Andy Griffith Show: Stranger In Town Part 4 (MF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Chris laid there, his ass still sore from Andy'sfucking. Oh, how he
wanted to get back at him, but how? Fuck his girlfriend, Helen Crumb? He
was stroking his cock as he thought of it.

A knock came to the door, Chris put his cock away, but it was still very
hard. Chris went to the door and saw Bea Taylor. Bea had some food, she had
fixed for him. Chris let Bea enter the house and then he locked the door.
Bea turned around and seen Chris smilling. Chris just looked at her. Chris
then was rubbing his cock in front of her. Bea was getting nervous.

"I have to go," she said trying to walk by him.

Chris took her in his arms. Chris was holding Bea's large breast in his
hands. He found her nipples and was rolling them.

"OH PLEASE!" Bea said. Chris was pulling on her nipples, Bea was getting so
HOT when Chris heard Bea say, "PLEASE, FUCK ME!"

Chris stopped and turned Bea to him, "SUCK ME!" he said.

Bea took off her dress and slip and knelt in front of Chris in her bra and
panties. Bea unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. "OH, MY!" Bea

She took his cock in her soft hand began to stroke it. Bea ran her thumb
under his cockhead. Chris groaned with pleasure as Bea pushed his cock up and
down. Bea took her tongue and ran it around his cockhead, even in his piss
hole. Bea took some precum out of his cock. Bea then took it in her mouth.
She ran her tongue all around his cock.

Chris had taken off Bea's bra. Her breasts were still frim and he removed her
wet panties, too. "I want to tit fuck you," he said.

Bea laid down on the floor while Chris got on her. Bea held her tits together
and she helt his hard hot cock go between them. Bea stuck her tongue out as
she touched his cock head. Chris was fucking her tits.

"OH, I'm about to cum!" he said. Chris groaned as he let loose his load right
in Bea's face.

Bea's face was covered with cum. She licked her lips tasting his cum. Chris
was still hard, too. He knelt between her open legs. Chris ran his finger
along her wet pussy, dipping it into her, pulling it out and rubbing her
clit until it too was hard. He made Bea suck his finger and he put it back
in her pussy then made her suck it tasting her own pussy.

Chris took his cock head and began rubbing her clit. Chris slowly pushed his
cock in letting Bea feel every bit of it. Chris was now buried deep into
Bea's wet pussy. Bea arched up grinding her pussy pumping back and forth.
Chris soon took over and was fucking, Bea hard and fast. Bea was moaning
tossing her head from side to side.

"I'm about to cum," she said. Bea began to shake as she was cumming. Her
pussy was squeezing his cock. Never had he felt like this Bea was cumming
and soon Chris was too filling her pussy.

They continued to lay on the floor, Chris kissed her neck, then he said, "I
want to fuck your ass, too, like your nephew did mine."

Bea thought that Andy fucked Chris' ass made her pussy hot again. Bea got on
all fours and opened her ass up to Chris, who then was licking her ass. Chris
was fucking her ass with his tongue, rubbing her pussy too. Chris pushed his
cock into her waiting ass.

He soon was fucking her ass, "OH GOD YES!" Bea said as she pinched her clit.
She had another mind blowing orgasm, so did Chris. Bea looked at him, "Don't
worry, I won't tell Andy," but it would be too late for peeking in the window
was Ernest T. Bass.

to be continued


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