, her whole body shaking uncontrollably as she felt the head of his prick
to uching her lips. This was it. After all of her fighting to stay pure,
all of the relationships she had lost, all the frustration. It was all for
nothing as this violent stranger was about to take her most precious gift.

The final thought was cut short as Donna felt a stabbing pain and searing
heat explode from between her legs. What was happening? Was he shoving a
baseball bat inside of her? Surely she would be ripped in two. Donna tried
to scream out, but Rocco silenced her with a hard kiss on the mouth as he
lowered the struggling blonde beauty, inch by inch, onto his steel rod. Her
resistance was high, and soon, even with all of her body weight pressing
down, his cock would go no further. He let her stay this way for several
moments, loving the feeling of her tight cunt refusing him entry. Donna's
eyes were glassed over with fear and pain as she remained still, balanced
atop this man's huge cock, believing she had finally felt the last of him.

With a quick, powerful thrust, Rocco shattered Donna's illusion and ripped
open the last of her tight cunt. She dropped the last few inches and
painfully came to rest on his hips, her body filled to the breaking point
with eleven thick inches. Slowly, he began to lift her back up his shaft,
her pussy clinging tightly to him until just the head remained. Then, once
again, he let her drop. For Donna, it was like losing her cherry all over
again, as this monster cock violated her. Again and again, Rocco lifted her
slowly only to painfully drop her back on his spike. He seemed to
inexhaustible, relentless in his constant pounding of Donna's virgin pussy.

Val finally had to turn her head to avoid moaning with the lust that seeing
goody goody Donna being royally fucked was bringing her. Atop the final
table, Val feasted her eyes upon a sight that was even more perfect to her.
There was the beautiful Kelly Taylor, her body astride a young Hispanic man.
The others had surrounded her face, each one taking turns getting head from
the model turned fuck toy. Val watched the blonde's perfect ass bounce up
and down as she fucked the stud beneath her. From this angle she could see
the brown hole buried deep between those perfect ass cheeks. Her time with
Dylan had given Val some insights into what Kelly was like in bed, and once,
while begging to stick his prick in Val's ass, Dylan had let it slip that
Kelly was also opposed to being sodomized. Now, the brunette could hardly
keep from screaming out for one of the stroking men to take advantage of her
unguarded back door.

As if hearing her mental messages, a tall black boy, slowly moved around
behind the bucking blonde. At first, she seemed not to notice, but as she
felt a second pair of hands on her ass, Kelly twisted and reached back in
protest. Her movements were not fast enough, and soon her wrists were held
tightly against the small of her back. Now restrained, Kelly was helpless
to prevent her cheeks from being forced open, and the thick head of his cock
from penetrating her asshole. The pain was unlike anything she had ever
felt in her life, but they were keeping her mouth too busy for Kelly to even
scream. As both cocks now began to saw in and out of her body, Kelly could
feel a hand slip down and begin to rub her clit. In spite of herself, the
blonde began to feel the pain giving way to a comfortable warmth radiating
from deep within her body. She had never been so full of cock, never felt
so humiliated and turned on at the same time. Although she could not see
through the wall of cock being shoved in her face, Kelly was sure that Val
must be watching this scene with a huge smile on her face. She knew what a
sight it must be to see her double fucked by these two scummy men. Worse
yet, Kelly knew that she was close to having a mind shattering orgasm from
the clitoral stimulation. Trying to disguise her cries of passion as screams
of pain, Kelly let out a wail that stopped everyone but the two men fucking
her in their tracks. There was no disguising it, Kelly Taylor, was in fact
cumming, and cumming hard. As she bucked wildly, both men emptied their
balls into her at once, filling both of her holes with steaming white strands
of cum. As soon as they had finished, two others, dragged her limp body off
and quickly moved to replace their comrades. Thick streams of cum ran from
Kelly's cunt and newly opened asshole, it was a million dollar picture for
Val, who came without even touching her clit this time, spraying girl cum all
down her legs.

Knowing that his men were running out of steam, Rocco decided that it was
time for him to drop his load, collect his loot and get the Hell out. He was
busy fucking Donna from behind as she bent over a barstool, but pulled out of
her tight cunt with a loud pop. "Get down and suck me off." He ordered.
Relieved to have that huge prick out of her tortured cunt, Donna quickly
dropped to her knees and began sucking her own pussy juices from Rocco's
throbbing monster. Her oral skills may have only been moderate, but Rocco
was staring at Val now, watching this truly wicked brunette rubbing her clit,
streams of cum shooting out of her cunt. He wanted so badly to just kidnap
her and make her the gang's permanent fuck toy. The thought pushed him over
the edge. Rocco grunted loudly, attracting Val's attention. She watched him
pull his spurting prick from between Donna's lips and pump an incredible load
of cum across her face. There seemed to be no end to the hosing he was
giving the blonde. Val bit her lip and fought back the urge to add her own
flowing cum to his stream. Instead, she just stood there and watched him cum
all over virgin Donna.

When Rocco finished, he smeared his load all over Donna's face with his cock
before tucking it back in his jeans. "All right, let's get the fuck out of
here." He shouted to his men.

Val took a final look around the room and fought back a smile. There they
were, the ones who had always worked so hard at excluding her. Virgin
Donna, her dream of a white wedding night ruined beneath a fateful of cum.
Smart and uppity, married Andrea, fucked to exhaustion and begging for more
on the floor. Rich and privilege Clair, showing all of them what a true slut
she was. Super cunt Brenda, with a belly full of virile seed, fucked stupid
by a gang of huge cocks. And Kelly, her prime antagonist, the perfect one,
the model. Her ass and cunt dripping cum like her covergirl face. Val was
indeed in Heaven.

The gang members scrambled back into their clothes and circled around Val,
with lust still in there eyes. She turned to Rocco. "You had your fun, now
get out of here." She said.

Rocco smiled, knowing that Val was playing out her role. "Boys? Shall we

"No way boss." One of them shouted. "Not till we bust this one too." They
moved in closer to Val, causing her to tremble visibly.

"No!" He shouted, stepping in front of her. "Let's give her one more chance
to tell us the combo." He drew his gun and pointed it at Val's head again.

She worked up some good fake tears and blurted out from behind her hands.
"Thirteen, Seven, Twenty Six. Take everything, just please leave my friends

In a flash, two of the gang members had the safe open and were emptying the
cash into large sacks.

"Now can we fuck her boss?" One of them asked.

Rocco held Val's chin in his hand, forcing him to look at her. "No." He
said smiling. "We don't have time." Gently taking her hand in his, Rocco
kissed Val's hand.

"Oh come on boss, we need to fix her for being such a bitch." Came a whine
from the crowd.

"That won't be necessary." He replied, gently slipping a pair of handcuffs
onto Val's' wrist and attaching it to the brass railing of the bar. "You
see, she and I had a deal. We were to fuck these bitches, and she would give
us the combination. She lived up to her word, so I will live up to mine."

Shocked Val began to realize what he had just done. "You bastard!" She

"As for fixing her, well, I think her friends here will have a few things to
say about that."

With that, Rocco strode out the door, followed by his gang. The door slammed
behind them, leaving the Peach Pit After Dark enveloped in a frightening

Five, freshly raped young women stared at their cuffed friend. One by one,
they stood and moved in on her trembling frame.

"I think it's time to have a real party." Said a smiling Kelly Taylor.


COMING SOON..........PART TWO .........THE REVENGE..........


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