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THEMES: MM/F, F/F, con, cum

90210: Valerie
by Beowulf The Dragon Slayer
Copyright (c) 1998

"Another one?" Donna asked.

"Yes, why not." Valerie smiled and took the bottle from her hand. They
were both already half drunk and since everybody went to Kelly's birthday
party they decided to have a little party of their own.

"May the bitch rot in hell," Valerie toasted a cup of scotch.

"Hear, Hear," Donna nodded. "The slut, the way she stole David..."

"Ssshh..." Valerie hissed her "don't even think about it, just relax
and drink." She paused for a second and then added "Lets go down to watch

They got up from Valerie's bed and went down to the Walsh's living
room. Donna started flipping channels when Valerie stopped her. "Wait!"
she exclaimed "I don't believe it, that's Rob. He was in highschool with
me" she explained. The TV program was on windsurfing. "Isn't he gorgeous?"
Val asked. Donna smiled a shy smile.

"He's got a really big cock" Valerie added whispering. Donna giggled
and took another sip from the bottle. She was rather drunk by now and
decided to play the naughty girl. "Yeah..." she smiled "how do you know

"Well," Valerie started, "we used to date in highschool, in the 11th
grade I think. He was the first gut I slept with actually, boy was he
good..." She looked at Donna and paused. Apparently the mentioning of her
first time made her think about David and Kelly. Valerie decided to change
the subject. "Don't worry dear, she started patting her hair, believe me -
there will be other guys. Actually, his dumping me was the best thing that
ever happened to me."

"Why?" donna got interested.

"Well, I think it was sometime around Xmas that year. Me and Rob were
about to go out to a Xmas party when the phone rang and Rob was on the
line. He started giving me all kind of excuses why he can't come to pick
me up and stuff and we rather got into a nasty fight about all kinds of
things. He then just said something like 'I don't want to see you anymore'
and hung up on me.

"Naturally I started crying and stuff but decided to go to the party
after all and cheer myself up. I got there and met some friends and was
really cheered up. There were also a couple of guys there who were hitting
on me and flirting with me all night. So when I started getting tired and
I was about to leave one of them came to me and proposed to drive me home.
I thought it over decided to let him drive me. He went and called his
friend and we got into the car.

"I was sitting at the front sit and James (that was his name) was
driving. The other guy, what was his name?, nevermind, so he was sitting
in the back sit, leaning forward so that he could talk to us. Anyway, as
we started driving James put his hand on my hip. I only wore a miniskirt
and not pantyhose so I got startled as his cold hand touched my skin.
However, after all that night it was rather nice to have someone show some
affection so I let him leave his hand there.

"'You want to come to me place and have a cup of coffee before we drop
you over?' asked the guy in the back. My immediate reaction was 'No'. A
minute later, however I regretted this and thought I could use some fun
tonight. 'Ok,' I said, 'but only if both of you promise to behave
yourself.' James looked at me and smiled. 'Ok,' said he, 'does this mean
that I have to take me hand off your thigh?' I thought about it for a
while and instead of answering him I put my hand on his to make sure he
wont take it away.

"After a while we got to the guy's house and he went over to fix a pot
of coffee as me and James stayed in the living room. He started kissing me
slowly and it felt so nice that not before long I got really hot and
wanted him to touch me all over my body. Of course he didn't need any
encouragement and started quizzing my tits." Valerie looked at Donna to
she what her reaction would be. Donna giggled and held the whisky bottle
preparing to take another drink. She was already dunk and wanted to here
the rest of the story. Valerie continued.

"So we started getting really hot and he was just about to take my
shirt off when his friend showed at the door. He looked embarrassed and
was about to leave but then he came in anyway and sat on my other side.
James ignored him and took my shirt off. I remember I wore a rather sexy
purple lace bra and both of them just sat there admiring my tits. James
started unbuttoning his shirt and the other guy started kissing me. This
was rather too intense for but I was really off me head that day so I put
my hand on his crouch and felt his cock getting harder. He smiled and
opened my bra. James was by now shirtless and helped me take my bra off.
He put his hand on my thigh and slowly, lifted my skirt up, almost showing
my matching pair of panties. James started kissing my left tit and the
other guy was already sucking my right nipple. It felt so good, to have
two man pleasing my like that and I got so hot that I took James' hand and
lead it higher and higher until I felt it pressing on the soft fabric of
my panties. He started pressing his hand on my cunt and this really drove
me nuts. I was struggling to open the other guy's pants when they both got
up from me and started undressing.

"I was so hot at that time that it took me a second to loose my
panties and skirt so while they were still undressing silently I laid on
the sofa and spread my legs to give them a full view of my cunt. 'Wow...'
said James looking at me and his friend alternately. I think they were
more embarrassed then me but you know men, they can't really hold
themselves. Actually, I really couldn't hold myself as well and the moment
James was naked I pulled him over to the sofa and sat him beside me. His
cock was already fully erected and it was not bad as well. Rather long and
firm. I held it in my hand for a second, feeling it pulsing. As me full
attention was given to this lovely piece of meat I was alittle startled
when I felt a warm touch on my legs. The guy started patting my legs,
moving slowly up towards my wet hole. He then started fingering me. God,
it was so good that I started moaning, forgetting all about James' cock in
my hand. James moved abit and woke me up. I started licking his cock
slowly, going up and down it's full length with my tongue. Then I felt the
other guy kissing slowly my cunt. You have no idea how good he was. He
started by licking my pink little clit slowly, and them moved to a faster
pace, making me push his head harder between my legs while I started
sucking James' cock.

"But I wanted more then that, I mean, I know what it felt to have a
cock in mouth and someone licking my cunt from the time me and Rob did a
69er, but here I had a chance to feel something different. I gathered my
senses, and pushed the guy away from my cunt and taking James' cock out of
my mouth. 'I want you to fuck me' I almost screamed at him with
excitement. I guess this really turned him on because it was not a second
before I felt a big, really big, cock pushing it's way up my so wet cunt.
I heart alittle until he got it in, because, and I'm telling you, it was

Donna looked at Valerie with excitement. "He started fucking me,"
Valerie kept on, smiling a devilish smile at Donna, "and It was so good. I
took James' cock in my mouth again and with every thrust his friend made
into my cunt I sucked his dick harder and deeper until I almost choked. We
kept on going like this for a couple of minutes, every stroke sending me
closer to orgasm when I heard James saying something. I was took
preoccupied with feeling good that I didn't even noticed what he said. A
second later I found out what he wanted though.

"I have to tell you Donna that even though me and Rob had some great
sex he always came inside me and I never really touched his cum. But now,
as I was sucking James I felt his cock swell and he shot a huge load of
sticky gooey cum in my mouth. I startled and pulled back. But I liked it,
it was all nice and warm liquid and his second shot of cum show all over
my face. This was so good, and since his friend was still fucking me I
came like hell. I grabbed James' cock as I was climaxing trying to get it
back into my mouth so I could swallow another load, but it all happened to
fast and he sprayed his jizz all over my tits. I was still coming and
started collecting all the cum I could from my face and tits, trying to
get as much as I can into my mouth. I'm telling you Donna, it felt so
great that I really wanted more.

"James was already soft so my only hope was the other guy, he was
pumping in and out of me faster and faster and I felt he was about to
come. I had a difficult decision to make, whether to have him keep on
fucking me in that great way that he did or pull him out and have him shot
his load in my mouth. I went for the later. 'Come here' I hinted to him
and he pulled out. Instead of getting up and letting me suck his cock he
got on top of me and stuck his cock between my tits. My tits were all wet
and greasy by now and his started titfucking me. I was squeezing my tits
over his huge cock, getting to lick his cock every now and then when
suddenly he stopped, and pulling alittle away shot a huge load of cum
right on my left nipple. The feeling was so great, really, but I wanted it
in my mouth. I quickly took hold of his cock and pointed it at my open
mouth. He shot another spray of cum, most of which strait into my waiting
mouth, some spilling over my lips and chin. I was in heaven. Another load
of jizz was shot in my mouth and another one on my tits. This was so
great. I was desperately trying to gather all the cum I could from tits,
licking my fingers and my tits like crazy."

"Wow..." said Donna as Valerie was finishing her story. "I never..."
she smiled.

A minute passed.

"Yeah... Well, I told you breaking with this guy was the best thing
that ever happened..." Valerie stopped as she noticed that Donna's hand
was stuck under her dressing-gown, moving slowly. Valerie was rather hot
herself, remembering her cum-bath trio.

Donna started to weep suddenly. "What? What happened?" Valerie could
not understand her.

"Nothing..." she tried to stop sobbing. "It's just that I feel so ugly
that not man would want me... You see, even David left me."

"Honey, Honey, Honey..." Valerie moved closer to her and hugged her.
"You're saying nonsense, you look great, you have great body and all, I
can guarantee that you can get any man you want, and some women too I

"You think so?" Donna asked, wiping her nose.

"Sure", Val said smiling, "here, get undress." Donna looked at Val
with a surprised look. "No, I mean it. I want to show you that you have a
great body." Valerie added. Reluctantly Donna dropped her night-gown,
standing in the living-room wearing only a bra and panties. Valerie stood
up besides her and gently put her hand on her shoulder. "You see," she
continued, "you really do have a great body." She moved her hands lower to
Donna's large, firm tits. She cupped both her boobs and laughed, "Why,
they are even bigger then mine."

"No they're not" Donna denied.

"Yes they are", Valerie insisted removing her own nightgown to prove
her point. She was completely naked underneath, with rather surprised
Donna. Another thing with surprised Donna was the fact that Valerie did
not have any hair on the cunt, completely shaved.

"You shave it?" she asked embarrassed.

"Yeah" Val replied, taking a second to figure out what Donna meant,
"you should try it, it really drives the boys crazy."

"I couldn't. I'd probably cut myself."

"Bullshit, I can show you how to do that if you like."

"I don't think so..."

"Oh, come on, I'll show you."


"Shush, You're coming with me." Valerie took her by the hand and led
her up to the bathroom. As Donna got naked Valerie took some shaving cream
and a razor from the closet. They got into the shower and Valerie sat
Donna on the bath's edge, spreading her legs. She sprayed some warm water
on Donna's cunt and then spread some shaving cream on it. The feeling of
the cool, fresh cream on her cunt made Donna feel rather horny, but she
tried to ignore that feeling. Val started slowly and gently shaving
Donna's cunt, making her hotter by the minute as she was massaging her
cunt lips and her small pink clit. "You like it?" Valerie grinned at her.
"I guess," said Donna, not wanting to admit just how good it felt to be
touched by another woman.

Finally Donna's cunt was clean shaven. Valerie washed it slowly and
gently, feeling rather exited at what she was doing. She had had sex with
a woman a couple of times before but she knew Donna was somewhat of a
prude and she did not except anything to happen. Donna, however, could not
control herself and was getting hornier and hornier. As Valerie was about
to get up to get a towel, Donna stopped her.

"Don't stop." She whispered, not believing herself. That was all that
Valerie needed. She closed the water and started to slowly pass her finger
over Donna's newly shaved cunt, feeling her warm, soft flash getting wet
under her hands. She slowly moved her forefinger around Donna's swollen
clit almost, but not quite, touching it. Donna went into a frenzy. "Oh,
yes... Oh, keep doing that... That feels so nice Val..."

Valerie very slowly moved her finger over Donna's clit, making her
tremble with pleasure. Then, spreading her naked cunt lips apart with one
hand she softly licked and kissed Donna's clit, feeling her own cunt
getting wetter and hotter by the second. Donna was quizzing her own tits,
trying to lick her nipples.

"Are we going to get out of this bath ?" Valerie lifted her head and
got out, leading Donna into her bedroom. She laid Donna on her back and
got on top of her in a king of a 69 position. Now she wanted some action.
She started licking Donna's cunt faster, feeling her trembling as she did.
"I want you to touch me" she said softly to Donna as she came up for air.
Donna was as hot as she could be, but she never touched another woman's
cunt, and so she preceded with cation. First, she touched Valerie's wet
cunt with one finger, sliding it up and down her swollen slit and then,
ever so slowly she started licking and kissing it, getting to like it more
and more every second. It was not before long when the two babes were
locked together, each one having her face deep in the other's cunt,
sucking and licking like there's not tomorrow. Donna's moans were getting
louder and louder however as Valerie now had two fingers up her soft cunt,
while her other hand was squeezing her clit furiously.

"Val... Yes... Yes... More... More..." Donna could not stop herself
and came, collapsing on the bed. "You liked it?" asked Val in a nasty
tone. "Oh..." Donna could not even bring herself to reply. Valerie,
however, was far from satisfied. She wanted to come as well. She opened
her bed-side drawer and pulled out a small, silver plated vibrator. Donna
looked at her and smiled. She took the vibrator from her hand and switched
it on. Valerie now was lying on the bed, her leg spread wide and her hand
stuck deep in her cunt.

Donna got on all fours and pushed Valerie's hand away. She placed the
vibrator on Val's cunt and started moving it up and down between her legs.
Valerie was going nuts. "Put it in... Put it in..." she begged Donna.
Donna smiled and slowly slid the metal cock into Valerie's went, open
cunt, cupping her tits with her other hand. Valerie was now on the brink
of coming, moaning louder and louder guiding Donna's hand faster and
faster in and out of her cunt. Finally pushing the vibrator as deep as she
can into her cunt she came screaming and moaning.

They both collapsed on the bed, falling asleep after a few minutes.

As Valerie woke up the following morning she got up quickly and
hurried to her closet. There, she switched off a small video camera and
took out a tape, hiding it in an old shoe box where 5 such tapes already
lay. She silently came back to bed and pretended to sleep.


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