This is like the TwlightZone, I'll be going through different TV shows. The
host will be the Devil for he can grant any Dark Desire.

All In The Family: Dark Desires Part 1 - Edith's Desire (FFF,MF,oral,inter)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The show opens with the "MAN" himself getting head from Marylin Monroe. The
bombshell on her knees with her full lips around the red hot cock. He has the
ulitmate remote. He flips the channels until he come up on All In The Family.
Archie is spewing his words of wit or shit, Michael, the son-in-law, is doing
battle with him. Meanwhile Edith his wife is in the kitchen drinking coffee
when the phone rings. She answers it.

"Hello," she say in her crackly voice.

The voice is asking several questions then asks, "What is your darkest

"OH MY!" she says, "I never have such thoughts."

The voice continues to pry. When she stops, he whispers into the phone,
"Thank you," and they hang up. Edith thinks nothing of it.

She is at the cleaners picking up Archie coat when she bumps into Louise
Jefferson, her husband George owned it. They talked for a while, for they
wheren't like their husbands. Edith went to Louise's apartment. Florence
the maid was doing the house work. They sat were having coffee when
Florence came in.

"Mrs. J, you need to put your toys away," she was holding a long dildo. "I
almost tripped over it."

Florence laid it between the two ladies. Louise grabed it as she blushed.

"Why Louise I thought all black men..." she stopped.

"Well, George isn't like all men."

"Sure is not!" Florence laughed.

Edith for some reason went to hold it. It was heavy and warm to the touch.
"Does it give you pleasure?" she asks.

Edith was slowly stroking it. Louise was herself getting turned on. She held
the other end rubbing it. The two ladies were breathing hard. Edith then just
said, "My pussy is wet."

Florence stood behind her, "Let's do something about it then," kissing her

"Yes," Louise said and they went to the bedroom.

Florence unzipped Edith's dress and took her slip, bra and panties off. She
was not the most attractive woman. Louise laid on the bed with her thighs
open. She was rubbing her pussy, opening her lips, letting her juices flow

Florence, naked now, pushed Edith onto the bed. Edith fell forwards inches
from Louise's pussy. Edith took in her aroma. It flooded her senses. Louise
opened her lips, so Edith could see inside. Without a word Edith lowered her
tongue into the wet pussy.

Edith was in heaven, lapping the pussy juice, while Florence was licking
Edith's. Then she put the dildo rubbing it along her pussy. Florence pushed
the head of the dildo into Edith's pussy. Edith gasped as it filled her

"She sure is tight, Mrs J."

"More!" Edith moaned.

Florence pushed in over half pulling it out slowly. Louise was about to cum,
holding Edith's head as she came, making her drink her cum.

They laid naked onthe bed.

"See you tomorrow," she said for her desire was just beginning.


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