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Brandon felt angry. Here he was, always the perfect gentleman, always the
perfect son, always the perfect host. And what had it gotten him? His
friends had very little respect for him, his girlfriend cheated on him, his
parents took advantage of him.

Brandon was tired of being the "nice" guy. He was picking his sister up at
the airport, and he had already decided that Brenda would be just the start
of his change. Brenda didn't really know why she had to fly in. It was just
another holiday to her, but her parents had insisted, so she had complied.

Brandon smiled with an evil glint in his eyes when he saw Brena. She still
looked pretty, and her body was as firm and lush as he remembered. He was
going to have some fun.

Brenda kissed her brother, and they talked about friends, family and the
holidays as they gathered her luggage. Brena didn't bother to help her
brother load her luggage in the car.

Brandon unzipped his pants even as Brena got in the car. He looked around
one final time, and he was glad that he had chosen an area that was a little
further away, an area a little bit darker.

Brenda already had the music on in the car. She had always been able to
figure out her brother, and she had sensed some of his hostility ever since
she got off the plane. She listened to the music with her eyes closed.

Brandon got in the car, then just sat there. He knew that Brenda would
eventually look over at him. Brenda started to wonder why the car wasn't
moving, and when she opened her eyes to look at him, Brandon slapped her as
hard as he could.

Brandon enjoyed the look of shock on his sister's face as he started to
slap her again and again, and as she began to cry, he viciously brought her
head down, then thrust his prick in her mouth.

Brenda had a wild look in her eye as she started to choke and gag. Her
brother? Brandon? Could her own brother actually be forcing her to work on
his prick.

Brandon started to thrust in and out of Brenda's mouth. It felt so soft,
so good! He moaned as he started to work in and out even faster of Brenda's
velvet glove mouth.

Brenda felt sick. Her own brother had his fingers tangled in her hair, and
he was forcing himself down her throat. How could she fight her own brother.
Brandon went faster and faster. He felt so powerful. To be able to look down
and see his sister's pretty face filled with tears, to hear her chokes and
gags, to see her mouth fill with his prick, was an overwhelming feeling.

Brenda started to cry. She pleaded with her eyes for her brother to stop
what he was doing, but he either wasn't listening or just didn't care.
Brandon went faster and faster, until he felt a force gather and he peaked
now, shooting his jizz down her throat, across her face and in her hair.

Brenda's tears mixed with Brandon's jizz. She had sucked off a lot of
guys, but she had never had one leave come on her face. She cried in
humiliation as she felt Brandon pull his prick from her mouth, then start to
rub his jizz in.

Brandon stayed where he was, even after he pulled his prick from the mouth
of his sister. He watched her curl up against the seat, he listened to her
cry. Brenda didn't know it, but it was her plain jeans that had her brother
excited. After spending so much time with girls who liked to tease, he was
with a woman who didn't.

Brandon stared at Brenda, then he started to move towards her. Brenda
thought Brandon was going to force her down on his prick again, but he had
something even more wild in mind.

Brenda brought her face up when her brother started to slap her again, and
the pain was so much that she didn't feel him rip her sweater off, at least
at first. She screamed when she felt the cool air on her chest, then
screamed again when she felt her bra rip off.

Brandon had always enjoyed the sight of his sister's body, and he did so
now, watching her nipples harden. Then he slapped her again and tried to
unzip her jeans.

Brenda now fought with her brother as he tried to rip her jeans down. She
kept up a good battle until Brandon pinched her nipple as hard as he could.
Brenda screamed as her jeans were ripped down.

Brandon stared between Brenda's legs. He had always known she had some
hair down there, but now, up close, he could see she had quite a forest. The
brown curls overwhelmed the hem of the white panties that she wore.

Brenda tried to slap her brother as he ripped her panties off, then threw
them in the back seat. "Welcome home, sis," said Brandon as he grabbed her
thighs and spread her open, spread her wider than any man ever had.

"Ohhhhh Goodddd!" she screamed, the shrill voice even louder in the closed
car. "Nooooo! Brandonnnnn! Pleasseee! Stoppppp! Ohhhhhh! Itt hurrtttss!"
Brandon thrust down and in his dry sister, sinking deeply and quickly in her
pussy. Brenda shot off the seat in pain as her brother slowly started to
work in and out of her.

Brenda was no virgin, but she was scared and she was dry. She had never
seen this side of her brother, and she didn't like it. She screamed again as
he worked in and out.

Brandon started to go faster and faster, knowing that he couldn't last
very long. After all, this was his sister! And god was she a lot tighter
than he thought!

Brenda screamed in agony as her brother worked in and out of her. Brenda's
mind was filled with pain, while her face registered disgust with what her
brother was doing.

Brandon felt so good, so overwhelmed. He enjoyed being able to look down
and see his prick enter his sister, he enjoyed listening to the screams of
his sister, he enjoyed the feel of her pussy as he roughly fucked her.

Brenda slapped her brother, then kicked him, trying everything she could
to escape the pain. But Brandon had her spread on the car seat, he was
fucking her brains out, and she was helpless to stop him.

Brandon went faster and faster, then peaked suddenly, sending his hot jizz
deep in the pussy of his crying sister, who moaned as he continued to work
in and out of her.

Brenda had a lost look on her face, crying as she felt her brother pull
his prick out of her. This had never happened to her, and she had never
expected her brother to do something like this.

Brandon didn't care. He watched Brenda try to hold herself, curling into a
ball against the car door. It was then that he spied just a bit of her ivory
white ass.

Brenda could feel her brother shifting his weight, and she wondered if she
could survive another attack. It was only when Brandon slapped her, then
pushed her on her stomach that she started to really fight.

"Nooooooo!" she shrieked. "Noootttt thhhatttt! Plleasseee! Brannndoonnn!
Stoppp!" Brandon stared down at the ass of his sister, then reared back and
thrust as hard and as deep in her ass as he could, moaning with both pain
and pleasure as he did.

Brenda saw stars as she felt her brother thrust in, then slowly start to
work his prick in and out. The pain was incredible, much worse than she had
experienced before.

Brandon worked in and out of his sister's ass now, working slowly, wanting
his prick to enjoy every moment while his sister shrieked in agony. Brenda's
brown hair flew everywhere as she wildly shook her head, the teen vainly
trying to handle the most intense pain that she had ever experienced.

Brandon didn't know which he enjoyed more: watching his prick enter his
sister's ass; listening to her shriek in pain as he fucked her ass; or the
feeling on his prick as he went in and out.

Brenda cried in shame, pain and humiliation. Her own brother was fucking
her ass, and she couldn't stop him. He had forced her to suck him in a act
of degradation, and she had felt so used and humiliated when he fucked her,
almost like he was using her as his whore.

Brandon went faster and faster, his prick overwhelmed with sensation after
sensation, until he peaked now, shooting wave after wave of his jizz deep
into the tight, clenched ass of his sister, who again started to whine as he
rode in and out.

Brenda had started to lose touch with reality while her brother was in her
ass, and the feeling continued even now, as he pulled his prick out of her.
She didn't know he would reach over, pull her up by her hair, then slap her

"Stop that god damn crying," he roared. "Or I'll give you something to
really cry about." Brenda kept her tears silent as the car headed for home.
When they got there, Brandon smiled at the sight of all the cars. Friends of
his sister. They would be sorry now.

Brandon slapped his sister as he helped her out of the car. He dressed her
as best he could, then forced her up the walk to the house. He had that evil
bmile on his face again.


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