This is indented for adults. No minors please. And if you are distrubed by
sexual acts of this sort. This story is in no way in tuned with the tv show
this is stictly fantasy. Thank you.

Mayberry Tales Part 1: IOU
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

It was monday morning in Mayberry. Andy was in the courthouse. When
Barney came in with Ernest T. Bass, who was throwing rocks again. Barney put
him in the cell then left for statements. Andy walked overto the cell looked
at Ernest T., who then smiled showing his one gold tooth. look

"Sheriff, Ernest said, "I know where a big still is you let me go. I`ll
show you where it is at."

Andy said, "Your not trying to pull a fast one are you?"

"OH, no sheriff. I swear," crossing his heart.

Andy had been trying to bust up that still for months. He let Ernest T.

Barney came running in, "Why in the hell did you let him go?"

"First, he is going to show me where that big still is. That's enough
for me. I'm going over to see Helen to tell her I'm not going to meet her
tonight," Andy left.

Barney called Themla Lou and sat at the desk, "Hello, Themla Lou, Barn.
How's my little cock sucker today?", 'She could suck chrome off a trailer
hitch,' barney thought.

"Why don`t you come over. Andy is gone. We could have a good time. Okay,
five minnutes," Barney said.
_ _ _

Andy arrived at the school. Helen was in her classroom. The kids were in
another class watching a film. He sat on her desk. Helen could see his big
bulge, Andy had a fourteen inch cock, which Helen loved. Andy told her he
can`t make it to night

"Oh," Helen said, "I bought some K-Y jelly for my ass so you could fuck

Andy`s cock was growing. Helen was watching it too. She unzipped his pants
and pulled out his big cock. She held it with both hands. It was so hard the
cock head was deep red. She kissed his cock head it was so hot. She put in
her mouth. She soon was sucking it all the way down. For she learn to suck a
black man's cock first, before she moved to Mayberry. Soon Andy was coming in
her mouth. She cleaned his cock up put it away.

"See you later Helen," said Andy and left.
_ _ _

Meanwhile, Barney was fucking Themla Lou in the courthouse back room.

"Ohhh, yes! Give it to me," Themla Lou said.

Barney was fucking her hard. He soon came in her mouth for she loved to
taste his cum.

Andy went back to the courthouse, Barney just finished with Themla Lou.
Andy told Barney to stay here and wait for my call. Andy left he found Ernest
T. and they went to the still. It was on the county line. Andy called Barney
to call the state police and they waited for them before busting the still.
They busted the still. Andy told Ernest he had no money to give him, but he
wrote him an IOU for anything except illegal stuff.
_ _ _

A couple of days went by Andy was at home when Opie came in with a note
for Andy. It said:

I'M COLLECTINGON MY IOU! Ernest T. meet me at old cabin number
five tonight.

Andy left for the cabin. Andy seen nobody there. Then he heard Ernest T.
go on in. Andy turned around. Ernest had a rifle. Andy went in.

"Ernest, what's going on here?"

"I'm collecting. Now go in the bedroom. Put what you see on the bed."

Andy looked, saw a pair of panties and bra. "No," Andy said.

Ernest said, "You said 'Anything.'"

Andy couldn`t go back on his word. Andy undressed. Ernest seen Andy`s
big cock. Andy put on the panties and bra. They were a little tight. His
balls hung out from the panties and his cock was hard, too. Soon Ernest was
on his knees sucking Andy`s balls. Taking off his old clothes he soon was

"Bend over the bed," Ernest said.

Andy did. Ernest pulled off the panties and was licking Andy`s asshole.
Then he stuck his hard cock up Andy`s ass. Andy was feeling Ernest T.'s cock
in his ass. Andy was about to cum when Ernest T. came in his ass. They

Andy thought, 'Next time he'll be more careful with what he writes.'



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