Andy Griffith Show: Stranger In Town Part 5 (MM,MF,MFF,mF,MMF,oral,inc)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Ernest T Bass ran into town, his thoughts were clearly on what he seen.
Aunt Bea was getting fucked really good and his cock was still hard. He
reached the court house and he found Barney. "Come quick!" he studdered.

"Wait a damn minute," Barney said. "What is all this about?"

Ernest said, "The sheriff's aunt."

"What about her?" Barney said.

"That new fella in town, he was--"

"WHAT!" Barney said.

Just then Andy came in.

"Sheriff you got to come with me. That new fella and your aunt," Ernest
said. "He had her down. Fucking her like a old tom in heat."

"Lets go Barney."

They got into the car and drove to Chris's house. They arrived and Aunt Bea
was just coming out of the house. Andy looked at his aunt. "You okay?" he
asked her.

"Why yes Andy. I'm fine. Just brought Chris some food."

"She's lying!" Ernest said. "I see what I seen."

Barney back handed Ernest. "Aunt Bea doesn`t lie."

Chris came out onto the porch, What's the matter sheriff?"

"Nothing," he said.

He told his aunt to go on home. Aunt Bea said good bye as she walked away
her pussy still filled with Chris's cum.

Andy turned to Ernest T "You don't come back in town."

Ernest T just looked dumb founed. The first time he told the truth, they
didn`t believe him.

Chris walked back into the house, Andy had left with the car. Barney stood
outside the house, he walked up on the porch, and knocked on the door. Chris
opened the door.

"Want something Barney?" he smiled.

"Well," Barney said looking down.

"Come in," Chris said.

Barney walked in

"Now what can I do for you?"

Barney just dropped to his knees, "I want your cock." Barney was rubbing
Chris' crotch.

"Tell you what," he said you bring your girlfriend Themla Lou over tonight."

"NO WAY!" Barney said.

"Well then you don't get this then," he turned from Barney still on his

"Okay," he said.

"Great!" Chris said, "Your girlfriend will watch you perform tonight. Around
seven," Chris said.

He walked up to Barney unzipped his pants pulled out his cock still dirty
from fucking Aunt Bea. Barney licked his cock head, good little cocksucker.

* * *

Meanwhile Aunt Bea was at home in her bed room naked on her bed. She had a
large cucumber between her pussy lips. She pulled it out licking Chris' cum
while she fucked her self, "OOHH YESS Chris, fuck me harder!" She was pushing
the cucumber farther into her pussy till she barely was able to hold it. Bea
was bucking her ass off the bed trying to get herself to cum again.

Just then Andy arrived home, he heard the noise in his aunt's room. He peeked
in and his cock got so hard. Andy walked into the room with his hard cock in
his hand. Bea looked up and then Andy put his cock in her mouth, "YOU was
fucking Chris wasn't you?"

Bea just knodded her head cause Andy's cock was deep in her mouth.

"Did he rape you?"

Bea had tears in her eyes. Andy pulled his cock out of her mouth. "OOOHHH
Andy, I'm so ashamed," she cried.

"It's okay," he hugged her.

He was about to leave when he heard Aunt Bea say, "Andy," Bea laid on the
bed, "you want me to take care of that?" pointing to his hard cock. "I'm
sure your cock will feel better than this," pulling out the cucumber.

Soon Andy was fucking his own aunt. His large cock filled her pussy.

"OOOHHH, I see why Helen loves you so. You're so DAMN big."

* * *

Helen Crump was in her classroom when Opie Taylor walked in.

"Miss Crump, I have a problem."

Helen put down her pen, "How can I help?"

"Well you are a teacher right?"

"Yes," she smiled.

"Well, can you teach me how to kiss better?"

Helen was taken back by the question. "Opie I don't think it would be proper
for me to show you that."

"Well how is a guy to learn?"

Helen looked at him. He did have a point. "Okay you come after class and I`ll
show you."

"REALLY!" Opie said.

"Yes, but promise me you won't tell a soul."

* * *

Barney was on the phone to Themla Lou making the date to go over to Chris'
as Andy walked in after fucking his aunt til she just passed out. Andy told
Barney he be gone for a while, and he took the car and drove to the Darling's
place. Andy was met by Brisco Darling, who had a fine young wife.

"WELL, WELL!" Andy said.

"Yes," Brisco said, "My cousin's daughter. She can suck like a cow going for
milk at feeding time."

They walked in the house, Charlene was naked on the floor fucking one of the
boys, "Howdy!" she said as she rode the cock.

"What you need sheriff?" as he sat down and his wife was on her knees taking
his cock out.

"I have a problem."

"Well, my wife can fix that.

"Oh no, I dont have a problem with that."

"We have this new person who moved in to town and he took my Aunt by force."

Brisco got all beside himself, "What do want us to do?"

"Well," Andy said, "I know your boys like to fuck."

"Yes they do, just about anything."

"So I was wondering if I get him running this way..."

Brisco smiled, "I see your thinking sheriff. We'll be glad to help. Sure you
won't join us? She suck you dry."

"If she won't I will," Charlene said. "I'd love to suck your big cock."

With that Andy sat back and watched the two women suck his cock.

* * *

School was over when Opie came into Helen's class room. Helen pulled down the
shades on the door too and locked it. Helen had the janitor clean her room
first so he wouldn`t bother her. Helen stood in front of Opie, "You do promse
not to tell anyone?"

"Oh yes, I promise. Not even my Pa."

"Yes," Helen thought, "How would Andy act if he found out."

Helen got comfortable. She told Opie to kiss her. Opie put his lips next to
hers and pulled back.

"Well, we do have some work to do," she told Opie. "Just relax."

She bent down and parted her lips, her tongue sliped out and touched Opie's
lips. Helen said, "Open your mouth."

Opie did. Helen sliped her tongue again it went into Opie's mouth. Soon Opie
tongue was dancing with Helen's. Helen was kissing Opie she felt Opie's hand
on her breast. Helen pulled back, "Where did you learn that?"

Opie said, "From a movie I snuck into. Did I do something wrong?"

Helen looked at Opie, "No you didn't."

"Can we continue?" Opie asked.

Helen said, "Sure."

They continue to kiss. Opie continues to caress her breast. Helen was
breathing faster and told Opie to kiss her neck. Opie was doing what Helen
said as Helen`s hand found Opie`s hard cock.

"Oh my," she thought. She took his cock out, "Yes, it was as thick as Andy's,
but not as long. But it will be in time."

Helen had Opie unzip her dress and she soon was naked. For Opie it wasn't the
first time seeing her. For he had spied on her and his pa a couple of times.
Helen was soon sucking Opie's cock and then Helen taught Opie how to eat
pussy. Boy was he a fast learner he had made her cum twice. Then Opie fucked
his soon to be mother.

"OOOHHH YES! Opie fuck me," she said, "Put it in my ass next."

Opie did. He made Helen cum while he fucked her ass.

* * *

As the time drew near for Barney to go to Chris' he picked up Themla Lou and
they went to Chris'. Barney knocked on the door.

Chris opened the door. "Come in," he said.

He locked the door and they sat in the living room.

Chris said, "Let's get to it shall we. Barney why don't you rape Themla Lou."

Barney looked at Themla Lou. "I can't," he said.

"Well, then I guess you don't get none of this," he pulled out his cock.

"Barney," Themla Lou asked, "What does he mean?"

"Oh, you don't know?" Chris said, "Your Barney is real cocksucker."

Barney looked at them

"Is it true Barney?"

Barney shook his head yes.

"Show me," Themla Lou said

"What!" Barney said.

"Yes, go on. Show me or you will nevr get this again." Raising her dress
pulling her panties off so you suck his cock.

Barney took off his clothes, got on his knees and was sucking Chris' cock
while Themla Lou was sucking Barney's cock.

"Did you fuck him too?" she asked Chris.

"Yes," he said

"Let me see it too. Barney you can fuck me while Chris fucks you."

Themla laid with her legs open Barney was fucking her when he felt Chris'
cock enter his ass.

"YEESSS!!! Fuck him Chris," Themla Lou said. "I'm going to cum."

Just then Andy kicked in the door holding a shotgun, "YOU FUCKED MY AUNT!"
He shot a shot in the air.

Chris pulled out of Barney and ran out the door naked. Andy chased him until
he was right where the Darlings were at. Andy soon heard Chris scream and he
heard Brisco yell, "Thanks sheriff."

Barney was sitting with Themla Lou. "You don't mind if I like to have a cock

"Oh Barney, I dont mind it at all. Now fuck me silly," she said.

Andy stood at the door and watched his deputy fuck Themla Lou for he had
fucked her too that night. Themla Lou winked at Andy.



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