Beverly Hills 90210 Part 2: Donna Likes Mr. Walsh (M/f)
by Anon

Mr. Walsh hated having to pick the girls up from pep squad. Especially on
Saturday afternoons when he preferred to be out golfing with his buddies. But
he'd promised his wife he would do it, so here he was back after only nine
holes. It was even more annoying because Brenda was old enough to drive but
due to some recent heavy partying they had taken her license away - Cindy's
decision, not his.

Waiting in front of the school was Brenda, his daughter, and her friend
Donna. Mr. Walsh noted that girls today dressed quite a bit more snugly than
they had when he was young. Both of them were wearing formfitting tops and
very tight shorts. He pulled up to the curb and Brenda came around to his
side, tapping on the window.

"Hi dad," she said. "I'm gonna stick around and help Kelly with a yearbook
project, if that's okay."

"Bren, why didn't you call my cell phone," he complained.

"I did, the operator said it was off."

Mr. Walsh glanced at the phone and noticed it was in fact unplugged. "True.
Kelly will drive you home?"

"Yeah. Can you take Donna home, though?"

"Sure," he said reluctantly and his daughter signaled for her friend to get
in the car. The passenger door opened and Mr. Walsh caught sight of the young
girl's long muscular legs. It looked so much smoother and firmer than Cindy's
did. Like hers had in college. Donna said hello and he nodded.

"You're the best, dad," Brenda said, kissing his cheek and rushing away. He
yelled good-bye and she waved back.

As they pulled away from the curb, Mr. Walsh decided to make small talk,
even though he knew the girl was not that quick. They talked for a while as
he drove, his eyes roving to her occasionally. "How was pep squad?"

"Great, we learned an incredible new cheer."

"Really," he answered, unconcerned.

"It goes like this," Donna said, before breaking into her routine. Mr. Walsh
noticed all the movement and glanced over. "Here I'll do it again cause you
weren't watching," she said.

Mr. Walsh watched more closely, his eyes transfixed on the girls firm bosom
as it shook wildly. God, he wanted to touch them so badly. Cindy was so small
and this girl was nothing huge but in comparison... "Look out, Mr. Walsh!"

He looked back to the road, having been distracted by the girl's undulations.
An older couple was crossing a residential street in front of his car. He
slammed on the brakes, his right arm flying out instinctively to protect his
occupant. The car skidded to a halt safely away from the couple and Donna
fell right into his open palm. She had taken off her seat-belt to do the
cheer. He glanced over, pulling his hand back quickly, though not wanting to
release the girl's solid tit.

They're implants he thought, as he apologized.

"That's okay," Donna said. She looked at him more closely as they started
moving again. "You've got strong hands. My boyfriend, David, is kind of weak,
his hands are small and soft. Yours though..."

She took his hand in hers, her tiny fingers fondling his palm. Mr. Walsh
felt a sudden rush in his lower abdomen. "Very strong hands," she repeated,
dropping his hand onto her smooth thigh.

"How are you and David," Mr. Walsh asked, his hand slowly rubbing her leg.
She put it there, he thought.

"Okay. He's just seems so juvenile. He doesn't do special things for me

"I know how that goes, Cindy doesn't either," he said, his hand having slid
to her inner thigh, his erection growing. He glanced down, noting it was

"Things like what," she asked, parting her legs some.

Mr. Walsh took the cue, pushing in. "Things with her mouth."

"The same with, David," she commented as he pulled into her long driveway. He
stopped in front of her house, the car hidden from street view.

"Maybe we can do those things for them," he suggested. "Some time maybe?"

Donna responded by leaning over and unzipping Mr. Walsh's pants. Her hands
easily freed his straining erection and she stated, "It's so much bigger than

"Huh," he said simply, his spine tingling as her small soft hands traveled
the length of his cock. As her thick lips descended on his dick he remembered
something, "What about your parents?"

"Gone for the weekend," she said before licking the pre-come off the tip of
his head. Minutes later the little blonde head was bobbing up and down on
his stiff piece of flesh. Mr. Walsh mumbled his approval, his head reeling
backward as she sucked him like a pro. The girl was a human vacuum. She would
occasionally pull away, saliva still connecting her lips to his throbbing
member, and her hands would rock his dick. Other times she'd stop and just
milk his head with her lips and tongue.

Responding, he pulled her tight shirt forward, noting she wasn't wearing a
bra. Running his right hand around her thin soft frame, he fondled her large
breasts. Donna groaned, as his thumbs played with her erect nipples. Just
feeling the weight and texture of her soft young skin did it for him. "I'm

She yanked her face away and her hands wrapped around his jerking dick. White
goo flew from him in agonizingly long hard streaks. He moaned loudly as the
come sprayed up and landed on his steering wheel, and some hit his golf
shirt. Most ended up pooling around her hand and on his pants though. When he
was through, she pulled her hand away, licking it.

Mr. Walsh looked at Donna approvingly. Her short blonde hair was disheveled
and her top was up to her armpits, firm implants sticking out, nipples erect.
She was on her knees in the BMW. She grinned wildly at him.

"Look at this mess," he said. Yanking off her shirt, she wiped the steering
wheel and dashboard. Without thinking he began rubbing her hard tits, his
mouth falling to the nipples. Donna cooed her approval falling back onto her
side, him on top, suckling. Finally she pushed him back suggesting they go

"Why not out here," he asked, his heart lusting to lick every portion of her

"We can throw your pants in the washing machine. Sorry I don't swallow."

"It's okay," he said, opening the door and climbing out. He noticed how she
leapt from the car topless and ran to the door. If anyone saw her in that
jaunt they got a treat he thought.

The End


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