Disclaimber: This story is pure fictional, and made for entertainment
purposes only. If you are offended by sex or lesbian sex, then read no

Authors note: Whoa, I can't believe that with the plot of this movie "A
Cinderella Story" no one thought of an idea for this story like this. So I
guess I'll have the honor of writing the first one based on the characters
from this movie. By the way, Fionna, the step mom in the movie, has HUGE
tits! Yummy!

Codes: Ff, cons, F-dom, spit

A Cinderella Story: Samantha The Submissive Cunt
by Dragon333 İMarch 12th, 2006


Samantha's father has died, and is living with her evil step Mom: Fionna, and
is now Fionna's little personal slut because without Fionna, Samantha doesn't
have money for college. This story takes place before the beginning of the

Chapter One: A typical day for Samantha

Samantha was a beautiful girl with adorable blue eyes, luscious lips, and
pretty little 32-34 b cup breasts. She also had dirty blonde precious hair.
She was laying asleep turning around in her bed in the attic when all of a
sudden she heard the alarm clock ring next to her ear waking her up. Through
the intercom she heard her step mom's voice.

"Samantha, wake up! It's time for breakfast! So hurry up and make me my damn
breakfast!" Samantha heard her step mom yell through the intercom. She rubbed
her eyes, cooked some fish and brought it on a plate for her step mom.

"Here's the breakfast you wanted, Fionna." she said as she handed her step
mom the plate of fried fish. Fionna was wearing a tight purple short sleeved
shirt hugging her humungous, incredible knockers. She was enjoying the soft
breeze on her beach chair in front of the big swimming pool that was in their
back yard. She took a bite out of the fish. "Fionna, don't I get a thank you
at least for making your breakfast?"

"Sam, I let you live in this house for free, I give you a roof to put over
your head, I put clothes on your back, if anyone should be thanking someone,
it should be you. DO YOU GOT THAT, BITCH?"

"Yes, Fionna." Samantha said shrugging her shoulders.

Chapter Two: Sex Slave

Later on that night, Samantha was ordered by Fionna to meet her in the master
bedroom of the house wearing no clothes at all. Samantha obeyed and was
sitting down on the king sized bed that was in the room. She had nice pink
nipples that were just slightly big for the size of her boobs. Fionna finally
walked in on the room after Samantha waited about fifteen minutes.

"That's a good girl! You followed my orders, came in here butt naked, and
did exactly what I told you like the bitch you are." Samantha then looked up
at Fionna to see she was wearing nothing but a towel and the towel emphasized
how big, huge and soft Fionna's knockers were. Fionna dropped the towel to
the floor, revealing her large fun bags for her step daughter's display.
Fionna stood up in front of her step daughter near the bed. "Suck my tit you,
dirty little slut!"

Tears formed on Samantha's eyes, as she got on her knees on the bed and
closed her eyes as she took a mouthful of her step mom's big tit in her
mouth, with her big nipple in the center and began to suck. She took slow
soft sucks on her big breasted step mom's tits.

Fionna was enjoying the sensation of her gorgeous little step daughter
slave's tongue over her big nipples. "If anyone in the room is a piece of
shit and they know it, put their hand on my free tit!" Fionna said loudly.

With that, while still suckling her step mother's boobs, Samantha grabbed
and squeezed Fionna's free huge knocker. She squeezed it while still sucking
her step mom's pink nipples. Samantha secretly enjoyed playing with her step
mother's huge breasts. Playing and squeezing them was like feeling the
fluffiness of the clouds in heaven.

"Samantha, if you know what's good for you, tell me what you are."

"I'm whatever you say I am, Fionna." said Samantha as she took away her mouth
from Fionna's breasts.

"You know what you are. Tell me. What do I tell you to tell me every single

"I am a white slutty piece of shit."

"That's better." Fionna said right before a brief pause. "Now open your mouth
wide, Sam!"

Samantha did as she was told and opened her mouth wide and up. Fionna hocked
a logi and spit right in her step daughter's mouth, and it landed in the back
of her throat. Samantha felt the spit land in the back of her mouth, but
continued to leave her mouth open as if nothing happened. Samantha's step mom
bitch slapped her as she still left her mouth wide open.

"Now swallow your step mommy's spit you little tit sucker!"

Samantha gulped it down.

"Now tell me I'm your goddess and you worship me."

"You're my Goddess and I worship you."

"Tell me you kiss the ground I walk on!"

"I kiss the ground you walk on."

"Very good! So KISS IT! Kiss the ground I walk on!" Fionna ordered.

Samantha then got on the floor and kissed the carpeted floor next to Fionna's
feet. Fionna gave her step daughter's b cup boobs a squeeze with both of her
hands right before she left the room. "I'm done with you now, pussy girl! Now
go do your homework! And remember, I need you to get to the diner early today
to start your job!"

Samantha then went to her room put clothes on and started her homework. 'Just
one more year I'll be 18, graduated from high school, off to college and put
away from my evil step mom and this damn forbidden house.' Samantha thought
to herself.

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