Beverly Hills 90210 Part 4: Donna Stays Over (f/f)
by Anon

Donna rolls over in her bed, then falls onto the floor. The crash wakes
Kelly, who runs into her room. As she helps Donna off the floor and onto her
bed, she asks: "Are you all right?"

"I dunno, my thigh hurts," Donna moans.

"Let me look."

Donna pulls up her long nightshirt to reveal a black and blue mark on her
right thigh.

Kelly looks at it then says, "It look's okay."

Donna moans, and Kelly feels her forehead.

"You've got a fever, let me go get a thermometer," Kelly says before she runs
into the bathroom.

She returns with the thermometer and gets ready to stick it in Donna's mouth.

Kelly reads the thermometer and groans. "It's rectal."

"Don't we have another one?" Donna asks.

"I must've gotten this one by mistake. Do you want me to go to the store?"

Donna thinks a minute then replies: "Might as well use it."

She rolls over and further pulls up her nightshirt, it's now up to her
mid-back. Kelly pulls down Donna's white satin panties and sticks the
thermometer up her ass.

"So how are you and Ray?" Kelly asks, uncomfortably looking at her best
friend's ass.

"OK," Donna answers. "Umm, Kelly, could you rub my back... it kind of hurts."


Kelly rubs Donna's back, resulting in moans of pleasure from Donna. After
five minutes Kelly stops and takes the thermometer from Donna's ass. She
looks at it in the light and says: "A hundred and one. You're really sick."

"Damn, Ray and I were supposed to go out tonight."

"Maybe he can stay here with you."

Donna rolls over to face her friend over and says, "Yeah, I guess so."

Kelly sees Donna's bare, blond cunt, right in front of her. She starts to
turn red, but doesn't turn away. Donna watches her, interest.

Kelly thinks for a second, then climbs on top of Donna and starts to kiss

Donna coughs and screams: "What are you doing?"

"Something that might make you feel better."

Kelly reaches down and starts playing with Donna's clit. Donna continues to
fight but is soon overcome by the pleasure her friend is giving her. She
grabs Kelly and sticks her tongue down her friend's throat. Kelly breaks away
from the kiss and moves down to Donna's trimmed blond cunt.

Kelly gently licks Donna's clit, causes her to moan with pleasure. Donna
reaches down and presses Kelly's face deeper into her crotch. Kelly starts
sucking her friend's clit as she sticks her finger in her ass at the same
time. Donna screams as she comes, and even more as Kelly swallows all her
friend's cunt juices.

Donna pulls off her nightshirt, revealing her big tits, as Kelly takes off
her clothes, leaving them in a pile at the door. Donna pulls her friend on
top of her and starts Frenching her. The two coeds breasts touch, their
nipples sending waves of pleasure through their bodies. Kelly moves down to
Donna's chest and starts sucking on her nipples. Donna giggles, reaches down,
and squeezes her lovely friend's nipples. Kelly softly moans and lightly
bites one of Donna's. Cum leaks from Kelly's cunt onto Donna's thigh.

Kelly gets up and kneels on all fours and wiggles her behind at her friend.
Donna sticks her tongue into Kelly's cunt, first licking her clit, then
fucking her pussy with her tongue, rubbing her crotch from behind. Kelly
screams with joy as she eats her pussy with Beginner's luck. Then reaches up
to Kelly's ass and shoves a finger in. Kelly screams again, the pleasure's
almost too much for the girl to take. She comes, soaking Donna's face, then
rolls over onto the bed lungs heaving.

"Well, you look much healthier than you did ten minutes ago." Kelly said to
her friend, as she stroked her tummy affectionately.....

The End


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