Alone In The Dark: The Tentacle Mission (FF,F-monster,inc,tentacle,humor)
by Hamster & T.C.Shanahan

Ally and Caitlin West, Bureau-713 agents, stood at the house. It was one of
those houses rich people have in the country, where they go to get away from
it all. At the rear of the house, some kind of add-on had been made. What
looked like a chute or hallway of some kind led to a dome-shaped secondary

According to reports, a group of female scientists had apparently been
kidnapped, along with other young women. Dr. Cassandra Baker, the head
scientist, had been examining Brian Warner, college kid turned tentacle
mutant. Brian lived in the house the agents were now at, and they were
here to discuss the matter.

Ally knocked on the door, and Caitlin rang the doorbell. The two beautiful
redheads stared at each other, and this time Caitlin knocked and Ally rang.
Just as they were getting into an argument, a redhead opened the door. She
wore a modified French maid outfit: although she wore the stupid hat, the
low-cut blouse had been hitched up to reveal her navel. She wasn't even
wearing a skirt, wearing instead thong panties.

"Hi!" she smiled. "I'm Merrill. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Agents Ally and Caitlin West," said Ally, flashing her badge. "We're with
the government."

"We're here to talk with Brian Warner about some disappearances," Caitlin

"Oh, okay," smiled Merrill. "I'll take you to him."

She led them upstairs, on a tour of the house. "And this is the old bedroom,"
she introduced them. The fairly large room had been converted into a storage
room full of bric-a-brac, with a door at the other end.

"As you can see," said Merrill, "now it's used for storage space." She walked
toward the door, and then pulled a key out from her cleavage. She unlocked
the door and said, "We're getting to what you want to see."

The door opened to reveal a staircase going down. Merrill led the two agents
down the steps to another door. With another key, Merrill opened this door
and opened it. "Aaand...we're here!" she chirped gaily.

Ally and Caitlin's jaws hit the dirt as their eyes bulged. "Here" was some
kind of Arabian Nights-styled harem room. Dozens of nude, beautiful women
were engaged in lesbian sex acts - those who weren't giving a huge tentacle
monstrosity their full and undivided attention.

"Whoa...this is fucked up," muttered Caitlin.

"You said a mouthful," agreed Ally. Merrill stripped off the rest of the
French maid outfit and, naked, ran to Brian. "I'm back, stud muffin! You
miss me?"

"Mr...Warner?" asked Ally as they approached him. Brian was writhing and
squirming as his "pets" sucked his cocks and throbbed with his love potion
up their asses and pussies.

"Y...yeah?" asked the sexual juggernaut, coming down from his latest climax.

" this a bad time?" asked Caitlin.

"It' good a it gets," Brian smiled wistfully. "Don't I know

"I don't think so, we would have remembered" Caitlin replied.

"YEAH! You two are the twins from that movie seX-Files." Brian exclaimed.

"Would you happen to know the whereabouts of Dr. Cassandra Baker?" Caitlin
said with a groan.

"Just a...minute," Brian replied. He brought four of his tentacles forward,
and suspended from them, in an orgasmic dream, coated in oily goo, was the
beautiful blonde scientist. Brian released her. "Sorry, honey," he
apologized, "but I think these ladies want to talk to you." Then his eyes
crossed and he grunted, another orgasm hitting.

Cassandra Baker frowned, sighed, and then turned to the agents. "So...what is
it you want to see me about?" she asked in a business-like tone.

"We were investigating your kidnapping, along with those of several other
women," said Ally.

Dr. Baker giggled. "Oh, that!" she smiled. "Brian didn't kidnap us, we went

"Willingly?" asked Ally.

"We were studying Brian's systemic mutations," Dr. Baker continued. "The
doctor who altered him, effectively created a life-form that was previously
believed to be biologically impossible!"

"Cut the B-movie speak," demanded Caitlin. "What're you talking about?"

Dr. Baker smiled. "Imagine, if you will, a species with a capacity for
infinite orgasms."

The twin agents' jaws dropped in shock for the second time that half-hour.

"One that produces a chemical which can transfer that ability to other
organisms," continued the doctor, "effectively making them members of the
same species."

Caitlin's eyes glazed over. Ally murmured, "Holy Christ..."

"And as a benign side-effect," Dr. Baker concluded, "can halt the aging
process, as well as supply the host with all the nutrients of a balanced meal
and neutralize fatigue toxins...meaning that the fucking can last forever."

The twins were completely entranced by now. Dr. Baker smiled evilly and began
to unbutton Ally's clothes, while Merrill did the same with Caitlin.

Just as they were about to gently maneuver Ally onto Brian's vacant
tentacles, she snapped out of it somewhat.

"I, uhm...I'm a lesbian. Sorry Brian." Ally said waving away an approaching

"How about her, then?" asked Merrill, pointing at the naked Caitlin.

"Eternal orgasms..." murmured the beautiful redhead, staring off into space.

"I take it that's a 'yes', then," smiled Dr. Baker, as she now pushed Caitlin
into the waiting limbs.

Caitlin became wrapped in Brian's tentacles, and they held her spread-eagled
above the ground. The one around her right leg went into her vagina, and the
left-legged one up her ass. As she gasped, the limbs holding her arms quickly
encircled her breasts and then went into her mouth. Caitlin couldn't believe
how well lubricated these things were, how deeply they were penetrating!
"Uhmmm mhmm GHMMMM!" she tried to scream, as her body thrashed in ecstasy.

Ally was feeling the same way as Dr. Baker rubbed her still-gooey body
against her, their nipples and aroused clits circling around each other.
Ally's body began to absorb the love potion, and soon she found herself on
the verge of an orgasm beyond belief. Dr. Baker ran a gooey finger up to
Caitlin's asshole and circled around it. That was the last straw: clit,
pussy, nipples and anus throbbed, vibrated and EXPLODED!

Ally screamed as her body experienced a pleasurable heat beyond anything
she had ever known. Any orgasm she had previously known was like a lit
match compared to the sun, and she could not believe she was surviving this
pleasure, much less not passing out or going mad.

Caitlin was enjoying a very similar experience as her body convulsed
repeatedly and she wanted more and more. The two tentacles in her mouth
retracted themselves, leaving her with a mouthful of goo as they sprayed
their spunk over her breasts. The "love slime" oozed down her tits and over
her stomach, finally reaching her clitoris. The resulting clitoral orgasm
combined with the penetrative one she was experiencing, and she almost
passed out only to feel Merrill licking her goo-coated tits. The joy was
unstoppable and Caitlin couldn't even think anymore, only feel as her
pleasure center lit up like the proverbial switchboard.

Shaking with delight, Ally stood up and walked over to her sister. Merrill
had licked Caitlin's abdomen clean and was now moving downward to stimulate
her clitoris and vagina. Her mouth moved around the tentacle in Caitlin's
pussy, and the beautiful government agent couldn't take any more pleasure,
her orgasm heightened as far as the human body would allow. Then Ally kissed
her twin sister, her tongue tasting the goo in her mouth, and pressed her
own goo-covered body against her. The two beautiful agents screamed as their
minds joined together in the ultimate orgasm, their very souls climaxing.
Dr. Baker's pressing her own soft flesh against Ally's back didn't help the
situation either (or helped it a lot, depending on your view). Ally's mind
shut down from sensory overload and she lapsed into unconsciousness. Caitlin
swiftly followed.

When it was over, the two Agents West woke up to find themselves lying on
a cushion, covered with goo. Alley was lying on her back, Caitlin on her
stomach. Remembering their amazing experience, Ally turned to Caitlin. "Hell
of a time, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah," sighed Caitlin.

"I could stay here forever." Ally said.

"No, we can't," said Caitlin unhappily. "If we don't leave now, we'll never
be able to leave! We'll end up like these ladies did, permanent additions
to this harem, addicted whatever this shit is, and our own

"I guess you're right," agreed Ally. "And if we don't make a report,
Bureau-713 is going to suspect the worst, and send, I don't know, helicopters
with missiles or something."

"Too bad," sighed Merrill. "Well, do what you have to. There's some empty
jars if you wanna collect samples of the stuff, and I'll show you the

Ally and Caitlin both stepped lightly into the shower, Caitlin carefully
placing some goo in the jars Merrill gave them.

They turned on the steamy hot shower and it was not long before Ally was
lathering her sister's tits with the bar of soap. Caitlin moaned as her
sister diligently, rubbed, squeezed and massaged her tits. Ally lowered a
soapy hand to Ally's clit and gently rubbed and pinched.

"Oh, yes ohhhhh fuck yeah sis! Oh yeah, rub harder, yes."

Both girls where startled as the door opened unexpectedly and a cute Japanese
woman stepped in.

"EEEEEEEEK" all three woman squealed at once.

"Don't scream like that, you scared me. I'm Achika, Brian's wife. Well one
of them, you've already met his other wife Merrill. I came to bring in some
clean towels and to check out the cute twin red heads everyone's yakking
about. Go back to doing what you where doing." Achika smiled.

The twins nodded and turned to face each other. They began enthusiastically
tongue wrestling, each enjoying the taste of her sister's sweet tongue.

Ally pushed Caitlin against the shower wall, their tits mashed to together
and their rubbing against each other.

Achiko stood in the doorway staring lustfully. She was a little surprised
when a tentacle began stroking her inner thigh.

Brian's timing is fantastic she thought as the tentacle scooted up to her
slit. Another tentacle gently lifted her up, still facing the twins' little

Brian who, was also peeping began to gently fuck his pretty wife as they
watched the two hot twins grind each other. Achiko loved the feeling of the
big thick tentacle sliding in and out of her as another one encircled her
tits and squeezed them lovingly. She was so excited as she watched the twins
grinding each other that she managed to cum 3 times before the twins finally
came. The hot red heads collapsed into each other's arms as the warm shower
water fell over their spent bodies.

After the agents had showered the goo off (after scraping some off for
the samples), they rode back to headquarters, where they filed a complete
report...complete, that is, except for the part about their own raunchy

Laboratory tests revealed that the goo was not only a powerful aphrodisiac,
but in the words of a researcher, "[made] Viagra look like Children's
Tylenol," and was mildly mutagenic to boot.

"So that's why my boobs temporarily got so big," muttered Ally. "For a minute
there I thought I caught something. What a relief!"

"Ally your tits ARE big. They where the size of grape fruits BEFORE you where
exposed to the goo." Caitlin laughed.

Later, when the twins were alone together, Caitlin smiled and said, "Guess

"What?" asked Ally.

Caitlin smiled and opened a duffel bag. "There was enough of the goo left
over for our personal use." She took out a jar of goo.

"You didn't!" squealed Ally excitedly. She began to undress. When both
twins were naked, Caitlin applied some of the goo to a dildo and some to a
vibrator, lubricating both devices well. She then let some fall on Ally's
cleft. Ally's pussy was electrified with pleasure. Ally moaned loudly as the
large dildo spread her lips and penetrated her pussy. Ally bucked her hips
in time with her sister's strong strokes.

Ally was squeezing quite enjoying massaging her sister's ample tits as she
thrust in and out rapidly.


Knowing her sister's particular fetishes she slid out the dildo. And brought
it to Ally's mouth. Ally gleefully sucked it clean.


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