The Andy Griffith Show: Mayberry Tales Part 3 - A Normal Day In Mayberry
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) (M/F,M/f,MM/F,b/F,orgy,slash)

Andy was sitting with Goober outside the courthouse. Goober asked Andy, "What
he did last night.

Andy replied, "Took a walk with Helen."

"Oh," Goober said.

Andy then thought, 'It was some walk.'

He fucked Helen in the doorway of Weaver's store. His fourteen inch cock
slamming her waiting pussy, especially after she had sucked him off once that

Andy asked Gobber what he did, he said, "Went to Mt. Pilot to see a foreign
film made in France."

Gobber thought about the young girl he picked up and took her into the movie.
She was sucking his cock all through the film. He came at least twice in her
mouth, then he fucked her pussy and then her ass. He then found out she was
only fifteen he sat and smiled it sure was good tho.

Barney came walking down the street with Thelma Lou, he had a smile on his
face too. Barney just popped Thelma`s ass cherry.

She met him at the diner for lunch. She ordered the special, and then slide
a tube of KY jelly to Barney, and smiled. Thelma ran her hand along Barney's
crotch, feeling his cock grow. She kept on rubbing it and smiling.

They soon were in his room at the broading house. Thelma was on her knees
sucking his thick cock, licking and sucking his balls.

"OOHH, you have a hot mouth," Barney moaned.

Thelma took her dress off. She wore just a plain bra and panties, which came
off with ease. Barney was eating her pussy while fingering her ass.

"OOHH, god," she said as she came again and again.

Barney put his cock in her slow. It filled her pussy. Barney was the one who
popped her cherry. Now he was going to take her ass cherry. His cock was well
lubed when he put into her ass.

"OOOHHH, yeeesss! Fuck my ass!" she said.

His cock had spread her ass wide. Barney soon was cumming in her ass. He
pulled out and finished cumming on her ass cheecks.

They walked up to Andy, "Well, how are you?" he asked.

"Thelma Lou's a whole woman now," she said.

Andy looked at Barney and smiled, "You rascal. You DID IT."

Barney said, "Yes, I took her dirt road."

"Yes, he did," Thelma said, "and did he take it. I'm still a little sore."

"Well, I have something for that in the court house."

They entered the courthouse. Andy pulled the shades. He was rubbing his cock
Thelma asked what he had for her. Then she seen his cock. It was bigger than

"Come," he told her. "You strip, too, Barn."

Soon they were all naked and both Thelma and Barney were sucking Andy's big
cock. Barney was fucking Thelma's pussy while Andy took her ass.

Opie came in the backdoor and seen Thelma getting fucked by his Pa and
Barney. Opie's cock was soon getting hard. He walked up to her, pulled his
cock out. It was big for a kid his age. Opie was already fucking girls, like
Helen's neice and other girls, too.

Thelma was in pure ecstasy, when Helen stopped by. She stood there and said,
"You could have called," with a smile and taking her clothes off. She locked
the backdoor. Soon Opie was fucking his future mother in the backroom.

Andy was fucking Barney in his ass while he fucked Thelma Lou.

Opies was taking Helen's ass next. Then Helen was sucking his cock cumming
in her mouth. Andy joined Helen and Opie. Thelma Lou was licking Helen's
pussy licking out Opie's cum. Barney and Andy both fucked Helen while Opie
fucked Thelma's loose pussy. They fucked the rest of the day.

"How was your day?" Aunt Bea asked.

"Oh, just a normal day in Mayberry," replied Goober.


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