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Author's note: This story takes place after Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Avengers - Age Of Ultron: Teach Me Seduction Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff hadn't spoken since Natasha popped Wanda's anal cherry. That wasn't surprising. What was surprising was that Wanda didn't returned to the nervous slip of a girl that first joined The Avengers who only left her room to collect food or when there was a mission or a training session. No, she had dinner and then breakfast with the rest of The Avengers, most of whom managed to make it for both meals, which was unusual. Wanda even sat directly across from Natasha at breakfast and gave her a few knowing smiles. This was both a good thing, and the bad thing.

Honestly Natasha was expecting Wanda to retreat into her shell and become afraid of her again. Which made her actions even more selfish, but Natasha was confident that she could regain Wanda's trust and train her to be a half decent member of the team, even if her powers were taken from her. Now she feared the girl was developing a crush on her, and thought what they had done yesterday meant more than what it did. Luckily they had a scheduled training session from the morning, and given how bold Wanda had been acting since Natasha took her anal virginity Natasha was confident that she would show.

Sure enough Natasha actually found Wanda waiting for her with a wicked smile, which might have scared others but not The Black Widow, "Are you ready for your training session?"

Still smiling Wanda replied in her usual broken English, "I wonder, what is it you wish to teach me today? Combat? Escape technique? Seduction?"

"Perhaps we should work on convincing accents." Natasha quipped, before adding, "But perhaps I should ask you what you want to do today?"

Wanda look thoughtful for a second, and then almost casually said, "I wish to fuck you in the ass."

For a moment Natasha just blinked, stunned into complete silence by this girl's boldness, and then she just smirked, "Is that right?"

Arrogantly stepping forward Wanda confirmed, "That is right."

There was another pause and then Natasha softly laughed in the girl's face, "That's really cute, but better women than you have tried."

"Are you sure of that?" Wanda asked, her eyes going red. Instantly Natasha felt herself go rigid, and then as much as she tried to resist Natasha found herself dropping to her knees, which in turn made Wanda smirk wickedly, "You forget, I have seen inside your mind. I know what it is you really want. What you thought about last night."

For maybe the first time in her life Natasha genuinely blushed, "Do you?"

"Yes." Wanda said confidently, stepping even closer, "You wish to be dominated by a superior woman."

"Is that what you are?" Natasha questioned, "Superior?"

"To you? Yes." Wanda replied.

Natasha gulped, realising she could be in real trouble here, and shot back, "Without your powers, you wouldn't stand a chance against me."

"Perhaps." Wanda conceded, before leaning down so they were practically face to face, "But with them, you are my bitch. Which is what you truly want, isn't it? Why you came so hard thinking about me getting some revenge for yesterday and dominating you. And I wish to make your dreams come true, partly to thank you for teaching me so many wonderful things, and partly because I just wish to make you mine and fuck that big sexy ass of yours. You like that, huh? Someone daring to tell The Black Widow to her face that her ass is big, round and fuck-able? That they are going to pound that big fat ass so hard your juicy cheeks jiggle like jelly, and your ass hole will gape open in a sign that you were used like a little bitch? That first they're going to cum all over your pretty face. That is what you want, is it not?"

There was another long silence and then Natasha softly murmured, "Wanda, I... I..."

"Or perhaps I am wrong." Wanda said, straightening up, turning and walking away, "Perhaps you wish to be left alone to think about it for a few hours."

"Wait!" Natasha cried out, blushing again as Wanda turned round and looked at her expectedly, then after a brief pause admitting, "I, I want it."

Taking a few steps closer to her prey Wanda asked, "And what is that?"

"For, for you to dominate me." Natasha forced herself to admit.

Again stepping forward Wanda smirked, "You can do better."

Natasha gritted her teeth and pleaded, "Make me your bitch."

"What's the magic word?" Wanda sings-songed as she moved even closer.

"Please." Natasha whined, "Please make me your bitch. Fuck me in the ass and make me your bitch!"

Wanda smiled wickedly and said, "Soon, I promise you that. But first, I wish to cum in your mouth."

With that exchange Wanda slowly stripped off her clothes until she was standing completely naked in front of Natasha, her wet pussy inches away from her face. Momentarily Natasha wondered if Wanda was literally channelling her. That the usually timid mind-reader had spent so much time inside her head, experiencing Natasha's memories of dominating other women, and fantasies of being dominated, that it was like Wanda had actually done all those things herself. Or perhaps believed she had. Either way Wanda's sudden confidence was intoxicating, and despite herself Natasha couldn't help but love her current position. Especially considering what happened next.

Once she was naked Wanda seemed to take a moment to enjoy standing before a kneeling Natasha Romanoff before reaching out, grabbing a handful of red locks and then pulling the infamous Black Widow face first into her cunt. Natasha then felt the magic holding her in place leave her body, giving her two choices. She could take advantage of the brunette's arrogance and render her unconscious before she could even think about using her magic. Or she could lick pussy. Unsurprisingly she chose the latter, Natasha sticking out her tongue and eagerly sliding it up and down the tasty treat in front of her.

Wanda let out a long, loud moan, and not just because of that first skilled lick, or even the many others that followed it. They were amazing, sure, and were a big reason why she moaned, but it also had a lot to do with the fact that since before Natasha had even entered the room Wanda had entered her head and created a psychic link between them. So not only was she experiencing what it was like to be licked, but she knew exactly what Natasha was going through. Could literally taste herself using Natasha's tongue. Which was so intoxicating. Both at finding a way to use her powers so effectively during sex, and just for the sheer joy of being able to taste her own cunt as if she was manipulating her own body to fuck herself.

Which was almost tempting, but she feared literally doing that would cause permanent damage that she certainly wouldn't want to explain to anyone. Honestly she was more than happy with Natasha's tongue, especially as The Black Widow correctly anticipated her mood and quickly picked up the pace of her licks, making sure to touch her clit with almost every lick, then every lick, then even linger on that sensitive bundle of nerves. Oh yes, Wanda knew that just a little more would make her cum, and while Natasha saw asking for it as a sign of weakness The Scarlet Witch had no problem with it, as long as she made sure that Natasha knew it wasn't a request, it was a demand.

"Fuck me!" Wanda ordered, "Tongue fuck my pussy you little dyke slut! Oooooooooh ah, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Do it! Mmmmmmm, do not pretend you do not know how. Oh God, Fuck me and make me cum! Make me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh yes, make me cum all over your pretty little face, so you can wear my cum while I'm fucking you up the ass! Oh yes, I want to fuck your big fat ass while my cum is drying on your face. Yesssssssssss, I want to make you feel like all those women you fucked in the butt, including me. Oh fuck, I felt like such a slut when you fucked me in the butt Natasha, and I loved it. And I'm going to make you love it as well. But first you need to make me cum. Mmmmmmmm, make me cum in your mouth. Oh my God, fuck me you bitch, tongue fuck me hard, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Some of what Wanda said embarrassed her. In fact most of it did, it was also very hot, and in this current position she couldn't help but channel The Black Widow, at least until Natasha chose to show her approval by finally pushing her tongue inside her. Wanda could have guessed Natasha put off doing that as an act of defiance without mind-reading, but with her powers she also knew that the redhead stalled so she could enjoy the normally timid brunette talking dirty, and Wanda had no problem giving Natasha what she wanted. In fact she really got into it, especially towards the end when she really started using Natasha's words to other women against her.

Of course Wanda completely lost the ability to speak coherently when Natasha pushed her tongue inside her cunt with one hard thrust, The Scarlet Witch already so worked up that she came in The Black Widow's mouth pretty much immediately. She then had to use her powers to keep herself on her feet as Natasha began switching back-and-forth between swallowing her cum and tongue fucking her as hard as she could, the latter making the former necessary a lot during the next few wonderful minutes. Or however long it was. Honestly Wanda completely lost track of time.

Natasha was equally unable to keep track of time. Honestly it was hard enough to try and listen out for the signs of being discovered, which was a real possibility, which should have been offputting, but instead Natasha loved the idea of being caught having sex with a girl about 10 years her junior. One she was supposed to be training no less. Even being discovered by an enemy, however unlike that was, was hot, Natasha confident that between them she and Wanda could dispatch their shocked foes. Fortunately no interruption came and Natasha was left thoroughly enjoying the tasty treat that was Wanda Maximoff's pussy.

In the beginning she got to enjoy it by thoroughly teasing Wanda, Natasha loving the fact that the other girl not only allowed it, but continued talking dirty throughout. Natasha would have done something similar, except she would have made threats and/or spanked someone for keeping her on the edge for that long. Wanda certainly had the power to do the same, or worse if she wanted, but instead she let Natasha have her fun and just when it was becoming too much for both of them the redhead buried her tongue in the brunette and began fucking her hard and deep, and being rewarded almost instantly.

The assassin eagerly swallowed down everything The Witch had to offer before shoving her tongue, which she had been forced to pull out, back into the other woman and restarting the tongue fucking. Natasha then repeated the process over and over again, each time swallowing at least a good portion of Wanda's cum but an increasing amount of it ended up covering her face. At first that was because the amount seem to increase, then Wanda started grinding her cunt against Natasha's face, making it impossible for her to swallow the majority of the other girl's cum. Which was sad, but Natasha loved the trade-off of the younger girl using her face as a fuck pad, as it made her feel like such a slut.

Naturally Natasha had done this to countless women, which she liked to believe you didn't need to be a mind-reader to guess. At least if you knew for sure she liked women. And Wanda certainly did, but she was using her mind-reading to her full advantage, towards the end even using both hands to push Natasha's face as deep as it could go into her cunt, literally smothering the Russian spy's face in her pussy so the only thing Natasha could see, smell, or taste was pure woman. Then Wanda took a few more things from Natasha's playbook by roughly pulling her face out of her cunt, leaning down and kissing her passionately for a few long seconds before falling back slightly and slapping her across the face.

"Bend over bitch!" Wanda ordered huskily, "Give me your big dyke butt!"

Wanda allowed her hands and eyes to glow red after a few long seconds had passed and all the infamous assassin did was stare at her. Fighting her own fear Wanda stared back, which she may have not been able to do if she couldn't sense Natasha's arousal. The risk paid off and Natasha slowly turned onto all fours and stuck that big glorious ass of hers into the air, Wanda spending a few minutes just staring at it lustfully. Then Natasha wiggled her big butt, making her big cheeks jiggle in the process. Catching the grin that Natasha shot her Wanda frowned. Clearly this slut was becoming impatient to get her ass fucked, and Wanda was going to punish her for that.

She did that first by delivering a hard double strike to Natasha's butt, making those meaty cheeks jiggle again and the tough secret agent to let out a cry of pain and pleasure. Then in the same movement she pulled those juicy cheeks apart and dived her head down so she could begin licking Natasha's ass hole. Which might not have seemed like a punishment, especially given the way Natasha moaned in pleasure, but she didn't need to be a mind-reader snow that Natasha would rather just get this over with, and by dragging this out Wanda was mentally tormenting the other woman. Especially as she gave her a nice, drawn-out rim job, the kind that had the mighty Black Widow on the verge of telling her to just fuck her already.

Despite how tempting it was to give her what she wanted Wanda was determined to make sure they were both properly prepared for anal sex. That meant equipping herself with a nice big strap-on dildo and thoroughly coating it with the lubricant. Fortunately thanks to her magic she didn't need to remove her tongue from Natasha's ass to do that, Wanda's hands simply glowing red and a few seconds later there was a dildo firmly around her waist being covered in lubricant from an invisible yet greased up hand. Wanda even made sure it was Natasha's strap-on she was teleporting onto herself for that extra bit of humiliation, Wanda debating whether to tell the older girl now or leave her to discover it later.

While still considering this Wanda moved on to the last part of the preparation, namely the fingering. Unfortunately this meant she finally had to pull her tongue out of Natasha's butt, although she got the added bonus of making the infamous spy quiver with delight as she slid her fingers over her pussy, getting it nice and wet for what came next. Which was of course replacing her tongue with those fingers, Wanda slowly pushing a finger into Natasha's ass and then pumping it in and out for maybe a minute. Then she added a second, and then a third finger to really stretch her out before she pulled the fingers out, grabbed a firm hold of her newly acquired cock and guided it to her target.

Just before she spread one of Natasha's cheeks to give her as much access as possible Wanda grinned wickedly and ordered, "Spread your cheeks! Mmmmmmm, I want The Black Widow to give me her tight little butt hole."

Natasha blushed furiously and then slowly reach back to pull her meaty ass cheeks wide apart. Not because she was being compelled by magic, but because she wanted this. She wanted to be sodomised by a girl half her age. To be anally taken by a former enemy. To be fucked in the ass by the girl she was supposed to be training. Yes, Natasha couldn't imagine anything more humiliating than that, the mighty Black Widow becoming lost in that humiliation as she presented little Wanda with her prize. She was then forced to wait for what felt like hours as Wanda admired her prize, and then teased her by sliding the tip of her cock up and down her ass crack.

It was actually a relief when Wanda finally pressed the dildo against Natasha's butt hole and started pushing forwards. Even then Wanda penetrated her so slowly that Natasha gritted her teeth in frustration. Of course this was yet again a case of her getting a taste of her own medicine, Wanda no doubt thinking of all the times Natasha savoured penetrating another woman's ass, and the one time before now that she'd had to suffer the same fate. Natasha couldn't help but think of that one time now. How skilfully and silently Melinda May had popped her anal cherry, something afterward she had called teaching Natasha some humility.

That was a lesson Natasha was once again learning the hard way, as like that one time she had underestimated her pray and ended up with an ass full of dildo because of it. Or in this case just a little bit of dildo so far, Natasha crying out in mostly relief as her ass hole was finally stretched wide enough to allow the head of the strap-on to slide inside her. Of course then Wanda left it there for a few minutes, obviously enjoying the sight and forcing Natasha to wallow in what had to be the ultimate humiliation. Then Wanda started slowly pushing inch after inch of fake cock into her rectum, which was no less humiliating but at least the pain distracted her. Not as much pain as when she had lost her anal cherry, but still enough to distract her.

Of course her training wouldn't allow her to become completely distracted as part of Natasha was listening out for any sign of discovery. Mostly out of a sense of self-preservation, but also to hold onto a little bit of her dignity. After all, one of the small saving graces of her first-ever butt fucking was there had been no witnesses, and while discovery was unlikely the thought of being found getting ass fucked by Wanda by one of the other Avengers was just as horrifying if not more so than being discovered by a potential enemy, because at least she could eliminate her enemies. If one of the Avengers saw her like this one way or another they would make sure she would never forget it.

Wanda wasn't worried about getting discovered. In fact if they were she fully intended to use every ounce of her power to make sure she could keep butt fucking The Black Widow, because even with all her extraordinary power she had never felt more powerful than in this glorious moment. Well, maybe when she had actually penetrated Natasha Romanoff's big fat ass, and the moment when her thighs finally came to rest against those big globes, announcing that she had buried every inch of her dick into The Black Widow's big beautiful booty. But there had been definitely something to be said for sliding her dildo inside of Natasha's fat ass.

For one thing watching the massive dildo slowly disappearing into Natasha's obscenely stretched ass hole had been breath-taking, Wanda getting the best possible look at that thanks to Natasha continuing to immediately spread her meaty cheeks for her. Then after savouring the moment she completed the anal penetration Wanda started pumping her hips back and forth, the redhead continuing to spread those meaty cheeks of hers and thus continuing to give the brunette a perfect view of her ass hole obscenely stretching for her and she officially started the ass fucking, this time Wanda getting to see her cock sliding in and out of Natasha's most private hole.

As much as Wanda adored the visual of the infamous Black Widow spreading her cheeks for her and presenting her abused butt hole eventually she pushed those hands away from those meaty cheeks just like Melinda May had done before her. Wanda couldn't know for sure why Melinda May had done that as she could only see it in Natasha's head, but she suspected it was the same reason that she did it. Namely to make The Black Widow's big round butt cheeks jiggle from the impact of her thrusts, Wanda deliberately picking up the pace and even occasionally putting all her weight behind the occasional thrust to make those well-rounded globes jiggle like jelly.

If she had done that in the beginning Wanda was sure that even the mighty Black Widow would have cried out in pain, but now she knew for a fact that Natasha's rectum had relaxed around that large intruder and now the proud redhead was stubbornly remaining silent so she wouldn't reveal just how much she was loving it now. Oh yes, the deadly Black Widow was loving this feeling of getting fucked in the ass, the harder thrusting only confirming that as Natasha was unable to stop herself from moaning. She was also on the verge of something else, something The Scarlet Witch was determined to force out of her, no matter how long she had to sodomise her for, which at the moment felt like no great hardship to the brunette who felt like she had a wicked grin glued to her face.

Natasha whimpered in disappointment as Wanda suddenly slowed down her thrusts, grabbed hold of her ass and started to massage the big meaty cheeks in a way that Natasha would have never allowed in the past. Or at least not without some retribution later. And maybe she would find a way to get it later, but at the moment she was overwhelmed with feelings of submission. Not even Melinda May had made her feel like such a submissive little bitch, which was really saying something, because before she had met May she had become so arrogant and cocky, and after being left on all fours with a gaping ass hole it had taken Natasha a lot to regain even a fraction of her previous confidence and dominance.

Honestly Natasha wasn't sure whether she'd be able to do it again, because at least with May she had been defeated by a physically superior opponent and more importantly an older woman. Now she was being butt fucked by a girl half her age, barely out of her teens, who wouldn't stand a chance against her physically if it wasn't for her powers which gave her a frustratingly unfair advantage. Worse still, the this girl was showing her no mercy. At least May had fucked her in more or less total silence, and when Natasha was ready for it she fucked her hard and made her cum. This girl would not let her off so easy, and while Natasha hoped and prayed Wanda would lose patience and just give her what she wanted it became very clear that the redhead would not be so lucky.

"I know what you want, and you will not get it without begging." Wanda said softly, confirming Natasha's fears.

Natasha whimpered pathetically, tried to hold out for a little longer and then broke, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Ooooooooh Goooooooddddddd, Fuck my big fat ass and make me cum! Please! Please make me cum! Fuck me hard and make me cum like a bitch with a dick up my ass! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, drill my little butt hole and make me your bitch! Slam my fat butt and make it jiggle and shake for you! Please, just fuck me! Just fuck my ass. Mmmmmmmm, pound that big jiggly booty of mine until I cum like an ass whore. Oh God Wanda, make me your ass whore! Make me your butt slut, your anal slave, your back door bitch, just OH GOD YES! Yes fuck me, fuck my ass, oooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwdddddddd, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddddddddd!"

With an evil chuckle Wanda finally gave her what she wanted, sliding her petite little hands from Natasha's large rump to her waist which she gripped firmly and then gradually picked up the pace. Although honestly it only felt like seconds between the painfully slow butt fuck and the brutally rough and fast rectum wrecking that followed. Not that Natasha cared. In fact she didn't care about anything. Not her dignity, not her health, and not even the fear of being discovered. Every superhero and super villain could burst in here and watch as this younger girl literally ruined her rectum, and she wouldn't care as long as the pleasure remained as incredible as it became.

That was before she even came. When she did Natasha went berserk, slamming herself back against the ass wrecking thrusts to make them even harder than before as her body shook and her cum literally squirted out of her cunt. She also tried to beg for more, and tell Wanda how much she was loving it and how she wanted her to never stop, but Natasha was pretty sure all she did was scream. Of course apart from the attempted begging this had all happened before with May, but this girl put The Cavalry to shame, pounding Natasha's big bottom longer and harder than May had, which was impressive even if she was using magic to do it.

Wanda had used magic throughout the butt sex, so why would she stop now? Especially because she knew it could help her deliver a harder and longer ass fucking then Melinda May, and Natasha Romanoff, had ever given anyone before. Hell, with her magic she could fuck Natasha harder and longer than anyone ever had before to anyone, and in the process make Natasha cum harder and more frequently than anyone ever had before, which was important to Wanda because she couldn't stand the idea that this would be just a one time thing. No, she needed access to this big bottom 24/7, and she didn't want to have to the threat Natasha with her magic to do it. No, Wanda wanted to make the deadly Black Widow her willing anal slut.

It was a wonderful thought, maybe the best Wanda had ever had, and one she made sure to plant into Natasha's head as soon as they began the hard butt pounding. The woman who had for a long time been considered the deadliest woman on the planet, and still was when it came to hand to hand combat, becoming Wanda's anal slave, ready to bend over and spread her cheeks whenever the younger girl wanted. Although Wanda wasn't sure she could avoid using Natasha's talented mouth and tongue, or stay away from her big boobs or tasty cunt. There was even part of Wanda which want to be sodomised by Natasha again, although not as much as she wanted to butt fuck The Black Widow, so clearly she needed to give some serious thought into exactly what she wanted from this woman.

In the meantime she seemed to be doing a good job of turning Natasha into her anal slave given she was making the normally reserved woman scream hysterically and slam herself back against her thrusts, making that big booty of hers jiggle like jelly in an earthquake. Also the sound of her thighs smacking against those meaty cheeks were almost as loud as Natasha's screams, which Wanda loved almost as much as the visual of those jiggling cheeks, Wanda becoming so lost in that that the whole world fell away and the only thing in existence for her was Natasha's big jiggly ass and the tight little hole in between them which she was savagely abusing.

Unlike Natasha when she was in this position, or assumedly Melinda May, Wanda didn't try to hold back her own orgasm. Partly because she was so lost in watching Natasha's jiggly butt, although mostly because even with her magic she was not so sure she could stop herself cumming if she tried. Nor did she want too, Wanda savouring each climax which was mostly triggered by the sheer joy of butt fucking The Black Widow as opposed to the stimulator on her clit. Of course eventually all that ecstasy forced her to stop, but not before Natasha Romanoff's legendary endurance failed her and she collapsed face down onto the mats below.

Wanda then spent a few long seconds savouring the after-shocks of her orgasms, while keeping a tight hold of Natasha's waist so every single inch of her big dick remained buried within The Black Widow's big bottom. She then spread those meaty cheeks and slowly pulled her strap-on out of the feared Natasha Romanoff's fat ass, watching gleefully as inch after inch of dildo slowly slipped from that obscenely stretched hole. Then she took a few moments just to admire the sight of her handiwork as when the last of the toy cock exited the redhead's rear it left behind a gaping crater in its wake, Wanda able to see so deep into Natasha's bowels that she thought for sure she was looking at her stomach.

In total it was probably about a couple of minutes of staring into Natasha's gaping ass hole before Wanda slowly stood up, smacked that fat ass hard enough to make the cheeks jiggle and order, "Suck my dick! I want you to clean it with your mouth."

This caused Natasha to whimper softly and glance back at her. Other women may have been intimidated by this, and even now part of Natasha was hoping it would, but Wanda could see what she wanted more. So the younger Avenger stood there confidently and waited for the inevitable, namely Natasha Romanoff slowly turning around so she was kneeling in front of Wanda and then, after one last glance at the younger girl, the deadly Black Widow wrapped her lips around The Scarlet Witch's strap-on cock and cautiously began sucking her own ass off of it.

As this wasn't a humiliation Melinda May had inflicted upon Natasha, even though the Russian born assassin had forced many, many women to perform this humiliating act, neither she nor Wanda knew what her reaction would be. What neither of them could have guessed was that Natasha would moan loudly, the normally dominant redhead instantly loving the taste of her own ass and slowly began to enthusiastically suck it off of the inexperienced brunette's dick. It wasn't long after that the Natasha got the last drop off of the head of the dildo and started bobbing up and down the shaft, eventually stuffing every inch of it down her throat even though she ended up gagging and choking violently as she wasn't used to being on this side of it. At least not with such a big cock.

Through her powers Wanda was delighted to learn it didn't matter how difficult it was, or how much her ass ached, Natasha was determined to get every drop of her own butt juice, and more importantly convince Wanda to sodomise her again. She didn't need to do much convincing, although Wanda decided not to tell Natasha that for now. Instead she just reached down and gently stroke long red locks as she imagined all the wonderfully nasty things she could learn from Natasha's perverted little mind. More importantly, now her powers were restoring her strength, Wanda wonder just how many hours she could butt fuck The Black Widow before one or both of them passed out from exhaustion.


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