Andy Griffith Show: Mayberry Tales Part 4 (MF,Mb,MMF,MFF,preg,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Barney Fife was out on patrol, Andy was back at the court house. Andy was
doing paper work, but his mind was on his girl friend Helen Crump, he was
rubbing is cock which was hard when in walked Ms Copper, an elderly lady.
She stood in front of the desk, she couldn't see Andy trying to put his
large cock away. Ida Copper was just talking away while Andy sat there.

"Ms Copper could you help me?"

"Why sure" she said she stepped around and seen his hard cock. Ida just
looked at it. 'No wonder Helen was so happy,' she thought. She knelt and
took it in both hands. Her tongue went to work on it. She was old but not
too old to suck. His cock filled her mouth. Soon her dress was raised her
hand was in her wet panties and her fingers working her clit. "Oh Andy
please fuck me!" she begged.

The door was locked, they made thier way to the back room. Ida laid naked
with her legs opened. Andy went slow. "OOOOOHHHH!!!" Ida moaned.

She opened her leggs so wide. Andy was pounding his Aunt's friend. She was
turned over and Andy took his cock put it in her ass.

"YYYEEESSS!!!" she screamed.

She was soon sucking him off till he came all over her. His cock went limp,
she couldn't move. Her pussy and ass were sore.

"I'll get right on what you asked," he said as he zipped up his pants.

* * *

Barney was out by Miller's Lake. He was checking fishing licenses and caught
a young boy with out any. The sandy hair boy looked at Barney, out of the
blue the boy began to rub his crotch.

"Stop That!" Barney shouted.

Barney tongue wetted his dry lips as the boy unzipped his pants. His pants
dropped to the ground. Thier he saw his hard cock with sandy pubic hairs all
around it. Barney watched the boy turn around, bend over and took his hands
and spread his ass cheeks. Barney could see his pink asshole. Barney was on
his knees licking the boys asshole as his finger working in and out.

Barney had his pants off, he watched this boy squat and take his cock up his

"YEESS!!!" the boy said jacking his cock, too. He soon picked up the pace.
"I'm going to cum!" he said.

Barney opened his mouth wide. The boy shot his load all over Barney's face
just as he shot his load up the kid's ass. Barney let the kid go, told him
to still get license and drove back to the boarding house where he stayed.
He washed his cock. "Little fucker had a shitty hole."

He soon was back at the court house, Otis was in his cell asleep. Themla Lou
came in with a wicked smile. She kissed him and took him to the back room.
She raised her dress she took her panties off. "Fuck me," she said as she
laid on the bed with her dress open as her frim tits out of her bra.

Barney was between her legs licking her pussy. He was sucking on her clit
his tongue flicking it.

"OOOHHH GOOODD!!!" she squirmed she came once. Barney drank her juice.

His cock was soon was fucking her. What they didn't know was Otis was awake
and he was jacking his cock. "GET HER BARN!" he slurred.

* * *

Helen, Andy walked into the court house.

"OH MY!" Helen smiled. All she heard was Themla Lou cussing, "FUCK ME!!!!"


Helen was rubbing Andy's cock. She knelt down and took it in her mouth. Andy
locked the door. Otis eyes opened wide seeing Helen sucking Andy. Helen seen
Otis. She walked over to him dropped her dress. She began to suck him off.

"COME Andy FUCK ME!" She felt his large cock enter her wet pussy. "UUUMMM!"
she moaned Andy was fucking her.


Helen just knodded yes. She too was close to her period.

Themla Lou was riding Barney's cock. She took two loads up her pussy.

Helen was throating Otis, cause Andy was fucking her so hard. Otis moaned as
he came in her mouth her hands massaging his balls. Andy was holding his cock
was like a piston.

"YEEESS! Give me your cum!" she said.

Andy did just that and his cock pulsed as it emptied into her. Andy's cum
dripped on to the floor her pussy was so full.

Barney and Themla Lou walked out of the back room to see Helen on the desk
getting fucked. Themla Lou walked over kissed Helen and then her nipples.
Barney just watched cause he was drained. Themla Lou was licking her pussy
and his cock. Andy groaned one last time and shot a load up Helen's pussy.

* * *

Few months later, Helen and Themal Lou were walking down the street bellies
bulging. They walked into the court house and sucked each others' husband's


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