Disclaimer: This is a fictional story about fictional characters who, since they don't actually exist can't possibly get offended. So neither should you, now go away.

Note: Both Jess and Leslie are 12

Codes: bg, cons, first, oral, rom

A Bridge to Terebithia: Real Magic
by Tricksterson

"Things aren't going well," Leslie said to her friend Jess with a frown, using what he thought of as her Serious Voice, which she usually used when, as now, they were in the tree fort they had built and she was talking about Terebithia and their war with the Dark Lord.

But she was right, Skroger and Hairy Vulture attacks were on the rise and now they had a Tree Troll to deal with...

'Wait,' he thought, 'That's all make believe...isn't it?'

That was the problem with talking to Leslie. She had a charisma that was positively hypnotic. Sometimes he wondered if she was some kind of witch. Especially since that's what she seemed to think she was too, at least in Terebithia, the magical kingdom she had either invented or had some kind of magical access to, he could never be sure which. Sometimes he was sure it was all pretend or that she was crazy and other times he could actually *see* the things she talked about.

All this went through his head but aloud all he said was, "So what do we do?"

"We need magic, powerful magic. A ritual." As she spoke Leslie leaned forward, eyes shining with enthusiasm. Jess fought dual urges, one to pull back, because when she got like this, even though she was his best friend, Leslie could be a bit scary, and one to move forward and kiss her, because although they hadn't said anything to each other he had developed a serious crush on her and he thought that she returned his feelings.

"What...kind of...ritual?" he asked hesitantly, visions of slaughtered chickens and cats in his head.

"Let me show you," Leslie answered, putting her hands on either side of his face, closing the gap between them and firmly planting her lips on his. More out of shock than anything else, his mouth opened as her tongue pushed against it but instinct soon took over and his tongue came out to slide against hers, sending sexual electricity coursing through both their bodies.

Stunned by what had just happened Jess could only watch as his friend broke off the kiss then pulled off first her pink t-shirt, then the longer sleeved, rainbow striped one underneath it revealing a pair of what were definitely breasts, albeit small ones.

Jess jaw dropped. Like most boys his age he'd never seen a naked female breast. In fact, most girls his age didn't even have breasts, not even small ones.

Not that he hadn't noticed Leslies or thought about what they would look or feel like. Or about how her legs and butt were just...nicer than those of any other girl he knew. Her legs held a promise of oncoming womanhood that made the other girls look like sticks, her ass had a subtle roundness that made theirs look pathetically flat.

This was at the back of his mind. What was at the front wasn't coherent enough to be expressed in the form of words but roughly translated to "BOOBIES! Want!," as he instinctively reached for her chest.

She stopped him, grabbing him by the wrists, said, "Gentle, Jess, gentle," then guided his hands to her chest bumps. Lust balanced by fear and doubt, at first he was. When his thumbnail, flicked against one of her hard, pale pink nipples and produced a gasp, he anxiously asked, "Did I hurt you?"

"No! Doitagain!"

He did, with both hands on both tits this time, then experimented, pinching and twisting. Leslie threw her head back, gasping and moaning, then forward for another kiss. As their lips and tongues mashed together she pulled his shirt out of his pants and, breaking the kiss, over his head. At the same time his hands, newly emboldened, went inside her cargo pants to dig into the tight little globes of her ass.

"Wantit! Wantit!," she growled, grinding her crotch against the hard bulge in his pants. He didn't need to ask what "it" was. He wanted the same thing while, like her, not being entirely sure how to go about it.

When his shirt was off, her mouth, instead of returning to his, started licking and sucking along his collar bone, which, the next day, would have a spectacular hickey while her hands roamed up and down his torso stroking and caressing the muscles of his chest and stomach.

Her hand moved to the bulge in his pants, rubbing it urgently through the denim of his jeans while she kissed her way down his body, leaving a second incipient hickey at his breastbone and a third at his navel.

Her mouth traveled to the top of his jeans and then she abruptly stood up, raised her head to the ceiling of the tree fort and pointing to each hickey mark in turn called out, "Behold, Gods and Powers of Terebithia! See these Marks of Love and Power and give us your blessing for the defense of this land!" Looking at her Jess coul swear that she was glowing with a pale golden light although later he told himself that t was probably just the sun hitting her the right way.

But what truly transfixed him was the sight of her pushing off her shoes after her proclamation and then pulling down her pants and underwear, revealing her coltish legs and hairless vulva.

For a moment Leslie stood, legs slightly spread, arms raised up over her head then she stepped out of the clothe around her feet, straddled him at the knees, kneeled, undid his belt and pulled down his jeans, revealing his rigid member. She looked at it for a moment with an expression that combined curiousity and worship then kissed the tip and licked the transferred precum off her lips.

Leslie nuzzled her cheek against Jess' iron hard cock, then her lips and finally ran her tongue up and down it's length. She had never seen, much less touched a penis before but she knew she wanted this one inside her with every fiber of her being. Still on her knees she moved up Jess' body until her crotch was poised over his rock hard dick. She leaned down and braced her hands against his chest then lowered herself onto him, face grimacing in pain when he entered her, then even more so when he pierced her hymen.

But before she could reconsider it was Jess who took the initiative. He reached out and grabbed her slender hips and thrust upwards again and again. She winced at first but with every thrust the pain grew less and the pleasure greater, Soon small gasps and moans of joy were escaping her. Soon they matched rhythms and she leaned down further to kiss him again while his hands left her hips to roam over her ass, thighs and tits.

" my...everything," she panted and once more he swore that a pale gold aura surrounded her as her orgasm grew closer and closer. He couldn't see if the same thing was happening to him but he felt an electric heat coursing through his body, along with an unstoppable urge to keep jamming his cock into her oh so tight little cunt. An urge she apparently agreed with wholeheartedly from the enthusiastic sounds she was making.

Suddenly Leslie threw her head back and howled, "Magic! REAL MAGIC!," as sparks seemed to jump off her hair and skin while Jess' sperm, although it felt more as if it was his very soul, poured into her then she collapsed onto him.

After they had gotten their breath, not to mention their minds, back she kissed him on the throat and whispered, "My love, my life, my husband."

He kissed the top of her head and, both because it was what she needed to hear and because it was true in every way that mattered, replied, "My love, my lady, my wife.


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