Andy Griffith Show: Here Cums The Darlings (MFFF,F-gang,exhib,ncon,cons)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The Darlings were heading to Mayberry. It had been a long time since the boys
had any fun in town. Charlene was married to Doug now and that was the boys
and his only source of pussy. Doug would let Charlene come home and service
him with a blowjob. But, he too, needed some pussy, so he and the boys headed
to Mayberry.

As they pulled up to the court house, out came Aunt Bea, Andy's Aunt.
Brisco's cock began to get hard, he greeted her. They walked into the court
house. Andy and Barney just finished lunch. Barney was just going out on
patrol, actually he was going to pick up Themla Lou and take her to Myer's
lake to fuck her.

Brisco sat down next to Andy. "Sheriff!" he said wanting to get to the point
of their visit,

Andy looked at him. "Ok," he said.

"Me and the boys have nuts the size of bulls and we need some relief With
Charlene married to Doug, it just wouldn't be right to deprive him."

Andy shook his head. "I see your point."

"So we came to town to drain ourselves. I had to hurry because I found one
of the boys fucking a hole in a tree. But don't worry about no little ones
coming out of all this, had them all fixed. Well, we be off Sheriff. Just
wanted to let you know."

Just then they heard a scream. Andy ran out the boys had a lady down her
dress off. Andy just watched for a minute. The boys had this woman's holes
filled. He was glad it was dark still, but what shocked him more was what
he heard her say. "MORE GIVE ME MORE!"

They stopped and went into the courthouse. There the women was raped again.
She was riding one fo the boys while sucking two of them off. "MY ASS! FILL
MY ASS UP!" She looked at Andy.

Andy locked the door as he took out his long cock. She had heard he had a
BIG ONE. Andy was behind her. She saw stars as he pushed his cock up her ass.

Brisco whispered to him, "I'll be at your house."

Andy just groaned.

* * *

Brisco walked to the Taylor house and knocked on the door. Bea opened the
door. "Oh, Brisco Darling."

He took off his hat as he entered. There was several other ladies in the
living room. He couldn't help it his cock got hard. Claira Edwards had seen
it. She thought he is big has a horse. She stood up and took his hand. Her
eyes looked down and with no shame she knelt. She unbutton his overalls and
out came a ripe hard cock. Claira began to suck it as he told the other
ladies to strip because he'd be with them shortly.

Bea Taylor laid on her couch as Ida Wright licking her pussy.

Brisco was now fuckng Claira while watching these ladies lick each other. He
filled Claira. He walked over to Bea, his cock still rock hard. He had a
woman sucking his cock while he fucked her. Bea hadn't felt like this since
the new egg man had fucked her last week.

* * *

In the darkness of Mayberry the boys were doing what ever they wanted except
fucking Helen Crump. They knew Andy would kill them. Men were getting knocked
out while their wives were getting fucked and even a boy was raped.

With daylight coming up people came with reports of attacks. Andy did his
best to calm them, but he could see in each womens' eyes how satisfied they
looked. Even his Aunt came in with a smile and a very big breakfast.

She said, "I just fed them."

Andy looked at her, "What did they feed you?"

She turned, "Just some country sausage."


As Andy ate his breakfast he replied, "The Darlings came to town."


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