Beverly Hills 90210 Part 3: Brandon's Surprise (mm/f,m/m,voy)
by Anon

Brandon glanced around David's room wondering what was so important he had to
come over right after work. David came back from the bathroom grinning.
"You're not going to believe this."

"What, man."

David pulled a videotape from under his bed. "Remember how Kelly was seeing
Reid Thorton?"

"Yeah about a month ago, why?"

"Well, what I've got here is compliments of Steve."

"So, what is it."

"Check this out," David said, giddily as he pushed the tape into his VCR,
pressing play. "About a month and a half ago Kelly and Reid went to a frat
party and got blitzed when they got back they and Steve came over and they
drank it up. He never got bombed though. They did. Here it is."

"Is this going to be people puking?"

"Much better."

On the screen, it was obvious someone had placed a video-camera on a tripod
in someone's room. Brandon guessed Reid's. Kelly and Reid were laying on
the bed drinking. Steve, a hulking blond, joined them. They began talking
about looks and Kelly mentioned that she thought her breasts were too small.

"No way," Steve said.

"Yes. They're average," Kelly complained, sticking her chest out, before
downing more beer.

"I like them just fine," Reid said, his hand squeezing her chest.

Kelly giggled, "No. I think I need implants like Donna's."

"I've seen Donna's before, let me see yours," Steve suggested.

Kelly leaned forward and asked them to undo her dress. Reid zipped it down
and the velvet fell, revealing her brassiered chest. "There."

"They look nice," Steve said, pulling her bra strap down. Reid did the same
on the other side. Pulling the cups down too, Kelly's C cupped tits were
fully exposed. "I'd say they're real nice."

"Think so," Kelly asked, as the two men fondled her chest.

"No shit," Brandon said, tugging at his stiffening pants. "I can't believe
you've got video of Kelly topless."

"It gets better," David said with glee.

Reid began to suckle her breast and Steve concerned himself with just rubbing
her other one. Kelly leaned back on the bed, moaning how good it felt. "Keep
sucking my titties."

Steve tongued the breast in his hand and Kelly moaned more, running her hand
over his head. Reid sat up and began to pull her dress down. "Kelly lift your
ass up, baby."

She did as he said, inquiring, "Are you taking my clothes off?"

"Yes we are," Steve said.

"But you're in the room, Steve."

"That's okay, Kelly," he said as he pushed her panties down. "I'm going to
make love to you too."

"You are," she said, as Reid finished hauling her underpants down her legs.
Her blonde bush was in plain view of the camera.

"I'm going first though, baby," Reid told her as he opened his pants,
releasing his dick. Steve climbed off the bed and disappeared. The camera
suddenly zoomed in as Reid began to fuck Kelly, his dick pistoning in and out
of her pussy. After awhile Steve appeared in the shot, naked. His big
erection stuck out in front of him and he asked Reid to move aside. Taking
his turn with her, Kelly became more vocal, yelling out, "Oh yes, Steve fuck
me with your big hard-on. Oh, that dick feels good baby. Keep going-harder-

Brandon watched amazed. His hard-on was unbelievable. On the screen, Reid
resumed fucking her and Steve, straddled her head, asking for a blow job. She
refused at first but further pressuring led to Kelly tilting her head and
sucking his dick.

Brandon glanced at David who was fiddling with his pants. His friend pulled
out his erect pecker, rubbing it absentmindedly as he watched the show
unfold. The two guys on screen changed positions. David reached under his
bed and withdrew hand lotion. Squirting some on his hand he remarked, "I love
this part."

On the screen, Kelly was grinding her pelvis forward, legs splayed, as her
boyfriend rubbed his dick on her face. Steve was busy driving his dick into
her sopping snatch. He yanked it out suddenly and she complained, "Keep
going. I want that huge dick in me."

"No way, Kelly," Steve said, rubbing himself. He grunted and his dick began
to discharge copious amounts of goo. The blasts landed on her pubes and
stomach and chest. Wrapping her hands around his dick, Kelly worked him off
by hand.

"Come all over me. Keep going. Oh, yes. Yes."

Her boyfriend, Reid, wanking himself beside her suddenly yelled out. His
smaller dick splashed jism across her chest. Still working himself, he turned
to her face, letting his sperm fall across Kelly's face and open mouth.

Taking a cue from David, Brandon produced his rod. Spitting in his hand he
began jacking off too. His friend seeing the production of the his dick,
leaned over with a handful of lotion and slapped his fist around Brandon's
dick. Brandon was too shocked to say anything, but the increased rigidity in
his member told him it was okay. David continued working himself while also
jerking off Brandon's longer, thin cock.

On the screen, Steve had begun to suck Kelly's cunt, while her boyfriend,
rubbed his own juice into her breasts. Kelly suggested they switch positions.
Which they did. Twisting over, she took more of Steve's dick into her mouth,
while her boyfriend, began finger-banging her from the side,

Steve muttered, "Oh yeah, that's right suck my dick."

Suddenly David slid to the floor and wrapped his mouth around Brandon's
erection. He couldn't believe what was happening on the TV or in the room.
The blow job felt sensational, even though he was bewildered as to how or why
he ended up in such a predicament. David somehow found a way to cram all of
Brandon's thin eight inch rod into his mouth. Brandon's previous girlfriends
had trouble with it, but David was going at his dick like a pro.

On the screen Kelly had turned around and was getting balled from behind by
Steve as she sucked her boyfriend's third leg. She stopped though, her body
still jiggling as Steve fucked her, glancing back she said, "What have you
got in my ass?"

"My finger," Steve said, "You know you want it there."

"I do," she said, returning to suck her boyfriend, who played with her
rocking breasts.

Brandon reached down, slowing the blow. He could feel the tightness building
in his gut and he didn't want it to end so fast. David took the cue, pulling
away and licking up and down his shaft. He began licking his balls even and
pushed at Brandon's chest, telling him to lean back. Yanking off his friends
jeans, David went back to sucking his dick, while a free hand rubbed under
Brandon's balls.

On the screen, Steve pulled away from Kelly and sprawled back on the bed.
"Get on my dick, Kelly. There we go, Kel."

She turned around and settled onto him, his thick meat disappearing into her
stretched pussy. Reid closed in behind her, standing over the slowly fucking
couple. Dropping down he rubbed his rod up her ass cheeks.

Brandon realized what might be happening and he felt himself getting even
tighter. His balls were clutching his body as the blow-job sped up.

Reid slowly pushed himself into her and Kelly glanced back. "What are you

"Filling both holes, baby."

"It burns," she complained as her boyfriend pushed in more.

"I know, baby," he said, grunting as he pushed in more. "Oh shit, you're so
tight here. I've wanted to fuck you like this since I met you."

"Oh, it burns. Oh, god it hurts. Please. Please. Oh fuck me. Yes, yes, yes,
shove it in there."

"Ughhhh, so tight," Reid groaned.

Kelly began to buck on the two dicks and Brandon felt himself beginning to
come. He couldn't believe he was seeing Kelly getting fucked in both holes
at once. He couldn't believe his best friend was sucking him off. "I'm
coming," he moaned, clamping his hands down on David's head and pumping with
his pelvis.

David didn't struggle but instead swallowed the load, just as Reid exclaimed
he too was going. Brandon emptied himself in David's mouth and Reid in
Kelly's ass. David pulled away, wiping at his mouth. Steve on screen, told
Kelly to lean back and he took his turn doing her anus, but with him on top.


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