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AARP Insurance: AARP Nag Gets Hers (Or Larry Saves His Own Life)
by Doctor Bone: Who Sez: Ya Gotta Be an Adult to Read this Story

"We need more life insurance." Larry's wife had said for the thousandth time
as she made an overly dramatic gesture with her hands. He had known that she
had been a drama major in college, but give it a rest! And that smile she had
given him when he said he had contacted the AARP to get more information, had
bothered him. For a while he had felt a bit ill, but he did not know why.

He left the coffee at the table and went outside to get some air, when his
cell phone rang, it was his doctor telling him to come down to the office as
soon as possible and not to drink or eat anything.

An hour later, nervous, Larry sat in his doctor's office. "Well, I had
another blood work up for you done and this puzzles me, we found traces of
lead and arsenic in your blood. That was what was causing your shakes,
dizziness, and lethargy. Not a neurological condition, so I will cancel the

"Lead! Arsenic? But who? How?"

"Well the lead could be from anything, but based on your profession I'd say
it was from your home, not your job. Are you using any antique cups or
plates?" The doctor asked. Larry remembered the garage sale and how she had
wanted that coffee set so much. He had heard of home lead tests that could
be done to detect lead in old china and flatware but she said it was not
necessary. She knew about antiques after all. He wondered.

Then there was the arsenic, the doctor said it could have been from anything,
and had Larry list everything, he consumed, the doctor stopped at the coffee;
"Larry you don't have a brand listed."

"My wife bought it at one of those roadside markets. Tasted good! Strong!"

"Well don't drink anymore, and bring it to me for testing. Could have some
arsenic mixed in it from the soil."

All this went through Larry's head as he drove home. And there was that push
to buy more life insurance, and funerals. Brrrrrr! Larry had always lived by
his wits and got an idea. He stopped at the local grocery and bought some
coffee and a plastic mug.

He disposed of the can the coffee had come in and when he got home took the
old coffee and put it in a bag for his doctor, spilling some of the safe
coffee he had bought on the floor. When his wife came in she saw the mess.
"Oh! Larry! I had bought that coffee special at the roadside market! And
now! Now it is on the floor. Do you know the price of coffee these days?"
she said twisting her hands in that dramatic manner of hers.

He brought the can and the coffee in to his doctor. A few days later he got
the call, the coffee was safe, it was from the paint on the arty can it came
in. Larry began therapy to leech the lead and arsenic from his system.

Then one day he went home to confront his wife. "Oh Larry! Surely you don't
suspect me of..."

He showed her the reports again. "Look, I almost died, maybe the police ought
to look into this. After all you pushed for the life insurance and the
funerals so much." He could see her squirm a bit, was it guilt or was it her
massive ego?

"Larry! No! What of the neighbors and our ties to the

"Shut up! I am going to the cops."

"Please no! I will do anything...just..." for the first time in her marriage
she realized she must shut up.

"Anything! Huh!" Larry said having already cashed in his insurance policy for
its cash value.

"Oh no!" she said realizing what this was about. She could not even question
him on cashing in his insurance, for when she brought it up he said life was
for living and he did not care if she put him to the street in a garbage bag
when he was gone.

For years Larry wanted his wife to have bigger jugs but she would not go for
it, but now. The doctor in the small country they went to did not mind doing
it even if the boobs were way to large for her frame. In the months that
followed of recovery, as she got used to her 42DDs she complained how they
would throw her back out of alignment.

Then came the day Larry was waiting for when she was healed, he had her dress
in stockings, crotchless panties, and a cupless bra. He squeezed her overly
big and firm tit's a bit too hard as he set up a camera.

"Larry! How much did that camera cost! You are spending all our money."

"Correction, the money that would have been used to bury me. Had I kept
drinking that poison you served for breakfast."

She rolled her eyes at the ceiling, "Larry it was an accident. This happens.
Why I have read... What is that leather hood about. Larry you don't expect me
to put that on now."

She was mercifully interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Larry went to the
door. She was ready to start again when Larry lead four men into the bedroom.
She tried to cover up her tits with her hands but the four black men just
smiled at her.

"Damn! Those are some big tits you got her." One of them said.

"Larry, I know this was one of your fantasies and all but..." for once she
was lost for words. Larry told her he was going to film her getting the fuck
of her life and she had better put on the hood to protect her identity.

Larry got behind the camera and a half hour later his wife could not talk
anymore, when not having a huge cock shoved down her throat, having her tits
fucked and sucked on, she was moaning and groaning as they slammed her again
and again. And Larry could tell those moans were not faked. They were real,
she was not that good an actor.

Covered with cum and with a dog leash around her neck she was walked on all
fours to Larry, who she blew without a word. After she washed off she found
the men still there and still naked. One of them had on gloves while the
others set up a tattoo machine.

"Part two honey." Larry said.

The words "Larry's" and "Slave" were tattooed in big gothic letters on her
tits. Then her nipples and clitoris were pierced with heavy iron rings, her
head was shaved, another of Larry's kinks. She could object but he would go
straight to the police, and based on what he had she felt and looked guilty.
She was tied up and a vibrator was placed inside her pussy making her orgasm
time after time until she pleaded for them to stop. One of the men then
slowly pushed his cock up her tight little pink asshole, it was so tight his
cock bent but it slid inside of her.

"Oh! Larry! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she kept repeating.

Later after the guys left Larry said he would send a copy of the DVD to his
lawyer and should anything happen to him, it would be sent out to everyone.

"No, Larry! I have been looking on-line and we should sell it. Why the money
to be made from GILF (Grandmothers I'd Like to Fuck) videos is enormous. But
what would be bigger is a lesbian dildo bang. We need lesbians with
strap-ons." she said with that same hand gesture she had learned in drama

"Well, some things never change, and some for the better." he said to himself
holding his Storebucks coffee in his hand as he looked at her huge oversized


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