Alice in Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 3 - Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum
(MMf, nc-cons)
by Hamster

Alice had been wandering through the woods for several hours hot on the trail
of the white rabbit. She would catch glimpses of his furry white bottom every
once in awhile before he would disappear through the brush. She would chase
him between trees, through creeks, and tall grass. She was nearly caught up
to him when he ran through a hollow log that was laying on the ground. Alice
tried go through it herself on all fours but she became stuck. Her head stuck
out one end and her bottom out the other.

"Oh dear." She said. "HEEEEEEELP! I say can anybody help me?"

There was some rustling in the bushes and two very ugly, fat, pug-faced twins
stepped into view.

"Oh ahh hello there." Alice said. "Could you please help me out of this log

"Look brother, a it's a girl." Tweedle-Dee said.

"Yes, brother and she appears to be stuck." Tweedle-Dum replied.

"This is just as I was telling you brother, opportunity strikes at any time."
Tweedle-Dee said.

"Well yes brother you were certainly correct." Tweedle-Dum acknowleged.

"You know I really hate to break up this lovely bit of sibling bonding but
could either of you dumb gits please bother to help me out of this log?"
Alice cried out in exasperation.

"Fairly rude isn't she brother?" Dum said.

"Aye she is, and none to bright brother. After all why would we release a
pretty young captive before having our way with her?" Dee asked.

"Too true brother, too true." Dum agreed.

"Hey! Now you two wait just one second you have no right to...HEY STOP
THAT!!!" Alice shreaked.

Dum had worked his way around behind he and rolled up her skirt. Alice tried
to kick at him but Dee held her legs. Dum skinned off her panties and was
now cupping her cunt. Despite her loud protests he fondled it loving before
spreading her pussy lips and inserting a finger.

"Now stop that this instant...ohhhh yes that feels, NO I mean stop
that right now!!!" Alice demanded.

The big goofy twins ignored her. Dum drove in his chubby penis and began
fucking her. He pushed in and out as she yelled frantically. His cock slid
back and forth inside her over and over and soon her cries of protest gave
way to cries of encouragement and approval.

"No, NO, please, pleae...please don't stop! Shag me, shag me rotten baby!!!!"
Alice cried.

Tweedle Dum really did not need much encouragement and he was soon cumming
inside the girl's willing pussy. But he was quickly replaced by his brother
who picked up where he left off. Once one of them came, his brother was ready
to go again. Soon The twins had cum 13 times each and Alice well over 20
times. Cum leaked and overflowed from her battered cunt. She was barely
conscious the Tweedle Twins having fucked her totally senseless. Once they
had there fill of fucking Alice they sat back on the grass and tried to
decide what to do next.

"Well brother the gentlemanly thing to do, I suppose would be to help her out
of that log." Dum said.

"Yes brother, I do suppose that you are right." Dee replied.

"Well yes after you've gone and had your way with me it's the least you two
gits could do." Alice said with a pout.

Dee got behind Alice and began to push on her while Dum pulled on her arms.
Soon they managed to pull her out completely.

"You know this reminds me of a story." Dum said as Alice got up and dusted
herself off.

"Oh yes brother, the Walrus and the Carpenter." Dee said.

"What exactly are you two going on about?" Alice asked.

"A lovely story." Dee said.

"Would you like to here it?" Dum asked.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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