All Creatures Great And Small Part 1 (Mf,oral)
by Chels 99 ([email protected])

Helen Herriot yawned as she walked slowly down the stairs. Another sleepless
night she thought. James her Veterinary husband had gone off to War nearly 6
months ago, he was posted to France and had managed to get himself captured
within 3 weeks. Although confirmed he was uninjured and safe it would be a
long time before she would see him again.

The worry had taken its toll on her - she had not slept well since he had
gone and the period between him posted as missing and confirmed as a POW had
been unbearable. The thing she missed the most however was the good solid sex
he had given her 3-4 times a week. She had always been randy and as a young
girl of 14 she had gone out of her way to watch the animals on her father's
farm mate. She remembered leaning up against the farm walls with her hand
down her panties gently rubbing her pussy as she watched the old boar do his

One day one of her father's more mature farm hands had seen her - he crept up
behind her as she rubbed herself and put his arms around her waist. "Let go!"
she had whispered to him not wanting to attract attention.

"You wait until I tell everyone what you were doing," he whispered back.

"Please don't!" she had said horrified at the thought of what her father
would say.

"Then take your hand out of your shorts," he said. She obeyed, but as she
took her hand out - his hand slipped down the front in its place. She froze
rigid as his hand started gently rubbing the front of her knickers between
her legs. In all his 50 years of life he had never had this sort of luck and
as she had not screamed he then slowly pushed his hand down the front of the
waistband on her panties and on to her pussy.

She quickly looked around her hoping that nobody was witnessing what was
happening. "Don't worry," he whispered, "they are all down the end field
sorting out that broken fence. I was sent back for some tools which is why
you never heard me."

His finger was now working its way through her soft pubic hair and on to her
very wet slit. He started very gently rubbing her clit. This was much better
than doing it herself she thought as she started pushing her groin so that
his finger would press up against her harder. He then slowly moved his finger
down and pushed the end gently up her juicy little pussy. She let out a long
quiet moan - she had inserted things up there before but his finger was so
much nicer.

He suddenly took his hand out of her shorts and grabbed her hand - walk with
me to the tool shed he said and started off at a fast pace. She had to half
run half walk to keep up with him. He opened the door switched the light on
and then closed the door behind her. "I am supposed to be in here anyway
gathering tools for the repair. If anybody comes along we will just say you
are helping me."

"Ok," she said still a bit confused why he had stopped feeling her up at the
pig sty wall.

"Take your top off," he said staring at her - she paused and then grasping
the bottom of her tee-shirt lifted it up over her head.

'Jesus Christ,' he thought - like most young girls in the late 1920's she did
not wear a bra. Her breasts were like small lemons with lovely little dark
nipples pointing upwards. He kneeled down grasped the waistband of her shorts
and panties and pulled them down to her ankles. He said nothing but stopped
on his knees and breathing very hard just stared at the sight before him.

Young Helen looked down - the thought of him looking at her little bare pussy
was making her even more excited. He then leaned forward moved his hands
around her waist and on to her firm young buttocks. She watched him as he
moved his mouth forward on to her pussy lips and she felt his tongue probing
her clit and pussy hole.

Automatically she moved her feet apart stretching the shorts and knickers
between them. One of his hands then moved from her bottom and around to the
front - without warning he pushed one of his fingers up her little tight bare
pussy as far as it would go. Letting out a yelp she raised herself on her
tiptoes to accommodate his large fat finger.

Using the hand on her bottom he pulled her even more tightly toward him. His
tongue was now licking the top of her slit as her started finger fucking her
now very wet but still tight pussy. All she could do was dig her fingers
into the top of his head as she felt her first ever orgasm approaching. She
shuddered and let out a long moan as she came. She could not believe the
wonderful feeling and she started shaking as the orgasm finished.

Looking up at her he smiled as he continued to slide his finger in and out of
her. Standing up he bent over and gently sucked one and then the other of her
small but hard nipples. "Now its your turn." he said. "Have you ever seen a
prick before?" he asked. She shook her head and watched fascinated as he
unbuttoned the front of his trousers. His hand moved inside and took out his
very hard erect penis.

"Now I would love to bend you over and fuck you," he said watching her as she
stared at his prick, "but I cannot do that. It would not be right. So come
here and kneel in front of me." She obeyed immediately - she wanted to have a
closer look at this wondrous thing that was poking out of his trousers. "Put
your hand around it," he said and start rubbing it up and down. She paused
and did as she was told - it was warm and seemed to have a mind of its own as
it twitched beneath her hand. Stepping closer to her he told her to let go
and open her mouth. A little bit unsure now she let go opened her mouth and
closed her eyes.

He put his hands on the back of her head and leaned forward so that he would
be nearer to her and pushed his prick into her mouth. Her first reaction was
to pull back - but his hands on the back of her head prevented this. "Hold it
firmly with your lips," he told her but not your teeth. She took a couple of
deep breaths through her nose and gripped his penis with her lips. "Oh, yes!
That's perfect!" he said as her started moving it in and out of her soft
gentle mouth. She felt his fingers digging deeper into the back of her head
as he started to increase the pace. His prick started to go deeper and deeper
into her mouth and she was just about to try and push him away when he let
out a muffled cry and suddenly her mouth was full of a thick liquid. Despite
hearing her gag and cough he could not help himself holding her head even
more firmly as he pushed his prick as far in her mouth as he could until the
last drop had come out. He then stood back as she coughed and spat his cum
out of her mouth.

Her first reaction was one of horror as she had swallowed most of the
disgusting liquid that had come out of his penis. But as she got her breath
back she actually realized the taste was not that bad and the smile on his
face made her giggle. She got back up off her knees and smiled at him - all
he could do was stare at this beautiful young girl as she stood there with
his cum still dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin - topless with
her beautiful small pert breasts and her stunning little pussy with its
newly grown soft pubic hair. Even now her pussy lips were slightly apart
after the vigorous finger fucking he had given her. The urge to bend her
over and fuck her was almost too much.

"Come on, get dressed," he said quickly, "and help me sort out what I need
before your dad or somebody comes looking for me."

"Can we do that again some time," she said as she pulled up her shorts and

"As long as we are careful," he said smiling realizing what she was offering.
_ _ _

Helen stood at the bottom of the stairs with these memories flooding back -
they had done it a few more times becoming bolder and bolder until when she
was 15 they went walking up into the deserted high dales and he had spent a
good hour fondling her before he fucked her. 'Having you first sexual
experience with an older man was the best thing for a young girl,' she

She suddenly realized that her hand had strayed to the front of her skirt and
she had started to rub her under used pussy. She smiled and promised herself
a good session with the hairbrush later that night.


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