Andy Griffith Show: Stranger In Town Part 3 (MM)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Chris was driving into town he spotted Thelma Lou. He drove up to her and
gave her a greeting. Thelma Lou was nice to him, Chris asked her if she seen
her boyfriend.

"Not this morning," she said.

Chris then started to talk nasty to her. "I'm sure he likes little tramps
like you. I bet you just tease him."

Thelma was in shock and she ran to the court house. She ran into Barney's
arms crying.

Barney asked, "What's wrong?"

Thelma was sobbing, "It's that new guy in town."

"Chris?" Barney said.

Thelma just knodded 'yes'. "He said awful things about me."

Barney was getting furious, Andy tried to calm him down. "NO!!" Barney said,
"This is my business," and stormed out of the court house and drove to the
Wilcox place.

Chris was waiting for Barney.

Barney arrived and got out of the car. "What the hell are you doing talking
to my girl like that?"

Chris stood there with a smug look on his face. "Well," he said, "you do have
some fire."

Barney looked him in his eyes, then he seen Chris rubbing his cock. "What the
hell are you doing?"

"You want it don't you?"

Barney was in shock.

"Come on, admitted it. You want to suck it." Chris undid his belt and
unbuttoned his jeans. "Tell you what you turn away and I won't say another

Barney started to turn, but turned back with his head hung low.

Chris knew he had Barney, "Come unzip my pants," he told Barney.

Barney slowly walked up the stairs to the porch. He reached for Chris'

"On your knees," Chris said.

Barney knelt in front of Chris and slowly pulled his zipper down. Barney
could see Chris's cock head.

"Take it out," he said.

Barney pulled his cock out and held it in his hand.

"Lets go inside," Chris turned and walked into the house.

Barney followed him into the bed room.

"Strip," Chris told Barney.

Barney slowly took off his clothes and stood in front of him naked.

"Well," Chris said, "you don't look bad, but you done this before right?"

"Yes," Barney said, "the first time I was in the army. I was in the shower
when two guys came in and took me."

Chris was stroking Barney, "But you liked it though."

Barney's cock was hard by now. "Yes, he said, "I went back for more."

Chris laid on the bed, Barney knelt between his legs and took Chris's cock
in his mouth. Barney ran his tongue all round his big cockhead. Ran it all
along the underside of his cock down to his balls and sucking then, too.

"Oh, you are a cocksucker."

Barney was sucking Chris hard and taking him deep. Chris was fucking Barney's

"Now I want your ass," he said.

Barney held his ass open waiting for Chris to enter him. Barney felt every
inch of Chris' cock enter him. Chris fucked Barney and watched him suck his
cock until it filled Barney's mouth. Chris laid in bed and watched Barney
get dressed and leave.

Barney arrived back at the court house.

Andy said, "I hope you didn't do anything stupid."

"No," he said,"I just set him straight."

"Good for you," Andy said. He got a call from someone and went out to the
Wilcox place.

Chris was on the porch, "Yes sheriff, how can I help you?"

"Got a call from someone saying you was flashing yourself to passerbys."

"So you came to see for yourself then."

"I don't know how you live in Gremany, but we don't go around flashing

Chris looked at Andy, "Well, come inside and I'll show you."

"You have to be crazy."

"No sheriff, just horny. Oh, I did your deputy today. He is a real
cocksucker and I took his asshole, too. Oh, I see you're getting turned on
by this. Your cock is gettng hard and, oh my, it must be a monster." Chris
walked up to Andy and touched his cock rubbing it.

They walked inside and Andy hit Chris and he soon had Chris bent over the
couch and was fucking him.

"Oh yes, give me your big cock in my ass."

Andy was about to cum, pulled out and stuck it in Chris' mouth, 'He was
almost as good as Helen,' he thought. Andy shot his load down Chris' throat.
Andy left went back to the court house.

to be contiued


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